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  1. Rangers9

    Which Broadcast to watch???

    Always have to watch Mel.
  2. I think Gase wants to keep Robby. Because he’s a legit deep ball threat and the team has good short yardage guys like Bell etc. Gase’s mouth is watering with the long ball potential he gives us.
  3. Trade back draft two O linemen high don’t trade Leo or Lee.
  4. It might not be about a Qb. Maybe for a pass rusher. Which seems to be the strength of this draft in terms of possible franchise players. If someone drops that a team has rated very high they could make a deal. But the prices won’t probably be as high as we paid last year for Darnold.
  5. Rangers9

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    I’d say more like 13 yards on a 3rd and 12. Glass half full not same old Jets.😀
  6. Rangers9

    LeVeon Bell Tweet

    I think like most of us we’re very excited about LeVeon Bell. Especially as a receiver and a check off option for Sam. These are almost guaranteed first downs and extended drives. That will keep our defense off the field. This in addition to being a great runner. He’s the most impact acquisition in the off season for any NFL team imo. And this will include the draft.
  7. To me the smartest move if a deal available is to trade down and fill up with top rated offensive linemen. Rather than take a chance with another top rated defensive lineman who might/might not become an impact player. Sack totals, etc are usually a product of scheme not just superior players. Look with a promising 2nd year Qb you have to protect him to be successful. Also you have to run block for a guy like Bell to have the impact they’re paying him for. Our best draft outcome would be similar to the year we drafted two stalwarts in Brick and Mangold. It set the table for two AFC Championship appearances even with a young Qb who wasn’t a franchise player.
  8. Rangers9

    2019 Road Trips

    I'd like to go to the two Florida games. My brother lives in Daytona and we've discussed it. He does travel for games went to that Jax debacle last year and they recently drove down to Miami to see deGrom pitch against the Marlins. Our daughter was living in DC last year and I might have gone to that Redskins game. But she's working somewhere else now. I did go to that 2003 season opener in DC after Coles etc signed with Wash. We have a friend who lives in the area and we took him, my brother and one of our kids who that weekend became a Jets fan. Before that he only rooted for winners.
  9. Rangers9

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    I'd trade down because if he's still there some teams will pay to trade up for him. But he had a significant injury in 2018 and only played in 3 games. He might have potentially come back in Dec but decided not to.
  10. That would be a Bobby Beathard type of draft. He’d often get out of the 1st round completely and load up on extra picks. In those days high first rounders were a lot more expensive and teams didn’t even want to be at the top of the draft like top 5.
  11. Rangers9

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    You'd think if AZ had made up their mind to draft Murray they'd trade Rosen before the draft. Since Rosen's value would be lower because the entire league knows they have to trade him.
  12. This could be a throwaway season for the Fins a rebuild with Fitz as starting QB and a 1st round rookie as backup and eventual starter probably later in the season. But you’d think with this kind of an opportunity to be a starter (what other team could he start with) he’d be in shape. I mean you can go to a birthday party and not eat the cake bro!
  13. Doesn't this have something to do with his unwillingness to plead guilty.
  14. I'm not sure Leo is worth a big contract, he's worth a starter's deal but not maybe an impact player deal. Williams will look at the film and try to figure out if he can get more out of him. He was often double teamed last year and that obviously cut down on his numbers. I'd keep him over a 2nd rounder because he should contribute in 2019 and the team wants to make the playoffs now.

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