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  1. yes...that ended well. I remember being so pumped....sure we were going to the Bowl. Was out the night before...heavy night of drinking.....drug myself out of bed for opening kickoff.....by the end of 1Q was doing shots of Jack
  2. JMO, but I think that more so Gase but also Bowles neutered Darnold. Along with the lack of playmakers. The gameplans seemed to highlight his weaknesses and didn't allow him to play school yard which was his strong suit. Explains why he had so many turnovers without the benefit of the big plays....Not that I am a Darnold fan glad he is gone and happy with Wilson, just trying to make sense of the complete failure that was Sam Darnold.
  3. I frankly don't care what the record is. I want to see a competitive team that improves throughout the year. I'm tired of being embarrassed on practically a weekly basis. I'm fine with losing some games we should win if we can steal a few we have no business being in....or at least scaring some of the heavy hitters. Just give me a a reason to care past September. Not much to ask.
  4. excellent post....describes my mindset almost to the letter. Started in the Sack Exchange era and love the players from those teams. Hold the Super Bowl team in the highest regard. It's the jacka** me first attitude that rubs fans the wrong way. Keyshawn, Revis.....great players but constantly put themselves above the team to the detriment of the team. Good/great players...sure, heros.....certainly not. Hell even Darnold for the most part is still liked even though he sucked primarily because he didn't act like an ass.
  5. Same thing I've been doing for the last 35 years....drink and forget about it.
  6. Lets go out and show them we're not a bunch of horses' asses.
  7. For me the feel good point is, we addressed key positions where we had needs with players who made sense where they were picked. We didn't pick a DT first when we had studs across the D line and desperately needed offense. We didn't pick 2 safeties with our first two picks. We took players at positions of need where it made sense. Will the players we picked work out who knows. But after the last 10 f'n years...I'll take it.
  8. OK....whiny jets fans being whiney jets fans.....got it...thanks for the clarification.
  9. Okwhen did he actually say this. Normally don't bother to watchvideos,but with all the negative comments I started watching. Only got through the first 5:30. But I heard him talk About my and sf in about the same light. Super excited to turn whatever team he ends up with around. Did he say something specific later or is this just jets fans being jets fans whining that he didn't say he is super excited to play for perhaps the worst team of thelast decade?
  10. I saw that in your mock. Do you have info indicating that this might be the plan, or is it just your gut feel. BTW, thanks for the info you provide. I know you take a lot of stuff sometimes, but I think a majority of board really appreciates it and understands that it is only the best info you have and could not be completely accurate or part of a smokescreen.
  11. Fair enough....cant say I disagree. racist Dudes would have something to say. Sorry to come off over the top and i know this isn't the place for this discussion. Just saying that if you were to identify an up and comer who doesn't necessarily have the pre requisite experience, interview him and decide to hire him. It really shouldn't matter what race that up and comer is. Find your candidate....Interviewing a Josh McCown in and of itself is not racist because he happens to be Caucasian.
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