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  1. Already looks like the ultimate mismatch 3 and out...followed by the Ravens offense strolling down the field mostly uncontested.
  2. Probably gonna be ugly. Question is; how ugly? hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. will be pissed if Gase goes ultra conservative...with a goal of not getting blown out of the building... vs employing a creative game plan ..perhaps a bit risky....to try and pull off a tremendous upset.
  3. Getting dominated by the worst team in the NFL back to hoping for a top 5 draft pick
  4. Have to laugh at that opening drive by the Jets. The epitome of ineptitude.
  5. 92 first half yards 17-3 lets see how the second half plays out...but sometimes you have to tip your cap to the better team... ...the horrendous and winless Cincinnati Bengals
  6. Was hopeful ...but this game is playing out exactly as the pessimistic side of my mind was seeing it.
  7. We need a quote from Namath on Sam’s night out on the town.
  8. I agree. So many good things to see from Darnold..but can’t get that pick out of my head. time to move on from Sam lol
  9. Well... sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the better team.. the 2019 Miami Dolphins...
  10. Worst game by a QB in history falk looks like Peyton...in comparison
  11. Darnold telegraphed that outside throw whatvan awful night he’s having
  12. Just so amateurish wow...talk about demoralizing we looked better with our 3rd string QB against these guys
  13. Darnold just awful tonight missed a wide open receiver
  14. There was the “butt fumble” game this is the “Im seein ghosts” game will be remembered forever

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