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  1. Rangers9

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    If a betting person I'd take Minnesota and say the hell with the Jets. You could bet against us and the Jets still win by a point or two. To me it's easy money esp after the way our D has played. But I'm not betting esp against us fool that I am.
  2. Rangers9

    Amari Cooper

    First you die for a player like Mack. It was crazy to get rid of him. It's kind of also killed the confidence of the players. They were a competitive team the past few years. They didn't need a rebuild and they have a good young Qb and used to have a great player and leader on D.
  3. Well we've got the USC guy on the PS. He is familiar with Sam to say the least. They could always activate him if this doesn't get fixed (and it probably will get fixed) and use Long as a guard, etc. He can block he just as of recently is a bad snapper.
  4. I went to the game and sat in the uppers so not the greatest vantage point. I dvr'd it and will watch it later this week. My take was the lack of a pass rush over everything. I kept looking for pressure etc. and didn't see much. Luck had a lot of time and we saw their running game also was successful. (127 yards with a 5.5 average). It was a surprise because our D line had a good game against Denver. And the Colts o-line is not supposed to be that good and they played a very good game yesterday. The turnovers bailed us out and if the Jets keep getting turnovers they can win a lot of games. If you give a guy like Luck time he can kill you. And he basically did yesterday.
  5. I don't have stats on this. But why after a running back has a huge run does a team (like the Jets) run him on the next play. I saw that last Sunday with Crowell. I don't remember if it worked at all last week but I know that it doesn't work. So a guy rips off a 30 yard gain. But on the next play he loses 3. So he basically averages for the 2 plays under 15.
  6. I think you've got it. In terms of the high snaps they want to keep this guy in case it gets worse.
  7. Rangers9

    colts ruined luck

    I agree about the offensive line. If you are going to invest in a potential franchise QB you need a good O-line. It's a no-brainer and has been proven over and over. I mean careers went down in the tubes probably because of that like David Carr etc. But imo nobody ruins a Qb except the player himself. That was the excuse used for Mark Sanchez. I heard it many many times from his fans. Good Qbs can overcome mediocrity.
  8. Rangers9

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    There was some on Sunday but not as much. We don't exactly know why to me it looked the previous week like a bad scheme. That the opponent saw on film and exploited. As for Trumaine he hasn't played as well as the team wanted. He is supposed to be their island guy and if successful with those one on one responsibilities it frees others for better coverage. You're committed to him financially and he hasn't been a complete bust. He can make plays. I think give him time to see if he can handle it. Most experts think he can.
  9. Rangers9

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    This is true and often the key. But Williams had a good game with two sacks and the team had a total of 4 sacks which is pretty good. I'm talking about mostly coverage breakdowns and uncovered receivers which is still a problem.
  10. Rangers9

    Ereck Flowers

    The Gis gave this guy every chance in the world. I'm not against giving a player a chance with a new team. But not this guy.
  11. Sometimes the long ball is not going to called because of the defense. It's usually unsuccessful. It is a great tool to loosen the coverage. And open up the running game. The running game opened it up on Sunday. Plus Sam and Robbie made the plays. And the O-line. I'm not going to kill Bates if he doesn't use it every game. Sam seems to be able to read defenses pretty well for a rookie and a lot of it is on him. If he sees it he'll throw it. Indy will be very concerned about that play and maybe change up their coverages.
  12. Rangers9

    Jets \ Broncos Game Observations

    I still think there are probs with the secondary. A lot of open holes and areas uncovered. But much better than the previous week. l can see Luck having a big day unless our D line plays well like they did on Sunday.
  13. Rangers9


    When you listen to Sam talk you automatically think "smart guy." And as Ray Lucas says a good young Qb learns and doesn't keep making the same mistakes. That seems to be the case with Sam. But one problem we did see today was tipped balls. He has to fix that because it can lose games. But what can I say, happy camper. And our receivers are good enough that they can be very productive when other guys are double teamed. We have enough depth to exploit it. That Pryor catch was awesome.
  14. Look I'm not saying you're wrong or that misery needs company.
  15. Look we're all nervous about it. It's a make it break it. If they win we're ecstatic for the week. Nothing including family and friends, co-workers etc politics can ruin it for us. If they lose it's another week of depression. And it can't be absolved until kickoff the following week. I only want to be happy😊. (so don't root for this team then).

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