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  1. This is a bunch of bull. Apparently you missed him blowing past Clemson's RT for the strip of Clemson's QB and subsequent scoop & score TD. He literally almost won the game single handedly for FSU that day.
  2. It's just weird to me that this board always seems way more interested in snarky comments and crapping on people's posts than actual discussion. Peace.
  3. This time of year we get overloaded with 40 times, measurements, and how a player "projects". The ol' paralysis by analysis. I try to sort through the clutter and list the 10 best players and hope the Jets get at least one of them. Here is my list: 1) Ickey Ickwonu 2) Jermaine Johnson 3) Kyle Hamilton 4) Sauce Gardener 5) Aidan Hutchinson 6) Tyler Linderbaum 7) Tre McBride 8. Devin Loyd 9) Zion Johnson 10) Evan Neal * My list is weighed heavy by production and not projection. * none of the QBs or receivers are worthy of consideration here. *Edge and OL are the strengths of the draft. * It's admittedly a weak draft at the top but I think we are in position to get one of the few difference makers. Maybe 2 or even 3. * KT is definitely one of the most polarizing players in the draft. Count me as some who feels his bust potential is way bigger than his star potential. Keep in mind that Oregon's biggest win (@Ohio State) was with him on the sidelines watching in street clothes.
  4. It's not like KT is a bad person, I just don't think he fits the culture that Saleh and Douglas is trying to build. I'm far from an insider but I would be shocked if we drafted him, even at 10.
  5. CB is still a premium position? With the rules favoring the offense so dramatically, even the best corners struggle at times. The days of Deion or Revis locking down one side of the field are done.
  6. As a cb I have to admit he checks a lot of boxes. Just shocked at how badly this board wants us to spend a top 10 pick on him for the following reasons: 1) Premium man cover skills are not a must in this defensive scheme. 2) Pressuring the QB, in today's NFL, is way more effective to defending the pass than high end cover guys. Give an NFL QB 3-5 seconds and he will pick even the best corners apart. I would much rather spend a high draft pick on Jermaine Johnson (or someone similar) who can make the QB uncomfortable. 3) Today's NFL is won on offense and we are still way behind other teams with high end players on that side of the ball. I get that people love his nickname. I get that the perceived value of drafting him is very high because of his talent. But let's get a premium player at a premium position if we're drafting top 10. Now if we want to trade back and take a corner, that's a different story.
  7. Can't speak to that bc I never liked Mims as a prospect. I loved Claypool in that class, though. That probably would've worked out ok. No one is saying the 2nd rounders can't miss. It's just that I think the chances of finding a good one there is just as good as the 1st round, at least in this drat.
  8. For what it's worth, in this particular draft, I don't think there's much of a talent gap between the guys projected in the first round vs the second round. Honestly I think guys like Christian Watson, Chris Olave, Treylon Burks, and Jalen Tolbert are just as good of prospects as Garret Wilson and Drake London. Based on draft position, in my opinion, there is a lot more value in waiting until that second group by getting an edge and/or another piece for the OL in rd 1.
  9. I'm surprised there's not more love for Jermaine Johnson. He has the highest floor among the ends in my opinion, to go along with a nice ceiling as well. Never stop motor. High character, work ethic, locker room guy. Fast. Strong. Creates havoc in the backfield almost every play he's in there. He had 11 sacks last year but should probably be credited on at least 22 due to chasing the QB into another player's arms. Player comparison, Johnson vs "Thibs": Sacks - Johnson Run support - Johnson Hustle plays - Johnson Leadership/character - Johnson So why do we love "Thibs" so much? He gets a lot of mileage off preseason hype and draft lists. Makes you think you're getting a bargain I guess. The reality is you're just getting the inferior player in every way.
  10. 1) the best DE in this class is Jermaine Johnson and his character is top notch. 2) "Thibs" will probably be there at 10 and we should still pass. This guy is someone Rex Ryan would have loved. Hopefully we're a smarter organization now.
  11. 6'5 260, fast, athletic, high character, plays balls out on every play. ACC defensive player of the year. Impacted every single game I watched him in and it didn't matter who was trying to block him. Standout on day 1 at the Senior Bowl Becoming very much an option at #10. If he tests well, and he should, I could easily see him be in play at that spot.
  12. Huff is a lock at this point, and I think the Jets struck gold with him as an UDFA. Greater chance he ends up as a starter than gets cut. Worst case scenario, in my opinion, is he becomes a situational 3rd down pass rushing specialist and a very good one.
  13. Hamsah is a really good player. Both skill and attitude. Plays hard and plays downfield. In a lost season where FSU stunk, his injury was taking longer than planned to heal, and covid kept causing stoppages, he had every reason to pack it in and go train for the draft. Instead he was out at practice every day with his teammates, trying to be an extra coach on the field. He earned a lot of respect from Coach Norvell. Hamsah even played the last two games because he loves being out there. The exact opposite of most of the prima donna's today.
  14. Huh? I think you need to learn the difference between "deciding" something and simply a fan giving his opinion on a fan message board (last I checked what this board is here for). But nice work with the triple crying emojis, some serious cool points there. Regarding Crowder's future, I do think it's likely Jets brass will feel a 10 million dollar price tag will be too much for a move the chains rotational receiver. They will want Moore, Mims, and Davis to get reps since they're the future and that development will be important. If Jets are lucky they can get a 2022 pick from a team that suffers some bad injury luck in preseason.
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