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  1. I guess, I dunno. I‘ve listened to plenty of his show and sometimes he gets some good people on, but most of the time I just want him to shut up. I don’t get the appeal. Does he still talk about Empire of the Summer Moon every episode? That book is his bababooie.
  2. Lol, you liking Rogan makes sooooo much sense.
  3. I used to listen to him regularly at work to help pass the time (3 hr podcasts are great for that). The people he gets to interview are often interesting, unfortunately you also have to listen to Joe Rogan who is not only not interesting, but a totally unfunny goon. As soon as he moved to Texas he became unlistenable.
  4. Joe Rogan, the biggest waste of time since the Jets.
  5. This is such a failure by JD. The fanbase needs to be considerably more irate. What a clown show.
  6. I dont know which games they’ll be, but they will lose each one in embarrassing fashion, dont you worry.
  7. Come September I’m sure I’ll be excited, but for now I just can’t manage it. This time of the year I’m usually all over the draft class and researching players, but this offseason has just been one big meh sandwich. 🤣 At least Aussie Rules is starting back up this week, so I got that to look forward to!
  8. I never wanted Wilson in the first place, so for sure it will be more entertaining with Rogers at qb. Until the wheels come off. Which they will. For the record I dont think the Jets are “cursed.” I think the team is run by buffoons. JD has been moving in a direction I prefer, but his record is spotty thus far. I would just rather see the team continue to build through the draft and plug holes through FA.
  9. yeah, see I think that Moore is valued exactly where he should be. So far he brings as much to the table as Mims: not much. I place Lazard at the same level as Davis, maybe a little better (def a better blocker, youre totally right there) but all in all he’s a jag. By “amount to anything” I mean marked improvement. I don’t think this addition is going to bring a big improvement in record, especially if the team loses high draft picks. There will definitely be better qb performance (hard not to be) but I don’t see it lasting or equating to wins because the rest of the team is still not there, especially the unit who’s job it is to protect the new qb. I certainly appreciate the optimism but I don’t get it. Good stuff just doesnt happen to this team and I dont see that stopping now. The team just isnt ready for the cherry-on-top guy. I think they’ll regret this move. Even more if they trade high picks. Considering this is basically decreed by Woody makes it even worse. If they retain their high picks I might be a little more optimistic, but I think AR will just be too expensive.
  10. I hope you’re right, but I would argue that the Jets only have Garrett Wilson and they just signed one of those “weak” Green Bay wrs. The guy’s a great qb, I don’t begrudge anyone’s desire to see competent qb play, but I don’t see it amounting to anything when you start to realize that the guy is getting older and injuries don’t just go away anymore. Now put that guy on a team that has consistently been one of the most injured teams for years, and the numbers start to mean less and less, at least to me. You don’t need a savior— you’re way too level headed for that— but look around. People are talking about a Lombardi. It ain’t happening. The team wasn’t one player away. Even AR isn’t going to put this team over the hump and it will cost the team a ton for the honor. Anyway, agree to disagree.
  11. Agreed, and the elite savior who everyone is creaming for put up ten points against those Jets last season. 10. Points. Some dude with the username “RogersThumb” is going to troll the sh*t out everyone here next offseason.
  12. I’m absolutely amazed at the optimism. This whole situation screams “4-0 start, Rogers reinjures his thumb, the defense isn’t as good as everyone thought and they end up at 8-9 get knocked out of playoff contention by Mike White, Rogers retires, JD gets fired, Saleh gets fired, Woody hires Bienemy while some scout from the Giants tries his hand at being a GM for two years before all the decent players they have move on to other teams.” It’s gonna be great. And I actually like Rogers as a qb.
  13. I believe there was a recent thread regarding inane “expectations.” So, that being said, Rogers—if he signs— is about to understand what real pain is so the expectations for the Jets should just be, “make it to game 17 without getting too many people killed.”
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