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  1. If he is brought off the field on a stretcher and put into an ambulance then 100 times. Thanks Beachum you bitch.
  2. Dudes, 9-7 is not happening. 3-13 is more like it. Our Offensive line alone will ensure we win no more than 3 games.
  3. Split Miami and beat Washington and Cincinnati. Am I overly optimistic?
  4. If by Trust he means scared sh*tless, then Yes, he should trust his teammates.
  5. Did we just magically get a revamped all-pro offensive line during the past week? No way this offensive line gets us 9 wins with the dregs we have playing. Not to mention our receiving corps and cornerbacks are trash. Why exactly would we lose to Washington but beat Dallas, Jacksonville, Giants, Oakland, Buffalo and Pittsburgh? The only teams I see us beating are Miami, Washington, maybe Cincinnati and those are by no means guaranteed wins. My only hope going forward it that Darnold doesn't get seriously injured. That would be the biggest victory of all.
  6. If the NFL truly wants parity, then it needs to change the entire makeup of the NFL. Teams can no longer be owned by individual billionaires. The NFL would have to centrally manage each team at the top level. Coaches would have to be hand selected by the NFL to provide each team the best chance to win. Losers like the Johnsons will never be able to create, let alone sustain, a winning team.
  7. So when the Patriots win the Superbowl this year will it be because they had an easy schedule? Eventually they have to play the best teams. Just like they do every year.
  8. I don't think Gase gets three years if he doesn't win next year.
  9. They almost beat the Bills, so yeah they'll win some games once Mosley is healthy and Darnold is back. Plus the O-line can only get better.....can't it?
  10. Things need to happen. 1 - Someone needs to late hit Brady into retirement....a bruised vagina would be all it would take 2 - 2 players needs to run into the patriots sidelines and chop block Belichick. He would still be on the sidelines in a cast a week later, but at least he would get the message that everyone knows he's a Fu<king cheater. Karma's a bitch 3 - DBs, LBs whoever need to fu<k the sh1t out of Antonio Brown. Take the penalties, send him to the locker room for good. I'm so angry with the cheating patriots. How in the hell do they wind up with the greatest receiving corp in the history of the NFL????? By cheating of course. But where is Goodell? How is this allowed to happen? The Jets starting receiving corp wouldn't even make the Patriots practice squad.
  11. Seems a fair ranking based on our putrid secondary, pass rush, Oline depth and whether Sam takes a big leap year two. I'd say the only area we are stacked is Dline.

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