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  1. The best part of the game was sitting with so many Jets fans! Few fans have endured as much suffering
  2. QB or I’m done

    I think we move up and get "the guy" for this draft. 3 first rounders?....sure, no problem. Whatever it takes. Gotta get that QB!
  3. Just got back from the game. The best part for me was meeting Jets Fans in Tampa. The game itself was awful.
  4. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    I've been asking myself why I still watch football more and more. The constant flags, commercial breaks, overemphasis of one position: QB. The fact that there are so few quality Qbs. it makes it tough. Then you add in the politics and I understand why some folks have walked away. I still love football, just not as much. I am rather enjoying baseball much more these days. Can't wait for next season. I'm a Yankees fan so life is good
  5. I'll be on the lookout for a 2000 era Jets QB jersey
  6. The Hack Attack....feared by no one but Jets Fans.
  7. I'll be there. Section 134 Row C...so right around the 30 yard line on the Jets sideline. I'll be sporting my Jets Fitzpatrick Jersey. Oh the irony is so delish
  8. Why do you still watch the NFL?

    Football is definitely hard to watch sometimes. Baseball and basketball don't have the penalties or the constant stoppage that football has. I don't mind it too much because I almost never watch live, so I just fast forward through the commercials and challenges.
  9. Big Game Tonight ...

    Unfortunately there is no way we pick in the top 3. There are just too many worse teams. We will probably win tomorrow. I too am coming to terms with this. Hell the Giants are worse than we are.
  10. All the top QBs go to the worst teams. That is how it works. They will not stay another year in college when they can get $$$. What if they stay and get seriously injured? That would be the worst business move.
  11. Ok, but can he still punch Woody in the Nuts whenever he feels like it? I think that is pretty critical to accepting the job.
  12. I just don't get it

    Unfortunately, Bowles needs to go. You don't punt down by two scoring drives with 4 minutes left under any circumstances. The fact that he doesn't get that is reason enough to fire him. I hold Macc responsible for drafting two safeties in rounds 1 and 2. That is an unacceptable waste of high draft picks. I would fire both at the end of the season and bring in proven winners. Offer Harbaugh whatever he wants. He should pick our franchise QB.
  13. The Jets can get a great head coach but they will need to make him the highest paid coach in the history of football and they will need to give him complete control. He'll need to be able to punch Woody in the nuts and Woody will have to thank him and ask for another.
  14. I actually got to meet Ed Hochuli a couple of years ago. These guys don't give a sh*t about any teams. They don't play favorites. I asked him who his favorite team was and he said back when he was a kid it was Green bay, but as a ref, he doesn't have a favorite team. Makes sense. They move them around every week so they don't ref the same team twice. When a ref makes a bad call, it is just that a bad call. As if the Jets need help sucking.