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  1. Not sure but if you don't see the season you referenced from Klecko, I am guessing the stat became official the next year, bc IIRC, they put those numbers up in back to back seasons. Can't advocate for Gastineau for HOF though. He was a great player, no doubt but he was extremely selfish. Ignored his run assignments to get after the QB leaving his teammates to try to cover up often to the detriment of the team. CM and JW as you say, the voters really didn't have a choice. Plus CM had the Bill Parcells and Patriots connections to partially cover up the Jets stench.
  2. One more thing re: revis....and I absolutely agree, you can rate them 1/2 based on personal preference....but you can't completely discount his douchbaggery. Its part of his legacy and that's on him. You can throw out his second stint if you want bc he certainly was not the same player. However IIRC, his holdout before the '10 season, he came in out of shape, got hurt and wasn't the same impact player until around week 6 or 7. That definatly impacts my opinion of him on the field and where I would rank him.
  3. The only reason Klecko is not in the HOF is because Jets...lol
  4. There is no doubt that Revis' impact at his peak was insane. he was a huge part of our winning years....that being said if your asking me who is the 2nd best jet defender ever, I'm considering top play over an extended period of time. I'd probably give Revis second, but won't put him above Klecko. The sack exchange was incredible over an extended period of time and klecko played at a high level well beyond the sack exchange years.
  5. Loved Gastineau as a kid, but looking back couldn't put him as the second best because of all of the theatrics. Wish I could rate the pre 80's players intelligently, but I can't. Abraham never showed up when it counted and wasn't hear long enough. loved the 80s lbs so included mehl and would through Buttle in as other. Obviously Revis. Also would consider Aaron Glenn as other. the rest good players, but never seemed to make a huge impact.
  6. Matt Ryan never won a playoff game until he did.
  7. winning breeds stability. Unfortunately stupidity breeds instability.
  8. Agree with this. The article makes a strong point that I also don't necessarily disagree with, however using the Favre situation as support for his point makes him lose a lot of credibility. The stability of the franchise had very little/nothing to do with the way the Favre year developed or ended....At 8-3 they were the fashionable pick to go to the Super Bowl.
  9. pajet

    Does Reich Take A QB 3rd, FA or Luck?

    and as currently situated, Reich would be the best QB in the building.
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    Josh Allen

  11. Think it depends how much we'd have to give up and if we already had to give up picks to draft a qb
  12. Chess vs. checkers
  13. Just think of how many JAGS we can sign for $100M....Who needs impact players
  14. pajet

    Schefter: Jets Hire Rick Dennison

    The Jets have more than earned the level of cynicism they receive.