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  1. Forte would be gone if we take a RB in 1st round
  2. http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/354693/report-jets-have-some-interest-in-cutler?ls=roto:NFL:topheadlines Don't be surprised if this is the guy. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora continues to report the Jets have "some interest" in Jay Cutler if/when he's released by the Bears. "They believe he can play in the elements that are a reality in the AFC East, and they like his moxie and arm talent," writes La Canfora. "And that was well before the Jets hired Jeremy Bates as their quarterback coach." Bates and Cutler have mutual affinity after working together in Denver and Chicago. The current Jets regime needs to find a way to put wins on the board to save their jobs. No quarterback currently on the roster or in the draft will be able to do that, so Cutler makes some sense as a veteran bridge. La Canfora also mentions the Bills, 49ers, Dolphins, Texans, Jaguars, and Browns as potential landing spots for Cutler.
  3. QB change sends a message to the team...everybody gotta step their game up. Give O Line a few days to rally around the change and hopefully clean some things up and who knows. Baltimore can be thrown on. Geno has some chemistry with 2nd team preseason guys Peake, Anderson, Marshall...also has Brandon Marshall and Enunwa, so he has weapons. Never know. Id say its more likely they beat Baltimore that way than with Fitz......he just looks flat bad.
  4. Look they are 1-5 and look horrible. QB change makes sense to me. Geno had the job before he was knocked out (broken jaw) by sucker punch from teammate . Fitz played well and Geno rode the pine...but now the team is 1-5 and Fitz looks like sh*t. If not now then when?
  5. Marshall is all in with Fitz........Fitz deserves another shot in Pittsburgh. He pulls a win out of his ass there he is the QB.....if he loses and looks bad doing so then all bets are off.
  6. I'm starting to lose faith in this coaching staff to be honest
  7. Can anyone remember a worse statistical day than 18 receptions on 41 attempts including 5 interceptions with 1 TDs? Just curious. All the analysts ripped Tebow when he had less than 50% completions etc.....but he won games and never threw 5 picks. Fitz had 43% completion stats with FIVE picks and ZERO TDs today. I mean.....wow, what a BAD game. :-/ bad day to be sure. Hopefully its an anomaly....if not we may be seeing Smith sooner than we think. Yikes!
  8. At best! Coaching, QB play, even the defense....VERY unimpressed today.....less than 500 team today. Unless they have some miracle comeback in them now in final 5 minutes they had better somehow find a way to rebound next week vs Seattle and have a surprisingly good game or this team at 1-3 traveling to Pittsburgh then Arizona = nail in the coffin.
  9. Stuck with that stupid 4-2 front when it clearly wasn't working......I agree this loss was on the coaches. 100%
  10. Running game...if we can establish Forte on the ground I like our chances
  11. Tomorrow should tell a lot...should be a great gauge as Cinci is clearly one of the top teams in the AFC...so if we can somehow squeak out a W tomorrow then maybe. Lets see how the running games goes against a quality defense. That will be very telling
  12. I shockingly picked Jets to win 12 games....starting out 3-3 and only losing to Pats away from there on out. Sounds too good to be true but going game by game thats what i think (provided they stay healthy and can establish a good running game).
  13. I kind of agree the success of this team will be predicated on their ability to run the football.
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