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  1. Or they don't believe in it. Cheated on almost all of my girlfriends. Have never cheated on my wife. I never will. There's a difference.
  2. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Siemian to Jets

    Jet, I think all it means is that a new coaching staff, with a second year quarterback, would be well advised to go into a season with a backup quarterback with 34 starts in the league, rather than a neophyte who has never started a single game. For the cost of 2 million dollars it is a smart investment, and has little reflection or bearing on the skills or future of Davis Webb. It's as simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Miracle At The Meadowlands

    I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd be saying this "Tile", but, this thread has me longing for the two choice poll you posted last month.
  4. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    OL Stefen Wisniewski will visit the Jets today

    Hey Phil, are you sure this guy is not a lion? Because he sure looks like a lion. I wouldn't want him to eat our quarterback. We've waited to get one for a very long time, you know...
  5. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    C'mon boys, You can say what you want about Lee being undersized for how he has been used in a 3-4 defense by the Wizard Bowles, and his disciple Kaycee Rodgers, and their traveling clown show. You can also criticize him for his pot issues and the suspension. You can even question the Jets staff for drafting him at the #20 pick in the first round. ahead of Miles Jack, even though their stats are stunningly similar. What you can't question is his effort on the field. What you also can't do is call him a non contributor, or compare him to the likes of Dee Milliner or Dexter McDougle. That is going too far. Below are Darron Lee's stats through his first three seasons on the Jets. Pro Bowl numbers? No. But those of a non contributor or a useless slug. Not by a longshot. Tackles Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Int Yds TD Lng PD FF Fmb FR Yds TD Sk Comb Solo Ast TFL QBHits Sfty AV Career 40 36 3 82 1 36 11 2 0 0 0 0 4.0 238 152 86 17 11 19 2016 22 NYJ LB 50 13 9 0 0 0 0 3 1.0 70 42 28 3 3 4 2017 23 NYJ LB 58 15 15 0 0 0 0 3 2 0 0 0 0 3.0 94 67 27 9 6 8 2018 24 NYJ LB 58 12 12 3 82 1 36 5 74 43 31 5 2 7
  6. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    2019 METS THREAD! It’s time has come.

    Rosario has a very good eye at the plate, which goes unnoticed. As he matures, it is coming fast, he will be a hard out. He also has 15 Home Run power potential,and can be a 30 plus double player very easily this year. I've been aggravated with Noah for more than a year now. He throws a very heavy ball, like Harvey had at one time, and has no need to throw the ball 100 miles an hour. He will progress, this year. I'm convinced of that. Watching deGrom these past few years, has to have had at least an impression on him about what it looks like to be a "pitcher". He improved holding base runners last year, so that shows me he isn't a complete hard head. Wheeler gets it. If healthy, which I believe he will be, he is dominant. What great stuff he has. And Moxie. Conforto is the wild card. It's TIIIIIMMMEEE!!!! See ball. Hit ball. See ball. Hit ball. It's pretty simple. Go the other way when it's pitched there, trust your power, and learn to work the pitcher. His problems occur when the pitchers work him. Too often. He's been so steaky, he can drive you crazy. I was shocked to see he played in 153 games last year. It seemed to be a lot less. If he ever gets it right for a whole season he'll hit 40. I'd rather he hit .285. Should be easy for him, but of course, it isn't. I'll post something at some point. I want to let these play out and see what the others think. I already know what's in your head. My ex girlfriend loved the Price is Right. Watched it every fkin day. Drove me nuts. There's one in every family, I guess. Drew Carey is one very lucky boy.
  7. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    2019 METS THREAD! It’s time has come.

    1] deGrom Over 16 wins 2] Syndergaard Over 15 wins [barely] 3] Wheeler Over 13 wins [easily] 4] Conforto 32 Home runs [right on] for the purposes of the over under I'll say 31 homers 5] Rosario .255 average Over, by about .015 at least. He'll be at least a .270 hitter. My gut tells me more. * I noticed nothing about Steven Matz. What's the matter, no guts, no glory?
  8. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Siemian to Jets

    Living in a frozen tundra for 10 months of the year will cause one to be a little grumpy. That and the fact that they have no cap space, and Kurt Cousins will be their quarterback for the foreseeable future.
  9. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Siemian to Jets

