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  1. I mean, in this scenario you're just swapping out "ground and pound" for generally ineffective offense that doesn't score much."
  2. Probably try to trade back because under that scenario Herbert is likely still on the board.
  3. The key to beating New England historically has been a stifling defense beating Brady. It's how the Giants did it, how the Ravens did, how the Broncos did it, how we did it, etc. The only team to really "outscore them" in a big playoff game was Philly.
  4. Generally speaking spending big money in FA is always a mistake. Big UFA contracts rarely work out. I'd still be willing to sign an OL though. We just desperately need to upgrade that position -- we should be targeting upgrades in the draft and in UFA.
  5. I'd bet the company line would be smart, hard-working, well rounded guys who are team first and buy in. In actuality I have no idea.
  6. Those are extremely reasonable goals and frankly if he he does play 16 games there's no excuse for not hitting 3-5.
  7. He's under cost control for two more years. I'd extend him before the 2021 season, not the 2020 season.
  8. Saying it's the "preferred method" because the Jets, Redskins, and Browns are doing it is laughable. That's literally exhibit A as to why it's a terrible idea.
  9. You are correct -- in fact the splits are shockingly better on the road -- but I do think road in the playoffs is a different beast.
  10. TE might be the only position on offense where I think we're in pretty good shape, and it's telling that they don't want him back. I'd say no.
  11. Patriots -- Would be fun to pick the sexy upset and having the Pats go out like that would be amazing but they're not going to lose two in a row at home. They're not winning the Super Bowl this year but they're gonna win this one. Texans -- Forget everything else and just remember this is Deshaun Watson at home against Josh Allen on the road. Saints -- I think the Saints are going to be locked in and on a mission this year. Their offense has been coming around and Kirk Cousins has never won a big game in his life. Seahawks -- Eagles are super undermanned due to injury and only in the playoffs because that division stinks to high heaven. Seahawks pull out a close one.
  12. This. When is the last time a massive contract for a Day 1 FA worked out for anyone? Smart organizations just don't do it. Granted my desperation for a better offensive line could lead me to make an exception, but it's a pretty obvious no-no. Douglas has a six year deal. No need to get desperate.
  13. As far as high profile picks in recent years -- I really liked Josh Rosen. More than Darnold. As far as huge Jets busts -- I liked the Jachai Polite pick. Thought he had first round potential in the third. Yikes.
  14. Oh good, I was wondering if we'd get a thread about this.
  15. Patterson has really been rough today. The rest of Michigan gave them a chance to win (Jeudy big plays aside) he did not. Really impressed by Minnesota against a very good Auburn team. They ran the ball really well against that elite front.
  16. Also, not a good day for the dude who thought Auburn could beat Clemson. They just got the ball rammed down their throat by Minnesota.
  17. I mean I said they were top five. They just aren't Bama or Clemson.
  18. Pretty much all adults use some variation of their name in their email address from my experience.
  19. This. Adam Gase is not a CEO. He's not interested in that and it's not what we hired him for. For better or for worse (so far, for worse) he's the guy running the offense and hoping we can improve it by hiring other guys is a waste of time. It's his offense, he's calling the shots. We can just hope he gets better with an improved offensive line.
  20. LSU is right there too -- but in terms of overall NFL talent I don't think they're quite on the same level as Clemson, Alabama and Ohio State. Probably top 5 though. I'm rooting for LSU too. It's a great story and I like to see a mix up at the top.
  21. That was early in the season -- Texas gave LSU a game early in the season. If they played tomorrow LSU would mop the floor with Auburn. Clemson is probably the most talented team in the country top to bottom -- Alabama and maybe Ohio State are the only teams close.
  22. Clemson is much, much better than Auburn. C'mon guys. The ACC sucks but Clemson is the reigning dynasty in the sport. They have an easier path the playoff but they've proven it once they get there.
  23. I think it's a stretch to think they're "poised to become a powerhouse" just because they have a lot of draft picks, but certainly if they hit on them there's potential. They'd currently be 3rd or 4th in my long term AFC East projections though. Ross is a terrible owner and that's not a franchise that deserves the benefit of the doubt.
  24. Not great news but you'd think that would put him on target for training camp.

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