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  1. 1) Didn’t know what the score would be, but this was one of the 6 games I thought the team would win— more specifically, I thought Darnold would lose it. 2) the ineptitude of the Offensive line in the first half. It was inexcusably close to last year. JD HAS to get better at personnel decisions in this area. 3) I have no idea outside of continuing to draft and sign better players that are a fit for this type of offense. I think they’ll get better as time progresses, but they need long-term solid solutions to Center, RG, and RT.
  2. I’m pretty sure I’m high, but I can’t be certain, because… you know… I might be high.
  3. 6 wins seems right to me. I think they’ll be in more close games but will ultimately come up short due to inexperience of some sort.
  4. If I had to choose I would definitely prefer to see Wilson improve. Wins will come if he turns out. I can be patient. I just want to have fun watching the Jets again.
  5. He played well toward the end of the game, but he seems to be a body-catcher. Even that hail mary, it’s not like he caught that ball at full extension. He got in the right position, which is great, and came up with it at the end, but he caught it in a place where the defenders had a chance. I do think he makes the roster but I’m not sure who he replaces. He has to get more confident in his hands, otherwise he’s not long for the league.
  6. While I get the gun shyness based on the team’s history, Wilson has to play at least one series. Injuries happen all the time in this league and he, at some point, is going to have his o linemen go down. Backups need practice under pressure too. They need to step up. Should he play the whole game? Ideally, yes. Realistically, hells naw.
  7. Yeah, I ended up using Ticketmaster and holy cow those fees are outrageous.
  8. Oh, I’m sorry, did I waste your pwecious widdle time on a thread you didn't have to reply to? wtf is it with little bitches on forum? i was looking for recos from real people who do this on the regular. Feel free to scroll on past.
  9. Mods, feel free to move this one around. My father and I have never been to a game together, so I’m taking him to opening day in Charlotte. I’m just not sure where the best place to get tickets is. I’ve checked on Stub Hub and ticket master, but I thought I’d check to see if you all had any other ideas.
  10. Petracca’s such a good footballer. It’s fun to watch him play. That midfield is pretty unreal. Dees and Dogs would be a fun Grand Final.
  11. Why? People are living truncated lives because of the “old NFL.” That defender should absolutely be fined for this hit.
  12. Exactly. Realistically I can see 10-15 if we’re being optimistic. There’s a new system and lot of new pieces running around (GOOD new pieces), but to think this defense is going to be lights out is premature. Let’s see them not play the Giants before we crown them. I really hope I’m wrong.
  13. The Jets will not have a top 3 defense, dude.
  14. Please stop referring to yourself in the third person. It’s ******* weird and blatantly narcissistic.
  15. I thought I had read a tweet that he had a head injury yesterday. Someone with a previous history of mental health issues should definitely be careful when head injuries are concerned.
  16. Didn’t that super-disciplined team just descend into a scene from the Warriors just a few days ago?
  17. Aaaaannnd here comes the JoeWilly bat-of-the-eyes-what-little-ol’-me-golly-gosh-it’s-just-my-opinion-even-though-I’ve-been-a-total-tool post.
  18. Aaaaannd the joewilly pearl clutching after being a total tool begins.
  19. Easily one of my biggest per peeves. It makes my skin crawl.
  20. No Ertz please and thank you. The Jets are going with a youth movement and evangelical christians are really effing hard to be around.
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