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  1. Allen Hurns Released

    I like Jordan Matthews the best but Hurns is definitely a nice alternative. Like him better than Pryor.
  2. Teddy says hi!

    I'm definitely more excited about him than most Jets fans. Has an excellent chance to be the guy. More than most are giving him credit for. My thought is it will be fascinating to see what Macc does about extending him if he has a big year and Rosen/Mayfield is waiting in the wings.
  3. For me this move is for Rosen, especially on the heels of his impressive pro day where he displayed wind/bad weather doesn't affect his ability to throw. Since they can't control what happens at 2, if Rosen gets plucked I think the Jets are prepared to take Mayfield/Allen as a consolation and feel good about it. But the target is Rosen. Barkley is not plan B, it will be one of the other 2 QBs. Jumping to 3 ensures the Jets will not be on the clock with all 4 top QBs gone, which could have happened at 6. That would have been a death sentence for Macc's career, so he took the possibility off the table.
  4. I think we probably have a bottom 5 OL group. We didn't really bring anyone of note in through fa. Now the best we can do to help in the draft is the 3rd rd. And I think it's very possible we go defense with that 3rd rd pick. The good news is we will have two potential franchise QBs. Btw Bridgewater and Rosen/Mayfield/Allen we have a good chance to finally have a stud. And I'm stoked about that. Good onya Macc. The bad news is I'm not sure the QB is set to succeed anytime soon. We didn't improve our brigade of jags at WR. RB is avg at best. And OL has the potential to be atrocious. I understand Rome wasn't built in a day. Maybe the June cuts will yield something for us.
  5. Yes, it's clearly just the negativity of the pessimistic board posters. Has nothing to do with 6 wins or less in 3 of the last 4 seasons, while somehow not accumulating any young studs at QB, OL, TE, OLB, or RB, despite multiple high draft picks and the most money in the NFL to throw at free agents. Seriously, ppl think us Jets fans revel in the garbage roster management our GMs throw at us? It makes me sick. And I'm sorry me (and others) vocalizing our sick makes you have to hear/face reality.
  6. This is exactly it. And it wouldn't be half as annoying if this was a one-off situation. Nope, it's the same turd sandwich we have to swallow every year. Completely whiff and/or neglect offensive difference makers. And can we pls stop with the "what did you want them to do" posts. I want them to acquire good offensive players. I want them not to fail year after year after year in this regard. The same ppl commending Macc for clearing 90 mill of space, cannot then turn around and make excuses for him when he can't turn it into an improved roster.
  7. Am I the only one still underwhelmed? Yes, our secondary is better.....our never-ending mission to expend premium resources into the secondary is delivering what appears to be a good group. I know this makes Bowles happy. But seriously is this a win? How many premium draft picks and fa dollars have we dumped into this? Heck, 3 first or 2nd rd draft picks at safety alone in the last 5 yrs. I can't even begin to tally the fa $. So where does our OL stand after the 90 million of available dollars to spend? How about the improvement to our jag-ridden WR group? Does anyone think Crowell over Powell is a significant improvement? How about that pass rusher we've been searching for the past decade? This is what 90 mill delivered? Bowles' all-star d-backfield? Freaking fantastic. I'm not saying they miserably failed, far from it, but anyone thinking this team is significantly improved after fa is crazy.

    Yes. And let's draft Minkah #1 just to ensure Bowles can finally run "his defense".
  9. Trade Up Now or Wait For The Draft?

    I'm in minority but against trading up. Any package to do so will cost next yrs #1 and that is going to be a premium and extremely valuable resource. We must hold onto that at all costs. Also, I think standing pat and waiting at #6 is a great strategy. I predict some combo of Mayfield, Allen, and Barkley will be sitting there. Either of those 3 would be considered a great get.
  10. I like Bridgewater, Tres Burton, and Jordan Mathews on that list. All reasonable contracts and guys who are young with upside. With Bridgewater, you can still draft Mayfield/Allen and let them battle it out. Teddy is not a guy you put all your eggs into his basket, but he's a darn good B.
  11. Then call me crazy. You have to ask yourself, would Belichick put up with this circus side show? Nope. There's consequences to actions and it's a good precedent to set when running a professional organization.
  12. McShay Mock 3.0

    Rosen at 15? Baker at 11? Just can't see it. My QB rankings as of today: 1) Mayfield 2) Allen 3) Darnold 4) Rosen 5) Jackson I think too many ppl here are gun-shy of high upside qbs with low college accuracy %. I was the biggest anti-hack fan on the msg boards the year he came out. I knew he sucked. Knew it. Allen is not Hack...by a long shot. He has real potential. My two cents, fwiw.
  13. Jamal Adams vs Derwin James

    Nope. Going at Macc. Jamal is fine for what he is, a nice player...a nice piece om our defense. But the relative cluelessness of a GM who takes an ok athlete to play box safety at #6, while passing on franchise QBs, is worth critiquing. Adams is not even nearly the prospect that James is, and nobody will take James as high as #6. That's the point. And it's relevant to point out.
  14. Jamal Adams vs Derwin James

    It must be all that culture of winning UnitedWho is talking about. Just step foot on campus and it improves your 40 time by 3 tenths of a second.
  15. Jamal Adams vs Derwin James

    Yes, exactly the point. Most of Jets fans wanted this last year. Macc felt he knew better.