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  1. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    And that's a shame. I lived/worked in NYC for over 20 years, so I know all about it. It doesn't make it right, and it does not make it desirable. It is also why New York City, and NYS are both not thriving as they should. Hopefully, the day will come when all of that will change. By the way, how many major construction projects in Manhattan have you financed or coordinated? Just curious. I suppose just another armchair quarterback. I'd say that gives Woody a leg up on you, wouldn't you agree?
  2. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    Beats being a professional ball sucker, you miscreant.
  3. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    No, just not raised by thieves or scoundrels. And yes, I do believe in G-d. Do you think that's a bad thing?
  4. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Why I’m not sold on Joe Douglas

    Don't know about you guys, but this seems like a pretty strong body of work to me. Sixteen years with the Ravens in and of itself is pretty impressive. Pretty sure he wasn't getting coffee for the boss for all of those years. Experience in three different NFL franchises, in an executive capacity is a pretty good prerequisite for a first time General Manager. Surely more qualified than Maccagnan, Idzik, or Peyton Manning, for sure. Joe Douglas, who was hired by the Eagles on May 11, 2016, enters his third season as vice president of player personnel.Douglas played an integral role in helping construct the team’s Super Bowl LII-winning roster. The Eagles captured the first Super Bowl title in franchise history with a 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots on February 4, 2018. Prior to joining the Eagles, Douglas spent the 2015 season as the director of college scouting for the Chicago Bears after working in the Baltimore Ravens’ personnel department for 16 years (2000-15).
  5. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    So, your brilliant suggestion was that Woody Johnson make illegal payments to Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno, two proven dirty scumbag political lowlifes, in order to secure the West Side Stadium project. The fact that you think that political payola is a good way to serve the best interests of your chosen football franchise is shameful. And you're taking shots at Woody? Shame on you.
  6. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    So you wouldn't rather see the Jets in their own stadium on the West Side of Manhattan, and would prefer the current "arrangement" of sharing the Stadium in the Meadowlands with the Giants? Got it.
  7. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    Says the "cute little emoji boy". Now put on your big girl panties, your baby doll jammies, and off to bed you go. Nighty Night.
  8. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    MIN already feeling the Cousins Cap Crush

    Keep in mind that Cousins was also the preferred choice of a good majority of Jet's fans also. He wasn't alone. Best move they never made. You can thank Cousin Kirk for that. I, for one, am eternally grateful.
  9. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    This is a foolish statement. The "arrangement" between New York City and James Dolan/ Madison Square Garden, had nothing to do with Woody Johnson or the New York Jets. It had to do with some "do not compete" clause. Woody Johnson was trying to do a noble thing, by returning the Jets to New York, where they belong. He should be applauded for this, not ridiculed. The ridicule should be reserved for the politicians of New York City and the greedy James Dolan.
  10. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Jerry Reese

    He was horrible for a good long time when he was with the Giants. Wherever he is I hope he stays there. He would be a huge mistake. The "good news". This will never happen.
  11. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    And you are truly the biggest schmuck on the site. What emoji do you use for that Little Lord Fauntleroy? 5,000 posts, 2,400 reps, strong case for who the dumbest is, right genius? Now back to your room. I'm done with your sorry ass.
  12. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    Oh, I "see" you all right. When do you have to give mommy back her computer? I won't be responding to your sophomoric, idiotic attempts at one-upmanship going forward. I've got better things to do. Apparently you don't. Be a good boy. Try not to soil your sheets. Good Night.
  13. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    What I do know is an azzhole when I see one. Now, don't you have some homework to do, or wood to chop. It's getting late. It's typical of you to assume what people's intentions are, or what they mean, or are thinking. Knowing that, what do you think I think of you right now? Bingo. Like I said, move on.
  14. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    Actually, "sfb", I used more than three in my post. When I submitted it some were cut off. Anyhow, here's this.... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellipsis An ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis, 'omission' or 'falling short') is a series of dots (typically three, such as " If you can't understand this, "typically", means usual, but not to the exclusion of other outcomes. Move on.
  15. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Most under-rated Jet of all time

    Different times: real grass, open air stadiums, dual purpose stadiums, outdoor stadiums, the "piggy back rule". There are many reasons associated with the increase in field goal percentage of kicks made. These are just some of them. It's also more of a "specialty" now. Some kickers then both punted and kicked, not to mention George Blanda. Pat Leahy was a consistent performer for an eternity. He definitely belongs on this list.

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