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  1. Gotta take Lawrence....trade Sam for what you can get....I like Sam and wanted things to work out. Just think at this point he is damaged beyond repair and you can't pass on a top qb prospect because you hope your last top prospect figures it out on his third coach. Further. You also sign a vet or keep flacco. Lawrence doesn't start until the sh*t show has been cleaned up.
  2. I voted no only because I don't want to screw up the top pick......so tired of this Crap
  3. Always in the back of my head thought ny really stood for not yet jets....now it's Clear it's really never yet jets
  4. thanks for that....almost choked on my dinner
  5. so question....for gamepass....if the Jets play at 1, can I watch the game at 430 after it ends or do I have to wait until the Sunday night game ends around 11:30. usually don't have an issue avoiding the score as I live at of market and usually dVR the game on ticket anyway. Only thing that is hard to control is the random friend that decides to text me about something during the game that ultimately gives away the outcome. I think @robr answered my question
  6. When you watch the crap the Jets have trotted out at the position for the majority of the last 3 decades, mediocre kind of looks elite.
  7. Hoping that maybe having enough cap, that maybe JuJu would want to reunite with Sam and recreate usc....one can dream
  8. I like your thinking and agree with almost everything you said. One thing I would say that if Crowder has a good season, I would really be hesitant to remove him from the equation as he provides that security blanket that the QB needs.
  9. That kickoff is the play that torments me most about that game. Ball seemed like it hung up in the wind forever.
  10. Spitballing here, but perhaps JD felt that while sure signing RA to stupid long term money might make the Jets better in the short term (i.e. this year) but realized that he is really a limited WR and paying him stupid money now and LT might restrict his ability to sign more complete well rounded receivers down the road that could help the team become a perennial contender. He is the GM. His job isn't to make the Jets a wild card team in 2020. His job is to make the Jets a team that competes for the playoffs every year with a shot to actually win a title.
  11. Too soon to tell, but really hoping Chris has finally figured it out. Of course if that is the case Woody is sure to come back from London and blow it all up, because 1) He's an idiot 2) Historically we are not allowed to have nice things
  12. Probably true...which is why i responded the way i did without addressing the inflammatory nonsense in his post
  13. Wondering if we'll get canned boobirds when we play like sh**. Or opposing cheers for visiting teams that would normally have fans invading the stadium.
  14. If you think Vick is a great guy that's cool...most people don't.

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