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  1. You can’t compare Sashi and Millen’s situation to Douglas’s. They are quite different.
  2. God I hate these “100%” type statements. It’s so ridiculous. JD is signed for something like 4-5 more years, has only had one full offseason and half of another, and just had the most successful draft in at least a decade. His FA acquisitions have been 50/50 with reason to suspect he wasn’t going full-bore and the Adams trade was masterful. He hasn’t gotten every move right and has definitely screwed the pooch a few times but he’s also the best GM the Jets have had in a long time. There’s no such thing as 100% when it comes to this stuff. Hell, there’s not even a 100% chance that Gates gets fired.
  3. I forgot Perriman or Mims or Crowder were playing.
  4. Whats up with these announcers who pronounce it “Owffence?”
  5. Most people’s top eyelid covers part of the iris, some people’s don’t. It’s an odd look, but it’s no indication of drug use. He certainly doesn’t act or have the common body tells of a heavy drug user. And if you think that a multi-million dollar coach is going to go in front of todays NY media for his introductory press conference high on anything, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. I’ve been around plenty of heavy drug users and their eyes don’t look like that. I think it’s part of the reason why he is always wearing a hat low on his head.
  6. What I really took from this post is an appreciation for your correct usage of the contractions for could have and would have. I see you, Spoot.
  7. Would you knock it off with this sh*t. It’s old hat, played out, unoriginal, and low-hanging fruit. The guy’s not on drugs ffs.
  8. He should take over for Belichick when the time comes. I can see him really invigorating that franchise and their fanbase.
  9. Santonio Holmes and Michael Vick. participation trophy goes to Adrian Clarke
  10. Until his first interception, then he’ll be a bust.

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