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  1. Corner

    No speed, no thanks. We already know about the "schemes"
  2. It;'s pretty safe to say that most fans and I'm sure all ownership is tired of getting "Rexed" .... that and the fact that all of the hardships "suffered" by Rex are 100% self-inflicted.
  3. Kaepernick to the Jets Speculation

    I was outraged when they picked up Michael " Sick " Vick, this would be worse.
  4. Jets 3 Round Mock that seemed decent

    This guy is no Ezeikiel Elliott, therefore, I would definitely pass on him at the #6. Trade down or pick someone else. The O.T. is a need pick and I;m fine with that.
  5. The Eagles blocking of his interviewing with the jets will not hurt his career or pocketbook in the least. He just joins a list of intriguing coaches/coordinators who will be the next best thing at this same time next year.
  6. Schefter: Jets to hire John Morton as their OC: MERGED

    Tried to watch a basketball game today. Knicks sucking against the Hawks sucking, anyway, giving NBA officials replay is like giving a terrorist a chemistry set. Worse than the NFL, didn;t think it was possible. At least this O.C might bring a fresh perspective from an offense that at least, gains yards and scores points.
  7. All this tells me is that this guy's full of crap , already.....
  8. I still believe the issue is confidence

    Just like the soldiers who believed in Custer at Little Big Horn, I guess...
  9. They are most definitely waiting for one Christian Hackenberg to submit his lists of finalists
  10. Deion simon is someone to watch out for

    really like this kid. Strong at the point of attack, slides down the line of scrimmage really well, good motor, kinda like Sheldon "used to be", nice piece moving forward
  11. Lachlan Edwards ~ ~ ~

    Had high expectations for him going into the season, not so much coming out of it. Big disappointment, being compared to Quigley can't be a good thing. Heard about all this leg strength when he was drafted, What happened?
  12. Brian Winters Contract Details

    Aside from all the bickering back and forth about the reading and cognitive abilities of the Jets Nation posters, I think this is a good deal for the team. Winters is aggressive, strong at the point of attack, nasty, and a good run blocker, attributes that too few of his peers on this team possess. He'll keep up his end of the contract, Hear that Darell ?
  13. How bad do you guys miss Pennington right now?

    the best thing about him is he was the Last/Only player in Jet memory who gave back money so the team could sign another player...selfless
  14. Discussion Topic Bill O'Brien

    O'Brien did a fantastic job at Penn State and I would love to see him here. That being said, it's never gonna happen
  15. Yet another reason why keeping Mr. Blowes was a bad idea