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  1. Started it how? A downvote on another asinine comment made by you? I wasn't the only one. You should be used to it by now a$$hole. I won't comment about you and the "closet". We both know who you are. Been to the "cockpit" lately? More cute emojis and stupid half sentences. Guess evolving is above your skill set. Keep it up buttercup. How's things at the trailer park? Like I said, I'll stop when you do. Ignore me and I'll ignore you. It'll be easy. You have nothing to offer. If not, well.....
  2. Hi there dickhead. I could care less about the butt fumbles. If you want to continue, have at it. When you stop I will. You childish, small, ignorant fool.
  3. Whether or not this is a "cover" for the ineptitude of Brody and our "Manager", these firings are well deserved. The pitching staff from top to bottom is under performing. The bullpen might be the worst in baseball. There have been no adjustments or improvements. They can't even hold baserunners on. They can't throw them out either. The pitchers don't pitch inside. They don't pitch quickly. You could eat a sandwich between Familia's pitches. They approach the game the same way every day expecting a different result. It's not happening. Coaches get paid to "coach". Th
  4. Well structured upper management + Capable seasoned coaching staff + More dynamic athletic players = Winning franchise on the rise. The Jets seem to finally have solved this simple mathematic equation. Winning football games to follow. It starts now.
  5. Never going to happen. Too much "traffic". I like Josh McCown, and think he was a great mentor to Sam Darnold in the time he was here. I also think he will be on some team's staff, if that's what he wants to be. As for these Jets, I think that Adam Gase wants to be the voice in Sam Darnold's ear, and that's exactly the way that it should be.
  6. Not even watching. Checked in, saw it was 5-3, and turned it off again. I'm kinda done until further notice. Bringing in Flexen into a tie game the other day, was the straw...… Don't want the anger or negativity in my head right now. I'll check in, but that's it.
  7. I like your list. It's pretty accurate. In my opinion Walt Michaels needs to be ranked above Herm Edwards. Walt Michaels was a good man and a quality coach, who got a raw deal. Mangini, and Herm, are basically of the same quality. In other words, not great. Joey {the nose picker} Walton, Al Groh, Carrol, and Bruce Coslet, make up the next tier. Mediocre or worse. You can group Holtz, Winner, Shipp together too, as they basically had no impact as Coaches in NYJ history. Then you have Kotite and Toilet Bowles. They are the two worst, based on the pain they inflicte
  8. NO, the "scary part" is that even a five run lead does not feel safe in any way, shape, or form. That is not just scary, it's sad.
  9. Nothing there from what I can see. Waynes has all the tools as far as size, and speed go. His problems are production and cost. He is not particularly strong in coverage and he comes with a cost of almost 10 million. He may do better in a man scheme, but is it worth the gamble? I think not. Not worth the price, even more so at the cost of a draft pick. Does not seem to be an obvious upgrade over what we currently have on the roster. Give Roberts an opportunity. Waynes is not an upgrade. Mac Alexander is the better player of the two at this point. The problem is that he is a s
  10. Boyer should be considered for the "most underrated move this offseason". His retention was well deserved and was reflective of the awesome job he did last season. The Jets special teams will be fine this year. This is largely due to Boyer's prowess as a coordinator and the overall improvement of the roster in general. Better athletes with capable coaching lead to successful units. The loss of Myers and Roberts will be felt somewhat, but Cannizzaro and the addition of some experienced "special teamers" in addition to some faster, younger additions will help make up for their loss.
  11. The issue is not with Familia. It does not matter how bad he is or how many times he blows or how many games he ignites. He will never be released. Not by this ownership. Not by this team. Not even benched by this manager. I assume you heard what Mickey said last night, following this latest disaster. He is here for three years, he is going to "work" with him, whatever that means, and that the erstwhile manager in charge, likes the fact that this team, "never gives up". Heroin addicts are more in touch with reality than this guy. The "ship be sinkin" and this chucklehea
  12. Another great move for the franchise. Boy we sure are gettin' awfully "lucky" these days. As for the guys coming over from the Eagles, forget it. Douglas does not impress me as the type of guy to wait a full year for "his boys" to shake out of their current situations. He's moving on, building his own staff and legacy with the Jets, as he should. If some of these guys become available in the future, then so be it. In the meantime, full steam ahead.
  13. G-d Bless You. When we win the Super Bowl, some of my thoughts will be with you. Let's hope that you have a good long winter, and that our Jets "winter" ends soon. "Comes a time"....
  14. Stfu, just saying......, killjoy. In other news, the wheels will fall off the Vargas Successtrain, probably sooner than later. Mark it down. It's inevitable. Hope all is well.
  15. Shawn Jefferson is fu*kin right, and has a fuc*in good point. "It's everything", Perfect....
  16. the fact that you are befuddled by the obvious is no surprise.. nor is your propensity to keep your nose eternally entrenched in TOm Shane's posterior....
  17. With dignity and class, like all New York fans have always done while celebrating World Championships. Unlike fans in "Civilized Cities" like Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, and the "City of Brotherly Love" Philadelphia. Add to the list some of the fans in "gentle" Canada. Vancouver, Montreal, and Edmonton, to name three. But, of course, it's New Yorkers who are portrayed as "animals".
  18. There was no "trade back" to be made. The way that the draft fleshed out proves that. You can't make things true, just because you wish them to be so. I wanted to trade back too. Didn't happen. The opportunity wasn't there. That's just the way it is. Under the circumstances of the 2019 NFL draft, I'm sure any right minded GM would have taken Quinnen Williams with the third overall pick. We got ourselves a hell of a player. Rejoice in that, instead of thinking about the woulda, shoulda, coulda'ves.
  19. Disagree Herm, There have been quite a few "fat slobs" who have played in the NFL. Some were considered stars. Ditto baseball, and other "bona fide activities" that even you would classify as sport. George Blanda played quarterback at the age of 48 plus. Others have played into their forties. Gordie Howe played a full season of Hockey at the age of 52. Satchel Paige was 59 years old. Hoyt Wilhelm was almost 50. Gaylord Perry was 45. I know they are the exceptions, but they exist. Doc Ellis pitched a one hitter while under the influence of "acid". I'm sure that Lawrence
  20. If fully healthy and given a legitimate chance to make the final roster, there is no doubt that Bilal Powell will make this team. He is a superior blocking back, is a sure handed receiver out of the backfield, and possesses an ability to break containment for big yardage, as he has shown in the past. He is also an outstanding teammate, and individual. I, for one, would be thrilled to see him, finally, be a part of a winning Jets team..
  21. "In other words", he still would've drafted Mr. Quinnen Williams with the third overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Well done...
  22. SNJ...… SAME NEW JETS!! Maybe the worm has finally turned for our beloved franchise. I expect a brighter future. Most of us will. Christopher Johnson deserves to finally get some credit. I wonder if he will get it. Doesn't really matter though, does it?? Capable Management, capable roster, success to follow....
  23. So, for any activity to be considered a "sport"..... 1] There must be a "ball" involved. 2] Said "ball" must be in motion, and has to be "hit". 3] There must be a "defender" involved. 4] There must be "body motion" that involves an elusive maneuver by one or more participants. Therefore Boxing is not a sport. All martial arts are not sports. Most track and field exercises are not sports. Most sports are not sports. Got it. Thanks for the clarification, Sperm..... Ridiculous. sport /spôrt/ Learn to pronounce
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