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  1. Totally looking forward to the team improving and holding a lead for at least three to four minutes. As long as it’s the last four, they should be good to go.
  2. No way. They owe us this next one. I’ll save the crying for the three-peat.
  3. Trump<<<<<<<<<<<DeSantis<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Macc
  4. I haven’t watched an inning of pro baseball in 20 years and I know who Pujols is. Dude isn’t underrated. Hehe
  5. A Yard Too Far, a truly classic episode.
  6. I honestly don’t know how anyone can name their favorite TZ episode. Every time I do I think of another one that is my favorite. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street Nick of Time the Invaders Long Distance Call Living Doll Good lord, the list just goes on and on.
  7. I agree that he took advantage of the situation when it was there and we have no idea if Zach would have done the same. I get that and it’s a fair point. Perhaps, however, Joe Cool might want to consider winning a game in the first 59 minutes without some Angels in the Outfield action.
  8. I’ll keep reminding myself that Flacco has the “hot hand” when he’s skying touchdown tosses over GW’s head. Flacco has looked good enough to lose two games, it’s just that the Browns beat him to it last week. Zach is the starter, Flacco is the backup.
  9. It always seems that the Jets do exactly the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. 1 sack. Echols, bitches.
  10. Maybe that’s it. She quite liked Woody and, from beyond the grave, worked her magic and poof: missed extra point, miscommunication in the Brown’s secondary, and goosed the onside kick. Long live she.
  11. They definitely picked the right minute for sure.
  12. It seems high because it’s for winning one minute.
  13. Hopefully it’s the QB because Moore has been quiet his whole career so far.
  14. The other team doesn’t have a camera in the booth and the one that’s there is for the broadcast, which is not exactly “live.”
  15. Cool, so football players shouldn’t play football until week one. Got it. Thumbs up.
  16. I get what your saying about preseason, but should he have slid ten yards behind the line of scrimmage when there was a free rusher coming at him? Where does that end? We heard all offseason how “soft” everything was. At some point these football players have to play football. He had to juke one guy it’s not like he took on the entire LB core head first (like Strev who got praised for it if I remember correctly). Anyway, I get what you’re saying, I just disagree with the drama of calling it “hero ball.” If he didn’t hurt the knee we wouldn’t even be talking about this play. It seemed pretty pedestrian to me.
  17. He’s playing football, though. He cut to turn upfield to gain a couple of yards for his team, that’s hardly “hero-ball.” It could have happened dodging a pass rusher or could have happened actually running out of bounds. These are competitive guys and they compete sometimes.
  18. Sometimes we know a thing or two about the NFL, but not this ******* cu*t.
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