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  1. About the same age...maybe a year or two older. For me the Mud Bowl just stung much more since it had so much more meaning and when your a kid, nothing else matters. As for the fake spike game, I had just begun my professional career. Not a local, grew up in NE PA which is mostly Steelers and Eagles country. My co workers made sure to give me my share of grief. I walked into the office that Monday morning to find Pics front and back pages of the NY tabloids covering my desk. Good times. One other note on that game, play....I kind of consider it like the butt fumble....Embarrassing
  2. True....I also think I remember them taking out the Giants one year which was fun.
  3. Can't say that he would over any of those three, but from what I have seen (and heard since admittedly have tuned out for much of the season and have been mostly keeping up with what's happening here - life is too short to waste watching bad football) he seems to be playing at a decent level with the chance to improve as a quality starter. Given the crap we have been subjected to for the last decade I'll take it and it is noteworthy any time one of our draftpicks looks at least competent. Jets playsers are graded on a curve don't you know
  4. The jets generally take gut punches not give them
  5. Could be wrong....just ask my wife....but I think tie win in buffalo clinched the division and that quote was related to the following week against the pats.
  6. Tried looking up the video but couldn't find it but the 98 division clinching game in buffalo was pretty memorable. One play I will never forget was the Vinny bomb to ward to seal the win
  7. Another point rarely talked about. Shula was a cheating bast**** decades before bb
  8. Funny thing is Shula doesn't get much flack for this while BB is considered a world renowned scumbag.
  9. Live near Philly and had this discussion with some eagles fans the other night. If it ever looks like the jets are going to win a super bowl.....find the nearest bomb shelter....
  10. So true. We'll always have SBIII and the one glorious win in Foxboro.. Of course wasn't alive to see Joe Willie and sh** the bed in Pittsburgh.
  11. Always rooting for someone else to take care of our bullies
  12. So too young for the mudbowl....fake spike was just salt in the wound.
  13. For whatever reason, I have always accepted the Bills over the other two. Hated the Dolphins with a passion. Perhaps its because the Bills overtook the Flippers when we couldn't. Never had any hatred for the Bills during their dominant years, probably because we sucked and couldn't even compete, so better the Bills than the Dolphins. The Pats and BB, nothing else really needs to be said. So, "Lets Go Buffalo"
  14. Sh** what the hell did you do? My wife complains that i take up too much oxygen and she wouldn't even subject me to that
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