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  1. The Jets traded up for Mark Sanchez and he wasn't a franchise Qb. So don't say franchise Qb say maybe a franchise Qb.
  2. Goodell on thin ice (finally)

    He's asking for $49 million a year and perks including lifetime access to a personal jet. And permission to suspend star players esp guys on the Cowboys😀.
  3. I actually think Mike is better without the Maddog. Less schtick. I rarely listen to sports radio anymore. If me I would get a single person someone similar to Mike, experienced maybe on the older side. I have no names maybe someone in a smaller market who does a good show. Real sports not a shock jock. Carlin isn't the worst, he's better than Kay who spends most of the time talking about himself. I don't know the woman, Bart Scott is annoying. 3 is too many, at most two.
  4. Mike Westhoff back in the NFL

    When you hear him after a game on SNY and he talks about things like tendencies and playing players out of position you have to listen to him. It usually sounds right to me. I guess Payton was unhappy with their STs and feels that Westhoff can just walk in and do a job even though he doesn't know the personnel all that well. One thing you have to like about Mike is he's confident in himself and he has plenty of years under his belt to prove it.
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I didn't really see his games other than the two we played against him. And he was just ok. But if available I would sign him for next season. He has a lot of upside and his flaws can be worked around. But on the other hand he does have talent on the Bills and they have under produced on offense. I'd still sign him.
  6. We all know it's dog eat dog in the NFL and in life. Would Gruden take the Wash job if and when his brother is fired. Would he behind the scenes lobby for it (behind his brother's back). And then act shocked if he's fired and take the job two days later. Gruden was never a player friendly coach he was pretty disliked by a lot of players. So the Giants would be out of the question.
  7. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    So you're afraid we will win those games?
  8. This is the area that I would build on for 2018. Good FA O linemen can be very expensive. So the draft is probably the best method. Maybe we can do something like we did the year we drafted Brick and Mangold. If we get a very high pick and there isn't an elite Qb available then trade back and select two O linemen. The success of Dallas started when the O line was upgraded through the draft mostly and you do that before you get the Qb.
  9. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    I think too many of our fans just concentrate on one position: Qb. What the Jets are doing is building a defense (look we almost always draft our no. 1 pick on defense and it's working). And on offense we have some talent. It's not there yet even at Qb. But we have some of the pieces like Robby and ASJ, Bilal. Also you want to build a winning culture. When our young players are busting their asses on Sundays trying to win games (even though they make lots of mistakes) you don't want to pull the plug on them and go to your backup Qb just to give him a tryout. Tryouts are like Bowles says for the pre-season. The message you are giving your players then is you don't care about winning. Look, I agree that Petty should get some starts this season. But not until the team is eliminated or if McCown is terrible or injured.
  10. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    I stick with McCown at least for 2 more games. If we're at 4-8 I give Petty the last 4 starts.
  11. Glass half full: despite a bad game on offense we only lost by 5 and on the road. Plus regrettably with a better onside kick maybe a last chance to steal a game. Good teams steal games they are mediocre in the other teams lose. It's not a gloom and doom like some people are stating. The Jets are a competitive team and so far have played with just about everyone. Most teams have stinkers like the Bills did today. And we didn't get blown out. The Bucs have a lot of talent. They were good last year but 2017 isn't their year. This happens in football a lot.
  12. The only positive on offense was Chad Hansen who finally got targets and made 3 nice catches.
  13. Just watched the game on DVR. It started at the beginning with holding calls which hurt us on early drives esp. We did throw the ball more often on first downs but it didn't work. Also poor field position which the Jets couldn't work themselves out of. Whereas the Bucs had good field position even though they didn't take advantage of it. Overall our defense played well enough to win. Our offense including McCown was flat. This was our best chance to win a game and maybe compete a little bit.The rest of our games are tougher starting with Carolina. The defense who stuffed us all day statistically was at the bottom of the league until today.
  14. Just one more thing. If we win the toss I would take the ball. I'm usually a big fan of deferring and would do it 90% of the time. But like I said before it is important not to let Fitz get wind in his sail. And if we can get a 10-14 point lead it will force him into mistakes. We know that for sure we saw it many times.
  15. I'm not sure we have that many Ws left for the season considering our tough schedule after the break. I dod think the Jets have proved they are competitive and will be in most of those games. But today we actually are the favorites in an away game. Probably mostly due to Bucs injuries and Fitz starting. He could get hot if they allow it and get the W. They have to keep pressure on him and take a lead. If he plays from behind it usually spells trouble for him. He overcompensates and takes too many chances. So if we take an early lead it's a W for us. If it's a close game down to the wire a toss up. Jets 28 Bucs 21.