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  1. Probably best not to bring him back...too many bad memories post 2010. Not sure we want to burn another draft spot right now for a backup QB with so many holes and there aren't many good options in free agency. We haven't had much luck with the QBs we've drafted outside the first round. Interesting to see which way Macc goes with this.
  2. My money is on the Patriots until Bill and Tom retire. They've overcome all the adversity there is and still wound up on top. I see the jets a competitive 2nd place..hopefully 10-6.
  3. afjetsfan

    Why did bill leave the jets

    These aren't just opinions or speculation though. These are fan compilations of what was communicated over the years through the media and interviews with BB and BP. The rub has always been to try and piece together the truth from the chaff. I think some of the knowledgable fans on this forum have actually correctly pieced together the puzzle of information and deduced what is probably the most accurate set of reasons BB left. BB will tell you it was the uncertainty of the ownership and that is partly true, but there is more that happened behind the scenes and outside the media's attention that has alluded us for years. BB won't publicly say that Woody Johnson is an idiot and that he would never want to work for him. But that is true, he just won't and really can't publically say it. Either way, I think we have finally figured it out and can put this to rest...at least I can.
  4. afjetsfan

    Why did bill leave the jets

    No, not at all. The only reason I think it keeps coming up is because he is the HC of a team that seems to go to the SB every year and has gone to 8 AFC championship games in a row. Jets fans know that he should've been our head coach with Peyton Manning as our QB. Meanwhile our clueless moron owner hired loser after loser.
  5. afjetsfan

    OT: Knicks trade Porzingis to Dallas

    The Knicks might be the worst NY franchise right now....no wait, they are.
  6. afjetsfan

    Why did bill leave the jets

    Did anyone (at the time, circa 1997-99) think much of Bill Belichick? I for one, didn't think that highly of him. He had some success in Cleveland but overall, outside of maybe Kraft, Hess and Parcells, who knew the guy was a football genius?
  7. afjetsfan

    Why did bill leave the jets

    This is 100% true.
  8. afjetsfan

    Why did bill leave the jets

    This is the single greatest answer I have ever heard with regards to this topic....as if it came straight from BB being completely honest about the situation rather than what we have been fed...the politically correct answer. I think the Bill Parcels angle does hold some weight, but the owner situation was the overriding reason. The timing could not have been any more SOJ. If Leon lived on for a few more years, Jets history is completely different.
  9. Predict the future you can 😲. I'd settle for 1 SB in the next 10 years. Set the bar low and you'll never be disappointed.
  10. Stephen Smith is livid that there were no minorities hired as head coaches and is taking out his frustrations by lashing out where he thinks he can. Adam is an easy target.
  11. afjetsfan

    DC Williams... IT"S OFFICIAL

    10-6 is a realistic record this coming season with this new staff. I'm pretty excited.
  12. Exactly! We need an Offensive Coordinator. Head Coaches that also act as coordinators don't make sense to me. Gase needs to hire a guy that he can trust to call the plays that support the overall gameplay. Gase needs to be engaged on both sides of the ball.
  13. Do the Jets have a full-time Psychiatrist on staff? If not they may want to consider hiring one
  14. afjetsfan

    The Adam Gase Poll

    Well we'll see how this turns out. I'm not too optimistic, but maybe Gase learned from the last 3 years. He is still very young, so who knows.
  15. afjetsfan

    McCarthy is NOT the answer damnit!

    Agreed. The Jets are way past the point where gambling on a head coach is an option. We've been gambling since Parcells left and we've lost every time. Enough ******* around. We need McCarthy.

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