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  1. Perine sounded completely disinterested. Weird.
  2. I’m with you on this. I like the rules they use in Aussie Rules for when the ball is in dispute in the air. It’s a different game so some would apply better than others, but: you can’t hold or chop the arms, can’t push in the back, can’t attack too early or too unrealistically. You can push off in the front or the side, you can entangle and fight for the ball as long as you don’t do anything illegal. The whole idea is that it’s a battle between to two men for possession of a 50/50 ball. As long as both players are making the ball their priority most contact is allowed.
  3. I watched the Tigers/Blues game tonight and it was bizarre. Was nice to hear the talk on the field, though.
  4. Why would anyone want two more games of Jets football? They’ve already killed Carl. Who’s next?
  5. Does this take into account the times the line collapsed and Darnold had to improvise? Because that was every other play.
  6. This I agree with, partially. He hasn’t seemed to bring, really, anyone in. He may be content with who is in place currently and we don’t know if he’s tried to get others. One thing that gives me hope in this regard is that shot of Macc alone in the draft room last year. That guy did the drafting, not the staff, and either he wasn’t interested in anyone else’s input or the staff let him die on his hill. Either way, it’s still not an indictment of Douglas’s performance, considering he hasn’t had a real opportunity to perform yet. His not-hiring-someone does not really support your argument. Ultimately, Douglas is an unknown who has done what he could with what he was given, so far. Comparing him in any way to one of the worst GMs in recent memory is intellectually dishonest.
  7. Except it doesn’t back up anything. Douglas was brought in after FA and after the draft. It’s like giving a kid a blue crayon and then complaining that he’s not using enough green.
  8. This makes no sense to me. Considering when the guy was hired, there’s A: no other way to operate than by the seat of his pants, and B: no indication he’s anything like Maccagnan. Also, no GM outlines his plans to the fanbase. He’s given us indications that he sees the O line as a priority, but what do you really expect him to lay out for you?
  9. Trumaine Johnson cost a lot of money. Just saying.
  10. Jets: I whiffed hard on Gholston. I thought he was going to be like Garrett on the Browns. Just unblockable. Nfl: I thought Chance Warmack was going to be a new breed of guard. I thought Bilal was going to be a one season and done back. Has turned into one of my favorite players. i also really wanted Adams. It was too low and not the right pick, but I thought he’d be sick in Bowles defense once he figured it out.
  11. It’s the Tuesday after the team’s last game. What do you all expect him to say? If you’re expecting a description of how they’re going to go about fixing the roster, you will be disappointed. If you’re expecting him to say what he will do in regards to staff changes, you will be disappointed. More than likely you will get some kind of statement about how the goal is get better. How they’ll be active in free agency and are looking forward to the draft and how they have complete confidence in Gase and the coaching staff while looking into the vast injuries that plagued the team this season. They’ll dodge player specific questions in regards to free agency and will only praise current players with a few vagaries about how they used Bell and Kalil. Questions about Adams and Enunwa will be glossed over. The goal will be to instill confidence. They will fail.
  12. The only game I’ve ever attended was in 2004 or 2005. The Jets travelled to Sun Devil stadium to take on the Cardinals. My fiance bought two tickets for us. Quincy Carter started that game. The Jets ended up winning a snoozefest 13-3, but I never got to see the ending because I ended up in a fist fight defending my fiance from a fellow Jet fan. Not my proudest moment, but that dude got too physical and I couldn’t let him get away with being a horrible individual. haven’t been to a game since.
  13. You’d seriously think, based upon some posters, that the Jets never went into a game with Kellen Clemens as the starter. Or Mark Sanchez. Or Brooks Bollinger. Or Quincy Carter. That the team has a two-decade long love affair with top tier QBs and fans have come to expect nothing but the best. Sam is not perfect. Not every throw is pin point accurate, or dropped into a bucket. He makes bad reads and can be inaccurate. I think we can all agree on that. But to ignore that he’s one of the best QB prospects to play for this team since its inception is ludicrous. It’s his first year in this system, and his line is the dregs of this league. The team is usually better with him in there as opposed to not in there. There are times that he does elevate players around him and there are times that he needs those around him to pick up the slack. Whaddaya know, he’s a young player who’s playing a team sport. For those who think the dude is some colossal mistake made by the organization, I offer you three words: Geno-*******-Smith

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