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  1. Making that FG is a big deal. How many times have you seen Jets drives come out with zero esp at beginning of game after a good drive.
  2. Before Zach got injured he only was in for a few plays and he looked terrible. It was only an exhibition game and I think he would have played better. But those few plays did not show improvement you'd hope for in year two. If Flacco is good today and we win I'd stay with him. For this org it's all about winning not just developing a Qb. If they don't win fired.
  3. Mims is out of the picture on this team maybe they are just waiting to get a better trade offer for him. Or for him to show more in practice. Usually when a player complains it does not bode well for his tenure on a team.
  4. I'm still waiting for them to sneak Streveler in at the last minute with an option package for him even if only a few plays. I think he could also play special teams to make up for not activating someone else. They used the surprise element last week with the fake punt so keep it rolling.
  5. They are good but not unbeatable. Last week everything worked perfect at the end of the game: we did a fake punt with punter throwing a first down completion, a successful onside kick, PK kicked one of longest FG in his career after being inconsistent, Flacco TD pass at end of game was kind of a surprise. All of these things together at the end of a game improbable. In all honesty imo a fluke, onside kicks are rarely successful, etc. But maybe it was what was needed to build team confidence. So the Jets can win this game. I just think they won't today, Bengals are the better team. Cincy 27, Jets 20.
  6. You go with the hot player the guy who led you to Ws. Although on Sunday there were a bunch of flukish things that almost never happen that led to that W. But that final throw on the winning TD was a great pass at a clutch time.
  7. I don’t think he’s a bad coach and some of those years the program won games and was respectable. But never on a national stage. It was mostly the recruiting scandal and hard to separate the HC no matter how many denials on that. Plus as you saw with Nebraska the key donors are very impatient. Just a few years ago they recruited Frost out of UCF paid him big money as a dream candidate who built a great program there and is a former Husker starting Qb (and Jets DB). And just last week they fired him and agreed to pay him about 14 million to leave. And now there are rumors they’re interested in Urban Meyer. These rich alumni donors as we see in politics have endless pockets.
  8. Thank god for the Pirates and thanks for nothing Philadelphia. I’m going to Pittsburgh for the week tomorrow (one of our kids lives there and just bought a house) and thinking of going to Pirates-Cubs later in the week.
  9. He’s not Marino but he’s been steady for the Fins and is only getting better.
  10. The Jets fake punt correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t that the first time Jets have done a fake play like that under Saleh.
  11. Really good teams win games like this. We’re not really good but every year there’s at least one team predicted to be bad who makes the playoffs and goes pretty far. Why not the Jets we have talent.
  12. Jets D is obviously exhausted. Chubb didn’t make those kind of plays earlier. But the Browns MVP today is Brissett. I’ve never seen him play this well.
  13. Great moves on defender by Wilson at least second time today he’s done that.
  14. I would love to see us for once out coach and out think the opposition.
  15. I'd activate him and put in a package for him today. It might be the only way to try to neutralize their DL which can be awesome. If we go with same old it's going to be an L.
  16. I have no prob starting Flacco today at this stage he gives us our best chance to win. But he should be on a shorter leash, if he plays poorly today or the offense can't score put White in. So Cleve has no advantage at the Qb position, Brissett is maybe a minus when compared to Flacco. I'd take Joe over him. The thing is the O line and can they protect him. We did sometimes and not unsuccessfully last year use a fullback to block, sometimes a blocking TE or Nick Bowden who is currently on IR. Cleveland has a good DL and probably the best DL in the NFL. They have to try to stop this guy even double team him. It's the key to the game. But I don't think they will. I'll give it to Cleve 24-13 over the Jets today.
  17. The thing about signing Scherzer for 40 mil plus per. It’s a 3 year deal. So not long term. But he’s an older player and he’s been injured a lot. The one-two concept with deGrom does it work if the team doesn’t win a WS?
  18. I think the straw that stirs the drink on the Mets is Lindor. When he hits they win when he doesn’t they don’t. Right now not hitting.
  19. I don’t get it why teams spending millions of dollars for players are using surfaces to play on that are hard, hot and conducive to injury. You’d think the Players Association would be more directly involved. Why not just regular grass surfaces.
  20. Daboll just might have won the confidence of his team by showing he believes in them. It seemed so at end of game Giants players seemed genuinely appreciative of him as their coach.
  21. Admitted I don’t like Brady. But despite the NBC team’s admiration for him which is hard to stomach. Just look at the facial grimaces. The guy is 45 and acting like a nut.
  22. Look we’re not really going to know how well this team as constructed can compete until Zach returns. He’s the guy the org right or wrong decided to build the team around.
  23. Joe Flacco should have no gripes with the Ravens. They overpaid him (and hurt the franchise) after their SB win. Plus he knows that Lamar is a lot better Qb than he is and should have easily beaten him out for the starting job in Balt. He should be OK today, the Ravens have injuries and the Jets with so many new young players are kind of an unknown. I just have a hunch that Garrett Wilson will be a big part of our offense today he wasn't featured that much during the pre-season. He will have good yardage plus a touchdown. But Jets prob can't get over the hump with these guys, Ravens 24 Jets 13. Also interesting to see how the secondary does today, it could be a lot improved with the FA signings and Sauce Gardner. But they will have problems covering Lamar all day.
  24. White should get a chance to play esp if Zach is out for 4 weeks. This is his second year playing in this system and 5th year in the NFL. I don’t see Flacco or Zach going 4 straight games without some type of issue either bad play or injury. I think if Zach ineffective they will pull him faster esp if another Qb is playing well. White just has to play well.
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