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  1. Well he hasn't played a down this year for Houston when they could really use him. It could be due to the allegations and potential legal and league action. Or maybe because he’s told the Texans he wants out and doesn’t want to play for them. We know he’s good but IMO why take on another team’s problems.
  2. I thought the Buff coach made the right call going for it on 4th down and it gave the Bills their best chance to win. You never know what can happen in OT and Tenn was moving the ball. But rooting for the Titans and of course against Buff.
  3. To me the strangest most different thing I’ve seen in MLB over the past few years excepting some of the weird game changes like extra innings because of the pandemic are the ways managers are using their pitching staffs. In a way it’s pretty innovative like you see in football when teams throw in completely different alignments etc. Managers are taking out starting pitchers early including in the early innings, using starting pitchers as relievers between starts, etc.
  4. I’m not a Rex fan he’s two faced and a big mouth. I thought behind the scenes he caused trouble with leaks to the press etc. He was a good DC for the Ravens but they wanted no part of him as a head coach. He gets some credit for that 8-8 but he did nothing that was masterful.
  5. About a year ago Rex started attacking Geno kind of out of nowhere. As I recall he said something to the effect that Geno was a terrible QB for him. IMO typical Rex shooting his mouth off etc. I think Geno commented about it saying something like he gave Rex 100% and since when does a coach go after his ex players like that. I agree.
  6. Geno’s performance the sacks and blocked passes do bring back memories.
  7. Look Geno was the second of 4 straight highly drafted Jets to start their rookie year. A lot of people forget that 2013 season the team was 8-8 and the Jets beat NEP and lost a close game in a year they finished 12-4 and made it to the AFC championship.
  8. Well the Patriots won the toss in overtime and couldn’t score on their possession. Brady mostly won those games even from the start. So maybe Mac will be very good but probably not great.
  9. So why do so many Jets fans hate Jamal. He’s a good player and was for us. Like Revis who also took a lot of flack he played hardball with the Jets to get the contract he wanted. He played hardball with Seattle, too. So what’s so bad about that. Most football fans are capitalists and the majority swing right. They didn’t have to pay him but they did. Free enterprise.
  10. I was impressed with Mac Jones and think he’ll have a good career in the NFL. Can he replace Brady? I guess not. But he can play well. Look Brady’s first year playing in 2001 he got 14 starts his team finished 11-5 and won the Super Bowl. The difference between Brady and Jones is that Brady won these kind of games.
  11. Lamb made a great play to win the game but the guy is a jerkoff.
  12. After throwing a pick 6 on the next series you go after the guy who intercepted the pass and throw a bomb against him. I don’t know who is going to win but when have you ever seen that. I think Mac proved a lot to everyone on that play.
  13. I have to question going into the line stretching out your arms to extend the ball over the goal line. You expose the ball and many times it’s knocked out of the players hands. This time before he went over the line.
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