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  1. Rangers9

    No more PDF tickets

    I just texted the Jets. If you go through a third party like Stubhub you can't print out the tickets. But you can use the ticket Stubhub sends you if it has a barcode on your phone. Without downloading their app.
  2. Rangers9

    No more PDF tickets

    So let me get this straight. If I buy a ticket on Stubhub or Vivid and print it out I can't get access. If the ticket is on my phone I get entry. Or does it have to be via their ticket site. The way I read it if via a resale site you can still use a paper ticket.
  3. Rangers9

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    They are bringing him in for a look. They have 3 other Qbs so he might not even play in a pre-season game. If still on the team he might play in the final game against us. Bouncing around practice squads is not a great way to have a career. If I'm him I look to a league like the CFL or one of the new leagues starting next year. He needs to play and show what he can do in a game.
  4. Sam will get his chances in real games against great defensive schemes and coaches like NEP. And of course super talented D players. But he's a pretty smart guy himself and not so easy to confuse or out talent him. We'll see him in some great matchups.
  5. Rangers9

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    I think he's good enough to be on a practice squad.
  6. There were rumors that a fight would break out between these two teams centered around Terrelle Pryor who some Wash players dislike a lot. And think the HC game him a pass last year in training camp and Pryor took a pass the entire season. It looks like on the surface it didn't involve Pryor but there are players on the Redskins who reportedly can't wait to get a chance to even things out with him on the field. Pryor doesn't have a history of character as we saw during his Ohio State days.
  7. Rangers9

    Just Name Darnold the Starter Now

    What I liked about Sam was his grasp of the offense. And his ability under pressure to make plays and not mistakes. He didn't look like a rookie. I didn't see much of the Giants game and Baker but Anthony Becht last night said he liked Sam's performance over Mayfield's because he didn't improvise he went more with the game plan. And in the NFL it's what a Qb has to do to be successful. What I didn't like was the lack of a sustained offense in the second half and no scoring. I know Sam played with the third stringers in the 2nd half but if he starts the offense has to be more consistent, avoid poor time of possession and score points throughout the game. We hope with the starters that's very possible. PS look the expectation is that Sam is either now or going to soon be the best player on this team. So if the team flounders and they will you expect him to be one of the players who finds ways to turn games around and win. I saw him do it in college often despite mistakes he made.
  8. Rangers9

    Just Name Darnold the Starter Now

    Look, Sam looked good. And he'll probably win the job and probably should win the job. But the best job by a Qb tonight was by Teddy. If he plays like that we are in good hands. Minny didn't trust his health and was willing to greatly overpay Cousins a good but not great Qb to be their starter.
  9. I was kind of surprised they put Sam in before the second half. Love to see him start a good drive in 4th quarter. If he starts with this team he'll have to be a good late game Qb. He was in college.
  10. Cannon looks like the kind of player who can break one at any time. But your return man has to be reliable and can't fumble or drop punts and kick offs. They say he's had problems in training camp catching punts etc. And Bowles wants to give him a big look because of his talent. This team needs someone who can regularly give them good field position.
  11. Extremely enjoyable first half. Sam seems to understand the playbook and is able to execute it. Like he did in college.
  12. Devin Smith didn't work out. At last partially due to injuries. It wasn't a bad draft pick the guy in a big time program was a major deep threat. But he did sign Robbie Anderson who in the NFL is a major deep threat. So one guy cost a 2nd round pick and the other was a UFA. Devin could still end up being a player in the NFL. If you watch the CFL at all another Jets bust as a Wr is playing great ball, Jalen Saunders. It's the CFL but he looks like an NFL player and I've seen at least 3 of his games. There were issues with him off the field at that time and his release was kind of a mystery. He also had substance abuse problems with the Bears, etc. Maybe he's got it together in life.
  13. This is good news and a balance is great. Maccagnan seems to be improving over time.
  14. They gave McCown that 10 mil contract before they drafted Darnold (they had the overall #6 before that trade and nobody thought they could get Darnold) or signed Teddy. They traded up and were committed to drafting a Qb. So you can say it's a lot of money for a Qb coach but there is still a good chance he could be the starter. Of course we'd all love it if Sam is ready to go on opening day.
  15. Rangers9


    First of all it was Manziel's first game in over two years. He's been through a lot and the ALs are not a good team. I thought he looked good at times but obviously he had the 4 picks and about 100 yards on O. One guy who does look very good in the CFL is Jalen Saunders who is getting open regularly making big plays and showing the speed he had in college. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get another shot in the NFL. I'm a big CFL fan. It's a good brand of football with interesting rules and gives football fans a something to watch before the NFL season starts.