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  1. On that short screen…when Zach threw the ball right into the turf…I wondered if an NFL QB has ever suffered from the “yips?” God forbid.
  2. Bills are good.. that throw by Allen a couple min ago was unreal. Firing Rex Ryan…awful with Buffalo…was a turning point.
  3. What kind of start has it been for Lawrence? has Jones had the best start of the 1st year QBs?
  4. Nightmare home opener…. Didn’t expect the Jets to look this bad.. Especially Wilson and the offense
  5. Of the new QBs…who had the best day…and who had the worst? fairly sure Trevor Lawrence didn’t have the best.
  6. I wouldn’t say Sam played great. 4-14 on third downs but he was solid. Zach has a chance to be elite. Sam…a chance to be middlin
  7. The good We saw how good Zach can be. He really showed his arm talent and guts…on those last couple of drives. I think he’s special. The bad.. obviously the O-line. Becton is likely done until 2022..and the group as a whole played terribly
  8. I’m willing to give this team a mulligan youngest team in the NFL…and playing like it biggest concern though..is the OLine just dreadful today
  9. Can we get some points to make this respectable? D has made some plays…. Big sack there
  10. What I expect to be frustrating is seeing Saleh throw in the white towel…by just running the ball fruitlessly now…with occasional short safe passes all to protect his young QB
  11. Ok.. that was just horrendous but…let’s wait to see improvement in the second half … the game won’t be won…. Carolina D is overwhelming our offense and O-line in particular ..
  12. Horrendous offense…mostly ..if not entirely.. due to an inept performance by the O-Line. 80 total yards 17 yards rushing on 10 attempts doesn’t get much worse Simply awful first half of football by our Jets..
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