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  1. I started watching GRANT this week on the History Channel. It was 3 days (3 episodes) for a total of 6 hours. I watched all of episode One. I'll probably watch the other two. It's a mix of historical pics, narration, expert commentary plus actors dramatizing his bio. If you're a Civil War buff it's can't miss. Or if you like military history and battles it's pretty graphic. The battle scenes reminded me of the book (fiction) THE KILLER ANGELS which described in great detail what it was like to fight in the Civil War. It was pretty scary. I watched part of episode 3 when he became President. And the expert commentators were generally positive about him as a President and as a person. Incl Ta-Neheshi Coates.
  2. Could Adams be used at wide receiver at least on some plays. Is he athletic enough? You can answer that yes. He has a 4.56 in the 40. Has he ever played Wr before. I couldn’t find any offensive stats for him at LSU but he did score 20 offensive TDS in HS but I don’t have a breakdown on that. Do we have a need. Well looks like Q out again for the season. Can he be a dual player. That’s intriguing and of course he’d expect extra compensation for that. If he could play the position in practice I don’t see why not.
  3. Some people still think of the Cowboys as “America’s Team.” Not us though not sure about Adams. I think with him it’s all about the Benjamins. Ok then.
  4. You can buy pizza crusts at Trader Joe’s and make your own pizzas. These are not bad. We did a curbside pickup at Dominos the other day but my daughter who did all the work (except pay) said this location was disorganized and she had to wait a long time for our pizza and their pizzas are not that big. But I’ve always been a big frozen pizza fan. And to me this is the best Covid option. Put on your toppings bake a couple of them cheaper, easier, safer and I like them. Cali Pizza Kitchen frozen pies are pretty good.
  5. You also have to gauge a deal by who you're trading with. Even without Ozzie the Ravens are considered one of the smartest orgs. So if they're willing to give up good assets and pay the guy maybe he's not a player we should not pay and trade.
  6. 5 billion for a football stadium. I think I can skip that.
  7. I'm reading a book about the '68 Jets (BEYOND BROADWAY JOE) that goes over each individual player on the team in detail incl. Weeb Ewbank's evaulations. They went over all the DBs incl Johnny Sample. And his history in the NFL as a very talented impact player but personally abrasive who rankled people incl. Weeb. And he fought with NFL owners about salary demanding top DB salary at a time when esp black players were way underpaid. So he got cut and traded a lot. I don't think that Adams is as abrasive as Sample was but he's like Johnny was a bit of a hot dog and an impact player. Some teams will pay him maybe Dallas who might not want to pay Dak.
  8. If Brady really wanted to get back at the Patriots and esp Belichick he would sign with the Jets. But I think like BB and Kraft he also hates our guts more than any other team. And would never play for us. That's ok with me, I don't care about their hate I care about my hate and it's almost 100% for them.
  9. I have nothing personal against him. And he’s done nothing wrong off the field he seems to be an alright citizen. I always thought the cheater tag on them was over exaggerated (by us). While true they still would have won most of those games. And if Brady signed with the Jets I’d have to root for him. Look we rooted for Jason Taylor. But do I like Brady. No and never will.
  10. Here is Sam's current contract https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-jets/sam-darnold-25098/# You know if he plays well or even above average he will want over 20 mil per season. That's becoming a low salary for a starting Qb in the NFL.
  11. I’m a fan of the original Red Dawn. Tonight I watched most of the remake of Red Dawn made in 2012 about the North Koreans invading the western states of the US and a bunch of teens in Spokane Wash battling them. It reminded me of a recent movie I saw Alien Invasion which wasn’t about our earthly enemies it was about aliens but they were just as bad. I liked the first Red Dawn made in the 80’s a lot more.
  12. The reason for delays in the stim package was because the GOP and the administration wanted no oversight esp on the corporate part of the package or a half a trillion. And after they finally agreed to it and signed by the President to include oversight Trump added a legal tool called a signing statement that could take agreed upon power of oversight away from Congress and at the disgression of the WH. In other words after making a deal he reneged on it. So lack of transparency for all this money was not coming from both sides of the aisle only from one side.
  13. I might be Pollyanna-ish but I still believe you can have honest oversight. And you don't need 50 IGs all investigating each other because all of them are corrupt. If you say that you say it's impossible to be non partisan and uncorrupt. There is a built in legal system in this country that not perfect esp for libertarians is maybe the best on a federal level we can do. It worked until recently. When you attempt to stop any kind of investigation into power and subvert the law for those means you have a big problem.
  14. Oversight and rule of law isn't perfect but you do have some honest people. But when it's attacked 5 times in 5 weeks it has to raise serious red flags. And when 2000 former DOJ prosecutors and lawyers on both sides of the aisle from different administrations do a shout out to the country I know I'm going to listen to what they say.
  15. Many libertarians are against spending 3 trillion and it's a legit opinion. But if you spend it don't you want to know who's getting that money. If you say you don't want a swamp then why not be transparent. In terms of freedoms you choose to live in a country with over 300 million people so I assume you accept rules and laws and regs. It would be a wonderful world if you didn't need them. A big issue now is mask shaming. Freedom not to wear a mask. But that infringes on my freedom to walk outside and not get sick. I saw one guy on the news today who was at the beach without a mask and said if he gets sick that's his choice. He wants to live life the way he chooses. But he said nothing about getting the reporter or anyone else at the beach sick. It's all about him.

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