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  1. It's troubling if it's true we're in this. Clearly a terrible move for a franchise with a promising young QB.
  2. I agree. Really, the bungling of late career Eli (McAdoo, the benching, Geno Smith, the panicked reaction to the fans, hiring a old school throwback and building around Eli) has been absolutely terrible ownership and the buck stops with Mara. Coughlin had his flaws as a coach but he's the one who kept that organization consistently competitive. The reality is Jerry Reese was the real problem and they axed the wrong guy and almost every move they've made since then has been a mistake. If the Jets weren't a bumbling mess themselves they'd be in GREAT position to take over the town with a good young QB.
  3. Presumably cap casualties -- supposedly they're giving a big contract to Hill.
  4. Landon Collins is a poor man's Jamal Adams. There's no use for both of them on the same defense.
  5. It's the most important decision the Jets will make in 20 years. Outside of drafting Darnold (assuming he pans out) nothing will be more important or influential. Every other decision (good or bad) can be changed or washed away in a few years. If Gase sucks? He's gone in three years anyway, we move on. We're likely going to be stuck with these unis for a generation. I hope and pray they aren't god awful.
  6. At the end of the day it all comes down to when/how Brady stops being a top tier QB and whether or not any of the other teams have their act together enough to win the 11 or so games necessary to dethrone a Pats team with medicore QB play. I think it's possible that happens in 2019 but more likely 2020. Oddly enough the Pats winning this past year (as opposed to falling just short again and having one more quest for #6) probably benefits us. Brady looked to have declined in 2018 but found a way to suck it up and lock himself in for the playoffs. Can he do it again? As far as 2019 is concerned a Pats decline to 10-6 feels more likely to me than the Jets winning 11 games, but if Darnold makes a leap you never know. If "the plan" goes well I'd think our best shot would be 2020 when hopefully the roster will have more young talent and Darnold will be entering his prime. I wouldn't count out the Bills though. Their defense was much better than ours last year and while I'm not an Allen believer he exceeded my expectations as a rookie and could also make a leap. Dolphins look like they're tanking and taking a rookie QB.
  7. That's what I've seen. That we aren't interested at the price he wants and that we're going to go after a 2nd tier guy.
  8. Most noticeable and telling that about that are how god awful Rosen's "good" games were. Yikes.
  9. Personally I think Robby is a stud who has been productive under bad offensive minds with mediocre to bad QB play. He has size, speed, and great ball skills. My only concern with him is off field stuff -- legal issues and immaturity. But on the field? We have tons of cap room and I have zero faith in Maccagnan to make the most of the draft capital. I want him here. Take Robby and Quincy and add a slot receiver and suddenly I think we have a pretty good WR corps.
  10. There are certain things that matter (I want to see 3 cone times for pass rushers, for instance) but in general the combine is obviously pretty overrated.
  11. It's not. Professional body builders cut to 3-5% for a competition. No professional athlete would ever want to be below 7% or so because it would affect performance. 1.6% might kill you. Rapoport might want to look into numbers like that before tweeting them.
  12. He was just a bland robot with nothing interesting to say. Tessitore is good, IMO. Booger has some interesting insights but can be overbearing and annoying.
  13. I'm surprised. I thought he struggle to come in at 5'9" and would have a tough time cracking 200 pounds. Definitely good for him and teams in the top 5 who want to trade down (I think I know one...)
  14. He goes by CJ, as @HawkeyeJet could tell you I'm sure, although a quick google search tells me the CJ stands for Casey Jarrett.
  15. Yeah, it could just be a tease or a red herring but that's the strongest evidence we've seen yet that the helmets might not be white.
  16. Not sure why people are down-voting this. It had been discussed earlier on the forum and is a good idea, especially if we don't sign some of the marquee FAs we're targeting and have excess cap space.
  17. Agree. Guy is a multi-billionaire. Why is he getting HJs from Chinese sex slaves in a Florida strip mall?
  18. Look at his contract. I do not think he has one iota of seller's remorse.
  19. I don't see how you could possibly move from 3 to 15 without a future first.
  20. It's a valuable asset for sure. But if I'm picking a franchise QB to groom for the next 20 years I want the better passer not the better athlete. The athleticism is much more likely to get him injured and will fade much more quickly.
  21. I mean, I think you're giving him way too much credit. When the score was 23-3 and the game was essentially over he had some garbage time stats that prevented him from having an all time historically bad box score. I mean, IIRC the Ravens didn't even advance over midfield until halfway through the third? Let's just say I'm not sold on the Lamar Jackson era. I think I'd take any of the 2018 first round QBs, any of the 2017 first round QBs and any of the projected 2019 first round QBs over him.
  22. I mean, their stats weren't that close passing. Better completion percentage, better yards per attempt, better TD:INT ratio, better passer rating by 10 points. Darnold didn't set the world on fire but he was clearly a better passer than Allen, who was closer to last with Rosen than he was to Darnold... And it's ridiculous to remove Darnold's three best games without doing the same to Allen. Both guys (since, you know, they're rookies) are obviously hurt a lot by removing their best performances and both would be boosted a lot by removing their worst performances. Darnold was the consensus number one pick in 2018. People were shocked Baker went #1. To suggest anything else is disingenuous revisionist history. Right, that's your prerogative. Similar to how Baker clearly played better and would be the hotter commodity now (thus it's fair to assume that Baker would be the overwhelming favorite to be picked by the majority of GMs) the same is true of Darnold over Allen, as he was the more highly touted prospect and better passer as a rookie. "At halftime, Jackson was 2 for 8 for 17 yards and an interception for a 0.0 quarterback rating. Los Angeles led 12-0 at the break, marking the first time in franchise history the Ravens were blanked in the first half of a playoff game." Yeah, he played great. That was one of the most embarrassing performances by a QB I've ever seen in an NFL game.
  23. Because GMs, scouts, and coaches have been falling in love with big, rocket armed QBs who are inaccurate since the dawn of time.

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