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  1. I didn’t notice any remark in the broadcast about it. I’m sure he protested, but after the second non call it should have taken up airtime. it’s just sad. The fire’s gone out and they gotta find a way to reignite it.
  2. He’s not wrong, but I really wanted him to show some passion after the refs blew those roughing-the-passer calls. He needed to get in their faces, even if he got ejected. Show some friggin heart.
  3. I hate the beach and haven’t had sex in a decade. I mowed the lawn and fixed some stucco. it’s only sports.
  4. Only a Jet fan would give this more than a passing thought.
  5. I’m not saying you’re wrong, or anything like that at all. It’s really a semantical issue. “Scripting” implies a certain thing that isn’t being done. So what’s the point in scripting the first 24 plays of a game if the script is rarely run through? Rhetorically, is that not a waste of time and resources? I can see scripting the first 10 1st-down plays and improvising from there— that makes sense to me— scripting entire drives has always seemed stupid to me for exactly the reasons those guys describe.
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing. Isn’t “scripting 24 plays but putting them in a different order based on what the defense is giving” just called “playing football?”
  7. OBJ is the Jamal Adams of wrs. No thanks.
  8. Wilson was supposed to be good in a Shannahan type offense. So far, no bueno. What makes you think Wilson would excel on Kotite’s? O Brian was a statue. Big arm, but I don’t see many similarities between the two at all.
  9. I, honestly, don’t understand how anyone can think the Kotite years were worse than the current ones—especially last year. They sucked; but not this bad, not for this long and not with such vigor.
  10. Why do people think that this is an appropriate response? Saleh and his staff should be so unbelievably good that they change history and make the Jets go to the Wild Card round in 2015? If this staff had been around for that decade, you have every right to feel this way. During that time though, there have been at least 4 different staffs: Rex/Idzik, Bowles/Mac, Gase/Mac, and now Saleh/Douglas. They all failed, but it’s not for a lack of trying. it’s frustrating, I get it, but this line of thinking is ridiculous.
  11. I really hope this works out. JFM has been excellent so far, but 4 years 55/30 kinds of excellent? We’ll see. As long as he doesn’t pull a Wilkerson this is a solid signing. I like that JD is starting to commit to players. I’d like to see a few more of these soon. The cap space is there.
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