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  1. Wischusen is a homer but he's not awful. I haven't listened to Papa enough to have a strong opinion. My impression is he calls a good game but not brilliant. Brilliant essays are like Vin Scully.
  2. One thing that kind of sticks out about Gase was that he got rid of players he didn't like on the Fins including good players like Jarvis Landry and Jay Ajayi. But Ajayi ended up with the Eagles in a trade. Douglas wasn't in charge with Philly but he had a lot of influence in personnel moves. Gase had actually criticized Ajayi just before the Fins traded him. It's just one player but looks like at least in 2017 differing views on a key player.
  3. I don't get the lovefest with these guys (Gase and Douglas) because they haven't proven anything yet. They are inheriting talent even though the record was abysmal. My gut feeling: the Jets will be more competitive. But if next year the team is still floundering I know what to expect on this board. Most of us are hoping this regime is successful. So many of us are upbeat. When you really think about it changes had to be made. And the guys selected by the owner on paper are smart and young. Let's see if they can put together a good org.
  4. Well Macc came to the Jets from the Texans. He was there for many years.
  5. If healthy love to see him return. But I like all of the Jets RBs incl Cannon.
  6. That Chad Kelly Gotti post you put under my name is not my post.
  7. Lets be honest about this. Thug is a term usually applied by non blacks about Afro Americans. It's pejorative not objective.
  8. I just looked it up. Bell has no arrests that I could find other than marijuana possession in 2014. And that is rumored to be decriminalized in the future for the NFL. It should considering the pain players deal with. So he's not a thug.
  9. Just my opinion I don't know these guys but based on what I've seen they both have issues. Look I could be wrong. I saw Bell interviewed for the first time a few days ago and I could see over the course of a season someone like him getting under people's skin. But imo he's a good player and a great component to an offense led by a young Qb. He can bail out Darnold who will still make mistakes. He's a player who can keep the offense on the field. And he's young and well rested. So I don't know if this will work out off the field but on the field it should.
  10. Look Macc whiffed on Hack who even when he played minor league football in the Alliance was mediocre. But blowing it on a 2nd round pick isn't a good reason to fire him. They lost nothing with Hack he never played a down. He did suit up as backup for a few games. At least under Macc the Jets didn't try to play a guy who wasn't good enough as a Qb to play reg season. But he did make a good deal to get Darnold and that includes the trade of Sheldon. That deal set up the Darnold trade because it gave him an extra 2nd round pick to trade. And Kearse at least for one year was productive. That trade up to get Darnold could be one of the most significant moves in Jets history. As for his off season moves this year he had cap money and he didn't imo spend it unwisely. He got two very good players in Mosely and Bell. And the price for Bell was ok. He didn't overpay for him he signed him for less than the Steelers offered him previously.
  11. Well if true it doesn't seem as if this guy is too excited over coming here. You'd think he'd jump at a chance to be a GM esp in New York. On the other hand look what happened to the last two GMs. Even though it might happened because his friend Gase pushed it with the owner. If the Jets are so committed to Gase you'd think they would deliver him his GM of preference. And not fight over a few million. But 1 mil per year over a 2.5 offer is a significant difference. There's no way he's making anything close to that now. The bottom line: this ownership no matter who is really in charge, Chris or Woody is embarrassing.
  12. He knows Watson can play within their offense and probably didn't think ASJ would work out. It didn't last long.
  13. I don’t know how much of the Manish article on Chris Johnson is true. Prob a very low percentage. It’s hard to believe Chris is as shady and as manipulative as MM writes about in that article. But there is a good chance that Woody is still calling the shots. I mean the U.K. isn’t so far away he probably has plenty of time on his hands and why shouldn’t he, it’s his team. All things considered and not for any football reasons I hope to see Woody back ASAP.
  14. There is no doubt that on the field he is or was a good player. Just don't want him.
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