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  1. I believe there’s some truth to that. He seems over his head.
  2. Really down on Gase everytime they show him...he’s just staring ahead....not speaking to anyone.. no one speaking to him defense has shown up.. offense...a mess
  3. It does get comical i mean if this wasnt my team...I’d be getting a kick out of how bad an offense can get.
  4. Don’t care about injuries. Offense shouldn’t look this awful. Gase is an awful play caller.
  5. I now live outside the NY area...and have been a Jets fan since Namath arrived. I can’t get Direct TV..but would, if I could. It just seems crazy that I can’t watch my team live...unless I go to a bar..or find some illegal stream that will infect my computer. Big fan..so willing to pay a decent amount. Am I missing a way to watch my team live each Sunday? Seems needlessly complicated.
  6. This is pathetic Gase getting outsmarted with ease its not just the personnel
  7. Pats (Belichick) are just so much smarter than everyone else. they had absolute confidence that the block and release of the tightend would fool his cover guy. its all about fooling the opposition
  8. I actually think the team will rally after this disastrous stretch of games and finish 6-10. thinking it will be much better than that is delusional
  9. Browns and Mayfield didn’t impress me much. Sam doesn’t contract Mono...and I think we are sitting at 2-0.
  10. Ok time to cash this game in we have...right now...the worst offense in football... by a mile

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