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  1. I watched the movie Mank last night on Netflix. It’s about Herman J Mankiewicz the famous writer of movies, plays etc. This movie is about when he wrote Citizen Kane his relationship in real life with William Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies as shown in flashbacks and Hollywood in the 1930s etc. I watched it with my wife and daughter but both were bored pretty fast and they left early. It was a fairly long movie, And IMO repetitious. It helped to know something about the history and if you didn’t the movie confusing. It got some good reviews but I thought overrated. While I’m a fan of Gary Ol
  2. Sam played poorly and it’s not all on his teammates or the CS. There were games he was the key reason for losing. If they decide to go in a different direction I’ll have no prob with it even though I don’t want to spend another 3 seasons developing a new Qb. If they keep him you need a legit Qb competition and a second Qb who can play.
  3. If we do a trade down I don’t think it will be with the Falcons. But if we do I wouldn’t take Pitts at 4. I’d either do another trade down, select Sewell, the LSU receiver or D. Smith. If we take Smith no reason to re-sign Crowder.
  4. If he makes the kind of improvement in his game that he did in 2020 he might be a guy we want to have around long term.
  5. Actually the best defensive player we should target is a guy on our own roster CJ Mosley. If he returns and is the player he used to be it’s a big deal because he was an impact player.
  6. If he’s available are we interested. Sure we are depends on the price. Would they accept Sam and our 23rd. Maybe an extra pick like a 3rd rounder thrown in. If Sam’s value is a late first rounder that’s a value of two first round picks plus for Wilson. Not enough? Actually Wilson is right he should be involved more in the game plan.
  7. IMO the choice should be between drafting Sewell with the no 2 or trading down. And it depends on the package they can get from a team who wants Wilson. I’d keep Sam and trade for another Qb like a Minshew who could potentially beat out Sam.
  8. While I’m not for trading for Watson because of the price. And don’t think stripping your team to get a franchise QB is a good strategy. When you see what the Nets gave up to get Hardin it’s so far working out for them because Hardin is even better than I thought he was. I don’t think Watson is as good as him or as dominant. He’s good but is he great?
  9. There is great value for a top rated O lineman like Sewell. Look at the return the. Fins got for Tunsil when they traded him to the Texans. Two 1st round picks, a second rounder, players for Tunsil lower picks and Kenny Stills. So if we keep the 2nd overall there is logic in selecting Sewell. But IMO if a great offer trade down .
  10. Reich knows Wentz well from his time with the Eagles so you assume they know what they’re doing. I agree about Hurts when they took him out of that game which led to the HC getting fired he wasn’t playing well under 100 yards passing. As for how does this affect us. It sets the price for a QB with more accomplishments than Darnold. So if we traded him we would not prob get that kind of return.
  11. Tim hit about .177 in AAA with no power. I always thought if he wanted to play baseball he could play in an Independent league. As for the Jets he was misused got almost no chance to play Qb he threw about 6 passes all season. Rex and Sparano never wanted him and couldn’t figure out how to use him. He even played special teams that season I would have liked to have seen him get a start they had nothing to lose. Mark was terrible and after he was benched Rex started McElroy.
  12. I like Crowder but don’t think he’s worth the ten mil and most teams won’t pay him that. There are some good a few great slot type receivers in this years draft. Maybe they could give him a two year deal with incentives that could bring him up to that figure. But he was good to ok in 2020 IMO not above that.
  13. I don’t trade our second overall pick until day of draft just to make sure that Jax actually selects Lawrence. If they do I trade the pick.
  14. If that is what our part of the payoff is Sam, our overall #2, next years number one, a high second rounder if I’m reading this right I don’t see Douglas doing it for Wilson. Maybe Wilson 9 years ago when we should have drafted him. The story was that Terry Bradway begged the FO to draft him and they said NO. I’d give up Sam and our 23rd but that’s it.
  15. Kind of like signing Jason Taylor but without the acrimony. Nobody hates JJ everybody hated Taylor.
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