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  1. Instead of sliding, FITZ does a spin move to gain 2 more yards...gotta love that guy!
  2. 3 and out by the D. We're getting the momentum back. Need to score on this drive and not stall! Keep throwing screens and riding Ivory!
  3. Someone on the Jets D needs to really POP Taylor next time he tries to scramble and ring his bell...
  4. Jets players set some fruity picks to free up Marshall for the TD but I'll take it...
  5. Jets D need to force a TO here and we're right back in the game!
  6. Question: Does Fitz have the arm to realistically come back from a 19 point deficit in the 2nd half?!? It may be time for Geno and take the risk with his bad decision making.
  7. Defense has been on the field for way too long in this game and they're exhausted. Can't get a pass rush.
  8. Taylor had enough time to sit in a rocking chair, drink an ice cold lemonade and toss it to Karlos for the TD.
  9. We're actually pretty luck to only be losing 12-3 after two terrible turnovers and the Offense being nonexistent. We are still in striking distance if the O somewhat shows up in the 2nd half.
  10. Elite defenses can get a stop on 3rd and 10 to prevent points on the board
  11. We'll be lucky to get to the HALF only down 9-3 if we make this last stop.
  12. Why don't we just hand the game over to Rex and the Bills. Bad decision by the rook. 9 points on turnovers so far.
  13. D has been dominant so far. Huge stand to hold them to 3 after the TO. Offense has to step up, sustain a drive and put up some points.
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