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  1. Hopefully a vaccine will be available by this time next year... but that may be a bit too optimistic. im a afraid an expected second wave will wipe out the ‘20 season but the 2021 football season should be a normal one...given its 16-17 months away
  2. I’m a fan of Joe Ds draft...but just have to hope that the late round WR he finally drafts ...will make the team. And possibly we get lucky with a free agent.
  3. I never get too excited about a guy who lights up the combine...more than the football field. supposedly ...according PFF
  4. The next 3? Shouldn’t we select a corner for 1 of those 3?
  5. Left tackle at 11...Wr at 48? or vice/versa? depends on how they evaluate the drop off in talent seems like the depth at wr ..points to selecting a tackle... but it’s not an easy decision..cuz you’ll likely have 3 OL off the board after the first 10 picks...and zero WRs
  6. No one can say for certain...but predictions that this will be taken care of in a few months and we can all go back to living normally....with no fear of a second wave in the fall... are pie in the sky. no scientific basis for such optimism... from what I’m reading and hearing. numbers starting to rise again..slightly...in countries that had made great progress
  7. Hard to predict...but it sounds like after a summer suppression of the virus to some degree, we will have a second wave in the fall/winter. without a vaccine...My hunch is we won’t see thousands of fans bunched together in stadiums for games. So probably..no games at all. baseball probably done until 2021 God...I hope I’m wrong ...
  8. This is so obviously true. Very balanced view of Josh. i think Sam will be better in the long run...but I’m biased, of course.
  9. Gase deserves another year. Don’t love his play calling though. Seemed like I could correctly predict run and pass..far too often. offensive line should be a priority...and wide receiver. I want Bell back. but why does it seem lithe Jets suffer more injuries than other teams? I’m sure there’s a stat that quantifies injuries...factoring in injuries to “key” players. I wonder where the Jets rank..over recent years? Maybe I’m wrong..as there are so many injuries all over the league.

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