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  1. What a nightmare of a head coach up in Buffalo. Just ask any Bills fan. He destroyed the Bills D. His Jets defense was best known for not being able to get off the field on 3rd and long. Rex was temporarily a good head coach for the Jets...until he had a heavy hand in picking his players. They had to get rid of him. it’s hard to believe there are Jets fans who actually would welcome him back. There’s a good reason he will never be hired again to coach an NFL team...
  2. Hasn’t changed. I looked. “unavailable”...when I put in my address. condo community In So Jersey ...so direct tv is not available as an option...nor is the Ticket available ..via other means. in essence...the NFL is telling me...(during Covid)... Sorry, you can only watch the Eagles...when they are playing So..forced to look for those shaky, risky streams. sports bars..of course..are not an option during the pandemic. Thanks NFL.
  3. I live in So Jersey near Philly. Without the availability of Direct TV..I normally would go to a local sports bar to watch the Jets. But now, I have to find a reliable stream... Fubo? Hulu? Or will Jets games still be blocked...due to this Eagles market I live in?
  4. Scott Norwood. A freshman at James Madison University ...in 1978 I was his residence hall director. Quiet kid. Read he suffered from depression sometime after his missed kick. unfairly chastised... 47 yarder was no gimme... especially back almost 40 years ago
  5. Have to have Direct TV..to buy Sunday Ticket...right? ...not available in my condo community in So Jersey and Sports bars are not a good idea...during Covid so...illegal stream is the only way? what country do I live in?
  6. During Covid....not going down to the local sports bar...to watch my Jets. Without Direct TV...what’s the best alternative for viewing....? ........a Jets fan near Philly in So Jersey
  7. Bound to lose a game ..maybe 2...with a less than avg kicker. i don’t get it.
  8. Hopefully a vaccine will be available by this time next year... but that may be a bit too optimistic. im a afraid an expected second wave will wipe out the ‘20 season but the 2021 football season should be a normal one...given its 16-17 months away
  9. I’m a fan of Joe Ds draft...but just have to hope that the late round WR he finally drafts ...will make the team. And possibly we get lucky with a free agent.
  10. I never get too excited about a guy who lights up the combine...more than the football field. supposedly ...according PFF
  11. The next 3? Shouldn’t we select a corner for 1 of those 3?

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