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  1. I know Watson is good, but I haven’t seen him play much...so I’m leaning toward trusting the consensus opinion. Where does he rank with the game’s QBs? Top 5? He’s only 25...so he’s very valuable...in that regard.
  2. Very interesting to read the view of a few fans here...who believe that from the point of view of “translating to the NFL”...Fields was actually unimpressive last night. That he had a very good college game..but actually a pretty poor game... from an NFL evaluator’s perspective. We can assume then ..that a review of his performance by insiders...pro evaluators...etc...will mirror that view..for the most part. That Field’s performance was actually alarming...by several measures. We’ll find out.
  3. Interesting take...that Fields actually did not have a good game last night. He was not impressive. Because if I didn’t see the game...and just took your quote as gospel...I would think he was pretty bad. I’ll be curious to read and hear what insiders and pro evaluators thought about his performance... maybe you are right. I’m open minded on it...not being an expert in the least.
  4. Fields showed how tough and resilient he is last night. Also, many of his throws were over 20 yds and on the money. TL is very impressive...with superior arm talent. However, I’d like to see a game where he showed what Fields put on display last night. Can someone point me to such a game?
  5. Interesting to see how TL responds to adversity Fields answered that question tonight
  6. Lawrence is obviously very talented. But does he have “it”? Maybe he does. It’s the intangible. The mental toughness.. Resilience Fields showed tonight that has “it”. Gutty performance. Inspiring. tonight is a good night for our Jets
  7. Yep.. I had Wilson at 2.. but this performance can’t be ignored.
  8. “I dont understand the Zach Wilson fascination on this board, personally. Sure, there is some stuff to like but compared to Fields, nah. You're comparing and all world athlete to a Johnny Manziel.” JiF ok.. you could be right. But your take makes me wonder what all the football insiders think...? They can be wrong, of course...but not sure I’ve read that many think Fields over Wilson is a no-brainer. fascinating game to watch tonight...
  9. Cracks me up to read some fans derogatory comments made toward Wilson. In part...down on him because he looks 16 years old. reminds me of the scene in Money Ball...with all the old school scouts sizing up a player’s confidence based on the degree of attractiveness of his girlfriend.
  10. Umm...Josh Allen on that last 95 yd drive for a TD? wow elite
  11. Physical tools seem to check out...so if this kid also has “moxie”...I’m in!
  12. I like Sam..but I think this middle school looking kid has it over him. At the same time...you draft Sewel ...and you have more of a chance to bring out the best in Sam. Brady is an all-time QB...arguably the best ever...because, in part, he could sit in a rocking chair behind his offensive line to make throws...95% of the time.
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