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  1. But he was a dees and dose guy!
  2. pajet

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    that gets called 120 out of 10 times if it was against the Pats
  3. pajet

    Francesa Says...

    Not a Gase fan....not even close, but willing to give it a chance....to your point, there was a certain HC of the NYJ who shot his way out of his contractual obligation and that worked out pretty well for him and his new team, so who knows. If it works than sure I am ok with that guy coaching my team.
  4. If the GM allows the HC to push him into picks he does not want I agree. however, if the power structure is set up by the owner that the HC has the authority to push his preferences then Mac has a defense. I think Mac should go as well, but we'll never really know what kind of power structure/dynamic has existed in the draft room as set up by the johnsons.
  5. See, here is the thing. I would be OK with giving Mac a shot with his own coach. I often wonder if Mac's picks are that bad, or if Bowles and staff just have no ability to develop these guys/put them in a position to succeed whatsoever. No one knows for sure how much power Bowles had over draft except for the Johnson brothers so perhaps Mac was picking who Bowles wanted. In that case, I would give Mac a short leash. However, here is the issue: said short leash will scare away HC candidates. If we allow Mac to pick the HC, realistically that means he is getting at least another 3 years. Despite the issues above, he has not earned that right. The risk (and likelihood) of keeping him and have him continue to sht the bed, far outweighs the benefits of keeping him.
  6. We've had plenty of practice.
  7. pajet


    I think the breakdown listed was just for the first 3 rounds
  8. pajet


    interesting...thanks for doing this. Its no wonder our offense is horrendous. Other interesting fact is that KC and GB who are known more as offensive teams have spent more draft capital on defense than offense in your study period.
  9. LMAO - Just spit out my dinner...thanks
  10. Just wow. Insightful stuff. But good luck getting someone to hire him now
  11. Don't forget the draft pick which will be turned into a defensive asset later
  12. pajet

    What do you all think of...

    Agree, I was kind of surprised they sent him back on the punt returns considering the trouble he has been having back there in camp. I think he makes it. Looks talented. On his attempts he seemed to hit the hole quickly and seemed to make good decisions. As for the missed opportunity on the bomb, sure he could have made a nice play, but that wasn't something he is used to doing. He looks like he can be a weapon in space. Don't think you cut him based on a couple of mistakes he made that you already knew he struggles with. think that was just the Jets trying to put him in different situations as it would definitely be an added bonus if he could return punts and learn to track down the deep ball.
  13. Fair, but that is why Johnny Manziel is a punchline. Kink of illustrates the point that it is talking vs production as opposed to race.

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