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  1. Pointdexter

    Can we talk receivers?

    Lol. The mere fact that I received 5 "butt fumbles" on what is a reasonable take to anyone who follows football not wearing green goggles speaks to the level of homerism on this board. Never said we sucked. Never said we have a bunch of useless bums. Just said it's time to PRIORITIZE an upgrade after drafting an elite prospect at QB. Pretty darn fair observation, ppl.
  2. Pointdexter

    Can we talk receivers?

    It really can't be said much better than this.
  3. Pointdexter

    Can we talk receivers?

    Correct. Trading up for Sam Darnold and then rolling with jags and journeymen wr's (which is what we have currently, no matter how green some of you want to color your Jets goggles) is a crime. Get this dude some weapons. Same can be said for the OL. Needs a huge upgrade next year. I would like to see these two areas be the offseason priority, in a refreshing change from our annual focus on d-line and defensive backfield.
  4. I think enunwa is a bit overrated by Jets nation because he was the only decent wr 2 yrs ago. And I can't expect a heck of a lot after the injury he went through. Good player but far from great. Richie Anderson is a ticking time bomb, and more of a one-trick pony than he is a complete receiver. Ok, but not great. Neither Hansen or Stewart showed much in their rookie seasons. I like Kearse as a role player. Bottom line is not much with this group. Definitely nothing to be excited about. Now that we've gone all in on Darnold, I would think the next step is making a major commitment to upgrade this group next off-season.
  5. Weird. No one has been more critical of Macc than myself. Now all of the sudden I'm "stroking him" because I'm objectively pointing out that he's upgrading the character and leadership on this team? It doesn't change my criticisms, for which there many, and it doesn't change his track record which sucks, but I like that we're getting rid of the high priced dead weight. And I like that we're replacing them with guys who are humble and want to work hard. And couple that with finally grabbing a franchise QB, things are looking up. Sorry if this positivity upsets you so much.
  6. Lol, really thought this would be a thread we could all agree on. While I understand Macc has made mistakes, the bigger picture here is he is successfully changing the culture, a poor one that extends back from well before he got here. One that we haven't seen since the Parcells/Mangini days where guys police themselves and the leaders of the team are dudes you can count on.
  7. Jets have been full of knuckleheads for the last decade +. Some of the lowlights: *Santonio Holmes distraction *Brandon Marshall dustraction *Fitzmagic holding out and missing valuable off-season. *Players holding a coup for their love of fitz. Decker, Marshall, etc *Brett Favre dick pics *Muhammed Wilkerson lazy, late, and a team cancer. *Mevis 2.0. (As if the first stint of this guy didn't tell us where his priorities lined) *Sheldon...where do I even begin with this knucklehead. Anyways, you get the point. I could go on for days. Macc has systematically cleaned house. In place are guys like Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold, who are fantastic leaders, not just good football players. Team culture is shifting and I think we can all feel that happening in a positive direction. What made me compelled to post this is a quote I read from Nathan Shepherd, a guy who was working min wage jobs to pay for college that eventually led him here. The quote, "'I think that whatever the opportunity the Jets have for me is going to be more than enough for me,'' Shepherd said. ''If they need help in a certain area, then I would certainly feel honored that they would come and look to me for that.'' While I didn't initially like the pick, how can you not love this attitude? And Fats is just as solid and humble. Compare these two attitudes to the two we just sent packing in Mo and Sheldon. We're a better team for it. So while Macc has made his share of blunders (cough Hack), I have to give credit where it's due here. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/shepherd-fatukasi-could-big-impact-jets-d-line-223340696--nfl.html
  8. Says the president of the Rosen fan club? The kid is going to flame out in Ryan Leaf proportions.
  9. https://sports.yahoo.com/browns-exec-josh-rosen-something-023705821.html
  10. He never won jack squat in college. Never elevated his team. Never could stay healthy. His own coach had weird, tepid praise for him that begged the listener to read btw the lines. Herbstreit, who is cfb's most plugged in talking head, felt Darnold and Mayfield would've got more out of UCLA as the QB there, but didn't feel Rosen could've matched the success of his peers if he was on USC/OU. Browns VP just said regarding Rosen, "something about him bothered me." With all these giant red flags he was by far the board's darling leading up to draft. Posters acted like Macc would be an idiot to take Mayfield over Rosen. I just don't get it. Maybe follow the leader?
  11. Pointdexter

    Welcome Nathan Shepherd

    Macc gonna Macc. Maybe one day this idiot will wake up and realize we need to build up the offense. I'm sure Darnold is just thrilled with this pick.
  12. Pointdexter

    jet fans forget the jets free agent signings

    The OP is saying that fans are quick to forget we plugged a lot of holes in fa, which lessens the need for those 2nd rounders we lost in the Darnold trade. At least that's what I think he's saying.
  13. Pointdexter

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    Rosen is a schmuck. Felt this way all along. Won jack squat in college. Herbstreit talked about how his team would have been more successful with Mayfield/Rosen but the same wouldn't be true if Rosen went to Ok/USC. Look at the way Rosen's own coach talked about him. And yet, after all this, he still acts like a pompous ass. Tells you all you need to know. Hey Josh, win something before you give the arrogance that goes along with winning.
  14. Did you read my previous post? They basically all had him #1 until his injury. The rankings you are listing are post-injury. And not a big deal but just as an fyi...247 is by far considered the industry standard these days because they use composite rankings of all the major services. And yes, the article linked above from cbs sports was a 247 ranking.
  15. Um no, that article had it right but thx for the offer to do more research, lol. He was the consensus #1 player in the country on just about every ranking service's board before horrifically blowing out his knee his senior season. With a potentially career ending injury, most services (rightfully) dropped him in their rankings. And just to show you I'm a nice guy, I did your "research" for you. Starting his senior year as the top-rated prospect in the country by ESPN,[3] Sweat registered 25 tackles, 11 tackles for loss, and eight sacks in the first two games of the season. During the third game of the season, against Western Branch High School, Sweat suffered a season-ending injury as he dislocated his knee and tore his ACL.[4] He underwent reconstructive surgery in New York performed by New York Giants team physician Russell Warren, before graduating from Oscar Smith in December 2014 to enroll early in college. Initially being regarded the top prospect of his class, Sweat fell in the rankings after his injury. He dropped to No. 11 in ESPN's final ranking of the class of 2015 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josh_Sweat