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  1. I like these guys in order: 1) Michael Pittman Jr 2) Jalen Reagor 3a) Chase Claypool 3b) Laviska Shenault Jr If we wait til round 3/4 I like Tyler Johnson, Vann Jefferson and Lynn Bowden Jr.
  2. The greatest value in this draft is at receiver, which is also one of our two greatest needs. Will Douglas capitalize on this? I think the smart play is going after a big outside threat like Mims, Pittman, or Claypool in round 2. Then targeting a speedster/slot guy that can return kicks like Lynn Bowden Jr or KJ Hamler in rounds 3 or 4. Another guy I really like is Tyler Johnson of Minnesota. Dominated all year in the Big 10 but doesn't get the credit he would've if he played somewhere like Ohio St. Let's hope Douglas doesn't outsmart himself and takes advantage of the quality that will be available.
  3. 1500 yards rushing. Averaging nearly a first down every time he touches the ball. All this while playing in the SEC. Not sure how much more electric you get than that. Just flew wildly under the radar playing at Kentucky.
  4. This guy will be long gone by the 6th round. Something has to be said for production. Playing on a sub-par team, he routinely torched the best defenses in cfb's best conference. He was easily one of the 5 most electric players in cfb last year. If our coach can't find a way to use that, he doesn't belong on the Pee-wee level, let alone NFL.
  5. Really interesting player as a 3rd round receiver. With Pittman climbing everyone's big board, this guy may be next at bat for us. Averaged 8 yards per carry playing in the SEC with almost 1500 total rushing yards and 13 TDS. Basically unstoppable running the wildcat QB in the toughest conf. Excellent WR when doing that full time as well. His playing speed is off the charts. Returns kicks too. Just curious what people think. This is the kind of play making difference maker we haven't had in this offense since the Leon Washington/Brad Smith years. I have to think if he played for Clemson or Bama he would be in the first round discussion.

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