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    Generally uninteresting, lacks friends and motivation.
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    When they used to win some games.
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    Vinny’s achilles.
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    I don’t know them so this is an unfair question.
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    I doubt it.

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  1. Yes because that’s what I said. Thanks for bringing the drama.
  2. I don’t think it’s an across the board thing. There are some situations where it’s just not possible. That being said, we as a society are far too used to giving up our autonomy for the sake of a company. Imo, employees have far more power than they realize. As far as the Kap thing goes, a sports team is an entertainment company when it’s all said and done. Players using that as a platform was inevitable. It’s really no different than teams virtue signaling about patriotism or breast cancer or anything other than sports. In fact, I would argue that a precedent has been set that the NFL has become a platform for all kinds of stuff. They would be complete hypocrites for denying Kaepernick this platform. I think people just don’t like what he has to say, and that speaks volumes to me.
  3. It’s an interesting discussion, probably for a different thread, but I disagree that work time is a company’s time. I do see why so many think the way you do about it. I just see the relationship differently.
  4. Yeah, people are “fine” with peaceful protests as long as said protest is in the dark corner where it affects no one and can’t be seen. Dudes kneel for a national anthem and they’re “shoving it in people’s faces.” Yeah. I never have understood why Americans feel the need to have the national anthem at every single sporting event even down to high school level anyway. I think it’s so weird. I stopped standing for them years ago.
  5. I’m sorry that you think everything matters. That must be difficult. No wonder you always seem so miserable. Everyone was complaining about Becton not being there a month ago because his kid wasn’t born yet and now they’re complaining that the kid is already born. The team has already said that they’re in contact with him. Saleh said that he’s home with his newborn which is “more important.” Again: we’re talking about voluntary OTAs. Voluntary. And “talked about” is a huuuuge stretch. Dude is getting dragged. It's pathetic, whether or not the guy works out for the team.
  6. So then what is everyone bitching about? You honestly think that a few two hour practices is what finally cracks the game open for the guy? Why is everyone so invested in whether or not this dude goes to voluntary OTAs? He’s working out at home, is a new dad, is getting some other things in his young life in order, and I’m sure he and his trainer are in contact with the team. It doesn’t seem to bother Saleh, so what’s the problem? Maybe in secret the front office is pissed and they’re just deflecting. Then he’ll play less and eventually be off the team. This is how football works. Some guys make it, some don’t.
  7. Honestly, some of you guys are manchildren.
  8. If fan reactions had any effect on the outcome of games, you might have a point.
  9. You say this like every other throw was in the dirt. Zach was pretty bad last year, I don’t think anyone is saying he doesn’t need to improve. He was always going to be a project and the jump BYU to the NFL is significant. Harping on his flaws as a rookie is pointless.
  10. Except that it’s neither interesting nor an option.
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