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  1. Kind of actually very surprised the Rs came from behind in a series trailing 3 games to 1 against a good Pens team but happy which is usually not the case in my career as a sports fan and you know who I’m talking about.
  2. I’d be interested in Pittsburgh one of our kids lives there but if you drive it’s a longer trip than you would think so probably fly.
  3. I think it’s a tough opponent for game 1 and a probable L. You’d want Zach to maybe have an easier time in game one so the team can build its confidence. On ESPN yesterday one of their analysts predicted the Jets win against the Ravens and have an 8-9 season. I kind of agree with the 8-9 but not game one.
  4. I don’t really watch her or the show because to me it’s boring. And she looks bored doing the show. Maybe a new show will energize her.
  5. We know it’s huge money not easy for anyone to turn it down. But the story I read is that Brady negotiated his deal with Lachlan Murdoch. If you look at Murdoch’s recent statements and the conduct of their news enterprises around the world. There’s nothing fair or balanced or accurate. Often times the exact opposite. If there’s a line for who you work with imo that’s going way over the line.
  6. I stayed up late on Friday night and watched Phila beat the Michigan Panthers. Mark Sanchez was the color man on the Fox Sports crew. The Qb play was erratic (almost always the case in the USFL) and finally Mark started to criticize the Qbs for their spotty play in most cases turning the ball over carelessly. Making a dumb throw etc. Of all ex players to make those (true) statements kind of ironic it was him.
  7. I would take the over on that. We have the overall 2 draft pick last year who at times showed he has ability to be a franchise Qb and a good one. So I would think with better weapons on O and a more experienced HC and coaching staff the Jets should win more games. We lost all 6 games to AFC East opponents last year and that alone should be better. I don't see us losing all of those games in 2022.
  8. Maybe the 49ers org doesn’t really know if they can retain Deebo how serious he is on this or is this just about money. The salary range of top receivers is going up significantly.
  9. I think Wilson is the key guy in this draft. An impact receiver is the team’s biggest need and if he’s a slow developer or doesn’t have it or injury prone it’s steps back for the franchise. They need him to be able to step in right away.
  10. The pick kind of reminds me of selecting Jachai Polite in 2019. A guy with great on the field talent but with off the field issues. Btw Polite who got chances with other NFL teams now in the CFL.
  11. So the guy I’ve been following Long Island’s Jack Coen who played for ND and Wisconsin wasn’t drafted but signed with Indy a smart move. They have 3 Qbs on roster, Matt Ryan, Ehlinger and James Morgan. They didn’t draft a Qb today and so far he’s the only UFA Qb they signed. He was a consistent productive Qb with two major programs. He has a chance to make their team at least to make PS.
  12. Well Buff has to go into the season rated 1 in the division. After that there’s no overall leader we could be anywhere from 2 to 4. All 4 teams could have .500 or better records. I think we stack up with Miami and NEP and could split our games against them. I expect Zach to take two steps up over 2021 he could be better then Mac and Tua.
  13. Plus college students can now carry on campus in the state of Texas. How would you like to teach a course in a Texas college and then have to lecture to students you failed or some kid who pulled an all nighter or is drunk or high. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/new-texas-law-allows-college-students-carry-guns-campus-n620911 I just spent 12 gun free days in Texas, our daughter lives in Houston and we just visited her.
  14. Why was Clemons named Team Captain and defensive MVP if he was suspended for weapons charge, etc. And by University police.
  15. Since I'm from Long Island wondering if Jack Coan will be selected today. If he isn't drafted maybe sign with the CFL where he could get a chance to play and maybe prove himself. But many good college Qbs choose the UFA route which usually translates to not playing in reg season games and being on practice squads getting cut etc.
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