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  1. Tough deal for you to have to go through all that Bullsh*t. At least the Jets came through for us that day BIG TIME! To this day, that is my favorite Jets roster.
  2. That was the game that made me a Jets fan. I liked them before the game, but it was this very game that made me a fan for life.
  3. Jan 16, 2011. Jets beat the Patriots in the Divisional round of the playoffs. I actually thought the Jets might go to the Super Bowl that year.
  4. I’ll keep it short: Woody Johnson.
  5. Even if Bowles wasn't the problem (hint: he is), he is definitely not the answer. Macc needs to go also. If Todd took over the Rams, they would be a 5-11 team by next year.
  6. If Bowles is back next year, I will not watch a single game. Why would I? For that matter, why would any sane person. We are witnessing Bowles' peak as a coach right now. Sure the talent could be much better (which is why we need to fire Macc), but even if we had the best team in football, Bowles would find creative ways for us to lose. So yeah, I would skip the obvious 2-14 season.
  7. True, but you learn the most from the bad bosses, or in this case the bad coaches, that you have. Sam is learning a great deal by being on this dysfunctional team (he is learning what wrong looks like). It's easy to be on a winning team, but to lose like the Jets do will help Darnold build a resiliency that will help him down the road. A couple of years from now he will be able to draw even greater strength from having gone through this, assuming the Johnson's hire a competent replacement for both Bowles and Macc. If of course the Johnson's don't hire competent replacements, disregard everything I said, because at that point Sam is screwed.
  8. Why? Keeping him on actually helps the team get a higher draft pick. He is actually doing this team a favor by staying on. Let's be realistic, after the season, the whole coaching team is gone. Many of the players are gone. The goal now should be to try and get the highest draft pick. We need weapons that Sam can throw to and an O-line that can keep him upright. Make no mistake, Bowles needs to go, but Macc needs to go too.
  9. My thought is wait till black Monday and fire both Macc and Bowles. Firing Bowles now might mean we are stuck with Macc. He sucks just as much as Bowles.
  10. afjetsfan

    5 Games Left

    This is the worst Jets team by far that I can remember. I still watch, but I don't invest any emotion or that much time. I DVR the game, so no commercials and I can fast forward through whatever I don't want to see while completely emotionally detached. I still like football, even bad football is better than no football. So yeah, I watch the games. The consistent takeaway from all of these games is that Bowles is the worst Jets coach I have ever seen.
  11. afjetsfan

    The Jamal Adams hate fest continues

    I think Jamal is a great player, one of the top Safeties in the league. The problem is he was drafted 6th overall. With all the glaring needs on our team why would we use such a high pick on a position that only makes sense if all your other key positions are filled. QB, LT (OL in general), Pass Rushing LB, WR, etc, etc. I don't buy into a strictly BPA approach. There has to be a compromise, such as BPA for a position of great need. Considering that none of those key positions were settled at the time he was drafted means he has bared the brunt of that frustration. Is it fair? Hell no. The real frustration should be taken out on Mike Maccagnan. Jamal is a baller and frankly is the best player on our team right now (which isn't saying much), but as a Safety he'll never be able to win a game for us. The Safety position is complimentary at best. Not Jamal's fault. I have to believe the majority of Jets fans are happy to have him despite missing out on greater impact players from that draft. And it wasn't only the 2017 draft we missed drafting critical impact players. All of Macc's drafts have sucked outside the 1st round. While Belichick finds Brady in the 6th round, Macc finds Hack in the 2nd. That about sums it up.
  12. I hope Todd and Mike are gone for next season. The only caveat is who will replace them? The depressing thing is if we actually get a worse Head Coach and GM. That would guarantee our demise at least until 2023.
  13. afjetsfan

    Pray for us to lose to Bills

    I don't think we need to pray. Todd will find a way for us to lose.
  14. afjetsfan

    Todd Bowles is a LOSER!

    Can anyone give a good reason to why we should keep Todd? What would firing him do to our record? Would we go 3-13 instead of 5-11? So what? I say fire away and ride the season out with a fill in. If Todd is back next year, good luck filling seats. I for one won't watch....too painful.
  15. I didn't think a Gruden coached Raiders could be this bad. Pretty sure he still wouldn't punt with 4 minutes left down 2 scores though, just sayin.

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