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  1. Congrats To Bill Belichick

    Only one I think. Ertz’s td was a td. He completed the catch, broke the plane, down by contact. The first questionable td should have been called back, he didn’t complete the catch. At least from my perspective. The fact that there could be more than one perspective is a problem with the rules.
  2. NAMM 2018

    Traynors were great in the 60’s/70’s. Just big, heavy Canadian built monsters that could pin your ears back. The YBA’s were sick. Once they got to switchable channels they lost their balls. The new ones have a good clean channel (similar to some of the fender Hot Rod series) like he said, but the second channel sounds a little too brittle for my taste. Another great Canadian amp company was Garnet. If you can find one, they’re not super expensive and have a unique grind when cranked. Great rock sounds. They were the amps the Guess Who used. The “American Woman” lead sound was a Garnet head. Twins are great, but yeah- lugging one around is hell. There’s just no need for 80-100 watts at a club gig.
  3. NAMM 2018

    Fender released a whole new line of hybrid guitars this namm to go along (or replace) their pawn ship line. Not sure how I feel about them as they’re just partscasters. Fender and Gibson are just not putting out much new stuff that I like. Every time I turn around Gibson’s got some new gadget they’re bolting to a Les Paul, and Fenders coming out with Straguars or Jazzamacasters. I get that they’re trying innovate in a market that most of the true innovation was done 50 years ago, but they just seem to fall flat. I dunno what it is. The pedal world, though, there is some cool chit out there. Most of it is over my head but there are some great, creative new pedals out. I just picked up one of the new Supro overdrive pedal and it’s pretty killer. Doesn’t exactly replicate their amps like they advertise, but so far it’s one of the nicer OD’s I’ve tried in a while. The JHS Morning Glory is another great OD. Anybody got a recommendation for a delay pedal that has a memory bank so I can save some presets for quick recall? There’s a couple I know of but haven’t tried out. Would love to get your guys’ take on them.
  4. Is Mayfield more Like Favre or Manziel?

    Be careful, he might just call you “Skippy.”
  5. Quincy Enunwa 2016 Film Review

    I really want this kid to be a successful come back player, but man, disc issues are no joke.
  6. NAMM 2018

    This thing sounds interesting. I have no idea how they’d filter out unwanted frequencies in the individual tracks, or even GET the tracks individually. Interest piqued!!
  7. Only because our rivalry with Pats has since made our rivalry with the Phins nearly meaningless, I go with the Pats. Giants/Raiders at 3/4.
  8. NAMM 2018

    Ha! Yeah, I guess I deserved that. All in all, I was terrible at my job.
  9. NAMM 2018

    I couldn’t believe it either. I’ve always loved his style, but he was a very difficult guy to work with. Threatened to pull his sponsorship if his guitars were placed after Chet Atkins models in the 2008 catalog. We had to appease him by putting his likeness on nearly every page in that catalog. It was very strange and disappointing. Total diva. He was really the only one. Everyone else that I worked with were laid back and kind. I got to take apart Tim Armstrong’s (Rancid) old 70’s Country Club to get specs for his Signature model. Super cool guy.
  10. NAMM 2018

    Awesome guitars. I helped put together a Billy Bo with the White Falcon treatment for Billy Gibbons while I was there. It was gorgeous. I wanted to do a Country Club in Jets colors but they wouldn’t do it. Bums.
  11. NAMM 2018

    Working for Gretsch was... interesting. I’m a luthier by trade, but I thought I’d try my hand at a “real job” so I went to work for them in Scottsdale. I was in Marketing working under Joe Carducci. Met a lot of cool people (Billy Gibbons, Steve Howe) and a lot of not cool people (Brian Setzer) and did some interesting things, but that job bled me dry. I honestly don’t know how people work in a cubicle all day. I went crazy. For someone a little more inclined toward spreadsheets and being a human resource, it would have been great. I’m living in Chicago right now doing guitar repair and playing music for a living. Way more my speed.
  12. NAMM 2018

    NAMM used to be just for music industry folks- shop owners, etc- and it’s become more and more easy to get in as a consumer. NAMM badges used to be impossible to get if you didn’t work in the industry. I’ve been working in the music industry for most of my life and the show used to be fun. Now it’s just obnoxious. Last time I went was 2008 when I worked for Gretsch. It was a total cluster and I vowed never to go back. I can’t imagine what it’s like now. Seeing the new gear is fun but it’s waaaay out of my comfort zone. I play Pedal Steel and guitar and go for the old beat up stuff. The new effects systems that do everything but your taxes just don’t do it for me. I like to plug into an old amp through a tuner and just play. Boring, but I can concentrate on the music rather than worrying about my “patches.”
  13. I wont be watching. 38 pass attempts and no holding penalties (no matter how many I saw in real time) did it for me. I wanted a Minn/Jax Super Bowl, but instead got two teams I despise and one team—the refs—who already know the outcome. It’s going to be yet another Brady blowy-fest and I can’t stomach it. Not again. It’s just not fun anymore.
  14. Nothing, really. It’s only sports. But if I had to give or give something up, I’d give my seed to Gisele Bundchen so she and Tom will forever know shame.
  15. Texas OL Connor Williams vs SMU WR Courtland Sutton

    Between these two, I’d prefer the lineman.