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  1. Im not a huge fan of the current jerseys but the previous versions are god awful to me. I always hated those things. I would rather stick with the current ones than going back. One of the the reasons i hope the team has success soon is because it will probably make it less likely that they will return to those awful things. If they do change i hope it's something completely different. However, the way i have seen Jets fans bitch about the jerseys, the old ones will probably return at some point
  2. What does this prove? that Harris had better college stats? We'll just ignore that Henry shared carries with guys like Yieldon and Drake his first couple years at Bama. When he got a chance to be the feature back he won a heisman
  3. They're not even the same type of runners. Henry is faster and a much more powerful runner. Harris doesn't run with the power you would expect someone his size to run. He's more of a slasher and is probably a better pass catcher than Henry was coming out of college Only thing they have in common is that they went to Bama, have dreads, and wear #22
  4. Becton hasn't proven he can be consistently healthy. He was hurt like 3 times last year? Williams had a meh rookie year, and didn't even complete his second season, although he did show major improvements. Both of these guys still have a lot to prove
  5. But he is. Who exactly in the last 5 years did the Jets draft who has been as good at their position? I grew tired of the drama that came with the guy and sure am happy they traded him for those picks. However, the attempt to discredit this dude's skills as a football player since being traded has been ridiculous. Is he Ed Reed, going to get you a bunch of INTs and TDs? No, that's not his game. His game is being a physical, intimidating, hard hitting strong safety who can also rush the passer, and he was ******* awesome in that role.
  6. I don't think as highly of Becton as others in the fan base. His ability to stay healthy is still in question. However, drafting another LT at #2 when you just drafted one last year, and you need a QB, seems like a brain-dead move.
  7. He is heading towards the back end of his career and wants a last big payout, Jets are one of the few teams who can afford it. For the kind of money he will probably want, please stay away. He will never live up to the contract he will ask for
  8. Fields is an athletic freak with great raw natural skills. Explosive runner, strong arm. Overall an extremely gifted prospect, but i don't trust he will be able to handle complex NFL defenses Wilson on the other hand is an extremely gritty player, who plays the game the right way, has great fundamentals, sneaky athletic. He is a grinder with great intagibles. Didn't you hear how he traveled 10 hours back and forth to train last off-season? Everything about him simply scream winner
  9. Fields seems like a great athlete, but doesn't strike me as the cerebral type, which gives me great concern about his ability to adapt to NFL coverages. I would much rather have a scrappy gunslinger like Wilson who you know will leave it all out on the field every game
  10. Not a single tangible reason used to support the arguments for why any of these guys will breakout. All I read were hopes and feels lol
  11. Next to politicians, athletes and coaches are the best at getting people to overreact over saying absolutely nothing while using a lot of words
  12. As Kiper notes, Fitzpatrick could project to either cornerback or safety. Presumably the Jets would take him to play at corner. At this early point, I can’t say I’d be wild about it. While Fitzpatrick did play some corner at Alabama, he did bounce around the Alabama secondary. His ability to play corner in the NFL would be as much projection as solid evidence on film. While I’m not necessarily opposed to that in theory, it would take some convincing for me to buy a projection player as high as 6. At this early point, I’m not a big fan of the corner class for this year. In this particular mock Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Bradley Chubb, Saquon Barkley, and Sam Darnold are the first five players off the board. People overreacting over headlines on the internet yet again
  13. He wasn't going to stop Henry before the 1st down anyway
  14. When will Jets fans realize "signing Brady's backup" is not a winning strategy?
  15. Thank you and the even more laughable thing about all this is those people on a Jets board getting so worked up over a game the Jets had absolutely nothing to do with(yeah I get it they're the rivals blah blah blah) Are you Jets fans or just Pats haters? They won. Good for them. I wish it was the jets but it isn't. Tough luck for us as Jets fans
  16. That his way of showing us his gangsta side?
  17. Why would we(Jets fans) meltdown over the miners HC hiring? Do the Jets play them next year or something?
  18. Does that mean Coughlin won't be taking any HC jobs? o.O
  19. How did the Jets get to back to back AFC championship games with Ryan as HC? I still can't figure it out
  20. My thoughts exactly. Analytics haven't hit the NFL yet like in MLB and NBA, maybe they're trying some outside the box thinking since they've fail at pretty much everything lol. I'm curious how that will work if that is indeed what will happen
  21. It's been almost a year and people are still on this sh*t lol There is a whole court case simply because someone took some air out of some footballs. Really! Think about it! Do people realize how retarded that is?
  22. But what does DFS have to do with who makes the playoffs tho? Im not into fantasy football, do they still do it during the playoffs? If they do what does it matter which team is in?
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