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  1. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Okay... it has to be Josh Allen

    I like the post and appreciate the conclusions but the one thing that bothered me was this. The post claims that the Jet offensive line ranked in the middle of the pack in pass protection last season. Question? Who did this rating, and what the HELL were they watching? The Jets pass protection was the worst in the league with the exception of the Arizona Cardinals. They were absolutely awful the entire season, save for parts of the last two games prior to the Patriot Slaughter. While I am a proponent of trading down to bolster that line and the rest of the roster or taking a monster like Josh Allen or Bosa, this glaring need has to be addressed for any significant improvement to be made and more importantly to save SAM DARNOLD'S LIFE.
  2. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Defillipo... Jags New OC

    Doug Marrone, { or is it Moron?} is quite the wordsmith. His command of the English Language clearly rivals that of, say, Antonio Brown? How did we ever let him slip through our fingers? Prediction: He'll be gone by week 11 next season.
  3. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Post hysteria post.....

    Good News: The last couple of years our young players learned nothing, so there is nothing to unlearn. More Good News: The Old Schemes sucked so there was nothing to build upon.
  4. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    Whale Hunting? Mike McCarthy? What are you getting at?
  5. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    We would have won more games.
  6. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Trumaine Johnson

    Bad Team+ Bad Personnel +Bad Pass Rush + Bad defensive scheme + Bad attitude + Bad Coaching + Poor health + Poor decisions + Poor adjustments + playing 10 yards off the receiver = Poor Statistical Rating! * Poor officiating and Poor rules implementation/interpretation {contributing factors}
  7. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Darnolds two worst games in 2018

    Santonio Holmes was here for four seasons. His first year was pretty good. His second year not as good. His third year he was hurt, played four games on a massive contract, that wasn't good. His final year was a total disaster. Caught 20 passes, was a malingerer and a malcontent. Caught 1/3 of the passes thrown to him. The truth of the matter is Santonio Holmes never caught more than 52 balls, gained more than 750 yards, or scored more than 8 touchdowns in a single season for the Jets. He only played a full 16 game season once. These are hardly the stats worthy of a Superbowl MVP. Certainly not what the Jets expected nor paid for. In Plaxico Burress lone season with the Jets he caught 45 passes for 610 yards and 8 touchdowns. He produced at about the same rate as Santonio Holmes' better seasons with the Jets for a lot less money and with a lot less "scandal" and turmoil. That's the history, revised or not.
  8. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    We have no evidence that it happened this way. I think the Jets wanted to feel out Williams early in the process, to gauge his interest and let him know that they considered him to be a good candidate. There's nothing wrong with that. When they considered the "Hot college offensive minded geniuses" they knew they would have to balance their inexperience with an experienced Defensive Coordinator/ Senior advisor. Williams also fit that bill. I have no problem with that either. When the Rhule "romance" failed and they turned their attention to Gase, they held off on Williams and completed the deal while Williams was put on the back burner. No problem with that. Then they announced Gase and gave him the opportunity to feel out Williams to see if they could work together and "were on the same page", philosophically and personality compatible. What's wrong with that. Gase signed off on Williams and he was hired. If we had lost Williams while we were busy in the interview process, people would have gone ballistic. Now we have what is pretty universally hailed as a good solid hire and some complain about "the process" Bottom line from all appearances Gase is happy with it, Ownership is happy with it, the " GM" is happy with it, and the fan base should be happy with it. That is without even mentioning Boyer, who was the only Coach on the previous staff who deserved to be retained.
  9. inappropriate. not suitable or proper for the circumstances. unsuitable, unfitting, unseemly ,unbecoming, unprofessional, unfit, indecorous, improper, ungentlemanly, incongruous, wrong, ill-advised, ill-judged, ill-considered, unfortunate, regrettable, misguided, misplaced, tactless, undesirable, tasteless, Adam Gase has done none of these things since coming to the Jets. Can't say the same for you. Hope you get it. If not, I'm out. Get well soon. I mean that.
  10. Still at it? Get well soon. By the way it can't be considered Libel if it's the truth. Not hatred, just an observation,
  11. Tell me how his "Quarterback" search is going? What about the stability within the organization? The Broncos are trending down the last few years. Don't see any evidence of that changing quickly. We beat the crap out of them this year. The Raiders beat the crap out of them this year. Last year they lost 5 games by more than two touchdowns and another by 13 points. 2016, they started 7-3, then lost 4 of 5 to fall out of the playoffs. Not very competitive. Plus Mr. Elway has a reputation as an arrogant bully. Would you still want to work with him? I wouldn't. By the way, Von Miller's mom isn't thrilled with him either. Stay tuned.
  12. Other than his abilities as a quarterback, I am not impressed with John Elway. That is exactly the reason why I am not the least bit concerned about his reluctance/refusal to interview Adam Gase. The fact that Gase lasted five years with Elway is a credit to Gase. From my impressions , I wouldn't want to work for him. Elway tried to "poison the well" when Gase was looking for a Head Coaching position. Gase didn't like that, Don't blame him. Gase tried to run up the score on Elway subsequent to his [Elway's} snub. I LIKE that. Good for Gase. Good for us.
  13. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    After year two I agree with you. This year is a grace period. Christopher Johnson probably decided that the previous power structure handicapped Macc to the point where he decided to try it a new way. That is why he, {MacCagnan} was so involved and had influence in the Coaching search/hires. He is going to take MacCagnan's input and make the final decision, as he did {I suspect} in the Gase and Williams hires. He is going to give it time to work. That's been his history and I've seen no reason to think otherwise. Thus the "No mandate to make the playoffs" comment. That says two years. Doesn't mean I like it just means that's the way it looks to me. Also, giving the Gase/MacCagnan/Williams "dynamic" only one year, to make a judgement on it's merits, is too short a period of time. That being said there is no way this team wins 4 or 5 games next year. That could change things, but won't happen.
  14. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    Mike MacCagnan will be here for at least two more years. Bank on it.
  15. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    Headline ; Jets finally get it right. {x3}

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