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  1. Having seen nearly everyone of his downs in college..it doesn’t bother me in the least that Hack has never played a down in the NFL. what still bothers me...is the fact that he was picked by the Jets in the second round.
  2. Big 10 doing extremely well in Bowls this year. USC..getting absolutely destroyed
  3. Ball security a major issue with Darnold he looks like a QB that will need time to develop..
  4. This is getting ridiculous

    Pats can now play out the season at home (4 straight games)...to get to the Super Bowl that play at the end ...paves the way for the Pats. Sickening.
  5. are they friggin kidding?

    Stupid rule...but it must be the pass completion and bobble trumps the reach over the line. the Pats are very good and also blessed with great fortune nightmare
  6. This is getting ridiculous

    Pats benefit from the stupid nfl rule...which paves the way for them to get to another Super Bowl
  7. Will the Saints punt today? maybe when they r content to just run the clock down
  8. Broken hand for McCown

    Will they want a QB?
  9. Having watched nearly every one of his college snaps...I can tell you he is quite bad.
  10. What will 5-11 bring us? 7-8 pick?
  11. It’s turning out to be a worst case scenario season. we are a bad football team in desperate need of a franchise QB ...and we have won too many games
  12. Jets are totally unprepared for the game today. they look overwhelmed by the awful Broncos team.
  13. Considering how good the Broncos defense is... this is game is very likely over after 7 min of play
  14. This has epic meltdown by our offense.....written all over it. easy money today taking the Broncos what an awful defensive play by Clairborne. Dreadful
  15. This JMU QB is very impressive. What a TD throw just now by Schor