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  1. ARF is growing in the US- there are teams all over the country and a representative team for international play- just not at a pro level so the awareness of it is basically nil. I’ve seen some brutal synchronized swimming matches, just teeth flying everywhere! 🤣
  2. Rugby is a great game, though I still struggle to grasp the rules. Just an fyi, the sport in the videos you quoted isn’t Rugby. It’s Australian Rules Football. Not trying to be a jerk if you already know the know the difference, but it’s a mistake I see many Americans make. Similar shaped ball, but totally different games. Ben Graham, ex-Jets Punter, was a gun Aussie Rules player. There’s a video out there of him taking a kick-out from full back where he gets a spiral on it and it travels just past the middle of the ground which on that field is something like 85 meters (about 92 yards). It’s insane. And damn, sorry to hear about those injuries. I’ve had a few buddies go down with those and they can be life changing. Hope you recovered from them.
  3. Was just about to mention Aussie Rules. Cyril was an absolute genius. I’ve never seen anyone with his balance, agility, and ability to make something out of nothing. Him and Hodgey were my faves. I played across Half Back and Center for a few teams in the US and made the US squad in 09/10. I was always a natural Wingman, which is where I’d love to play if I did it professionally. Just run all fricken day. I was never the biggest, or the fastest, but I was always the smartest and had solid skills.
  4. He mentioned in his first post he wasn’t in the best position to get the whole thing, but was doing his best. I, for one, appreciate his effort. I’m not in NY and therefore never available for any Jets news of any kind outside of this forum. Dude did me a solid and he doesn’t even know it. You complain about it not being easy enough to understand. I knew a girl in high school whose parents bought her a new car for her birthday. She complained that it was white. You’re that girl in this equation. Think about that.
  5. Dude, you can barely string a sentence together. He was doing us all a favor and transposing as he went. Figure it out.
  6. Jesus, I didn’t realize we have a week 4 bye. That’s some bull$hit right there
  7. It amazes me that the author of this article gets any work as a writer at all. It’s like a 6th grader wrote it.
  8. No they don’t. The helmet changes color (deepens or lightens) depending on the light. They are close, but they are as off as the new Jet uni’s.
  9. Don’t bother, man. Losing battle.
  10. Look man, you’re trying to match a metallic color thats buffed out to a gloss, with a completely different material at a different company. It’s not photoshop. They’re off by a little bit. I work with finishes and mixing color all the time. No, they’re not the same. Perhaps the fabric could have been a bit more emerald. Margin of error. It’s not like the uni’s are olive drab or baby-$hit green. Step back a bit. You don’t like them, that’s cool. You don’t have to. I’m not a huge fan either (your complaint is not lost on me, I can’t not see that color difference either), but to not watch the team you barrack for because their helmets are a touch off is a bit dramatic, wouldn’t you say?
  11. Hehe, you are right though, they do look different.
  12. You’d love my mom’s place. Lots of doilies, flowery wallpaper, and tea cozies.
  13. Don’t you have a shotgun selfie to take or something?
  14. When metallics are involved you have to talk about finish. They’ll look different in sunlight than stage lights. In some pics the helmet is a pretty close match, but they’re never going to look the same. Their error is having the helmet be metallic while the rest of the fabric is not.
  15. This. Grown men wearing sports jerseys are trying way too hard to cling to their less-than-great youth.
  16. Are you compensating for that emasculating bedspread, or what? Nothing says 12 going on 55 like taking desktop selfies with a shotgun. Good lord.
  17. Western Bulldogs it is (red, white and blue)! They won a flag (championship) a few years ago, but were in an excruciatingly long slump. Don’t know about the stadium, but not many teams have a “home” stadium in AFL. There’s a lot of travelling over the course of a home and away season. Fans are as fair weather there as hers. So there you go. Doggies supporter.
  18. They been coming out of the wood work lately.
  19. Welcome, mate. There are a couple of Hawthorn supporters in the group, so we’ve had a good decade, but you may want to consider a different team. Jets are cursed. May not be fun.
  20. Ha! I live right around the corner from that fountain.
  21. Good Lord. It’s just the way his eyes are. On the normal, average human eye, our top eyelid obscures the upper part of the iris. His don’t, so you see the whites above his iris. It’s uncommon and gives the look of surprise but is not indicative of any drug use. Watch any presser he’s ever given, you can see whites above his iris. If you look at the Jets Press room where they gave the conference, it has stadium style seating so as he’s looking at people it looks like his eyes are darting everywhere. The guy’s just looking around. Christ
  22. How do you watch these videos and come away with the bs you’re spewing? The guy has an edge. So the f what?

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