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  1. I would love nothing more than Todd Bowles to turn the corner this year and turn the Jets into a quality team that is prepared week in and week out. That is all we can ask for as fans. Take the roster you are given and make them winners. Overcome weaknesses (pass rush, OL, ST) and turn them into strengths. Take our strengths (secondary, WRs, QBs, DL) and make them legendary. In game management needs to be flawless. Adjustments need to be seamless. Everyone needs to know what they are doing at all times. That is what we should expect from our HC. Anything less should result in his being fired at the end of the year. 4 years is enough. Of course he'll be graded on a curve given the talent of the team, but he needs to bring it. It is somewhat reassuring that he knows the Jets record over the last 3 years is his report card, but now he needs to turn that around. This is his make or break year. I hope he gets us there.
  2. Really, this. Now that we have our new FQB, we desperately need that FHC. I'm hoping that is the next piece in the Jets becoming relevant again in what seems like a long ******* time. You see it all throughout the NFL. Rams suck, fire Jeff Fisher, hire Sean McVay and poof, like magic, they don't suck anymore. We need to do the same. Bowles is our Jeff Fisher.
  3. Nothing like being expected to suck to motivate a team to suck a little less than expected. I think 7-9 is about right. Nowhere near actually being good, but enough to say "we showed them didn't we...HIGH FIVE!"
  4. Nothing complicated about the Jets' QB situation. It's actually quite simple. McCown plays until Sam is ready. Bridgewater and Hackenberg are not really part of the plan. At best, one of them is the 3rd string.
  5. This kind of mindset of rewarding mediocrity is why the Jets haven't won sh*t since 1969.
  6. If we trade Bridgewater and decide to keep 3 QBs on the roster than yes, keep him. He is still so young with little hit to the CAP.
  7. afjetsfan

    Josh Rosen was Eli Manning , Darnold is Tony Romo

    How bout you go over to Arizona's fan board and tell them how lucky they are and you know, leave this board.
  8. It is a common tactic to publicly release false information on who you are going to draft. Has to seem legit to be believed. Not saying we don't take Mayfield, but I doubt that he is the #1 choice. If teams believe we are taking Mayfield, they are less likely to move up to #2 to take the guy they want. It could also push the Browns to wait until #4 to get their guy.
  9. afjetsfan

    And so the Josh Allen drop begins....

    Brilliant play to whichever team dropped this so Allen tumbles in the draft. My guess is it was the Patriots. Why give up draft picks to move up when you can get a top prospect to drop to where you are drafting? Brilliant actually.
  10. afjetsfan

    Nick Mangold.. HOF 'er ? ? ?

    I think it is because the Jets were stacked with talent back in 2009-10 and if we had even a mid-level talented QB, we most likely win a Super Bowl. Sanchez made too many mistakes during those years that cost us. At the time we chalked it up to him being so young and raw, but fast forward 8 years and seeing what Sanchez became, it makes you think maybe he was young and raw but he never turned into anything but a sh*tty QB. Mark is only 31 and should be in his prime but he isn't even on a roster. That says everything you need to know about his abilities.
  11. afjetsfan

    Third overall pick is...

    Not impossible Darnold is available at 3. Then what?
  12. Exactly. That trade will go down in NE Patriots history as the worst ever.
  13. afjetsfan

    Saquon Barkley Will Be The Pick

    If the Jets do take anyone other than a QB I think a lot of us will be done with this team until there is a new regime in place, hopefully with a proven track record of winning.
  14. None, because he is waking up in a cold sweat thinking about Garoppolo.
  15. afjetsfan

    Nick Mangold.. HOF 'er ? ? ?

    I think he makes it to the HOF. Not his fault he spent his entire career on a team that sucked. While Sanchez buttfumbled, Nick was doing his job. While player after player and coach after coach found even more creative ways to define the word SUCK, Nick kept on being great. Yep, Canton it is.