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  1. I'm no Belichick fan, but there are plenty of head coaches that sh*t the bed with Franchise QBs. Packers, Steelers, Lions, Chargers, Saints, Seahawks, Falcons....all teams with Coaches that had long tenured top 10 QBs that never came close to accomplishing what BB did. So, yes Brady made BB, but Matt Ryan, Ben R., Drew B., Wilson, Aaron R, all would've allowed BB to win many Super bowls. Not debating whether Brady is better than all of these QBs, but to say BB was just some sh*t coach with a GOAT QB is ridiculous. Belichick admitted that over the last few years the team mortgaged the
  2. Sam was never the problem with the Jets. If we had built around him with a real NFL caliber coaching staff, I think he would be a good QB right now. Trevor Lawrence wouldn't be winning games with this team as it is. So sure we'll most likely draft TL, but he has to come with additions to the OL and WR corps. Pretty much what Darnold needed to be successful. We'll see Darnold successful in the NFC. I just hope he doesn't wind up on the Giants...damn that would suck. Maybe he winds up back in CA somewhere...49ers? Garoppolo might not be the answer.
  3. No way we threw the game. The odds of Carr throwing a complete pass into the in-zone was less than 10% in my opinion, he sucked a$s in the second half. Totally legit loss by the jets.
  4. Hell Yeah! The Jaguars can't seem to win anything so we have to lose out or we lose the first pick.
  5. Sure. The Johnson's are paying him for the next two years so of course they would love a reason to keep him. I think the only way he stays is if he get the team to at least 8-8, but there's no realistic way they go 8-2 for the remaining season, so he's as good as gone on 4 Jan 21
  6. I think it is all about the 2021 draft at this point. Let Gase get us a top 5 pick if not the #1 overall and then fire him. We can either trade the pick and get more to rebuild with or get Lawrence. Hopefully we can attract a winning, veteran coach that can turn this team around. If we get another "up-and-coming" coordinator, we're fvcked for the foreseeable future. This team can't afford another bust at Head Coach, we've already had 6 losers in a row. Every coach since 2001 had less than a .500 winning record, and every successive coach got worse. Talk about a team in need of a winnin
  7. This has to be the lowest point in Jets history. Can anyone actually look forward to any future season? Every decision the Johnson's have made has not panned out. They have no incentive to sell. A losing NFL team still makes them richer by the year. So what does a fan have to look forward to? The only thing I can think of is 3 hours of your life back on Sundays...that's about it for the foreseeable future, and I'm talking decades, not years unless something radically changes. Sucks being a Jets fan.
  8. Certain franchises with a long history of winning can take a chance on signing a great coordinator to be their next head coach. Why? Because they have the enough wins in the bank to take risks and be wrong from time to time. A historically bad franchise like the Jets have made so many mistakes over the years, that they no longer have the luxury to take chances. They need to get a proven winner. Someone who won at the highest levels as a head coach. Gase showed no future great potential from his time in Miami. The Johnson's needed to go with a proven winner, but they chose to go wi
  9. SAR I How do you know Trevor Lawrence and his agent don't want to come to the Jets? Assuming you read this somewhere? Source? Just curious.
  10. No more former head coaches like Gase that never won anything. No more "the next great head coach" coordinator. We are WAAAAY past that sh*t. We are in Leon Hess territory. "Bill please coach the Jets, because I want to win before I die" territory. Anything less than a former winning NFL head coach is total bullsh*t. So who do I nominate? Bill Cowher (he's only 63). Show him the money, make him an offer he can't refuse Jim Harbaugh (56 yrs old) Show him the money. He has a .690 NFL winning percentage. 2x conference championship games and 1 Super Bowl appearance. T
  11. I stick around for the fans and Jetsnation. The team is what it is, but the losing does bring out some of the best and most hilarious in us. I mean where would we be without the Buttfumble? The number 1 football blooper of all time! We own that and no one can ever take it away from us! Winning is easy...you just need competent ownership, management and staff, but losing on such a grand scale like the Jets? That takes talent....you just can't create that, you have to work at it and work hard. Smell that? That's the smell of epic losing...breathe it in...it's what defines us
  12. Same narrative as the last almost decade now. No proven coach, no elite players, no winning track record. Nothing to look at and say "this is our year." Parcells was the last time the Jets had that magic mojo. Teams were afraid to play us. Our team was solid across the board. Sure we never got over the AFC Championship hump, but we got there and we didn't squeak in, we won the division and confidently marched to the championship game and almost won. Ever since then, we've been the underdogs and rightly so. Sure we got to the playoffs a few times in the 00s and had that back to ba
  13. This has happened twice in 50 years. Jets Division Wins compared to rest of NFL Chart is from Jun 2019. So doesn't include last season. Rk Team Div Titles Seasons Perc Exp Div Titles Diff 1 Cowboys 24 59 41% 12.38 194% 2 Patriots 20 49 41% 10.65 188% 3 Vikings 20
  14. Coaching.....I mean caching. You put Belidancer in charge of our team and we go 10-6 to 12-4 this year with the current roster. No injury excuses, no tough schedule excuses, just wins. But instead we have Gas so 6-10 sounds about right. Expect lots of references to "injuries to key players... tough schedule....wepones and caches not executing.....blah, blah, blah...." Only in professional sports can you continually turn out a bad product and still make money.
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