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  1. Right now it looks like we're one of the worst teams in the league. Yesterday the 49ers had key players incl their Qb drop like flies all day. And their backups destroyed us. I look at the roster and don't see a lot of quality in many positions. A good number of our players are NFL quality but there are zero impact players on the field. The Jets are a team of marginal players mixed in with practice squad guys.
  2. Yesterday it wasn't just the offense. It was giving up 3rd and longs all day long. And we've seen this before with this coaching staff and previous. They stop teams for two downs and then consistently give up longer third down plays.
  3. The team has no deep threat. We only averaged 17 points a game last year but much of that was based on Robbie going deep and either being successful with big yardage receptions or affecting opponents defensive schemes. What we’re seeing this year is an ineffective running package with short passes. We had a few Chris Hogan 15 yard plus plays about two and that was it. There’s nothing scaring opponents defenses.
  4. It looks to me like in 2020 we will be competitive with lower tier teams but can't beat the better ones. And hard to know which teams will end up elite this season with all of the roster changes and problems. I don't think Jimmy G is a better than average Qb but he can lead that team. And I do think Sam with all of the criticism is for now at least average and will be better than average in the long run. But today SF is better and I see something like a 24-13 W for them.
  5. So he's basically blaming everything on the players. Since he was so perfect. And the offense didn't work.
  6. He lost 20 pounds and looked quicker to me. He’s been a disappointment because the expectations were big. He was supposed to be a great 3rd down maker and a guy Sam could rely on to consistently extend drives. I don’t think the play calling with Bell has been that good. They should be using him as a receiver a lot more. I don’t know about the hammy but I don’t think he’s finished.
  7. I heard a few minutes of Laurie Rubinson late last night on the Fan. And she was advocating firing Gase. I disagree after one game. And the Jets did win 6 of their last 8 last year. I give Gase the season but I’ll say it again. There are few or no impact players on this team. And the 3 we had last year are gone.
  8. Well for one this years teams is missing playmakers on offense. And Bell was injured today. We also lost 2 major players on defense in Jamal and Mosley. And our only deep threat in Robby who is one of the few Jets O players capable of putting points on the scoreboard. And Robby had a big game today as did Jamal
  9. Based on the box score Jamal having a good game today with a sack and tackles.

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