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  1. Ficken wasn’t a total bust he had good moments and made some clutch kicks so I’m surprised they cut him so fast and didn’t allow him to compete in training camp. He had injuries and maybe that played in JD’s decision. He might not have been kicking competitively in camp. I guess they’ll bring someone else in to compete. And probably Ficken will get a contract offer with another team if he’s healthy which doesn’t mean he’s going to make the team.
  2. They have two inexperienced QBs as backups to Wentz since Brisset went to Miami. Jacob Eason (Tony’s son) from the Washington Huskies a second year player and their 2020 4th round pick is taking 1st team snaps. Eason didn’t take a snap last season. Sam Ehlinger who played for the Longhorns in college and was their 6th round pick in 2021 is their other QB. So if they decide to sign a vet Qb it will mean the Jets more competition to trade for a Qb. I don’t know how much confidence the team has in Morgan but if I had to guess not a lot.
  3. If he starts and again it looks like the Jets will start a rookie Qb imo giving him a shortened playbook at least his first 8 starts is a good idea. Unless this guy just walks in and is lights out. Even Mahomes didn’t start his rookie year. Look Mark’s most effective seasons were his first two years when they gave him that color coded playbook. As soon as they opened things up he started going downhill. Of course Mark had a very good offensive line and a good running game. I’d take it conservative with this guy he has to learn the offense and the league.
  4. Some players even ones not considered big time prospects are just good baseball players and when given the opportunity they produce. So far Megill is in this category. They keep bringing guys up and some don’t perform. This guy has!
  5. One point about Alonso. After 2020 and a slow start power wise this season doubts started arising on whether 2019 was a one time deal and he could ever be a high 30-50 Hr guy. But in recent weeks he’s looked like the 2019 Alonso and he’s up to 22.
  6. It’s a lot of money to give up so if he doesn’t show up or says he’s retiring let’s see who blinks first. If I’m GB I let him go work out a deal to a place he agrees to and get the picks and unload the salary. I don’t see going with Blake Bortles, though. If they trade him to Denver include Lock who isn’t that bad. If to the 49ers Jimmy G.
  7. So the Mets made that deal for Rich Hill.
  8. If he Mets acquire Rich Hill from the Rays it’s a very good acquisition. He’s an older guy who knows how to pitch and has been reliable and successful and is 6-4 so far this year.
  9. Foles has been much more successful as a backup or replacement over being the announced starter. Most of his success has been in one uni a green one but not us. That’s why I’m surprised the Eagles haven’t so far tried to acquire him. I can’t see the Jets going into the season with Wilson, Morgan and White.
  10. The worst relief pitching I’ve ever seen. But no big surprise with Diaz.
  11. I think the Jets are waiting for a vet Qb to shake loose from their team and try to get one as cheap as possible. There are rumors of Nick Foles possibly being cut not sure about Minshew getting cut. I could see the Jets trading for a place kicker.
  12. The Jets weren't willing to pay Jamal Adams who is probably the better of the two players. So it's not really a big surprise if they don't meet Maye's price. We have a new coaching staff and the HC is a D Coordinator. So you have to go with their evaluation of the player. You know one thing for sure. Some team will be willing to pay him but probably not at the price he wants.
  13. You might be right just my observation on him. I think he has the big body and motions and speed to be overly powerful in a short term situation. Considering that a closer is probably more valuable on a team than your 2nd thru 5th starter I see no prob in developing a better prospect to fill that role. But I think the Mets are thinking of him as a starter.
  14. He was knocked around by Miss State in the CWS final game which Vandy lost 9-0. Along with the Arizona start it wasn’t what they expected to get out of a top pitcher in games of this magnitude. Btw the guy who won that game and no hit Vandy for 6 innings was Will Bednar who wasn’t as highly rated as Rocker but who ended up getting drafted in the 1st round four spots after the Mets by the Giants.
  15. In a prelim vs Arizona Rocker pitched poorly but in a game Vanderbilt won. He pitched well vs NC State in a 3-1 win. But lost the final game vs Miss State in for him a poor performance. He was knocked out of the game. Just my opinion but I look at him more as a possible closer than a starter. But his overall college career he was usually elite.
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