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  1. Injury protections in Kaep's contract were the main reason he didn't start, IMO. At least the main reason why he didn't start sooner. Remember that he had to waive that clause in order to be named the starter last year. That would have been a $14.5M gamble by the 49ers that they were never going to take.
  2. Njc- Raiders sign Qb Derek Carr to

    Especially if they can deliver a SB, that draft class will go down as one of the GOAT. Carr, Mack, Jackson. They even got a pair of contributors in the 4th round with Ellis and McGill.
  3. Tyrod Taylor Thoughts ...

    Taylor was on ESPN radio today and said the Buffalo media was "very unfair" to him. Boy, he'd be miserable here.
  4. Tannehill possible ACL tear

    Turns out it's an ACL and MCL sprain, not a tear. Huge difference in terms of recovery.
  5. Tannehill possible ACL tear

    That stinks long term but I still like their playoff chances. If the Ravens fall tonight and the Phins take care of business the next two weeks against the Jets and Bills, they're probably in before week 17. The Broncos could very well lose out with their remaining schedule. The Ravens still have the Pats tonight and then at Pitt in week 16. The loser of the South can't finished better than 9-6-1.
  6. If We Fire Bowles Who Wnats to Come Here?

    Unless there's a coach who really likes Hackenberg, I agree that it won't be a highly desirable job. Not a whole lot of promising young talent, won't have a ton of cap room, plenty of holes to fill, draft slot wouldn't guarantee a blue chip QB prospect even if there was one. A lot going against us...but it is New York and that sells itself.
  7. Seven Years Ago Today

    Agreed. The unforgivable move was the extension with the guaranteed base salary, not the move up the board and the selection.
  8. Ryan Fitzpatrick, The Journeyman

    I believe Taylor wasn't officially credited with a start in week 1 because Cassel took the first snap under center in a trick formation that had Taylor spread wide. Taylor was really 8-6 because he took every snap after that play. Not that I think Taylor is anything more than average. Bills probably would've finished 9-7 if he started every game.
  9. Makes sense. I think the Jags have potential with young weapons like Robinson, Hurns, Yeldon etc. Plus they will essentially have two top 5 picks with Fowler Jr. set to come back. They are also projected to have a ton of cap space, just a matter it they will be aggressive with it.
  10. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    Durability counts, simple as that. So yeah, he does take some blame for that. I wouldn't say I'm bashing him by mentioning his durability issues, I'm merely noting that he wasn't someone you can depend on from season to season. I think that's fair.
  11. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    This is just semantics. Okay, instead of "held them back" I'll say he limited our opportunities because of his lack of durability.
  12. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    I don't believe that appreciating the division title Chad helped deliver and believing that he held the team back with his injuries are mutually exclusive. You have to able to depend on your starting QB to stay on the field and not play compromised.
  13. Favorite Ex-Jets to Win Super Bowl

    Vilma is a good one. I got an autograph from rookie punter Craig Hentrich at Hofstra, which was enough for my 9 year old self to root for him over Louie Aguiar in the punter competition that year. Aguiar won and Hentrich was cut and never played a regular season down for the Jets but he went on to a long career and won a super bowl with Green Bay and appeared in another with Tennessee.
  14. It is impressive, though Jairus Byrd had 9 in his rookie campaign and lost DROY to Brian Cushing. However, despite the analytics that suggests otherwise, I do think it'll be Peters.
  15. Peters has the edge statistically (although he's given up more yardage and 3 more touchdowns) and Darby has the advantage when it comes to analytics. Sexy stats like interceptions can sway people, though.