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  1. My preference would be a draft pick and Wilson battle it out for 2. Don't care what round. Just someone with a pulse. Agree they likely won't sign 2 qbs but make Wilson earn the backup roll.
  2. Jets issue is they have alienated the long time fans with all the bs. I frankly barely care anymore and I'm sure I'm not alone. Add to that not generating new fans because you've been a laughing stock for the last decade.
  3. Dude you have no f*ing idea if you think you've had it bad and have only been a fan since '97. 40% those are the golden years. Try watching this crap since the mud bowl.
  4. I can't speak specifically about the prospects as I don't follow college ball closely enough. But if there is someone there who the team likes, absolutely take him at whatever spot makes sense for that particular prospect.
  5. reread the op. The suggestion is sign/get the vet, be it Rogers, Carr, Garappolo, Tannehill etc. and draft someone if they drop and you like him. Let the draft pick sit at least this year and compete with Wilson for 2. I believe this is the way to go. Absolutely, go get a legitimate QB and also keep drafting QB until you find one that can beat out the incumbent starter, whoever it is. We need someone who can make this team competitive now, while also looking for the long term answer.
  6. I like the idea of Lamar. The reality is the Jets would be forking over tons of premium draft picks and a ton of guaranteed money. He is already showing the signs of wear and tear you'd expect from a running QB. It would be so Jets to fork over all of that, have him light it up the first half of year one, go on IR and never play again (while feeling the pain of lost picks and cap room for years to come.
  7. This plus a draft pick over the next two years
  8. This is kind of the point. You can't go the whole game without calling it and call it THEN.
  9. I can't say for sure if the Chiefs probably win or not. Eagles should have gotten the ball back with about a minute and a half left and a timeout. As noted in my previous post, I really wanted the Chiefs to win, but I alsor really would have liked to have seen a legitimate ending to the game. They should have had plenty of time to tie or win. If the Chiefs make a stop great. But decide it on the field not with a yellow hankey.
  10. Absolutely. Live in the Philly burbs and wanted nothing more than the Chiefs to beat the Eagles so I could enjoy the saddness of all of my Eagles fan friends. That call took that joy away because I know the Eagles should have had the chance to tie or win. That call CAN NOT be made in that situation unless he actually tackled him. Surprisingly, most of the Eagles fans I've talked to have totally downplayed that penalty.
  11. Dreams of prime rib ending up with spam
  12. I think the play should be get one of the 3. Keep Zach working in the background in the hope he figures it out and also drafting someone. 2nd rnd. mid round whatever. Don't follow college that closely, but have seen some names thrown around on this board by posters that do that sound intriguing. And tbh, I am signing another vet at league minumum so Wilson or the draft pick don't see the field unless they are ready. Wilson should not have played again this season once he was benched. There are issues there that clearly weren't going to be fixed in a week or two.
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