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  1. I don't see us slaughtering teams even with Darnold. And if the D puts you too far behind that's when you put a Qb in a position to self destruct. As for the past I'm not fretting about it. There's a lot of parity in the league, almost always surprise teams going far into the playoffs, why not us?
  2. I don't think the coaching staff is going to screw up things for Darnold. No. 1 on the list for the FO is giving Sam as good as possible of an O-line from the start. Esp if he is going to play or start this season. For the CS keep it simple with Sam from the beginning don't put it all on him but allow him to show his talent which we all saw at USC. He can keep you in a game even with turnovers plus he is a good comeback kind of player. The game is not over with him in the 4th quarter.
  3. Rangers9

    2018 Road Trips

    Hey Sarge, just visited Nashville for my daughter's graduation and we went to Ryman for Country Classics with the Gatlin Bros. It was the same night as game 7 NHL playoffs between the Preds and Jets (Jets won) so it was pretty wild since Ryman is about a block from Bridgestone Arena. Never been there before (been to Opryland) and I'm not an expert but I thought the sound system was great. Don't get a seat on the side or you get a partial view like we did (we bought them a few days before the concert). On that evening they had Marty Stuart and the Superlatives and they played instrumentals incl. surfing music and it was great. I probably won't be going to Nashville for the Jets game, wish I was Nissan Stadium very close to Ryman.
  4. Rangers9

    Can we talk receivers?

    The thing about Anderson is his ability to break deep and get open. This is not a small thing, not too many receivers have that talent. It was supposed to be Devin Smith's job he did it at Ohio State. Darnold to Anderson could be a big deal and win us a lot of games. As for Q he's a very good player and if healthy can give us consistent output. I think some of our other young receivers like Hanson, Stewart and Peake are NFL caliber. They should find employment in the NFL somewhere. Of course we have Pryor and Kearse and Kearse imo could be our most productive receiver in 2018. He's a good player. And a leader.
  5. Rangers9

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Teddy would have value if he goes through pre-season healthy and a team needs a starter due to injury. And you know that is going to happen. A team will pay a lot more if they have playoff ability and they are without a starting Qb. The problem with the Jets is McCown if he plays is very injury prone esp at his age. When he plays he's average to above average. It was a surprise to me last year when he lasted as long as he did. He still got injured anyways and couldn't start the last 3 games.
  6. It's a tough decision but only because of the player, Sam Darnold we drafted. He is way above average and could give the Jets our best chance to win right now. I voted for later in the season but I really didn't mean it because I think he will be ready game 1. You have to let Bates and the CS make that decision based on how he picks up the offense. He will make mistakes but can he win games this season. I think he is the kind of player who will get better every game. If he starts I have no problem giving him a Mark Sanchez style color coded playbook. It worked for Sanchez in 2009-10.
  7. Rangers9

    Petty > Hack

    Hack goes from no. 5 to no. 4 on the depth chart. You would think in the end they would PS him. And take a chance they were unwilling to do in 2017 that another team would claim him.
  8. Rangers9

    Petty Cut

    There were rumors of interest last season (before he started the last 3 games) and going into the draft this year. So you would have thought the Jets considering they just cut him would have accepted even a conditional 7th round pick for 2019 but you have to think nobody actually offered them anything. But I think he will sign with a team this week. My guess the Vikings who were rumored to be interested in the past. But they signed Simien who is a better Qb than he is.
  9. Rangers9

    Word is Teddy's healthy...

    Good point.
  10. We have many Qbs on the roster but you would think they could theoretically go with only two with Pryor as the emergency Qb. But prob they will carry three.
  11. As for NEP doing that trade up I doubt it. First it would antagonize Brady big time. He was potentially behind trading Jimmy G (and they only got a 2nd round pick for him). Brady won that battle and seems to have the support of Kraft. Plus those two first rounders weren't enough to make that deal. They might have to give up several more high picks. A 2019 pick you assume not valuable enough because they will probably draft at the end of the first round as usual.
  12. Rangers9

    Word is Teddy's healthy...

    If healthy he has a good chance to be the Jets starter. But also a good chance they'll trade him. McCown harder to deal because he's making more money. If a team gets a serious Qb injury and they want to contend there would be interest in Teddy. I'm starting to think Darnold is a good possibility to start game one.
  13. Mayfield is pretty good. And there was nobody on gameday in NCAAF who was better than he was last year. But does it translate to the NFL. To me Sam is the Qb in this draft who is most adaptable to the NFL. We had Tebow who was a great college Qb but he couldn't transition to the NFL game.
  14. Based on what I saw of him in college he is a guy who will not wilt under pressure. He is better at the end of the game than at the start. Like all Qbs if he doesn't get adequate protection and other guys and him make mistakes it can result in bad things. But it's a 60 minute game and he can play the whole 60. And he's got the size that Mayfield doesn't have. And uses it to his advantage. There is a good chance he can start game 1. And if he does he will get better.
  15. Rangers9

    Report: David Bass Returning to Jets

    He makes plays. Good news.