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  1. Mauldin won't be prosecuted

    Did he have business going to the non-gay nightclub? Asking for a friend.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I loved Jadorowsky’s Dune.
  3. Forte out this week?

    Big game for McGuire. I like Bilal a lot but he gets banged up quite a bit.
  4. Your Garage After Winning LOTTO

    Cool thread. I don’t spend a ton of money on mine, but they’re all favorites. All time must have car. Volvo P1800 Gotta have a crappy old truck Datsun B210 - Din’t know why, just love em. For when society finally breaks down, an Int’l Harvester box truck For getting pulled over For taking the wife out, a 55 Ford Fairlane
  5. The Goddamn Jets

    I need that t shirt! Where did he get it?
  6. 3-4: happy or ANGRY and why?

    I’ve been relatively happy this season. The team is playing hard, for the most part, and they’e eeked out a couple more wins than I expected. They’ve been more competitive than I expected. The offense is better and the defense is worse than I expected. They need a lot of work, absolutely, but there’s a lot of promise. I want to see them play competitive football for the rest of the season, but I expect few wins. Just don’t give up. Few things are worse than watching highly paid professionals mail it in.
  7. Rather than young or old, how many years does a player need to play to be considered a “veteran?” 3+ years? 5+ years? Young or old can vary by position. A 28 y/o RB can be considered old, while a 28 y/o CB can be in their prime. By your definition, the Jets are a young team; however, that definition doesn’t really give you the full picture of young vs old team. As far as experience, this is a fairly veteran (using
  8. Surely Max’s rule (a good one, I think) doesn’t extend to pragmatism. Hoping the team wins, but thinking they won’t (which is all that has been negative so far) doesn’t equate to a bunch if trolls wishing the team a loss. I hope the Jets win, I think they will lose. Nothing negative in that. Go Jets!
  9. Field conditions for Sunday

    Baked enough, apparently.
  10. Booze and easier-to-acquire tickets are definitely part of. I believe the main problem is that people just suck. There's always been tailgating, people just take it farther trying to impress friends. I believe it was Jean Paul Sartre who said, "Hell is other people." He was right.
  11. He's just a silly little man-boy. Don't let him get under your skin.
  12. Ha! I just find you funny is all. It was a weird but a good loss.