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  1. The way this guy feels about the Jets is the way everybody feels about Utah.
  2. I mean, not really. The team is in this mess because Mac was terrible at drafting AND drafted nothing but defense. His offensive picks sucked too. If he had drafted purely offense and surrounded Sam with low picks it’s likely they’d be in the same situation. Limiting your picks like this is fool’s gold. Besides, it really depends on where the value is. This has been JD’s MO thus far. If Will linebackers are not deep, I believe Douglas would pull the trigger on that before going with a WR in a deep WR class. I see where you’re coming from, but imo, JD is looking to build a well-round
  3. Personally, I think anyone going into this draft with the idea that JD HAS to draft a certain way are just asking to be disappointed. He’ll draft who he wants when he wants.
  4. He may still do so, but the guy owes us nothing. Most of the time, those posts are just copy-and-paste bs that players do because they are narcissistic. Some aspects of social media are really great and help bring people together. Leave to humanity to take something good and turn it to sh*t. I hate this world.
  5. I’ve no family, friends, or religion, so no traditions or anything. Enjoy your holiday everyone!
  6. This fanbase does not have the patience to build a solid team before acquiring a qb to slot in and ice that cake. Also, this fanbase doesn’t have the patience to build a solid team around a qb that’s already in place. So there’s that.
  7. “Sure, but can you play Guard?”
  8. So does this mean that Pitt’s 40 time is crappy and can’t be believed either?
  9. I have neither friends not colleagues so mostly I make fun of myself for liking the Jets.
  10. I have doubts that JD will take a wr this year. With Davis, Mims, Crowder, and Cole as your top 4 and the Smith bros, Berrios, and Cager as depth, I can honestly see JD passing on drafting a wr. Jetnation will crumble. If he drafts one I think it will be round 4+. I think Pitts is a possibility if he trades down a few spots.
  11. How quickly we forget that a major factor in the team going 2-14 was an impossibly terrible head coach who had a history of being impossibly terrible and was justly dumped this offseason. Maybe all of JDs signings were bad the past two seasons. Maybe all of his draft picks suck donkey balls. Maybe his one year contracts are a terrible idea. When you’re trying to fix something with numerous parts, you change one part at a time. Start with the most likely culprit and work your way down from there. I’m certainly not thrilled with the outcome of last season, but it was glaringly apparent to me tha
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