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  1. Wow, Same here, but I just watch on NFL gamepass. I can fast forward, never have to deal with commercials and if the team comes out flat, like this past Sunday, I just fast forward through and watch a little here and there. I don't waste much time and I gave up long ago investing any emotion in this team. I suppose the next time my blood pressure will get above "almost dead" will be if they make the playoffs some year down the road. I don't see that happening for a long, long time. I doubt Douglas can fix this disaster of a team by next year. It will take a couple of years, at least. But who knows? If they do get in next year, it will be by squeaking in as a Wild Card team, and that is if Douglas can successfully address the O-line, pass rush and secondary. The Patriots and Bills seem to own the AFC East right now and the Jets and Miami are battling for the title of "worst in the division". It's a tight race.
  2. The way the Jets came out playing Sunday, I knew the game was over after the first quarter.
  3. As much as I would like Woody to sell the team. Why would he? He makes money even if the product he puts on the field continues to lose year after year. If, on the other hand, losing cost him $$ he would've already sold the team a long time ago. Something is wrong with the NFL when you can be a perennial loser and still make billions of dollars. Same thing with the Knicks. Perennial losers and they are the most valuable team in the NBA. No joke.
  4. Normally I'm not optimistic, but this week feels different. I think we will dominate on all sides of the football.
  5. But are the plays color coordinated 😏
  6. Lamar is a beast! I saw the highlights from yesterday's game. He is not only a phenomenal runner, but dude can light it up with his arm. Full package. If he can stay healthy, he will be very special.
  7. I don't bet, but are you still so sure after the last 2 weeks? Sam is everything we thought he was: A great QB.
  8. I was thinking the same thing today: What would be the chances the Jets could get into the playoffs? Unfortunately, even if they win out I don't even think 9-7 is a good enough record to make the playoffs. The Bills will almost definitely get 1 of the wild card spots as they already have 8 wins. The question is who gets the second spot: Raiders, Steelers or Colts are all at 6 wins. One of these teams will most likely get to 10 wins making it impossible for us to get that second WC spot. Not to mention with all our loses in the AFC, we would not win a tie. Is it impossible that all three of these teams collapse, sure, but it is more likely one or more of them goes on a winning streak and gets at least 9 wins. Plus, like mentioned earlier, the chances of us beating Baltimore is slim. They are a great team. Doesn't mean we can't beat them, but the chances are not good. I think we most likely end up with 7 wins, which is a much better record than I thought we'd end up with when we were sitting at 1-7. I think if we finish strong, regardless of missing the playoffs, we will be in a good spot starting next season. With a revamped O-line and a few upgrades in some other key spots, we should be competitive next year for a wildcard spot. I don't see us dethroning the Patriots as long as Brady and Belichick are at the helm and the Bills look like they are the real deal and will be tough to beat going forward. It's good to see the AFC east becoming somewhat competitive again. It used to be a guaranteed 6 win situation for the Patriots, I think those days are coming to an end next year.
  9. 100%. His talent can't be taught. In a couple of years, he'll be a top 10 QB.
  10. Lifetime ban for hitting a player in the head with a helmet if the player being hit is not wearing a helmet.
  11. Such a bold prediction. I say they have a chance to win, but by how much, who knows. They also have a very good chance to lose. This Jets team could lose to anyone. Even Alabama and Ohio State.
  12. Let us remember that back in 1999 Belichick was still an unknown entity. He had some success in Cleveland but was far from a hall of fame coach. Once he was announced the head coach of the Jets who actually thought that was a good thing, let alone a god send. Not me. Hind sight sure, we ****ed up, but at the time it was like good riddens, you don't want to be our coach, **** you.
  13. I think the comparison between the Knicks and Jets is valid. Both teams have historically sucked. But if we dig deep enough into the annals of history, the Knicks are better. They won 2 championships, 5 division titles and 4 conference titles. Meanwhile the Jets have won 1 championship, 4 division titles, 0 conference titles. Who is the better franchise? To think the Jets are better than the Knicks is delusional. Dolan and the Johnson's drink from the same cup of making money while putting a bad product on the field. The Knicks are the most valuable NBA team. So much for value = quality. The Jets meanwhile are at number 8. If only value = quality.
  14. Makes sense. I too can see this play out this way. Be competitive next year, well sort of, and then total dumpster fire year 3. But then we have to start all over again. The cycle seems to be never ending.
  15. At this point in time, who knows. Both teams suck. Next season we'll see which team emerges. My gut tells me the Giants will be the better team going forward.
  16. But that all goes back to the fact that he shouldn't have been hired in the first place. We most likely are stuck for at least another year, but even the Johnson's (I hope) won't stand for another disastrous season next year. The excuses end this year. Period. I don't want to hear anything about injuries or tough schedule, etc. Next year this is Gase's team 100%. The GM will have had a full offseason to fix the issues with the team. The O-line, LBs and CBs should be well addressed. So no more excuses. None. If Sam isn't developing at the rate needed, get a veteran to hold down the fort. We just need competent QB play once the team is revamped.
  17. Well that guarantees well suck for the rest of the year and most likely next year too. I can't see Gase making it to season 3. Next year's train wreck will guarantee he is fired. It's just a shame we most likely will have to waste another year with this clown. Damn the Johnsons, they've relegated the Jets to permanent laughingstock status.
  18. Dude, what about our O-line, LBs, CBs, WRs and coaching staff? Sam is far from the biggest issue with our team. Even if we got the best QB in the draft, he would be terrible if we don't fix the rest of our team first. Lets fix our team first and then evaluate Sam. At that point we could draft a QB if we need to. But I have to say, evaluating QBs is tough. Who would've thought Lamar Jackson would be a top QB at this point in his career or ever? There were no signs he could actually throw the ball, he was nothing more than a glorified RB playing QB, boy were we wrong. Point is, drafting a QB is risky. Most of the top prospects falter. Better to build a solid team and get a decent QB, even if through free agency. It worked back in 1998. But I think Sam will be just fine with a decent team behind him. We don't need him to be the next John Elway to win a Super Bowl if the team around him is great. Look at all the teams that won with so-so QBs, Eli, Flacco etc.
  19. Gase is just the symptom of bad ownership. If people are going to spend money to fly a sign, it should say "Sell the team" But with our luck Dolan would buy the Jets and we'd be even more ****ed.
  20. Never was a season ticket holder (don't live in NY/NJ anymore) but I do see the argument to be a STH. If the purpose is to spend time with family and friends and casually watch the game, then that is a win. It is so hard these days to get people out of the house and put their electronics away, even for a few hours. If going to a Jets game accomplishes this and the whole family has a good time, regardless of the product on the field, then, again, win. Now if the goal is only to go and watch competitive football, then yes, being a Jets STH is the equivalent of getting root canal without anesthesia 8x a year and paying more than the dudes next to you did for the same thing. Ive only been to 2 Jets games and they convincingly lost both times. But you know what, I had a great time both times.
  21. The earth is not flat? Sh*t. Next thing you'll tell me is the Jets suck, and we all know that isn't true.
  22. Or even better, we don't bet and I have no idea what an addy is.
  23. Do you bet money every time you have an opinion you believe is true?

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