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  1. Can someone please inform DJ the professional writer that it’s an “errant” throw and not an “errand” throw?” we have no effing standards anymore
  2. Your expectations, man. You always come at sh*t with these high expectations. 3rd in the league at something? Christ, just be happy they win some games and may be competitive.
  3. Well, at least you’re setting yourself up for disappointment… again.
  4. In. This is the easiest decision I made all weekend. Sending good vibes to Max and his fam.
  5. Same here. I had the first pick last season and I took Mahomes. He was a consistent contributor and CMC went number two and was out for the season early.
  6. ‘Bout damn time. He really should have mastered them last week.
  7. Doesn’t he have a playbook to learn?
  8. The Jets really need to fire Gase if this is true.
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