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  1. Can't see them looking at it this way...Would set precedent.
  2. I personally remember the kick off that was caught up in the wind and seemed to hang in the air forever and was eventually muffed and recovered by Denver more than that particular fumble. Hated that game....was there for the taking and then all the bounces just seemed to go the other way.
  3. This is a tough one. Voted for Favre. The Jets fan in me sees the negative in just about every scenario (other than my hatred of Marino prevents me from even considering the option)...For instance: Could easily see Belichick failing if he stayed here. He seemed to be well on his way to failing in NE until we helped them out and took out Bledsoe. There is never much patience for anyone here. Peyton struggled in big games in college and for a while in the pros. Probably run out of town before succeeding. Tom Brady/Russell Wilson never would have been properly developed here. Toon was a great receiver in his own right....don't see Rice over Toon making a significant difference.... In the end, Favre is a gunslinger with **** it attitude that I think would have given him the opportunity to succeed here regardless of all of the other nonsense going on around him.
  4. this was one that popped into my head. Also the Jumbo TD in the Monday Night Miracle....Was at that game, will never forget it. Couple more: Vinny bomb to Dedric Ward in Buffalo to put away the Bills and clinch the division. Todd to ? as time expired against the Dolphins in 1980 I think. Don't remember who caught it (mentioned this play before on here and somone knew, but still can't remember....barkum maybe?) Was a huge game to beat the hated Fish at the time. Between that play and the sack exchange made me a Jet fan today...ugh!
  5. Quote....so at least he didn't trade a late pick for a DT, long snapper or dare i say a safety 😁
  6. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. He has done pretty well so far with the couple of late round pick for scrap heap player trades he's made so far. Agree with the overall context though....needed to walk away with a second WR. This was too deep of a class and our depth chart too devoid of talent not to take another shot somewhere.
  7. hmmm....I wonder who might try something like that
  8. literally lold....good thing i was between drinks
  9. voted yes I'd trade up, with the caveate that its only if it is one of T's i really like and the cost isn't aborbatant. Reality is the top 8 or so picks would determine what I'd do. I would be open to all three scenarios to be honest. depending on how the board falls, the best scenario might be trade down in the first and possibly trade up in the 2nd to make sure you get the OT/WR you want in the second.
  10. misread initial question....answered the poll assuming top 4 OT were off the board. chose the trade down option, however if there is an OT we like at 11 by all means we should take him.
  11. Exactly...if we are paying that much, I want elite. We have waited this long for a pass rusher. I am not paying elite money for slightly above average. Pay mid level money for a hold the fort jag (which is why we should have signed Jenkins) and find your own next year in the draft.
  12. Secret to a long relationship. Stay away from each other. Married 20+ years....we only fight if we are in the same room lol
  13. I don't disagree that people should take this seriously and not shrug this off. However to actually wish (or pray as you stated) that people are negatively impacted by this regardless of how they feel today is quite the statement. This coming from one of those high risk individuals you are referring to.

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