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  1. You’d seriously think, based upon some posters, that the Jets never went into a game with Kellen Clemens as the starter. Or Mark Sanchez. Or Brooks Bollinger. Or Quincy Carter. That the team has a two-decade long love affair with top tier QBs and fans have come to expect nothing but the best. Sam is not perfect. Not every throw is pin point accurate, or dropped into a bucket. He makes bad reads and can be inaccurate. I think we can all agree on that. But to ignore that he’s one of the best QB prospects to play for this team since its inception is ludicrous. It’s his first year in this system, and his line is the dregs of this league. The team is usually better with him in there as opposed to not in there. There are times that he does elevate players around him and there are times that he needs those around him to pick up the slack. Whaddaya know, he’s a young player who’s playing a team sport. For those who think the dude is some colossal mistake made by the organization, I offer you three words: Geno-*******-Smith
  2. Who is this “we” you speak of?
  3. Not really sure what the point of your post is. Rugby Leaguers are insane athletes- arguably more well rounded than Gridiron players- but they’re different sports. Unfortunately Valentine was the victim of the system, not the Jets. He wasn’t going to get game time on any other team. Hopefully he lands on another practice squad or gets picked up by the Jets again when there are roster shuffles. Now, if you had said that Rugby League is a far inferior game to AFL, you’d have actually made a solid point.
  4. NYJ 50 punt 36y out of bounds to WAS 14 NYJ 38 punt 46y to WAS 14 retnd 9y to WAS 25 WAS 43 punt 43y touchback NYJ 6 punt 43y no retn to NYJ 49 This is your idea of “sucks,” and “terrible?” It wasn’t his best game, but this is far from an “off with his head” performance. There are so many things wrong with the Jets this season, Edwards is not even close to one of them. And not caring what he’s done all season is exactly the problem. You’re simply wrong and being ridiculous.
  5. Whatever the wording you want use is, Edwards has 20 punts inside the 20. Only four or five other punters in the league have more. Either way, you are incorrect in your assessment of the guy being “terrible.” There’s nothing to disagree with.
  6. Edwards has been one of the most consistent players on the team all season and Is one of the better punters in the league. He is in no way shape or form terrible, in fact he is quite solid. He’s pinned teams inside their 20 yard line 20 times this season. Your assessment is objectively off base.
  7. I put “he talks too much,” however I don’t hate Jamal Adams. I’m not a fan of players’ choices to air their laundry on social media. They certainly have the right to do so, but I don’t like that they choose to do so. Jamal is a good player and the best player on the Jets’ defense. He is overrated right now, though. If he strings a bunch of games together like he had against the Giants, I’ll change my tune, but imo he misses too many tackles to be considered great. Last Sunday was the first “great” game I’ve seen him play. Granted, I could never do what he does, so I should probably keep my mouth shut.
  8. Rex was an unmitigated (albeit fun at times) disaster. He had no nose for talent and was one of the worst gameday coaches I’ve ever seen. Pair that with Tanny who just wrote checks to anyone and everyone and you get... well, what we got.
  9. I can see Douglas sitting him down and saying, “Look, we’ve got offers coming in so we’re going to look at them.” To which Adams could reply, “I want to stay.” But the way he’s framing it, he- the leader of men- sat his bosses down declaring his unwavering desire to be Jet. Dude is softening corners trying to make himself look good. What a child.
  10. Why would he sit down with Gase and Douglas to tell them he wanted to stay?
  11. A first and a third/O-lineman would do it for me.

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