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  1. He’s probably going to be great and an impact player like Hill of the Chiefs. But I don’t draft him with the overall 2. But he probably goes around 5.
  2. I'd like a return to our previous unis the ones before this style.
  3. One story I read was something to the effect that with Woody returning he might be willing to make a deal for a star Qb. The article mentioned Brett Favre and how Woody loved to have star power on the team. The problem is if true is he going to force the GM to make a bad trade and overpay like he's done in the past.
  4. If the Jets I’d be interested enough to contact the Lions. His remaining two years contract pays him 43 million which isn’t bad. We might be able to get him without getting rid of our overall 2. Maybe the 23 could do it. Then we could trade Sam and maybe get a 2 or a 3.
  5. Woody is coming back. As a matter of fact according to Chris he was flying back at the time of the presser to introduce the new HC. And Woody goes again to the top of the depth chart.
  6. Only one job left and that’s Houston. So it looks like the guy considered the top Asst Coach prospect this year to get an HC job, Bienemy isn’t getting one this time around. Because he’s already had a dispute with the Texans org who apparently didn’t interview him.
  7. Sounds like he's trying to butter up the Jets to get a contract. No thanks. As a Jets fan I remember how disrespectful he was to Revis when he first came into the league. He couldn't hold Darrelle's jockstrap at that time and he was trash talking the best Db in the NFL.
  8. This adds one more team who might be willing to trade up to get the overall #2. Except they have #21 and Douglas if he trades down probably wants to get a higher pick. As for them trading for Darnold it's a possibility but they have Brissett and might consider him equal or better than Sam.
  9. Glad to seen the Mets make a fast decision on this guy (who I’d never heard of before he was hired). I don’t think he was the Mets first choice I remember the Mets owner remarking how hard it was to find a GM. There were rumors the ones they really wanted they weren’t given permission by their current teams to interview. But this makes Alderson look really bad hiring somebody like him. It kind of reminds you of the year Favre played for the Jets and a female journalist accused him of sexting her.
  10. No big surprise the Bucs defense would fall for that. When Bowles our HC they were burned often on trick plays.
  11. I was thinking that Diggs was a similar player to Devonta Smith. They are both about 6’1 Diggs about 190 Smith only 175. You figure Smith will gain weight and match Diggs in a few years. Not sure if Smith will go in the top five but the Jets could theoretically trade down from 2 and get him. Smith is special a playmaker like Diggs. As for us usually you’d want a bigger receiver as a playmaker and to draft that high. We do have a pretty good slot receiver in Crowder not as good as those two but none the less very good. Sure we could use a Diggs like player.
  12. Everyone wants out of Houston first Harden and now this guy. Not sure this could get done but Darnold and our 23rd pick for Watson maybe throw in a 2nd rounder. I wouldn’t give up our 2nd overall.
  13. I don't really care who wins or loses any of these games. My biggest two teams to root for or against are: 1. Jets to win 2. Patriots to lose and both not in the playoffs. After that I root against Miami and Buff. For this weekend my only true passion is to root against Brady.
  14. When healthy imo Garoppolo is a better Qb than Darnold. But the reason SF might be willing to let him go is money due him plus injuries. A trade Sam for Jimmy is intriguing but my concern is his health. And with better weapons Sam might improve there is not that much difference between them but Jimmy prob the better player,.

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