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  1. We've had plenty of practice.
  2. pajet


    I think the breakdown listed was just for the first 3 rounds
  3. pajet


    interesting...thanks for doing this. Its no wonder our offense is horrendous. Other interesting fact is that KC and GB who are known more as offensive teams have spent more draft capital on defense than offense in your study period.
  4. LMAO - Just spit out my dinner...thanks
  5. Just wow. Insightful stuff. But good luck getting someone to hire him now
  6. Don't forget the draft pick which will be turned into a defensive asset later
  7. pajet

    What do you all think of...

    Agree, I was kind of surprised they sent him back on the punt returns considering the trouble he has been having back there in camp. I think he makes it. Looks talented. On his attempts he seemed to hit the hole quickly and seemed to make good decisions. As for the missed opportunity on the bomb, sure he could have made a nice play, but that wasn't something he is used to doing. He looks like he can be a weapon in space. Don't think you cut him based on a couple of mistakes he made that you already knew he struggles with. think that was just the Jets trying to put him in different situations as it would definitely be an added bonus if he could return punts and learn to track down the deep ball.
  8. Fair, but that is why Johnny Manziel is a punchline. Kink of illustrates the point that it is talking vs production as opposed to race.
  9. pajet

    Jets Training Camp - 7/29

    I was so looking forward to not having to read this line in every single camp update
  10. I would expect Darnold and Bridge to get most of the preseason game reps this year, much like Petty and Hack last year. Everyone knows what McCown is and he doesn't need much practice time to be ready. One of the new "kids" needs to show they are ready to take the job away from McCown.
  11. Thought the quote said it was from March, wouldn't that indicate he was not referring to Darnold
  12. Putting the shtick aside, I know that you know that I meant an experienced QB - as in a QB who has already started a few games in the league is more equipped to handle the scenario in which the Jets are in to start the season (i.e. bunch of games on the road, short weeks, etc.) Obviously, the QB who has sat the first month of the season is not an experienced QB in week 5. By week 10 he will have some experience and better equipped to handle the more adverse scenarios - but again I'm pretty sure I didn't need to explain what I meant to you.
  13. So you don't think an experienced QB is in a better position to handle the scheduling scenario you describe? You don't think being an NFL QB is difficult enough without a short week, top defense on the road. Sure the expectation is that he will handle this at some point, but why make it more difficult than it needs to be? Just to prove a point?
  14. Good point about Den and I actually thought about this before I posted. Perhaps waiting till week 6 > starting week 5.

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