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  1. Am I the only one in this thread who knows Josh Allen's 90.6 QB rating the last two weeks is the best in the entire NFL? Hmmm, but keep telling me how awful he is, how ignorant I am for thinking he's good, and how we should rather have our crotch scrubbed with a herpes-infested wire brush.
  2. A. Acting like a douche bag isn't going to strengthen your argument. B. What is comical is you calling a top 10 pick in the draft a "terrible prospect" as if it's some inarguable fact, despite that ppl who get paid a lot of money to make these decisons obviously disagree and Josh has clearly elevated his team since taking over in his rookie season. I can only imagine you're clinging to this nonsense so tightly because you were the "blowhard" all offseason claiming Allen is Hackenberg 2.0 and apparently you would rather insult others than show the maturity necessary to evolve your opinion.
  3. And Darnold is completing 55% of his passes on the year so they're about the same. Josh seems to be a much bigger threat with his legs. I don't expect for ppl to feel Josh is better but the debate is far from unreasonable, which everyone is making it out to be. Then throw in 3 additional players that could be helping this team and it becomes an even more reasonable discussion.
  4. Does this post get you cool points, even if it's ridiculous and off base? Maybe because the board spoke a year ago and decided Allen sucks and we're all just too lazy or proud to change that opinion? I just don't understand because, objectively speaking, he's outplaying everyone not named Mayfield. But of course this board promised that Josh Rosen was the second coming of Aaron Rodgers sooo.....
  5. Interesting take. I watched the 4th quarter today of the bills/dolphins and Allen was as dynamic and accurate as any rookie I've seen this year. It's interesting because it's as if this board isn't actually watching games or critically thinking on Allen, but rather just regurgitating the same tired arguments from pre-draft. Open your eyes, folks.
  6. Despite many fans' assurances that Josh Allen was the second coming of Christian Hackenberg, he's pretty damn good. While we're being forced to look hard at every move Macc has made to decide if he should continue to guide the ship, and with the inarguable huge blunders of passing on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes last year for a safety, was this another calculated mistake? We're talking about 3 premium picks he surrendered (high second rounders) and also potentially passing on the best QB prospect...again. Personally I love Sam and am still very high on him but it's very debatable whether he's going to be better than Allen. Now bring on the butt fumbles. 😀
  7. Who is off to the best start? Rank in order.
  8. Deebo Samuel (WR, south carolina) please
  9. AP When the Jets were on the clock at pick #4, embattled general manager Mike Maccagnan could have gone in many numerous directions. Still on the board were franchise tackles Jonah Williams (Alabama) and Yodny Cajuste (West Virginia), pass rushing aces Brian Burns (Florida State) and Zach Allen (Boston College), and play making wide receivers N'keal Harry (Arizona State) and AJ Brown (Ole Miss). Also rumored, the Jets fielded calls on multiple trade offers from teams looking to trade up into their slot for a franchise QB, including the Oakland Raiders who offered their first and 2nd rd picks this year as well as their 1st in 2020 for the right to get back to top of round one and draft Daniel Jones, QB Duke. Yet, with all of those possible directions, it was Ed Oliver that Maccagnan says was just too good to pass up. "Well I can't believe he fell into our laps" Maccagnan stated with a wry grin. "He was the overall number one on our big board and it was just too much value to pass on. We feel we won the draft today." The Jets are expected to try to plug their offensive holes in the later rounds of the draft and then later this year with the waiver wire this coming June. Come on guys, you know this is coming. Accept it now and it will hurt less in April.
  10. My guess is we lose out. The ceiling is 5-11 if we pull a small miracle. That will have us drafting somewhere between 1 and 5. We've missed opportunities the last few years to trade back and really re-stock our roster. Macc has continuously crapped himself by telling us the top player in the draft miraculously fell to him and he just couldn't pass it up, which has got us exactly nowhere. We are actually considerably worse than when he started this job. We can't allow the guy who keeps making this mistake over and over to handle the impending trade negotiation this year. Too important. We finally have our QB and some team will fall in love with Herbert or Finley or whoever, and we can't blow the chance to hit a homerun trade just to take the next defensive tackle (barf). Sorry Macc, but deuces. You had your chance.
  11. Pointdexter


    Hold on a second. I think we can all agree that the last time we tried the redshirt thing with our QB it paid off handsomely.
  12. Just to reiterate for all the "macc is comptent" and "mac has brought in good players, it's the coaches fault" crowd. After 4 years: *worst OL in football by a mile *bottom 5 wr group *worst rb group in football Keep this in the context of an NFL that has loaded the deck to favor offenses. And macc has ignored it to the point of where it's a completely empty cupboard. Well except for his new shiny franchise QB that he didn't see fit to surround with anything that gives the poor kid a chance for success. Just terrible.
  13. 4 years. Probably the worst offensive line in professional football. Besides Enunwa the worst collection of Jags at WR in the NFL. On top of all that, I can't think of one team who would trade their RB situation for ours...so add that to the "worst of" pile too. While Sam is having his expected rookie growing pains, it's fair to note Aaron Rodgers wouldn't be having any success with this group. So glad that we keep spending our premium offseason resources on the same positions on defense year after year after year. Hey Macc, in case you haven't noticed it's an offensive league these days. And maybe if we had even a functional one, our prized defense wouldn't be on the field all stinking game.
  14. Pointdexter

    Rosen Rosen!!

    Lol, this arrogant punk, that this board was in love with for some reason, has never played winning football, was extremely overrated, and we should all be doing cartwheels we got the guy we did instead of this future bust.
  15. Pointdexter

    Is anyone still defending Macc?

    Apparently Macc still has his supporters...which is shocking. I guess some fans want to see more picks like Hackenberg in rd 2, or doubling down on safeties when the team lacked legit talent at QB, OLB and OT. Or maybe if we're really lucky we can once again witness releasing our former 1st round defensive lineman just so we can turn around and draft another in the 1st rd the following year. And it never dawns on our GM why we're not getting better.

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