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  1. Sam hits slumps during games when nothing works. Sometimes he gets out of it but usually too late.
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t remember even one fake punt etc all season under Gase.
  3. It could be the Jets winning the toss taking the ball and going 3 and out will be the key to this game. The Jets only chance is ball control. And now they won’t even get the ball to start the 2nd half.
  4. Our best chance to win is if they come out flat like we did against Cincy. They've won 9 in a row and are due for an L. They are good but not that good they have been playing over their heads. But l think they will find a way to win tonight.
  5. So the line on the game is Jets +14 to 16. I would take that for the Jets. Esp with injuries to Lamar Jackson. Also the Jets have a good run defense although usually not against Qbs. Fitz was able to gain some significant ground yardage against the Jets D. The Jets are not disciplined enough to handle those type of plays and Qb keepers are often successful against them. And Jackson is the best running Qb in the NFL. So I don't see a W for us tonight. Ravens 31 Jets 20.
  6. For the most part we are seeing you can't predict greatness just because a guy is drafted in the top 3. If you get a good starter out of it you haven't done that terribly. Leo, Wilk, Sheldon etc most of them are good NFL starters. Their roles might have been changed and they might not be sack specialists. Aaron Donald was the 13th overall pick in the 2014 draft. JJ Watt was the 11th overall pick in 2011. Drafting just isn't that precise to guarantee a top five pick will be a superstar.
  7. I just saw a list of wild card hopefuls which included teams with 6-7 records. Look none of them will make it but they’re not mathematically eliminated either. If we’d have won last week we’d be 6-7. And if we’d won opening day like we could have we’d be 7-6. I’m not optimistic about our last 3 games but anyways. It might have been a different story if Mosely not injured. We saw what he could do against Buff.
  8. He has been mostly reliable. He’s missed shorter kicks and then converted 50 yarders. That missed extra point today wasn’t his fault it was a bad snap. He should be invited back for 2020. Maybe a PK competition but you’d think unless he goes into a late season slump he’s the favorite to be our kicker next season.
  9. Sam was ok today. Good enough to win the game. He was good and lucky. But that’s how you win games. Watching the game I had little confidence in him in the 2nd half. But he’s going to get better. I think next year he’ll be a lot better consistently good.
  10. He’s an elite coach and can build a program and fast. But he’s had health issues and being an NFL HC is a 24/7 job. Esp for “America’s team.” Ask Bill Cowher, Jimmy Johnson etc. It wore them out. So doubtful he’d take that job.
  11. I think he is more powerful than Leo. What they have in common is they are both not sack artists. But when I see Quinnen on the field he looks tough to move and steady against the run. He’s not an overnight sensation but he could end up being a ten year starter .
  12. I kind of agreed with Jay Feely that the Jets should try to get better field position for a shorter kick. But I guess Gase thought a 44 yarder was make-able and he didn't want to take a chance for a turnover. And the placement on the field looked pretty good. He was right. We'll take that .😊

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