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  1. Look I could be totally wrong. But one red flag I got on Sam last year is that he's a potential partier. Like after that Raiders W him and his teammates went out and the story was he was looking to hookup, had a lot of drinks and his teammates had to "take care" of him. And the next game played they lost to the Bungles. Before that esp year one all we heard was the opposite of Sam he was down to earth, trying to learn his trade not going out late etc. Do I blame the guy personally, NO. If you had a chance to date supermodels and you're 21 why not. But I look at other NYC athletes esp Matt Harvey and you saw a guy who might have been great who's now in the minors. So most of the time you need a guy who isn't going to party esp in New York.
  2. I'll still take Sam but he wasn't a slam dunk franchise Qb this past year. After year one I was more convinced he'd be our ten year starter but this past season too many bad mistakes which were at times Sanchez-esque. Burrow was great in college for one season. He might be another Marino but that's hard to say. Overall with Sam I think he's going to be very good.
  3. Well we signed the ex Cowboys kicker who has a big leg but he's inaccurate. And I'd definitely bring back Sam Ficken as the frontrunner for the job. I liked him because he can be clutch. And is capable of hitting over 50 yarders. He looks like a young player who can improve. But if they see a good young kicker in the later rounds why not.
  4. I’ve seen the guy on TV didn’t ESPN do some kind of reality episode with Edelman. My impression the guy is a jerk. And always was a jerk. But he’s not unlawful. I guess a misdemeanor and pay for the damage. Unless there are other charges.
  5. Henry is a great player and should be a candidate for league MVP. And with a good Oline he would be good anywhere I think. That's why the Jets priority would be oline in '20 and not just one player. The difference between Henry and Bell this season was not only Henry's youth and superior skill but a better oline at Tenn. It could be a good year in '20 for Bell if he's still here. Unlike Henry he didn't have any plus 20 yard gains his game high was 19. and when he was hit he usually went down. He almost never had the burst he used to have. He also should have been used more as a slot receiver on 3rd downs.
  6. People are jumping on the Tannehill bandwagon now but they weren't a year ago. I thought this season with Sam he looked at times confused (kind of like Josh Allen did last week) and made really dumb mistakes. Forced throws, etc made crazy attempts that turned into turnovers. At the time we heard that he was being coached up by Gase esp to get rid of the ball rather than to take a sack and he was doing that and it led to picks. We didn't see those kind of errors in year one esp down the stretch. We don't really know the whole story whether it was just Sam being a second year inexperienced Qb or Gase's influence. But Sam has always been pro Gase and calls him a good mentor and coach. We also don't know the whole Tannehill story but didn't Gase decide that Ryan was his starter and the problem was injuries not bad coaching. When he did play he was ok. I always thought he was an average to better than average NFL starter and thought the Fins should have stuck with him. Actually Fitz did a good job with Miami last year and if he stays and they draft Tua could be their starter in '20 and a great teacher for a rookie Qb. That's why the Jets wanted to re-sign him but cheap after 2016.
  7. I don’t know. While Lamar Jackson is good and had a great reg season his type of QB seems to have a short shelf life. Defenses figure it out against a running Qb just like they did years ago with the Ravens number 2 RG 3. I could be wrong but a regular pocket style of QB like Sam lasts longer and in the long run more effective. Don’t be so certain that Lamar is better than Sam,
  8. I thought I recognized his name, too so I looked it up. Raymond was with the Jets on opening day in 2017 and lasted about two weeks in the organization. He was later signed by the Gis.
  9. The 49ers were 4-12 last year. How did they get this good in one year? I mean really.
  10. I think it's pretty smart by Tua. Yesterday he was not overly optimistic in his presser on his health. If a team drafts him high he can be on the sidelines next season and just learn from a veteran. For example from Fitz who is a good teacher if the Fins draft him. But maybe Tua won't ever play in the NFL due to injury. If that's the case he's maybe taking lesser money but he's getting paid and even those parameters for newly drafted players is a lot of money. It could set him up for life.
  11. Btw Demario was a 3rd round pick of the Jets in 2012. Tannenbaum was the GM who picked him.
  12. I’m rooting for McCown I like him. But he started 3 games for the Jets last year and looked done. His execution so far today has mostly been sloppy.
  13. Actually the Fins didn’t tank the season they ended up with 5 Ws. My long shot prediction is if not the Patriots and Belichick also gave a no comment on it today Denver or the Bears.
  14. If Brady doesn’t retire and yesterday he basically said he wasn’t going to retire on paper it seems like the best fit for him would be the Patriots. But he’s selling his house there and buying one in Greenwich CT. That doesn’t mean he can’t still live near Boston he could buy a condo etc. He has the money that’s for sure. But what teams can use a starting QB next season and might be a fit for him. You’d think not the Giants and not us. I’m looking at teams around the NFL and see some potential landing spots if he leaves New England. Like Carolina, Cincy, Denver, Jax, Miami, Wash, Indy, LAC (Rivers contract is over) even the Raiders (Carr has 3 years left on his contract at under 20 mil per. They could trade him). It would be a good way to start their time in Vegas with a future HOF Qb. I look at that list and Denver sticks out to me. They have Elway which could appeal to Brady. They’ve done this before with Peyton and they won a Super Bowl. They drafted a young QB who won some games at end of the season but he’d take a back seat to Brady plus Flacco probably won’t be coming back he had a neck injury.
  15. I would like to see the Jets draft a great running QB like Khahil Tate to fill a role like Taysom Hill does with the Saints. Actually it was theoretically the plan on how to use Tim Tebow and I still think it could have worked with a different coaching staff.
  16. The Patriots way is cutting players before they can get a big contract esp skill position players. And it’s worked. They find replacements at RB and receiver positions who are effective and can fill a role. Gronk retired in 2019 and their attempt to acquire two elite receivers worked on the field but not off the field. They did acquire a good player in Sanu but they were overall pretty thin. It could be a factor if Brady leaves there were rumors he was mad when they cut Brown. Plus maybe tensions between him and Belichick and a schism. I mean 20 years is plenty of time to finally end up disliking someone.
  17. You would need a Qb who can play if Sam is injured. Losing a Qb can kill a season if the backup is terrible. Matt Moore has proven he can start. I wasn't much impressed with Siemian he was not a Gase/Douglas signing. He didn't look that good in pre-season. I would pay extra for a better backup Qb.
  18. Agree Sarge I thought they’d make it. But the right decision.
  19. We're not in a great draft position for a trade down. At most probably it would be a team trading up for a specific player willing to give up a 3rd or a 4th round pick to move up. But the Jets need two good Oline prospects out of this draft. Although if we let Robby walk they might use the 1st round pick for a Wr. We'll see if there's a market for Robby and if Gase still wants him around. Gase is not a believer in overpaying for skill position players. If so he's probably right.

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