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  1. Wasn't Osemele injured as soon as he got here? Again, I don't follow closely enough, but what I do remember seems suspicious. The JETS said Becton's injury last year was only a couple of weeks, not me. I have to think that was based on the JETS medical staff's evaluation. The JETS kept saying he would be back before he was finally out fo the year. The JETS said they were comfortable with his progress during the offseason. The JETS said this years injury was nothing and he would be back quickly. Well, I guess they made progress, since they figured out it was season ending before the season started....Great job....your right, I have complete confidence in the Jets medical staff....thanks for setting me straight. And oh by the way it was the JETS saying that Wilson had a chance to start...gamesmenship....sure ok, lets go with that.
  2. That's fine to say that, and in general I would agree if it were an outlier. However, historically, the Jets medical staff has screwed this stuff up. Just in the past year or two off the top of my head (and I have practically given up and barely pay attention other than following this site), you have a 2 week becton injury last year and he was out for the year. A becton injury in training camp this year which was reported to be nothing and is again out for this year. A knee injury to the QB which was supposed to be max 4 weeks which is now at LEAST 2 months. Add in a newly signed offensive veteran offensive lineman all of the sudden injuring his shoulder less than a week after he was signed. I'm sure those that follow more closely could add a lot more....put please dont tell me at least some of this is not on the medical staff not having a clue.
  3. One day we will have a quarterback on the roster that we won't have fans clamoring for someone of the talent level of Mike F'n White to take over the team.
  4. Off the top of my head Revis Becht....(false start, illegal formation, holding) Edwards (do coaches count) Howard (db in the mid 80's burnt constantly) Geno Smith (I don't know what time it is and think I'm better than I am)
  5. My take, it was a media created controversy because Jets. My take at the time, the league had been kicking dirt on us for decades....its about time we kicked some one's a** and got to laugh and have a good time at their expense on the sideline.
  6. This....I wish I could have marked one than more reaction on this....I laughed, but also an upvote and sad. It is maddening to this day that fans still blame Brien for that loss. That was all Herm. a simple playfake to martin and a screen pass in the flat probably nets 10 yards. No lets run Martin up the middle once and then take a knee to lose an extra yard or too, while the stats guys are flashing a graphic noting that no one at the time had ever made a field goal in that direction from that distance....Complete stupidity. I don't ever remember being as mad as I was regarding the jets as at the end of that game.
  7. What a great night. I would have missed it if Flipper fans weren't such a**holes. Was getting ready to leave and started getting heckled by some Dofins fans behind me ...was like f it, i'm staying. Most fun I've ever had harassing rival fans.
  8. No listing of great moments in Jets history can be complete without some nodd to the early 80's team. The playoff win against the Raiders perhaps. How about the mid 80's.....The Ken O'Brien/Dan Marino shootout was classic. O'Brien to Walker, 5 TDs including the game winning bomb in OT.
  9. agree... but as a beaten down Jets fan....I am scared as f**** facing any backup or rookie QB, especially making their first start.
  10. So, I get the whole the past has nothing to do with the present thing... But does any Jet fan really believe that the Jets traveling to Pitsburgh and Pickett making his NFL debut....that the Jets will not make Pickett look like the QB who will make the NFL forget about Tom Brady, Mahomes, and Montanna?
  11. True, but if you got the Maguire reference, you are old enough to know, that even if we get it right and everything looks great, the rug can be pulled at any time.
  12. first car was a sunbird too. don' rembember what year. my dad got it at auction for like $300. passenger door handle didn't work...had to be opened from outside lol.....second car much better....1983 Dodge Shelby Charger....loved that car.
  13. lol...has anyone been watching the last 20 years? If we open with the Pats, BB will make us his bit**...again. Other than winning without Brady, his whole purpose in life is to embarass the Jets. Give him a whole preseason to gameplan.....ugh.....I'd rather play the Pats after we have a few games under our belt.
  14. Loved that game....after so many years of crap....Went to a sports bar with a long time fan who happened to be a Seahawks fan....great fun...LMAO
  15. did you draft Hamilton at 9 just to f*** with everbody? love the trade btw.
  16. Because the 49ers are thinking, one day we won't need a player like deeboo on this team
  17. Fair....tbh, at this point, the Jets have me tuned out enough that I didn't even realize that Bridgewater signed there. Also to be fair, I would expect the Jets at this point to be able to find a way to beat a team quarterbacked by Teddy Bridgewater.
  18. The Jets have been so void of wr talent for so long, if you are the gm and you believe burks is the answer you don't get cute...you pick him at 10.
  19. Devils advocate here, because I mostly agree, the roster as it stands now will have a difficult time winning many division games. Still think they have a decent shot against Miami - Tua and all. But lets say Allen goes down in Buffalo and the Jets steal one....Does that not count. Did it count when we were getting beat up on when we were down to our 4th LT and 7th WR and 10th CB (hyperbole - by the end of the season I didn't care enough to see exactly how far down on the depth chart we were)?
  20. Fair....good response....hope you are right and the talk of an OL early in 2022 is a smokescreen. Lets draft one or two in the midrounds and start building the pipeline to replace these guys....Side note and I know its been said ad nauseum, but Becton really needs to step up and stay healthy. My problem with him is he can't stay on the field...he taps out when he does....Shoulder injury year one, I give him credit for playing through, but it sure seemed like he wasnt interested in coming back in 2021.
  21. Unfortunately, if you saw my comments in the poll thread regarding, draft combinations at 4 and 10, it is going to be really hard to execute an A or A+ draft given the circumstances of this draft. No can't miss prospects. Top pass rushers will likely be gone before we pick. Even if one slips (Thibs) have significant question marks. Top WR are meh. Sure one could hit. Its up to JD to find the right one. Based on his actions (trying to get Hill and Cooks) it seems he is not at all confident in the WR at the top of the draft. Best available prospects for us will likely be OL, CB and safety....none of which do much to move the needle. Now, if he can find a way to hold some team hostage that believes their qb is there and get some additional picks or ideally a legit wr (the Seatle/Metcalf scenario) that would be ideal. Again as I said in that thread...two top 10 picks in a draft that has no/limited top end talent that would really help us is so Jetsy.
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