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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=nfl+standings&rlz=1C1GCEB_enUS860US860&oq=nfl+standings&aqs=chrome.0.35i39j0l5.1840j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#sie=lg;/g/11ffv6kjj0;6;/m/059yj;st;fp;1;; They have scored the most pts and have given up the fewest pts? That is one way to go 6-0.
  2. Bennett played just 22% of New England’s defensive snaps in last week’s win over the New York Giants. He is old and past his prime.
  3. NE will run and throw short passes then punt and rely on D and ST. Game could have a final of like 10-6. They literally don’t have anyone for Brady to pass to outside of Edelman and James White. Unless Gordon and Dorsett are healthy? If that’s the case then NVM.
  4. NE is going to run the ball with their four RBs and mix in screens. Brady is not going to sit in the pocket because he has no one to throw to. Aside from Edelman IDK who the receivers even are since Gordon and Dorset are hurt.
  5. We will find out on the 21st. Every time people trash NE they win. Don’t trash NE just beat NE. The Patriots are less than 100% so the time to strike is now. See I just committed the crime of hypocrisy.
  6. When you’re smaller you launch and sometimes yes that happens. Not the same as Burfict trying to kill someone. When Allen runs he is a runner and a dumbass and is prone to get hit. Jones was flagged. There was no malice in that hit. Flag is deserved but anything else is you being soft. Vontaze hits with malice.
  7. Play 7 - 8 DBs at all times. Make Zeke beat you and he may but we all know Dak wants to throw to Gallup, Cooper, Witten and Cobb. At least it prolongs the game and creates room for error. Giving up big chunk plays to Dak and that passing game is a bad idea IMO.
  8. You have got to be kidding me. Get out of your safe space and put on your big boy pants, little man. Jonathan Jones - 5'10 / 180 Josh Allen - 6'5 / 240 What in the blue hell is Jones supposed to do? Burfict is like 6'2 / 250. Probably a bit stronger than Jones? Dumbass
  9. Stop it!! The team was below .500 this yr. Their top recruit for 2017 is ranked #36. For Duke its #3 and #8 thus far UCONN was like UNLV...passing fad. Not hoops royalty like Duke, UNC, UK, Louisville, Kansas, UCLA, etc.
  10. El Amin and Rip Hamilton are long gone...
  11. I can't find UCONN? Only the women. And yet they are supposed to be on par with Duke as a CB powerhouse?
  12. Eh...? First win was on the road in AZ. Third win was vs. Houston with a 3rd string QB. Not exactly cupcakes.
  13. Pretty sure NE went 3-1 w/o Brady this yr...
  14. I like their team speed and they have excellent shooters and strong rebounders. Gonzaga is a contender too but they tend to choke in the tourney. If Duke can make the Sweet 16 I'll be OK with that. Team was overrated by everyone. Including me. Giles and Bolden have been stiffs and Jackson has been OK but definitely needs more seasoning.
  15. Allen and Kennard are dynamic but Tatum is the most talented player on the roster. Giles has been a disaster unfortunately. I think the best team in the country is UCLA.
  16. NE has its four receivers that you saw in the SB and pretty sure all will be back next yr. along with 87. Doubt they pay Marshall.
  17. Bo Jackson in terms of pure athlete and its not even close.
  18. Last night's Duke game was officiated just fine even with the phantom #4 foul on Allen. Tatum asserted himself and Duke won. BANG!
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