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  1. Pointdexter

    Is anyone still defending Macc?

    Apparently Macc still has his supporters...which is shocking. I guess some fans want to see more picks like Hackenberg in rd 2, or doubling down on safeties when the team lacked legit talent at QB, OLB and OT. Or maybe if we're really lucky we can once again witness releasing our former 1st round defensive lineman just so we can turn around and draft another in the 1st rd the following year. And it never dawns on our GM why we're not getting better.
  2. I mean this is year 4 of his crapfest. Our roster is STILL worse than when he took over despite Idzik's "rainy day" piggy bank and multiple high draft picks at the top of each round. Macc has taken all that money and all he has to show for it is short 2 year rentals on players in the twilight of their career like Brandon Marshall, Erick Decker, Matt Forte, Fitzmagic, McCown and Darrelle Revis. All but McCown are no longer on the team. The rest of the money was squandered on overvalued role players like Buster Skrine and Isaah Crowell. The draft capital was criminally wasted on safeties, DT's, and horrible reaches like Hackenberg and Devin Smith. Meanwhile OL was unfathomably ignored and is beyond poor. WR's scare no one. RB situation might be the worst in the league. Our one valuable piece on offense (Darnold) has zero chance to be successful. And in year 4 in a GM's tenure, during the fa era, that is just flat unacceptable. Bye bye Macc daddy.
  3. Pointdexter

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    Boy, I agree. Everybody is completely focused on the tangible result of 1 net yard on field position. Very few, and what I would consider more insightful among us, understand the emotional impact it had on the game. People don't want to hear this but things like this are the reason the Patriots are the Patriots and the Jets are the Jets. It's not simply Tom Brady. Fellow fans have laughed at me and called me clueless for my take on this thread, but Crowell would have a pink slip in his locker if he played in Boston. And that should say a lot to our fans who want to start a culture of winning in NY.
  4. Pointdexter

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    A lot of personal insults in this thread. Won't bother going through and cherry picking them but I would expect better from the mods to police that. Just no need to call people dumb, clueless, etc because some may have differing opinions. Civility and decency is a dying ideal in this country. Of course we're in a thread that centers around a professional football player celebrating a TD by pretending he defecated on a football...so there you have it.
  5. Pointdexter

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    It amazes me how many of you don't get it. As pointed out by BornJets, Cro basically said I don't care about winning this game. Or at the very least he said I don't care about winning more than I care about me and my axe to grind with Browns fans. Bowles, when he trotted that selfish a-hole back out there on the next series, basically said I don't care either. Making dumb penalties and hurting your team at the expense of personal vendettas is A-OK. What a message to the team! From there, do some of you guys think that maybe it filtered down to other members of the team? Maybe some of them were pissed that Cro apparently doesn't give a sh*t? Do of any of you guys think that the Cro play might have had something to do with 2 straight personal foul penalties that followed? Do any of you maybe have it dawn on yourselves that a culture of stupidity, selfishness, and lack of accountability is being established on 1 Jets Drive. Or, more accurately, a culture of stupidity, selfishness, and lack of accountability is being allowed to endure? Any of you think TB and/or Macc should do something about it?
  6. In a 2 score game with a legitimate shot to get a tough road win, Cro put his imaginary feud with Cleveland fans over his teammates, Jets fans, and the organization by WILLINGLY compromising our chance to win. He knew those 15 yards on a kickoff are huge, especially at the end of the half. And he knows that the LAST thing you want to do is give the home team some hope and get the fans back into it going into halftime. Yet he did it anyways. So show a f****** spine TB and Macc and make a damn point. Get rid of him. Make the statement that ANY player not 100% dedicated to winning football games, and ONLY winning football games, will be gone. Putting yourself before the team, let alone in a crass gesture that embarrasses the organization, is automatic dismissal. To me, anything short of this reflects the poor leadership by Macc and Bowles.
  7. Have you changed your expectation for this season based on week 1. Schedule is extremely favorable. 4 games still to go with buffalo and miami. Colts, Browns, Bears and Broncos all on the schedule. What do y'all think? Is my online bet that I placed for over 6 win total safe?
  8. Now we have what looks like a legit NFL QB, and we have him for the next 15 yrs, priority 1 should be putting pieces around him to be as successful as possible. It could be an impending FA or a college player eligible for the draft, but who would you like to see the Jets make a run at to build this offense?
  9. Some interesting responses. I thought there would be more Mahomes love. Also no mention of Trubisky. He's on a terrible team but I think he's sneaky good. Will be interesting to see the jump he takes in yr 2.
  10. Who would it be and why? The contenders: Mitchell Trubisky Pat Mahomes Deshaun Watson Baker Mayfield Josh Allen Josh Rosen Lamar Jackson
  11. While just preseason and his stats were pedestrian (like Darnold), he has shown he belongs. That TD pass last night where he avoids the rusher in the pocket and snaps off a rope in the back of the endzone, was a thing of beauty. All yr posters were calling him Hack 2.0. Hack never showed in 2 years what Allen has shown in 2 games. I'm not saying he's a future all-pro anytime soon, but he's at minimum a starter in this league with huge upside for more. Don't feel bad though, ya'll. You're in good company...Jalen Ramsey thought he was trash too.
  12. Pointdexter

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    The collective crush this board has with Josh Rosen will always be an enigma to me. He's a statue in an era that favors mobility at the QB spot. He's arrogant and polarizing. Has a spotty injury history that includes concussions. And he never won dick in college. Yet ppl still gush over him like he's a lock for canton. Meanwhile most on this board dogged D Watson at every turn, dismissing his legitimate accomplishments in college (that rosen never sniffed), and look how that turned out. Bottom line is we got one of the 2 best QBs to come out in the last 3 qb classes. Huge for the jets. Hopefully macc won't eff it up and will start investing in top shelf OL and skill players this offseason.
  13. Pointdexter

    Should the Jets draft another QB in 2019?

    Wow, so we're all good in the developmental QB dept? No need to have any young QBs on the roster in case Darnold gets hurt or fails to pan out? Just sign some more castoff-journeymen to be the back up and we're all set. Brilliant.
  14. The answer is yes. My guess is Bridgewater is traded before next draft and McCown retires/moves on. While Darnold looks to be the real deal, you don't put all your eggs into one basket. And you need depth. I think a 3rd or 4th rd QB next year makes a lot of sense. Any early favorites, Jetnation?

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