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  1. Look he's a second year Qb and often guys like him have probs. Based on what I've seen he's going to be a good player. And has the talent to move an offense. But for everyone out there who wants to tank a season to get an overall 1. It's not worth it because there are no slam dunks except Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
  2. Look you expect to get an impact player at 3. But it often doesn’t work out that way. I don’t kill the drafter if the guy ends up being good not great. If they’re a bust that’s another story.
  3. You don’t have to be a sack guy or a big stat guy to be a good player on D. Esp if you are good enough to get double teamed. This guy is prob in this category.
  4. It's hard for any Qb to overcome a bad O-line. But it's been done. Esp by guys who are trying to establish themselves and win a job. To me he's slow setting up, holds onto the ball too long doesn't adjust well to the pass rush. 9 sacks tells a lot. It's a horrible stat for a team and a Qb. And doesn't say much for the coaching either. You fire coaches for those numbers.
  5. IMO he's powerful and will get better. But probably isn't elite. He might turn out to be a good player and if healthy a ten year starter. He's not a Gholston.
  6. Quinnen had 4 tackles and an assist.
  7. There is no reason to rush any of them back. But without them we could get more of the same. It’s obvious the keys to any success for this team are: Darnold, Bell, Mosley and Adams.
  8. Look you got a few lucky breaks on opening day. And we have nowhere to go but up. Would love to repay you for that Fitz game Jan 2016 (week 17) and knock you out. No you’re not getting a wildcard again😀.
  9. I thought he was terrible. And I felt after Sam sick he’d do a credible job. Based on preseason. Bart Scott on SNY said it was more on the oline even though he also trashed Falk. I felt while oline bad and they did at times bring in an extra blocker that Falk held onto the ball too long. Bart also killed the play calling. With a heavy pass rush needed more quick openers etc. Also with Gase we never see a hurry up.
  10. One semi bright spot was it looks like Demaryius Thomas can still play.
  11. Look you don’t fire a guy after 4 games. 3 of them without your starting Qb. The one game we had him the Jets were competitive. But the team might be better with Williams. He did a good job with the Browns last year with him. They won some games. I disagree with firing Gase. Even though I think he inherited talent. More than we’re seeing on the field now. Give him the season probably two.
  12. I might switch over to the Golf Channel. I like a sport with a handicap.⛳️
  13. Bell was supposed to be a safety valve for Darnold esp on 3rd downs. So I thought they would throw to him more and the running game would be more split up. I don’t see that so far of course he only had one game with Sam.

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