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  1. Voted that I hope Sam does well. Can't stand this team/franchise. I follow along, but mentally gave up after the 2011 season. Only watch when I feel like. Really hope Sam does well so we can change all that and maybe bring me back, but life is too short to waste 3 hours a week watching bad football.
  2. IDK, just my opinion, but I think you have to take the Khalil signing for what it is. JD, got in here and between he and Gase decided the OL situation was worse than they thought. They took a chance on a player that had some success but was on the coach. Lets face it, at the time of year he was signed, it's not like there are even serviceable players looking to sign...they are already in camp. Took a swing and missed. Sit him and play the back up and move on and file under lessons learned. Maybe luring a player out of retirement is not necessarily the best action. Probably should have waited for cuts and brought in more bodies via that avenue. Long term, I really don't think JD will be (or at least he shouldn't be) on this desperate move.
  3. Edit. Was questioning of anyone had additional insight as to what really led to Walt's firing before reading the rest of the thread. Thanks to those who provided some information.
  4. Didn't read the thread so apologize if my thoughts are redundant. I cut Powell. You know what your getting and it's ok but No upside. Difficult because he has been a good jet but sentimentality isn't going to help us. I keep the other two because there is some upside and keep searching for young backs to bring in and push them or beat them out.
  5. Funny...similar story. Up late drinking....felt like I was run over by a truck and could barely even get up to watch the game. Immediately started shots when vinny went down.
  6. At least by the end Kotite had the look of someone that knew he had no clue what he was doing.
  7. Thanks for the feedback....fair enough....that is why I asked....all I knew he was hurt last year and shut it down. Havn't had time to do further research.
  8. I don't follow college football much at all, so most of my knowledge comes from this board. I chose not to vote, because I really don't think I know enough about these guys, but they all seem to have some downside potential: Bosa - Injury history, chose to stay rather than prove he was healthy, potential product of being on an elite team? Allen - Speed rusher without much in pass rushing moves could potentially be neutralized on the next level Williams - Another (elite) f'n defensive tackle. Question to you is what makes Bosa such a clear cut number 1?
  9. Agree the Jets need to address the offense because they just drafted a franchise QB.. but they also need to draft offense because they have neglected it for the last 10 years.
  10. that gets called 120 out of 10 times if it was against the Pats
  11. Not a Gase fan....not even close, but willing to give it a chance....to your point, there was a certain HC of the NYJ who shot his way out of his contractual obligation and that worked out pretty well for him and his new team, so who knows. If it works than sure I am ok with that guy coaching my team.

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