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  1. Greg555

    Quinnen Williams

    Hard to argue picking the best player in the draft at 3. He can get into the backfield ..pressure the QB and stuff the run.
  2. Greg555

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Just like last week v Chargers at least on opening drive perfect execution. Brilliantly coached. Makes me sick lotta game to go...but that 8 min opening drive may have set the tone
  3. Greg555

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Pats executing perfectly 8-9 min drive leading to a TD
  4. Greg555

    Press Conference

    Just watched the Kay interview. I like the guy more now..and the hire. Yes..he’s intense. Even in a more relaxed interview setting..his body language is tense and tight. but he sounds like he has a burning desire to help guys succeed. That’s his source of satisfaction. I think he’ll be great working with Sam. I did get a kick out of the presser..with his crazy eyes..but that’s over now for me. Probably a tic. Now ..let’s get Williams and then some players.
  5. I’m hoping this works out real well...as all of us do...but I gotta say..I’ve been literally LOL ..watching a replay of the presser..and reading the posts here.
  6. Greg555

    Simms on Gase and Bart on Bowles

    Bowles was a bad head coach...but Rex ultimately took the ship down too after early success. And Rex’s Jets Defenses were over-rated. I remember they couldn’t get off the field on 3rd and long a million times. i see comments here that begin..”at least Rex”...this “at least Rex” that. Rex was a poor head coach and sealed any doubt about it with his totally incompetent foray in Buffalo. Im hopeful that Gase and hopefully Williams will come with a high football IQ...as they install their systems. We certainly haven’t had the brightest bulbs as head coaches over the years (ie Rex, Bowles, Kotite)
  7. Greg555

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Doesn’t exactly come across as head coach material in that clip. More like how I imagine a high school coach to sound..(or HS kid, for that matter). still..I’m open minded.
  8. All of us don’t know what we are talking about. ..whom ever we favor. Just fans..spouting off...which is fine.
  9. Greg555

    Eric Bieniemy

    Interviewing the KC offensive coordinator..makes a ton of sense considering how prolific their offense is. I know they have really good talent..but I don’t think you take credit away from their coach just because of that. The Rooney Rule hurts the rep of a candidate like Bieniemy. He obviously gets consideration...regardless.
  10. Greg555

    Eric Bieniemy

    Of all the teams in the playoffs...what was the experience level of the head coach..when he was hired?
  11. Cleveland would vote for their guy. if we had Mayfield..we’d be voting for him...too but trying to be as objective as I can be....my hunch is Darnold ..over a span of the next 2 decades.....is the one you’d want as your QB. Mayfield is special..though..no doubt about it. But Darnold will be like fine wine.
  12. Greg555

    Bowles gone- schefter tweeted it

    The classiest most professional coach...Cimini has covered. not a good coach.. not by a long shot record speaks for itself but I wish him well

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