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  1. The good news is, as long as the Patriots don't win the Super Bowl, there is always a chance we can trade into the 32nd pick
  2. Could be wrong, but from what I recall Geno was forced on Rex - leading to Rex trying to win the illustrious snoopy bowl w Sanchez in the 4th quarter leading to injury leading to Geno starting by default....at least that is how I recall it.
  3. Do you really trust the Jets to find a QB outside the top 3.....admittedly there are no guarantees, but the likelihood of success is much better the higher up you go. Do you really trust the Jets to pick the right second tier QB. I think they need to take the George Costanza approach....if everything they do is wrong, the opposite must be right
  4. Trivia question - what do the Steelers and Pats have that we don't?
  5. Sad state of Jets backup QB's

    funny....vomit was the first thing that came to my mind too. Can only hope he is just regurgitating the Bowles line and he doesn't really believe this drivel, but I think that is wishful thinking
  6. QB or I’m done

    So you think Mac can handle a little Caesar's?
  7. I'm so happy to be a Jet

    Where there is a bowl of cheerios to be pissed in....Dbatesman is sure to find it
  8. how about tyrod Taylor....not that he is as good as the others, but he sat as a backup in Balt for several years before the noted QB guru Rex Ryan pried him away to be his starter.
  9. ok, so we are basically in agreement. The vet merry go round needs to stop. I most definitely would prefer seeing Petty or Hack play regardless of the results. they look good and progress good for us.....they look bad and suck...also good for us with a high draft pick. However, IMO if you don't know what you have in hack yet and you have a potential FQB staring you in the face you take him. The fact that he liked him enough to stop is the problem. He liked him, great....but he isn't there yet and very well may never be, so you keep buying the lottery tickets....maybe one with better odds.
  10. Not sure what you are trying to say here, but what I am trying to say is that Mac has been here 3 years and has not adequately addressed the QB situation. It is the most important position in the game and you can't expect to have sustained success if you don't have one. IMO, drafting a 4th round project and a 2nd round project when all you had coming in was Geno Smith is borderline negligence. Project QB's are great and all and sometimes they even develop. Teams with a QB have the luxury of picking projects to see if they can develop them behind their starter. Teams without a QB need to take bold steps to ensure that they get one or they will continue to be irrelevant. I like Mac, especially the work he has done with the back end of the roster. But he needs to find a QB...nothing else really matters.
  11. No one really knows for certain why Mac chose to pass on Watson. However, the evidence is that Hack was selected in the second round the prior year and has not developed to expectations. Despite Mac's claims early in his tenure that he believed in drafting a QB every year, he chose to pass on several options this year, one of which, at least initially, looks to be extremely talented and capable of being a FQB. I like some of what Mac has done and I don't kill him for Hack. But the bottom line is when he arrived, we didn't have a QB and three years later, we still don't have a QB. Clock is ticking. At some point he has to at least try to get his guy in the first round....trying to trade up and failing is not enough.
  12. I really have no issue with letting him sit and develop for a few years before making a determination. The issue, if you chose to go that route is that you can't pass on QB's in future drafts that have a higher floor and can be ready sooner.
  13. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Umm....he was an UDFA and made some limited contributions