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  1. well, they should have
  2. So were going to trade a pick for a one year rental of a mediocre QB....no thanks.
  3. Didn't watch the game so couldn't say. I can say living in Philly and seeing Reid up close he is a good regular season coach, but not a great playoff coach. Still he has an eye for talent and if he doesn't think Smith can get it done, I'll take his opinion over mac/bowles.
  4. unfortunately probably true
  5. True still do not want. He might be good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to win once he gets there. If KC is dumping him to go with a young gun, why should we want him.
  6. A Probable Scenario

    proper coaching and the jets.....very funny
  7. Was actually thinking that perhaps this was an attempt to deflate his price
  8. my initial thought as well, but if Dorsey wants Allen then trading to 4 could be risky as someone could trade up to 3 and grab him. Not saying its likely, but if Dorsey wants him, then I am sure someone else does as well. And of course there is always the smokescreen angle.
  9. only thing worse than dealing with the Jets is aggravation with the Jets causing damage to personal property....especially lost alcohol.
  10. Funny.....I'm still interested and somewhat care....Gave up the ticket this year because I am tired of paying extra/wasting time watching bad football. All year long I kept reading about how the young players are progressing. So far this year I have tuned in to see: jets/pats ASJ TD overturned; jets/bucs Jets/Den Every time I watch them its the same crap that disgusted me to the point that I gave up on them....F this team.
  11. Didn't you hear, you can't criticize the general when you disagree with the actions of the lieutenants.
  12. CB - I never said that...you are better than this
  13. Umm, I wasn't one of those guys that said Bowles has nothing to do with the offense. I give him credit for finding a good coordinator. And if the offense looks good, then he gets credit for that as well. when the offense doesn't look good or is doing something in game that he doesn't agree with, then yes its his responsibility to address it.
  14. And if he's not covering for Bowles, its Bowles job to find out WTF Morton was doing and tell him to go full throttle.