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  1. Ahhhh, you caught that too! I was pretty upset with Quincy after that. So many players on this team are unprofessional.
  2. Could you please tell me a time when any professional Jets athlete has ever done anything that vulgar and unprofessional since 1960? Please, because I can't think of anything that comes close.
  3. If Todd Bowles is in the Jets Draft Room in 2019 then...........
  4. Whether we keep Crowell or get rid of him will not affect our overall losing season, ok maybe we win a game or 2 more with him. The reality for me anyway, is that I have never seen such a display of vulgarity by a Jets player in all my life. The Jets were literally the villains in this game after that display. Then we had Trumaine's move that sealed our villainous role. I was literally rooting for the ******* Browns after that. This is not the same team I grew up a fan of. I grew up a fan of a professional Jets team.....Al Toon, Wesley Walker, Freeman McNeil, Joe Klecko, Ken O'brien. The coach, Joe Walton was a true professional. I loved that team regardless of their win-loss record. This team is appalling. Fire every last one of these mother****ers that don't play with dignity and respect. **** em. Rather go 0-16 every year with dignity than keep these loser players and coaches. To the Johnson's: Please do every Jets fan a favor and sell this team already. You suck. You've had 18 years and what do you have to show for it. Nothing. Get outta here!
  5. afjetsfan

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    Todd needs to show that he can make the most of what he has. He needs to show that he can lead this team to greater heights without elite talent at every position. The team needs to be prepared every week. If we are beat by superior talent that is one thing, but if we are consistently beat by not being prepared, disciplined and mentally tough then Todd needs to go.
  6. afjetsfan

    2019 Head Coaching Candiates

    Blank check. Write your salary for the next 5 years guaranteed.
  7. I find it interesting that McCown is considered a loser by so many. McCown is an NFL survivor and true professional. How many other QBs from his class are still around? You look at players like Ryan Fitzpatrick, how is he still around? A 7th round draft pick from Harvard....no F*k'n way he should still be in the league, but he is. Wait, better yet, how is he starting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? There is so much more to playing QB than throwing a perfect spiral. That is why these journeymen are still well employed and guys like Mark Sanchez are not.
  8. Upon contemplation, I thought WWWJD? I then realized the true purpose of being a jets fan is to not give a Fvck about a team where the owner will ensure we never win anything in his lifetime. Zero division wins since woody bought the team, quite an accomplishment (insert insulting expletives here) So yeah I’ll start caring when woody does...until then, lets go Yankees!
  9. I would love nothing more than Todd Bowles to turn the corner this year and turn the Jets into a quality team that is prepared week in and week out. That is all we can ask for as fans. Take the roster you are given and make them winners. Overcome weaknesses (pass rush, OL, ST) and turn them into strengths. Take our strengths (secondary, WRs, QBs, DL) and make them legendary. In game management needs to be flawless. Adjustments need to be seamless. Everyone needs to know what they are doing at all times. That is what we should expect from our HC. Anything less should result in his being fired at the end of the year. 4 years is enough. Of course he'll be graded on a curve given the talent of the team, but he needs to bring it. It is somewhat reassuring that he knows the Jets record over the last 3 years is his report card, but now he needs to turn that around. This is his make or break year. I hope he gets us there.
  10. Really, this. Now that we have our new FQB, we desperately need that FHC. I'm hoping that is the next piece in the Jets becoming relevant again in what seems like a long ******* time. You see it all throughout the NFL. Rams suck, fire Jeff Fisher, hire Sean McVay and poof, like magic, they don't suck anymore. We need to do the same. Bowles is our Jeff Fisher.
  11. Nothing like being expected to suck to motivate a team to suck a little less than expected. I think 7-9 is about right. Nowhere near actually being good, but enough to say "we showed them didn't we...HIGH FIVE!"
  12. Nothing complicated about the Jets' QB situation. It's actually quite simple. McCown plays until Sam is ready. Bridgewater and Hackenberg are not really part of the plan. At best, one of them is the 3rd string.
  13. This kind of mindset of rewarding mediocrity is why the Jets haven't won sh*t since 1969.

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