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  1. If we could pick anyone I'd take Quenton Nelson. From your list Stanley.
  2. To be clear I agree he's 100% getting in. I just think he's getting in more due to factors other than his play. His name is Manning, he played for the NYG, and the upset of the Pats in Super Bowl 42 is one of the most memorable and iconic games of all time. And because he played for a long time an never got hurt his accumulative numbers look impressive. In reality though, he's basically just a pumped up Joe Flacco, who nobody will think about as a potential HoFer.
  3. Well I could compare numbers but of course, comparing numbers between guys who were drafted 21 years apart and didn't overlap careers at all is idiotic and totally meaningless. You don't compare the pass happy modern era to previous eras. You compare the player to his peers. Eli was never even an All Pro. If you listed his contemporaries he's arguably not even a top ten guy from his era.
  4. It's pretty simple -- if longevity and the fact that he won two super bowls mean a lot to you, you're gonna put him in. If actually being an all time great matters to you, you won't. Eli Manning played in an era of unprecedented offensive explosion where elite QBs dominated. He has a career passer ratings of 84.1, just behind Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, and David Garrard. At no point was he ever even one of the five best QBs in the NFL. He won "Super Bowl MVP" because the greatest offense of all time was held to 14 points. Personally I think he's one of the most overrated players of all time. His career is virtual identical to Joe Flacco's and NOBODY will argue Flacco should be in the Hall. Manning will get in because he was a Giant and he's a Manning, but he was an average QB for pretty much his entire career.
  5. I think both will he studs. Jeudy reminds me of Marvin Harrison. Lamb reminds me of DeAndre Hopkins. I think Lamb has the higher upside but if forced to pick between the two Iā€™d take Jeudy. Lamb has a little diva in him, Jeudy feels rock solid to me with less of a downside.
  6. There seems to be some confusion about what makes a QB "mobile." Comparing Mahomes to Lamar Jackson is absurd. Mahomes had 218 yards rushing this year -- in 2018 Darnold had 138. Mahomes is just a great athlete who can make plays running when he needs to. He's more similar to prime Aaron Rodgers than a running QB like Jackson. Claiming "mobile QBs like Mahomes" are taking over the league is idiotic since he doesn't really run much and doesn't take hits. QBs like him have always been around. The two guys you listed -- Newton and RGIII -- as the early prototypes for running QBs basically had their careers derailed from the beatings they took running the ball and the same will happen to Jackson if they keep running him like that. Jackson rushed for 1200 yards this year -- he was sixth in the league in rushing and 4x a guy like Watson. That's not sustainable and if you think Jackson is the template for what a QB should be in today's NFL I think you're dead wrong. In the playoffs his team fell behind by 13 points and he couldn't do anything. Mahomes is going to rule the league for the next ten years but it's more about his arm talent, accuracy, and overall athleticism than his ability to run. The jury is just as much out on most of the other guys you mentioned as it is on Darnold.
  7. I don't really want Taylor at all and taking him at 11 would be asinine. That's easily the worst of the picks. Simmons is a stud but he'd be another Adamsesque pick, a luxury we can't afford. I don't want defense but we could use help at edge and corner, so while I'd be upset you could probably talk me into the other picks.
  8. This. If you think Mostert would be good behind this Jets line I don't know what to tell you... Although ironically the 9ers have paid McKinnon and Coleman pretty good money so I'm not sure they even realize it themselves.
  9. I think the hope is that Joe Douglas, a former o-lineman, recognizes the importance of building in the trenches. I would be very surprised if we didn't draft a lot of offensive and defensive lineman in the next three years.
  10. Revis has always had a weird hangup about Sherman. Basically he resents that the guy gets more media attention than get got despite playing largely cover 3 zone. Both will likely end up in the Hall of Fame, IMO. Is legacy was so important to Revis he should have taken that into account during his career.
  11. He won't get a lot of love in this thread because he's a Patriot but I there's an argument to be made that Thuney is the best young o-lineman we could get.
  12. That's a really humiliating stat for the Packers defense. They didn't even pretend they were going to pass, they just ran the ball down their throats. 285 yards rushing, 6.8 yards per rush. Yikes.
  13. 100%. Hell, them going down in the Wild Card made last weekend amazing as well.
  14. I mean guys, I love Adams and Darnold but with the benefit of hindsight there's no argument to be made that Mahomes shouldn't have been the pick.
  15. I think it's pretty clear he's dumb and lacks polish... And teams know the Jets aren't that high on him so they don't want to give up assets to get him. Because I agree, with his size/speed/ball tracking he still feels like a huge asset to me on a team with a good passing offense... The type of guy who just opens up the field because you have to respect him.
  16. I don't think Vegas is a draw for Brady/Giselle. It's a tacky tourist town and the Raiders aren't close to winning. If he leaves the Pats, the Chargers feel like a slam dunk to me. Good enough that he can win and LA is the perfect town for them.
  17. Adams and Mosley. In theory who knows if Bell still could be but obviously he wasn't in 2019.
  18. Why do people who love Sam get so threatened by legitimate questions? I'm a fan of Sam and still believe in his potential, but the idea that it's "offensive" to wonder if you'd trade Sam for a guy who just had the greatest season a college football QB has ever had is silly. I mean, you'd have to think about it. A GM wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't.
  19. Packers were mauled when they played 9ers in the regular season. Mismatch in the trenches. I think there's a better chance of an upset in the AFC Title Game than the NFC.
  20. Clemson's defense has been really impressive so far. Flying around making plays left and right.
  21. Why are we acting like talking to Joe Beningo is part of a "custom" that shouldn't be broken? The guy is an embarrassing goof.
  22. 1. Mahomes 2. Wilson 3. Rodgers 4. Watson 5. Jackson 6. Cousins 7. Garapolo 8. Tannehill
  23. Like 2/3 of the Bills starters are FAs, so their cap space is even more deceptive than ours. That said, definitely agree with the sentiment that signing FAs is not the best way to improve this team and we should focus on the draft. Having cap space as a bad team only matters when you offer dumb contracts like the CJ Mosley deal -- stupid money.

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