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  1. Huff is a lock at this point, and I think the Jets struck gold with him as an UDFA. Greater chance he ends up as a starter than gets cut. Worst case scenario, in my opinion, is he becomes a situational 3rd down pass rushing specialist and a very good one.
  2. Hamsah is a really good player. Both skill and attitude. Plays hard and plays downfield. In a lost season where FSU stunk, his injury was taking longer than planned to heal, and covid kept causing stoppages, he had every reason to pack it in and go train for the draft. Instead he was out at practice every day with his teammates, trying to be an extra coach on the field. He earned a lot of respect from Coach Norvell. Hamsah even played the last two games because he loves being out there. The exact opposite of most of the prima donna's today.
  3. Huh? I think you need to learn the difference between "deciding" something and simply a fan giving his opinion on a fan message board (last I checked what this board is here for). But nice work with the triple crying emojis, some serious cool points there. Regarding Crowder's future, I do think it's likely Jets brass will feel a 10 million dollar price tag will be too much for a move the chains rotational receiver. They will want Moore, Mims, and Davis to get reps since they're the future and that development will be important. If Jets are lucky they can get a 2022 pick from a team t
  4. I actually feel Berrios is one of the few gamers we had on our roster last year. He's the kind of guy who will help you win football games. I love the addition of Elijah Moore. Iron sharpens iron, and let me tell you we now have more iron in our receiving group than we've had in over a decade. Where does this leave Berrios? 1) Corey Davis 2) Denzel Mims 3) Elijah Moore 4) Keelan Cole 5) Braxton Berrios??? 6) Vyncint Smith vs Jeff Smith? *I do predict Crowder gets dealt for a 2022 mid round pick at some point.
  5. Not often DWC can take a victory lap so he's earned this one. Well done. And I think a lot of people agreed with you (me being one of them), it's just most ppl felt it would never happen, especially after drafting a defensive minded head coach. The fact that it has happened says so much about Joe Douglas and Saleh and their understanding of how to build a team. I've never been this excited about the future of my Jets.
  6. It's amazing the need for immediate gratification out of grown men on this site. No discipline. No big picture vision. Just sell out for what feels good today. I'm so thankful that our current Jets leadership does not represent this weakness.
  7. Travis Etienne to the Jets at #23 seems to be gaining a lot of steam. Both Daniel Jeremiah and Chris Trappasso (cbs sports) are now forecasting that in their final pre-draft mock. Personally I think it's a great pick. We haven't had a home run hitter like him since Leon Washington. I've been on record as wanting him or Rondale Moore, but Etienne is proven to be more reliable.
  8. Ok, let's simplify the question. Forget about what the Jets are going to do, I'm more curious what fans would rather have: Fields AND Pitts Or Zach Wilson
  9. Would you rather stay put and take Zach Wilson at #2, or would you risk trading out and go for a combo of Pitts/Suggs/Sewell to go along with Justin Fields later in Rd 1? So you the choice is: A. Wilson B. Fields and Pitts/Suggs/Sewell (plus probably additional future draft capital) *Obviously this is a gamble because you don't know when Fields will be drafted and you could possibly be left out with only Kyle Trask as the next best option.
  10. In today's NFL the name of the game is protecting your own QB and being able to pressure the opposing QB. The Jets have stunk at both for years. J O-M is the most athletic LB in the draft. He will be a terror blitzing off the edge, while also capable of handling rb's and TEs out of the backfield. While I don't love going defense early, the one acceptable reason is to get a guy who ramps up our ability to pressure the QB.
  11. Rest assured that the Jets never take anyone off my list, so if you don't like my mock then this should be pretty reassuring for you. Obviously 2 is a lock but after that it gets interesting. Here goes: 2 - Zach Wilson, QB, BYU 23 - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB, ND (someone who will simultaneously help the pass rush and the coverage unit. Supremely athletic) 34 - Rondale Moore, WR/KR, Purdue - (if healthy, the biggest home run hitter in the draft. May also be the best return specialist day 1) 66 - Liam Eichenberg, OL, ND - (plug and play at RG and insurance for Fant at
  12. Nice to see my boy Surratt on there. Anyone who watched him play knows he's way better than what a stopwatch while running in gym shorts can measure. Anquan Boldin ran a 4.8 and turned out alright. Both physical, smart receivers Also nice to see Rousseau mentioned. He dominated in 2019. Just turn on the tape. Sign me up for Walker Little on day 3. Well worth the risk there. I would pass on Farley. Just don't see Saleh's scheme needing a shutdown man corner, especially over OL, pass rush, and offensive skill positions.
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