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  1. the Claw

    IF Jets finish season with 2 more wins

    In the past 5 years or so, I would call wins at the end of the season meaningless and hoped for losses more than wins for draft position. This year, it just doesn’t make much sense to me. We drafted a good qb at 3 last year. Yes it would be awesome to have the 1st pick and orchestrate these trade downs and end up recouping our losses from last year’s draft. This draft is heavy on defense early, it seems, so trade partners may prove to be harder to find. This team needs offensive talent the most. Whether that’s on the line or receiver, whatever. It just seems like drafting at 8 or so isn’t the roadblock it has been the past few years. I’d rather see Sam take strides against playoff caliber teams. If we win all of them, great. If we lose out, great. I see it as a win/win for the new coaching staff and fans. Having a 2nd rounder would be really nice this draft, though.
  2. the Claw

    Should the Jets sign Hunt?

    I voted no because the ensuing “Hunt” threads and qubbles would be unbearable on this site, and I come here to discuss the Jets, not morality issues.!
  3. the Claw

    Marcus Maye Placed on IR

    In before all the Safety drafting jokes. oh wait...
  4. the Claw

    Realistic Discussion on Move to London

    It's not going to happen. Not with the new stadium they mortgaged in a huge market. Not because they're a historic franchise or any of that drivel. The answer is always money. Always. They should move though. New York, outside of Manhattan, pretty much blows.
  5. the Claw

    Which Players To Keep Next Year?

    Keepers: Darnold, , Enunwa, Herndon, McGuire, Shell, Winters, H. Anderson, Williamson, Lee, Williams, Shepherd, Pennel, T Johnson, Adams, Maye On the Bubble: Beachum, Jenkins, Webb, McCown, Crowell, Leggett,, Skrine, Long, Pearse. Want Gone:: Carpenter, R. Anderson, Kearse, Cannon I don't understand how you can have Long in your "keep" pile and McGuire in your "gone" pile.
  6. Quite possibly the greatest obscure Star Trek reference I’ve seen anywhere. My hat’s off to you and your kin.
  7. the Claw

    PK’s thoughts NYJ/CHI

    God, you’re a big baby sometimes.
  8. the Claw

    Clowney is must!

    I dunno, this guy has been either injured or quiet since he got in the league. He just strikes me as feast or famine type player. I’d pass because of the famine part. If he continued the feast, he’d be a sick addition to this defense, I just don’t trust him.
  9. the Claw


    I just hope they stay aggressive.
  10. the Claw


    Dude’s sitting on my bench while the rest of my my team is putting up 3.5s. Gotta love it.
  11. the Claw


    This game is the sports equivalent of a Creed song.
  12. the Claw


    Maybe Bowles’ plan is to tire out the Jags offense by quarter time rendering them useless.
  13. I’m in the same boat as PK. No cable, no Redzone. Let’s a play a clean, and complete four quarter game thread, Jets Fans!

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