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  1. Interesting comment considering I've always felt that you are one of the worst posters on this board, however I've also always believed in civil discourse and not resorting to personal insults. Too bad your obvious insecurities prevents you from exercising the same principle. I guess I shouldn't expect much from someone who spends as much time on an internet msg board as you have here. I can't imagine too much good is going on for you outside of jetnation. Peace. I will not be discussing with you moving forward.
  2. You're living in fantasy land if you think this wknd matters for dick in the long term development of Darnold or this franchise Lose this game and we have a chance to make a trade in the draft to a QB hunggry team (and yes some QB will elevate) that can be franchise changing. We're locked into 3 at worst, have a good chance at 2, and an outside chance at 1. But we got to lose. Sorry if I see a bigger picture than you.
  3. Excellent point. "Learning to win" is such a stupid overused cliche. Darnold has had plenty of reps and will get plenty more all offseason. What's "moronic" is trotting him out there to either wreck our draft position (best possible outcome) or get hurt in a meaningless December game (worst outcome).
  4. Talk to me after our "everything" QB breaks his leg in 2 places in a meaningless game because our OL stinks so bad. Just remember you need to be the last person to bitch if that happens.
  5. Good. I'd sit Robbie Anderson and Darnold too. This week has to be tank city. Anyone who wants us to win this one doesn't get it and enjoys living in NY Jets groundhogs day.
  6. So what you're saying is that well run organizations like the Packers are smart enough to not risk the franchise in a meaningless game? In that case I'm sure Macc and Bowles will trot Darnold out there thinking that if they can only win this game they will prove that their showing improvement.
  7. Nothing left to prove. Jets have a future stud QB and he's only 21, getting him hurt would be a disaster. Offensive line is nicked up and wasn't very good at full health anyways. Right now we sit at pick 3 with an excellent chance to slide into #2 or even #1 with two losses, and control the draft. Play our young guys. Let's see what we have with Davis Webb as a potential #2 next year. I just see no point in risking the one franchise piece we've had in forever, with the reward being winning that 5th game, so we fall to pick 6 and grab DT Ed Oliver, while listening to that idiot Maccagnan claiming he won the draft. Why do that when we can be in position to orchestrate a trade that recoups a 2nd rounder and an extra first next year?
  8. We are so close to a franchise altering draft status. If we lose next wk to Green Bay (definitely not winning the following wk in Foxboro) then we are guaranteed no worse than 4th. But the chances of Ariz, Oakland and SF all losing out are nil. Lose to Green Bay and my guess is we are sitting at 2 or 3 in this next draft. Macc needs to resist the temptation to take Bosa and trade down (for a ransom) with a QB hungry team. My favorite receiver in this draft is Deebo Samuel of South Carolina. Add him, a real RB, bolster the OL, and we are rolling.
  9. AP When the Jets were on the clock at pick #4, embattled general manager Mike Maccagnan could have gone in many numerous directions. Still on the board were franchise tackles Jonah Williams (Alabama) and Yodny Cajuste (West Virginia), pass rushing aces Brian Burns (Florida State) and Zach Allen (Boston College), and play making wide receivers N'keal Harry (Arizona State) and AJ Brown (Ole Miss). Also rumored, the Jets fielded calls on multiple trade offers from teams looking to trade up into their slot for a franchise QB, including the Oakland Raiders who offered their first and 2nd rd picks this year as well as their 1st in 2020 for the right to get back to top of round one and draft Daniel Jones, QB Duke. Yet, with all of those possible directions, it was Ed Oliver that Maccagnan says was just too good to pass up. "Well I can't believe he fell into our laps" Maccagnan stated with a wry grin. "He was the overall number one on our big board and it was just too much value to pass on. We feel we won the draft today." The Jets are expected to try to plug their offensive holes in the later rounds of the draft and then later this year with the waiver wire this coming June. Come on guys, you know this is coming. Accept it now and it will hurt less in April.

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