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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Lupz sure likes using the Tebow comparison to scare ppl away from Mayfield. I think Deshaun Watson is a much better and closer fit talent-wise. Tebow was always a mack truck style fullback playing QB, running RPO when nobody else was. It was a huge advantage. Furthermore Tebow had vividly awkward, poor throwing mechanics. Mayfield actually has a pretty, compact release and gets it out quick. Personally I just don't get the comparison. If you want to compare Mayfield's floor to Doug Futie, well that's way more fitting. And, fwiw, not a terrible floor.
  2. Baker Mayfield

    Championship pedigree: Not sure if Mayfield/OU wins it all but right now they're one of four teams projected to make it to the coveted cfb playoffs. That's nothing to scoff at. Level of comp: The level of comp is absolutely comparable to Watson's. For one, Mayfield took his OU team up Columbus, OH and beat the tar out of a very good Ohio St team in their own backyard, just this yr. And he will have more chances to prove his worth against non-big12 teams in the cfb playoffs. Macc's feeling on Watson/Mayfield: Last, I would argue that Watson's success (who they reportedly liked and considered) would only further Macc's willingness to roll the dice on Mayfield. Similar players and Watson was on pace for the best rookie year of any QB to play the game....even Macc can do that math.
  3. Baker Mayfield

    The case for Baker Mayfield: 1) He's the best player in cfb. We never take take that guy for some reason. We try to outsmart the room with a Christian Hackenberg type. Last yr Deshaun Watson was the best player in cfb and we passed. While Mayfield is not as good as Watson imo, he's dynamic and makes plays and there are clear similarities btw the two. 2) He's a firey leader. I think his enthusiasm and intensity fits in well with what Jamal Adams brings. These guys love playing football and effort and intensity is not a problem. Great attributes to have out of your team leaders. 3) We won't be in position for Darnold/Rosen. They're going 1-2. And I'm never in favor of paying the ransom to trade up. 4) Josh Allen is overrated. A 56% passer in the MWC conf is downright terrible. What happens when he starts throwing against nfl corners? Accuracy is a big question mark. Didn't we just make that same mistake with Hack? Similarities btw the two are scary and we would be idiots to take the closest thing to a Hack clone in the 2018 draft. 5) Lamar Jackson is overrated. Superb athlete. Has the worst footwork in the pocket of any QB I've seen in a long time. I strongly felt Watson's game translated to the NFL....I do not share the same optimism for Jackson. Mayfield may or may not hit, but he (imo) is the easy clear choice and gives us the best chance. If you take the "Baker Mayfield" in every draft, you will eventually hit on a franchise stud. Put another way, he is the Deshaun Watson of this draft.
  4. There are no Deshaun Watsons in the upcoming draft. This was the best QB in college football the last 2 seasons. This was the guy that ripped mighty Alabama's defense a new one....twice, when it counted the most. The Jets haven't had their own franchise QB in 3 decades. Hack is garbage and everyone knew and still knows it. So DW was right there, staring back at us at #6, a golden opportunity for a true franchise QB of our own, to a team who so desperately needs one. And we draft safety. And, no this isn't hindsight. Most fans who also follow cfb was screaming for this guy. The upside was way too good if it payed off. And we draft safety. Now we choose btw Rosen who emotionally/mentally may be fragile. Or Darnold who has a ton to prove in a sophomore slump. Or Lamar Jackson who looks as uncomfortable in the pocket as any QB I've seen. So shouldn't Macc be held accountable for going safety when even most fans would have got it right with franchise QB??? This miss is as big as trading up for Dewayne Robertson.
  5. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Remember when posters told us over and over again Watson is no better than a 4th round talent in the 2018 draft?? Or when the same posters told us he can't be successful because he only throws it 49mph? Remember when Hackenchise Heads told us that we need to pass on Watson so we can see what we have in Hack first? It's this thinking by Macc that resulted in us passing on Watson and yet again missing an opportunity for a stud franchise QB. Congrats to the Texans, they have the offensive ROY and something special for the next 10-15 yrs. Could have been ours if Macc was better at his job. Throw in Dalvin Cook and we could have the top two ROY vote getters. And, no, this is not hindsight as I predicted Watson-Cook finishing 1-2 in offensive ROY before the season started. Many others did as well.
  6. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    So does Deshaun Watson carving up the defending super bowl champs on the road make him a worthwhile prospect yet, or are we still more impressed with Darnold's success against Cal's vaunted front 7?
  7. Terrance Brooks- Defensive Player of the Week

    Good thing we drafted safeties with our first 2 picks last draft. I mean it's not like we can aquire a journeyman in trade and get comparable or better production.
  8. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Calm down, pal. You seem mad for some reason. No I'm not stupid. Darnold has 7 picks already this year which is not good. And yes many have come on poor decisions, poor throws, or both. Rosen has been better with only 4 picks, which is pretty good considering the amount of attempts he has. The narrative was always these guys are superior prospects to the '17 class. They're not. And, yes, I know this only because I do watch so much cfb and don't rely on the stats.
  9. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Lol at the hypocrisy. Darnold is throwing INTs all over the place, and so is Rosen. And many of the decisons are awful. But now we're giving style points for competing against tough teams. Hell, we're even citing the mighty cal bears defense (ha!) who is historically one of the worst in in the power 5. But when posters pointed out that Watson tore up the best D in cfb 2 years in a row, willing his team to victory and a national championship in the process, that was quickly dismissed. Look, I like Darnold but the evidence that these guys are any better than last year's top prospects is absent.
  10. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Boy oh boy, the shine of the '18 qb class isn't nearly as shiny anymore. Fanboys tried to tell us how Trubisky and Watson and Mahomes and Kizer weren't suitable to hold these guys' jocks. Those of us who are smarter said this isn't the case and if we have a chance to grab a top qb THIS YEAR we should do it. Never make the mistake of 'wait til next year' because things change too quickly.
  11. Pre-preseason predictions

    JetNut, just curious....where are you now? Still a "fantasy list"?? Also, Is being a SOJF synonymous with being objective and correct? Or was it just too tempting for you to pass up throwing personal insults at a fellow Jets fan for giving good, accurate analysis?
  12. 3 and 2

    Weren't you one of the guys getting ornery with me (and others) when implying Hack was a dud?
  13. 3 and 2

    People don't fully understand just how bad this Jets team is. Like historic bad.
  14. Pre-preseason predictions

    Just thought I'd check on my predictions from way back in July. So far it looks like: 1) (mostly right) Both guys starting for their respective teams which is impressive. Cook will be a star and almost definitely in the running for ROY. Watson needs to step up a bit but he will have every opportunity. 2) (somewhat right) Adams is a good leader and a good player but not a great decision at #6 considering the value and circumstances of being able to trade back. 3) (100% right) Safety-safety strategy will be mocked for years to come. 4) (somewhat right) We are not good enough on D to win 4-6 games. The Hack stuff is 100% spot on. He's terrible and most of us knew this way back when. 5) (right) Forte is washed up and our ground game isnt good. We should have addressed RB with Cook or one of the others. 6) (mostly right) OL is decent but not great. LBs are avg but not complete disaster. Still need upgrades at both spots. 7) (somewhat right) WRs are jags. Hansen does not appear to be emerging so far. We'll see as year goes on. 8) (100% right) Nailed this one even though it was an unpopular take at the time. 9) (butt fumble ) Wilk is a lazy bum that will be let go soon.
  15. I don't want to say it but

    Oh man, I honestly wished I lived in your world of blissful and ignorant optimism. Our team is terrible. One of the worst in recent memory. If we win, it's because the turnover God's are hugely in our favor that day. Wouldn't count on it though.