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  1. Fair enough....cant say I disagree. racist Dudes would have something to say. Sorry to come off over the top and i know this isn't the place for this discussion. Just saying that if you were to identify an up and comer who doesn't necessarily have the pre requisite experience, interview him and decide to hire him. It really shouldn't matter what race that up and comer is. Find your candidate....Interviewing a Josh McCown in and of itself is not racist because he happens to be Caucasian.
  2. Spitballing here, but perhaps Bienemy hasn't shown the qualities needed to be a HC in interviews and McCownn has?
  3. How about...."the Jets won't win another game this season" '85 Paul Maguire....f***g a***hole...will never forget that pregame show.
  4. Best part about that quote is that Herm always played not to lose....which inevitably, he always lost.
  5. Disagree....disappointment is guaranteed.
  6. Yes, but is he coaching where football is going
  7. Its really sad that this needs to be stated
  8. where is the option that no matter what the Jets do, it will turn out like crap?
  9. The idea, as I see it, is to draft a future (hopefully) FQB...giving the kid time to develop if need be and competing against a somewhat competent vet...A vet good enough to hold the fort, but not so good that will hold the rookie back when he is ready.
  10. Despite how thoroughly disgusted I am with this team right now....I could live with this as long as we don't overpay for Minshew.

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