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  1. I would expect Darnold and Bridge to get most of the preseason game reps this year, much like Petty and Hack last year. Everyone knows what McCown is and he doesn't need much practice time to be ready. One of the new "kids" needs to show they are ready to take the job away from McCown.
  2. Thought the quote said it was from March, wouldn't that indicate he was not referring to Darnold
  3. Putting the shtick aside, I know that you know that I meant an experienced QB - as in a QB who has already started a few games in the league is more equipped to handle the scenario in which the Jets are in to start the season (i.e. bunch of games on the road, short weeks, etc.) Obviously, the QB who has sat the first month of the season is not an experienced QB in week 5. By week 10 he will have some experience and better equipped to handle the more adverse scenarios - but again I'm pretty sure I didn't need to explain what I meant to you.
  4. So you don't think an experienced QB is in a better position to handle the scheduling scenario you describe? You don't think being an NFL QB is difficult enough without a short week, top defense on the road. Sure the expectation is that he will handle this at some point, but why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Just to prove a point?
  5. Good point about Den and I actually thought about this before I posted. Perhaps waiting till week 6 > starting week 5.
  6. 1 - Want to start Bridgewater, serves several purposes. The beginning of the schedule is tough with several short weeks which is difficult for a vet let alone a rookie. There is no need to rush Darnold. Give the OL time to get its sh** together and let TB start with McCown whispering in Darnold's ear about what he is seeing and why. Also gives TB the opportunity to build trade value. Someone will lose a QB and will offer something for him if he looks competent and healthy. Plus giving SD time to watch on the bench for a few weeks takes away some of the pressure of being the opening day starter. 2 - McCown will start because Jets....and Bowles. 3/4 - you left off the best option assuming SD looks ready which is week 5. Avoids the early season schedule/short weeks and the Jax defense and allows him to start at home for a 3 game stretch before going on the road. Also, if he struggles, I have no issue pulling him after a few weeks ala Troy Aikman to watch a few more games now having first hand knowledge of starting with live bullets to reassess what is happening and what he was doing wrong. I want him to start week 5 and I think that is what the Jets are going to do. They need to go into the year with a script and stick to it. I am sure they can find an excuse to put in Darnold regardless of how well things are going.
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    Don't watch Jet games!

    JmO, but Charlie Brown seems level headed, gives praise when due, criticizes when warranted. It does seem like he is posting less since he became a mod, which is a loss for the board.
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    Albert Breer Article

    great well thought out post....Hope you are right
  9. Not sure but if you don't see the season you referenced from Klecko, I am guessing the stat became official the next year, bc IIRC, they put those numbers up in back to back seasons. Can't advocate for Gastineau for HOF though. He was a great player, no doubt but he was extremely selfish. Ignored his run assignments to get after the QB leaving his teammates to try to cover up often to the detriment of the team. CM and JW as you say, the voters really didn't have a choice. Plus CM had the Bill Parcells and Patriots connections to partially cover up the Jets stench.
  10. One more thing re: revis....and I absolutely agree, you can rate them 1/2 based on personal preference....but you can't completely discount his douchbaggery. Its part of his legacy and that's on him. You can throw out his second stint if you want bc he certainly was not the same player. However IIRC, his holdout before the '10 season, he came in out of shape, got hurt and wasn't the same impact player until around week 6 or 7. That definatly impacts my opinion of him on the field and where I would rank him.
  11. The only reason Klecko is not in the HOF is because Jets...lol
  12. There is no doubt that Revis' impact at his peak was insane. he was a huge part of our winning years....that being said if your asking me who is the 2nd best jet defender ever, I'm considering top play over an extended period of time. I'd probably give Revis second, but won't put him above Klecko. The sack exchange was incredible over an extended period of time and klecko played at a high level well beyond the sack exchange years.
  13. Loved Gastineau as a kid, but looking back couldn't put him as the second best because of all of the theatrics. Wish I could rate the pre 80's players intelligently, but I can't. Abraham never showed up when it counted and wasn't hear long enough. loved the 80s lbs so included mehl and would through Buttle in as other. Obviously Revis. Also would consider Aaron Glenn as other. the rest good players, but never seemed to make a huge impact.
  14. Matt Ryan never won a playoff game until he did.