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  1. What are the odds to be in the top 5…(most injured)…for 3 straight years? How bout we just wish to be “middle of the pack?” ..in 22 Id settle for that. Would be a refreshing surprise.
  2. If in the 22 season..the Jets just have an average rank…regarding injuries and games missed by key players..I’’d be thrilled. Certainly hasn’t been the case over the last several years.
  3. Im trying hard to consider if there is a kernel of truth to his point of view…that the Jets just had a poor, below avg… draft. But, I can’t I guess it means he rates their picks far below the consensus of experts? of course..obviously..”the proof is in the pudding”…but no one knows how the talent will play out.. im always interested in a contrarian’s point of view. But, this one’s not hard to dismiss
  4. So we still have NFL games shown via Direct TV… for one more season?….the 22 season? Direct TV has been unavailable in my community in So Jersey. Ive gone to a local bar..or watched via a shady, frequently buffering stream ..for years and years. ‘’sounds like there will be 1 more year of the NFL via Direct TV?
  5. Sucks that there isn’t a QB projected to go top 10..for the first time in nearly a decade. But, hard to complain about the Jets draft position over the first 2 rounds. OL, DL-Edge, WR, Corner.. yet Hamilton..will sit there at 4..and may be considered an “all-pro” in waiting. between free agency and the draft…Jets are in a tremendous position to vastly improve their team now, if only…the Jets can have simply an “average rank”…with regard to injuries over the next couple of years (we are always at or near the top - its maddening) .. we might be able to mimic the Bengals.
  6. Things lookin good for the Bengals in the Super Bowl have a franchise QB and in a top draft position
  7. Agree.. might be premature to celebrate and douse the head coach with Gatorade after winning the coin toss..but you’re chances of winning go up many fold. great seeing the script reversed yesterday…. 10-2 ..better than 11-1
  8. I believe the stat on what leads to winning in OT.. makes the issue clear. I think the team that wins the toss…wins the game…about 90% of the time upon winning the coin toss…might as well dump Gatorade on the coach. Why wait?
  9. Mahomes, Herbert, Burroughs, Allen… will our guy get close to their level? Those 4 in the AFC will be around for another 15 years.
  10. Jets are at or near the top …every year!…with regard to injuries. If assumed that the injury-factor is based on luck…bad luck…the odds would be astronomical ..for the Jets players to be injured at such a rate..over the last 5 years.
  11. Watching the replay…the gap closed just before the ball was snapped… rookie mistake..but doesn’t deserve the thrashing he received on the SNY postgame…. Good God
  12. It was a rookie mistake. But to question Wilson’s character …to call him a liar, etc… was unprofessional..and way over the top. It’s obvious there is some I’ll feeling toward Wilson…especially coming from Bart.
  13. For sure the list of teams suffering the most injuries…over the last 5 years..is eye opening. it’s also depressing…because the Jets are at or near the top every year.. or at least 4/5 years. If you batch the years…the Jets by far…have suffered the most injuries. If one thinks of the injury factor as governed by “luck”…the odds are astronomical ..for it to have turned out that it has.
  14. Really is unbelievable I mean…covering the last 3 years…the Jets are the most injured team in football…. And there isn’t a close second! if it’s mostly a matter of bad luck….can you imagine the odds for this to happen year after year?
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