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  1. It looks like they also got rid of that annoying policy where the points are separated by seat and you can't combine the points for a reward. It looks like the points are now by account and not by seat. Yay!
  2. Oh yeah. I was there. Seeing the Pats kick the winning field goal against the Fins on the jumbo screens(black and white at the time) was classic. Was also at the Jets vs Pats game the Sunday before. I remember telling the fans there to beat the Dolphins for us.
  3. Umm, not the Pats, but I do recall a young Payton Manning being totally destroyed in a playoff game against our Jets 41-0. How did that turn out for Payton? First ballot hall of fame. Just sayin'
  4. Nope. Sunday game. I was there. It was the 4:15 game.
  5. Yup, saw that same plane when I was departing Aruba back in March. I doubt if the Jets are relocating to Aruba, but you never know.
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