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  1. Um what?? He's had 30+ sacks the last 2 seasons. How on earth is that a one game wonder. Yes, he was an UDFA out of college and it took a while for him to ramp up and earn a starting spot. But for the last two years he's been arguably the best in the NFL at his position. Geesh. Some people will argue anything.
  2. 30 and a half sacks the last two seasons, with 3 coming in this year's postseason alone. I would say he's far from a one game wonder. Honestly I don't know how much more consistently productive a linebacker can get.
  3. No offense to Tom Brady but Shaq was the biggest difference maker on the field in the super bowl. Lightening fast into the opponent's backfield. We haven't had that kind of backfield disruptor in at least a decade. I can't ever remember having a linebackers that can fly around the field like him. At 28 he's in his prime. He and Thuney would be my 1 and 1a. Honestly, I'm not overwhelmed by the FA WRs and I hope we don't overspend there.
  4. I loved him coming out of college. Most ppl said we shouldn't draft him because he was too small and gimmicky, without a real arm. Most people were wrong. Now everyone wants him and I think his price is too high. Not in our best interest for the future to give up what it would take to get him. Hell, Houston literally just proved that Watson playing at an elite level will only notch you 4 wins if the rest of the team isn't any good. And 68 million of free agency isn't changing that, at least to the extent some believe. The masses are wrong on this one. Giving up the farm for Wats
  5. I doubt we pursue Watson (mostly bc of the asking price and Douglas's love of working the draft) but that isn't what this thread is about. If we go the trade-down route, we will have teams in a high stakes bidding war for the #2 spot. No fewer than 10 teams need QBs and potentially significantly more. Philip Rivers is retiring. Who knows about Big Ben, Brady, and Brees. The Rams have a great team and desperately want to upgrade from Goff while their super bowl window is still open. Matt Ryan's age, etc, etc. With the return value that Douglas has proven he can negotiate in trade (sea
  6. I know it's human nature to live in the moment. Absolutely Fields outperformed Lawrence on the national stage and deserves the spoils. But let's keep it in perspective. There will be no debate in the Jags war room, Lawrence will be selected #1 overall and it won't be close. What impressed me the most is Ohio State's OL. They dominated that game. They made Trey Sermon look like Adrian Peterson and they allowed Justin Fields to make it look easy. If we can bolster our OL a little, on top of a great foundation with Becton, I think we can have similar success. Fields' performance m
  7. bring in legitimate competition for him? If so, would you sign a free agent vet or hedge your bet through the draft? For the 65% who want Sam gone, would you be more accepting of him remaining here in 2021 if we brought in legit competition (i.e. Minshew, Wentz, or draft pick). And would your preference be vet or draft pick for that comp?
  8. In 2016 the Eagles gave the Browns 2 first rounders, a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to move up for Wentz. Take a package like that, Joe Douglas. This is a reasonably deep QB pool in this year's draft. There will be potential gems available AFTER the 1st round. The Jets could trade down, aquire even more draft capital (a lot of it), and still land an intriguing QB to compete with Sam Darnold. I believe, with falling out of the top slot, this is becoming a much more likely strategy. The candidates: -Sam Ehlinger, Texas -Brock Purdy, Iowa St -Jamie Newman, WF -Ian Book
  9. Harbaugh hasn't accomplished squat at Michigan despite huge talent advantages over most of his opponents due to highly rated recruiting classes (an advantage he won't get here). Furthermore his offense is somewhat outdated and not attractive to someone like Trevor Lawrence. His QBs have been mostly unsuccessful compared to their peers, despite (again) being highly rated coming out of high school. It would be like getting a lamborghini and driving it 55 on the highway.
  10. ** Also Sage's brother, Chazz, is one of the best inside linebackers in college football at North Carolina and is currently projected as a 2nd rd pick. Very genetically gifted family. It amazes me that we don't hear more about this sibling combination but you will when both are playing in the NFL.
  11. Sage Surratt is actually my favorite WR in this draft. A specimen physically, he consistently breaks tackles and has an unbelievable ability to track the deep ball and win contested battles. He opted out this year and played at Wake Forest so he's flying under the radar but he will be one with zero bust potential in the NFL and I predict will make multiple pro bowls. He will probably remind Jets fans of a bigger, stronger Jerricho Cotchery. Can be had in the 2nd or 3rd round currently.
  12. FYI - y'all need to just stop debating about Lawrence. In NFL circles he's generational as a prospect so it doesn't matter what fans think. He's the #1 pick by a mile and there isn't a 2nd choice. If the Jets are lucky enough to get him, the only debate is how we go about surrounding him with players so we don't ruin the nicest thing this franchise has had since ever.
  13. Devonte Smith (170+ receiving yards, 2 TD's) Kyle Pitts (3 TD's on 5 receptions, 20 yds/catch) These two, along with Etienne, need to be who we're focused on with the Seattle pick. Studs who can impact our offense day 1 for whoever is our QB in 2021. It's been too long since we've drafted a guy like that. I like our chances that one of them will be available at that Seattle pick.
  14. Honestly, not a bad trio with all 3 healthy. Perriman has to be a re-sign, right? He and Mims on the outside gives defenses problems with their mix of speed and size. I would love to add Chase Surratt to the mix in this year's draft. Or Rondale Moore. Or Kyle Pitts. Just one more piece. But we're not far away at all and that one additional piece could actually make this group elite. Hard to believe I'm actually typing this but I think it's fair.
  15. Are we picking up games on Jax with the S.O.S? *Tennessee beat Baltimore today *Houston beat NE (double benefit for us) *Indy in a close game with Green Bay These are all teams that Jax plays twice. Maybe Denver pulls the upset over Miami. Is it still possible Jax overtakes us? Would be huge if it happens.
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