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    I don’t know them so this is an unfair question.
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    I doubt it.

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  1. Anyone who praises Geno Smith for his intellect immediately loses all credibility for everything in life.
  2. The Defense will be much better for the experience, but the rookies were mostly in the secondary. Most of the D line and linebackers werent rookies. Quincy was a FA, plus a rotating door at the ends, but other than that the front 6/7 were the experienced ones. Besides, if everyone’s missing assignments all the time then who the heck is teaching them? There can be more than one thing wrong at a time.
  3. I can understand your thought process, but I question your use of the word “way” in this post. I don’t think the D should be “way” ahead. They just spent 4 1st round picks and 3 2nd round picks on offense the previous two years (iirc) and went heavy on offense in FA as well. If anything, at least on paper, I think the two sides of the ball should be about equal at this point. Honestly, I kinda hope the offense is ahead of the defense at this point. The D is still sprinkled with Mac dust. that being said, no matter which one is in front, defensive coaching needs to appear vastly improved this year.
  4. I feel bad for Browns fans who hated the decision to bring this guy in, and I laugh at the Browns fans who looked the other way because he’s a good qb. That organization is a train-wreck, which is sad because there’s a LOT of talent there.
  5. Lol, “emotional breakdown.” This post is a total joke. Holy smokes.
  6. He talks about this in this interview. He thinks that RBs are undervalued in the league. I agree with @CSNY. The tweet seems like an extension of what he was talking about. He has the right to feel this way. Let it play out, ffs.
  7. So does this mean we have to hate Carter now, too? It’s hard to keep up.
  8. I was never a fan of this kind of nonsense. 50k is a lot to spend anywhere for almost anyone, and it’s a sin that this money just turns into poop a day later. If every first round pick gave 50k to help homeless vets they could actually do some good with it rather than carrying on this gluttonous tradition. Or, how about this, these teams invest in teaching these players how to wisely spend money so they don’t have to work ever again. 50k is not nothing to a millionaire. It’s nothing to a billionaire. Poverty is still within reach for professional football players.
  9. The DE rotation of Lawson, Johnson, Clemons, and Huff is not bad on paper, but they’re all question marks. Hopefully Johnson and Clemons can play and Lawson and Huff can stay healthy.
  10. Yeah this is weird one. Imagine being bent out of shape there’s good communication among leaders in a business?
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