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  1. I also cant connect from my german home...not from home ISP or Vodafone for Mobile. I already tried send a Message via @Jetnation Twitter. Im now using a web VPN...kinda sucks
  2. Im gonna gonna connect the dots for you all... Most FA Signings came out of nowhere..no leaks But for the Draft you hear from "leaks" everywhere we gonna take Zach Wilson ?Just like we signed Golladay and Thuney ? Justin Fields will be the new Jets Franchise QB
  3. Trade the #2 then draft a QB with mid-late Pick. (Mac Jones, Trask ,Ridder) Battle it out with Rookie ,Sam and Morgan . One of them should be a competent QB . If Sam plays well and your Rookie shows promise you still can trade one of them for a high pick
  4. You trade whatever it takes without the #2 . Then you trade #2 and basically get all the picks back or even more
  5. Its interesting to see that a proven Coach like Perderson and a proven QB in Carson Wentz has such a trouble get the Offense rollin due poor O-Line Play . "In 2020, Wentz's completion percentage is below 59, his touchdown-to-interception ratio is 16-15, his record is 3-7-1 and his passer rating has fallen off a cliff, from 98.3 to 73.4." Sounds Familar ?Im not saying Sam Darnold ever played as good as Wentz has but sure those numbers are telling something
  6. Its pretty simple to me .The Roster is bad..no doubt...but its not 0-8 bad . So therefore i think Gase could have get another Year if the Team somehow was and is competitive . Answer is the Team is not and thats the reason why Gase will be gone.
  7. Hey Guys , found it on my 10 year old external harddisk..uploaded extra for you guys greetings from germany enjoy it guys (and Schotty for HC )
  8. Pro7Maxx Livestreams on www.ran.de or DAZN (Red Zone)
  9. Im German but living in Hamburg so i dont have Tips for Munich. But in the last 3 Years there is a Big Hype about the NFL since it started to air in Free-TV. So in a couple of Sport Bars you are be able to catch some Games but probably not Jets Games .We need to win more to get Airtime ^^
  10. From Hamburg ,Germany but also on Vacation from next Week on
  11. Yes i know but why ?I mean i got it that you need replace a "power RB" like Ivory but Forte imo aint better then Powell as a Runner or Catcher
  12. Well..first of all..i dont really understand much of football (im european i only know about soccer :D)l..i know the rules and i enjoy watching the game but when it comes to tactics i dont know anything but my feeling since 2 years is that bilal powell is quite productive as a runningback so i wonder why he doesnt get more and more snaps or even be our no.1 RB ? maybe someone can answer my noob question
  13. What is when the Broncos sign Hoyer and the Brows sign Kaep that wouldnt dry up the Market for Fitz and we could get him cheaper ?
  14. First of all i´m quite the Football Noob but i have been a Fan of the Jets since 2009 and i think resign Fitzpatrick would be the best option for now.But we shouldnt overpay him especially when we need the Money to fill some needs elswhere. The Thing about Geno is that this Dude has Talent but he also making Poor Decisons..everywhere im reading that Fitz made 31 Td with 15 INT and these of course a great Numbers especially for a Jets QB but he also had a outstanding WR Support something that Geno never had. I personally think Geno would perform well as a Start under the Bowles Offense.31-15 ?Probably not but with Forte ,Decker,Marshall he as excellt Catchers to support him.And besides we all doesnt know how far Petty already is.
  15. I´m new to this Forum and i thought i can exchange thoughts with fellow Jets Fans since i live in Europe and dont have any Jets Fans to talk there but im already so annoyed with this furrybee Guy that i no longer in the mood to visit this Forum anymore.I thought its a Jets Fan Forum...
  16. Whats a Patriot Fan even do in a Jets Fan Forum ?Dont have a life so need to troll ?
  17. is a trade still possible? or the deadline already over ?
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