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  1. Lots of day games
  2. I went to an NFL forum on Monday in Glasgow. It was to promote next years international series. Was a good night of 2 hours talking ball. I'd say there were over 1000 people there in various jerseys, lots of Patriots obviously but there were loads of people in Jets gear. I'd say outstide the patriots they'd be the best represented. Now this isn't scientific in any way just an observation
  3. Would YOU fire Bowles?

    I'd fire him now.
  4. Petty looked like a frightened rabbit in the headlights. I'm sure he fakes the injury to get off the field.
  5. Regardless of the context I could never want any of my teams to lose. Something I can never get my head round
  6. Jets will win

    Jets -16, easy money
  7. Welcome to Rebuilding 101

    I think we all got delusional after last year. I have the stomach for the rebuild, I waited 9 years for the Mets to make the playoffs [emoji6]
  8. Shows how much the Brits know about the NFL

    Ha, yeah it's a good show. And I'm half Irish [emoji256][emoji6]
  9. Shows how much the Brits know about the NFL

    *disclaimer I'm actually Scottish and don't class myself as British but that's not a conversation for this forum
  10. Watching a weekly show on the BBC, I nearly choked [emoji15] In the f***** hunt? Seriously?
  11. Was there ANY doubt? (Fitztragic)

    well yeah considering he's our QB
  12. Was there ANY doubt? (Fitztragic)

    i don't believe the Jets are this bad.