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  1. He was healthier and just a few weeks ago playing better. And when up to his talent level a very good player and a force on the defense. One reason the team was playing better was because of Wilk. So the question is do you deal with his flagrant breaking of team rules and let it go. Or get tough on it which is what Bowles has done this week. Sometimes with a great player teammates will allow a few perks if it translates into better play on gameday. Even if they have to go by the rules that the other guy breaks. Bowles has been around a lot and knows how teams operate. So the Jets will have to make a decision. Considering his huge contract it looks like he will be out.
  2. I tend to agree with you on trying to put together a drive with time left and 3 TOs at the end of the first half. But many coaches do this esp when their offense isn't working instead of possibly making a mistake and turning the ball over. The Jets got the ball back to start the second half and he wanted to make fixes at halftime and again avoid mistakes. So while I won't kill him for this decision I don't like you agree with it.
  3. I liked what I've seen from Bowles this year. It looked like he was growing into the job as head coach. But on at least two occasions when the Jets had critical games with playoff implications (week 17 and last Sunday) the team came up flat and played poorly. For that you blame the players first and the coaching staff next. If he finishes the year at 5-11 it's not a good season. But I give him another year.
  4. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    If he has 3 good games then the Jets have a legit candidate to be our starting Qb in 2018. It would still be a Qb competition because 3 games isn't a lot. Which doesn't mean we don't have to draft a Qb this coming year. If he doesn't play well he will be pretty much out of the picture. Plus he could be relieved and Hack given some playing time. Good chance we only win 5 games and are in the top 10. Not what I want to see. The ideal would be one of these guys will do well.
  5. The purpose is to win 3 games.
  6. I'd like to reinstate him. I get the desire to give Hansen more playing time. But Kerley is a good player and this is 2017.
  7. Patriots-Dolphins MNF

    I know we are unofficially out of it. But I still tried to root for New England vs Miami. But I just couldn't even though I tried. Every Miami play like the one where the receiver dropped a ball which would have been an easy TD right to him I reacted like a Dolphins fan. Which I am not and never will be. Cutler is actually not playing badly.
  8. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    Let's go for an 8-8. Go Petty.
  9. We had 22:25 time of possession and 100 yards of offense. So all things considered was our defense all that bad today. Not really.
  10. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I don't get criticism of Bowles for not playing Petty this year. He played McCown because he played well. If he hadn't played well he would have gone to Petty. I'm just surprised McCown lasted so long. I never thought he wouldn't get injured this year. This is Petty's chance. If he is lights out he wins the job. The team is actually except for today ok. The defense didn't play that bad.
  11. The Jets management's evaluation of Petty is that he isn't an NFL starter. And possibly their evaluation of Hack is that he can't play in the NFL. Which is kind of unfair to Hack since he hasn't played a snap. Sometimes a player isn't that good in practice or exhibition games but when it really counts they can mentally turn it on. So I hope he gets some playing time. Like a second half if Petty plays poorly or is injured. Bowles was pretty clear that Petty will start. He said it without blinking which makes you think that he doesn't think that much of Hack.
  12. It looked and sounded like he pretty much thinks he is done for the year. We are basically out of it now. So start Petty the next 3 games. I am not against re-signing McCown for next year and drafting a Qb.
  13. If McCown is out for the year Hack will probably get a chance to play. Unless Petty is lights out and wins the job by great play for next season. But if he plays like he did today you have nothing to lose by giving Hack some playing time.
  14. Willie Colon just said why not go to a no huddle. Why not!
  15. McCown has played well that's why he was starting. But not today the entire team was flat. And didn't take charge in situations from the start of the game.