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  1. Again we have a head coach who talks about having a great week of practice after having his team get soundly defeated.
  2. Remember he was GM last year in a 2W season. Right now we’re again in contention for being the worst team in the league. He was smart to insist on a long term deal before accepting this job.
  3. Come on man. But so far this team is poorly coached. There’s no way around it.
  4. Berrios has shown in his time with the Jets he is an NFL player. And is even capable of going deep. And a good return guy. A good decision by the CS to use him as their main returner. He is doing a good job on STs.
  5. So what are we supposed to do predict the Jets lose every week. Even in the month of Sept. You'd hope there is some improved coaching and a better offensive game plan this week. The CS has to coach up this guy and tell him to stay within his limitations. You can't win games with 4 picks etc. There have been plenty of super strong armed Qbs who have been disasters because they overvalue themselves and regularly make terrible decisions. I hope we have a more conservative game plan shorter outlet passes etc. Wilson is not ready yet for an advanced game plan. Just try to keep this guy within hims
  6. So why did we get rid of Frankie Luvu? It’s not like he wasn’t a productive player for us.
  7. The jury isn’t out on Darnold or Carolina. But so far he’s looking pretty good. Like a young Qb who went through his growing pains, mistakes, took his lumps and team losses but finally learned how to play the position. Now the Jets are back to square one with another rookie QB starting and in the beginners cycle of being an NFL Qb. Lets just hope that Wilson is a faster learner.
  8. If the Jets are going to win any games this season it will be against medium to lower rung teams like Denver. Not easy winning in Denver but the Broncos aren’t that good and are due for an L. Just wonder if Wilson while at BYU used to playing in high altitude. Provo is about 4550 feet Denver 5280.
  9. I stick with Wilson. Talk about trash you don’t want Watson the guy is basically being banned from playing with the Texans even though they could really use him. It would be crazy to trade for him.
  10. You'd think there is a Jets bar someplace in Houston it's the 4th biggest city in the US. Our daughter lives there and we were planning on going there at the end of Oct but changed plans. I was hoping to go to Texans-Rams and maybe U of Houston vs SMU. Of course Jets-Texans would be a million times better but not in the cards this time.
  11. If a guy isn’t adhering to the offense or following/understanding the game plan the smart thing is to bench him and if that doesn’t work not activate him. When Ocho Cinco went to the Patriots and didn’t get the offense he got few targets and was cut. And this guy was a superior NFL Wr.
  12. He has Corey Davis one of the best receivers in the NFL and was only 2 for 8 with him yesterday. Maybe they were double teaming him not sure. The other guys are ok mostly below average but guys who can play but not consistently make impact catches. We are weak at tight end. He could have used Crowder yesterday as an outlet receiver esp on third downs. I also thought the play selection didn’t work on makeable downs he threw deep unsuccessfully. You wanted the O to stay on the field and try to match NEP who put their rookie QB in a better place to win. Their execution a lot better but so was the
  13. Gase in Miami and here believed in getting rid of players who he couldn’t fit into the system even if they were talented. The thing is his system wasn’t that good but he only had two years on the job. He didn’t have the cred to get more years like an established coach like Payton would etc. They could withstand bad seasons. Because they had been successful in the NFL. One guy to look at is Urban Meyer who has the cred but not in the NFL. If he doesn’t turn it around in two seasons there it will be interesting to see what happens in Jax.
  14. I thought Zach was pretty cool post game esp for a 22 year old kid. Maybe he can handle being in NY. Of course if he starts hanging out in Manhattan with supermodels staying up late going to bars etc like Sam did (and almost all of us would) maybe there will be more 4 pick games.
  15. Based on what I've read it seems the CS is trying to coach him up and there is resistance coming from him plus he's not running his routes accurately. And that can screw up the entire offense. So maybe they are just doing their job and trying to get the guy to be a good player. We know he has talent we saw that week 1. But one catch does not make him a good player.
  16. The clock started on day 1 and I'm sure he will accept that. He was the choice of Adam Gase a guy he later fired. It was a strange hiring. And he didn't want the job without guarantees and years because he knows how hard it is to rebuild a franchise. Look his first full season his team won 2 games. He has to take some of the blame for that you can't blame everything on Macc etc. You might give him a mulligan for 2020 because of Covid etc. even though other teams did well. I haven't seen anything good or terrible coming from him in the time he's been here. He needs at least 2021 and 2022 to hav
  17. 4 picks will do that no matter who the Qb is rookie or vet. And Zach in his post game interview when asked about it basically said he deserved to be booed. I was at the game. Almost all of the fans I came in contact with were OK. And if you were an NEP fan you were not harassed (unlike some stadiums like their's) you were left alone. So we don't have a terrible fan base (I didn't boo him but I get it) just loyals who want to win.
  18. This season isn’t a practice session for a rookie QB and this isn’t a developmental league. I’m tired of hearing young Jets Qbs and coaches say the same thing about learning and improving every game. That’s all fine and well but how many times have we heard the same thing and it says nothing about winning games now. If you decide to start a rookie Qb you assume the guy can perform and adequately run an offense. If not he shouldn’t be starting. Unfortunately our backup Qb has never had a snap in an NFL regular season game. How’s about playing to win games because this plan hasn't worked no matt
  19. I predict another slow start offensively which seems to be our trademark. The diff is this week it’s not an L. Jets win 20-17. So two opening Ls for Beli as Brady and Gronk enjoy rubbing it in.
  20. I just put on the replay of the Columbia-Marist game. I used to live in Inwood across the street from the stadium sometimes I’d go to games even though they were incredibly bad. But I’ve always had an interest and a soft spot in my heart for the team and the stadium Baker Field. Until today when I found out that the field after a big contribution is now partially named after Kraft who went to Columbia and has a big logo (Robert K. Kraft Field).
  21. According to Saleh Mims as a #4 receiver is being asked to learn how to play multiple Wr positions and he just isn't hacking it and often doesn't run routes correctly. That's why guys like Berrios are getting more playing time. He also said Mims has improved. He made one good play last week but if you run incorrect routes that can screw up the entire offense. I have no reason to mistrust Saleh. He seems to be a player's coach and a guy with a good temperament.
  22. If they give Wilson enough time it will be interesting to see how he does. Rookie Qbs don't fare well against the NEP defensive scheme it's complicated and most of them make multiple errors. Wilson has never seen anything like this. But on the other hand does NEP have the personnel to run it. A great scheme can often overcome weaknesses in personnel if you have players who buy into it. My overall feeling is Wilson is going to do OK. For a rookie.
  23. So we're driving in something I hate to do. Usually I like to take NJ Transit from Penn Station. But too many people in too small of a space. I imagine it will be very crowded. I know my kids got a Platinum pass not sure how much they spent on it. Just glad they're paying for it not me! We'll do a little tailgating and then go in to watch us win.
  24. Well the Wash kicker missed a 48 yarder but the Gis player was offsides so he made his second try a 43 yarder. If this was us we’d be going crazy so you can imagine.
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