    Perfect. Candidate, length of contract, terms, dollars, and fit. Another appropriate valuable off-season addition. Funny how the prognostications about "no one will want to come here" , and "we'll have to grossly overpay players to sign here", are being disproved with each subsequent move. Nice..
  10. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    Seems like this rumor may have some legs. The arrival of Olivier Vernon makes Ogbah available. There is also word that the Browns are in the market for a linebacker and Lee is that. The Browns cut Jamie Collins and need a replacement, and Lee is more experienced and more productive than in house candidate Genard Avery. Dorsey has no attachment to this particular player, he was the previous regimes draft pick, another credible reason for the speculation. The "change of scenery" mantra added to the particular need of both squads may make this a match a reality. I would give this trade serious consideration, based on Greg Williams recommendation. Whether the Jets and Browns are compatible trade partners is another question to be answered.
  11. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Sterling Sheppard

    I think that you would agree that the results were at least similar. Sterling and Robbie had virtually the same YPG average, at about 54 yards/game. Sterling Shepard had more receptions [+16], more yards [+120], and yards after catch [+120]. He also had 17 more 1st down catches. He was only targeted 13 more times. Robbie had more touchdowns 6 vs. 4, and his yards/catch was 1.8 yards greater. As for their contract situations, again they are similar. Both players have three years of service, and are slated to become UFA's in 2020. Would you trade Robbie for a third rounder? No way. I wouldn't trade Sterling Shepard for one either.
  12. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    I think that Magic outthought himself this time. I really see no long range plan here. It's a very confusing roster configuration, and going "all in" with Lebron at this juncture in his career, was a mistake. Lonzo Ball has to be jettisoned, and Kuzma is the only piece on the roster with any value going forward. The rest of the roster is worse than the Knicks. Kyrie Irving is not coming there either. "The King" is breaking down, and they're screwed. I love it.
  13. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Sterling Sheppard

    What are you talking about. I didn't disparage Robbie Anderson. Or Adam Humphries. Or Allen Robinson, for that matter. As for Robbie, I like him as a Jet and want to keep him. Mentioning the fact that people went wild when the Jets didn't tender him at a #1 value is not the issue, nor the point. It simply illustrates that a player that posted better yardage statistics and had more catches is not a third round draft pick. Anderson is not a third rounder either. I thought the tender of Anderson as a #2 was a good move. As for the trade, read the last line of my post. I in now way advocated for the trade, quite to the contrary. My sole point and purpose in the post was to illustrate that Sterling Shepard is certainly better than a third round draft pick. Sorry you missed the point. You don't have to defend Robbie Anderson to me. That is preaching to the choir. Is he a #1 wide out. Maybe not. Doesn't matter. He's good enough.
  14. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    Wow. Someone who loves Penn State more than me. Would love McGovern and Oruwariye for the Jets. Oruwariye was their best secondary tackler last year, and has a great heart. Nick Scott too, although I don't see the Jets needing another Safety in this draft. As a late value pick, maybe. I was very disappointed in Miles Sanders, in fact I can't believe he is ranked as the 5th best back in this draft. Doesn't show me much upside, and goes down too easily. McSorley was a much more effective runner than he was, sadly. Like to see him end up in the league, but I don't see how. Not as a QB, anyway. He'd certainly start in the AAF, that's for sure. If the Jets could add another three to four picks to their draft board, three this year, and one next year, I would reluctantly flip the #3 for their #15 first rounder. We could do a lot of damage with all that draft capital. Finish the offensive line with some impact picks, get an edge, cornerback, receiver, lots of possibilities.
  15. joenamathwouldn'tcry

    Sterling Sheppard

    I don't get all of the hate regarding Sterling Shepard. He is a very good receiver. Certainly not a third round draft pick, which is what he is being portrayed as by many here. Some facts about Sterling Shepard. Last year he was the 25th leading receiver in the league in yardage. That puts him higher on the list than the following players. Emanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffrey, Mohamed Sanu, Adam Humphries, Robbie Anderson, Allen Robinson, DeShawn Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Calvin Ridley, Chris Godwin. Many here were apoplectic when the Jets failed to tender Robbie Anderson with a first round tender. Still more, myself included, campaigned for the addition of Adam Humphries to the roster as a premium free agent acquisition. More than a few of us would welcome the addition of many of these "lesser thans" to our team. Sterling Shepard catches more than 60 balls a year, for 750 yards and averages more than 12 yards/catch, with a high catch % rate. He is far better than any receiver the Jets have chosen in the second round, in recent memory, that's for sure. I hate the Giants too. Let's not make that the reason for undervaluing Sterling Shepard as a wide receiver. As for the trade, no. With the addition of Crowder, and the current roster, he would be redundant, and the value for the trade down is low.

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