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  1. McCown in terms of his ability on the field didn't play well when put into the lineup. So his value as a backup at his age is questionable. He still is probably better than some NFL backups. But I see the Jets going in a different direction as far as a no. 2 Qb and it's essential to have one who can play. Hue Jackson at Cleve had actually offered him a coaching spot and possible he might take one here or somewhere else. But not at 10 mil.
  2. Always love a trade down. Great way to fortify your O-line which to me is the priority for 2019. Esp with a young Qb. If you give this kid more time esp with his ability to roll out and make plays it's esp a big deal. Plus we could have a decent running game depending on who we have on the roster and if we sign a FA Rb.
  3. Rangers9

    Patriots losing appreciation thread

    I root first for the Jets to win. And second for NEP to lose. The Jets part is much higher so I'm not a happy camper this weekend but the NEP loss was ok, I enjoyed it. I thought Brady would pull it out at the end since the Steelers put themselves in a position to lose. They're not the only ones who fall into this trap Brady has been doing this for years. But not yesterday.
  4. Rangers9

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    You’re right but Pittsburgh is pretty far west in PA. It’s almost the Midwest and not too far from Cleve.
  5. Rangers9

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    That’s a good point. I’m sure he’ll just love Cimini and MM.
  6. Rangers9

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    I read something about McCarthy staying at least for now and living in Green Bay. He likes the area. Of course he’s going to have to move unless he retires and he’s too young to retire. He seems to me a Midwest kind of guy not sure he would like the Big Apple. But probably a Jets coach doesn’t have to deal much with the city and can have a nice life in suburban NJ. But if he has a choice of jobs he’ll maybe choose to go with a team with talent. a reasonable owner and a job in the Midwest like the Browns.
  7. Rangers9

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    One thing is for sure. With third string QBs starting, minor league QBs like Josh Johnson no doubt the Kap is being blackballed. Coaches etc like Grudin in Wash say they considered him but he wouldn’t fit into their offense and instead sign Mark. It’s BS they won’t even bring him in for a try out. Kap isn’t a criminal btw.
  8. Still too bad we didn't win. It would have been a great evening. Even with Sam's progress and a good team effort I wanted that W bad. For those fans who love to lose. The draft pick is inconsequential, we got our franchise Qb and Bowles will be fired even if we run the table. So rooting to lose is off the table. It always was.
  9. Classy move by Watt but I’m sure that he meant it. Sam gave them all they could handle.
  10. Rangers9

    Belichick to the Jets?

    I thought of that. And think this could be it for BB in New England. But he’s not coming here. Too much water under the bridge. Maybe a franchise would offer him a piece of the team. Like the Bills just an example.
  11. Herm lost to Fresno State today so ASU basically had an identical season to last year under Todd Graham.
  12. Rangers9

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    I’d take McCarthy. When a coach any coach is too long in a spot they can wear out their welcome. And looks like after years working together he had issues with Rodgers. You know who’s going to win that dispute. I mean wasn’t McCarthy on Rodgers side when GB got rid of Favre.
  13. Watts had a good game but looked exhausted. Sam gave them more they wanted or expected. I saw Watts talking to Sam after the game. I’m sure he gave Sam a thumbs up.
  14. They couldn’t handle Hopkins no big surprise there. But they put good pressure on Watson all game long. The Jets came to play today.

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