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  1. 64% 265 2 touchdowns and 1 interception, after being hurt and not getting first team reps for 2 months. The hate is just not deserved. He was dealt a terrible hand when he got drafted considering the coaches and receiving corps he had. How can you realistically expect him to be good considering such? Lets use some logic here please. The expectations were way too high from the start, I understand that we have been desperate for good QB play for years but don't expect a 2nd rounder to be great in a few years playing in the trash systems he has. Now obviously our receivers are pretty great and I
  2. Im usually not this high on our team, but i believe this team is top 5 in the NFL only behind Pats, bengals and broncos. I think we are possibly better than the Packers, panthers and cardinals. Wanted to know what you guys think, its been a surprisingly exciting year.
  3. Great comparison dude, this sport really has changed a lot to cater to recreational football viewer
  4. Well of course, but I mean even when we scored or got that interception.
  5. Crowd has been weak all day I even mentioned something earlier. ehh what can ya do
  6. Feel like our Dline hasn't lived up to the hype yet. I know Sheldon is hurt but I still expected more pass rush from these guys
  7. Well calling powell a sh*t bag after something that was absolutely not his fault is retarded. Sorry, I've been a member of the anti-idiot task force here at jetnation so I had no choice but to consistently call out your idiocy m8
  8. Using other peoples trash opinions to validate your idiocy, nice try. If I don't know what im talking about then why did you basically admit the blocking was bad after I called you out? pls stop. pls
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