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  1. You are not allowed to use "lol" if you were alive the last time the jets won a Superbowl ?
  2. Why the NFL care about which team makes it to the playoffs? Don't tell me ratings when the NFL has games like Jaguars vs Titans outdrawing almost every other show on a Thursday night. They can put any game and still get people to watch it
  3. This x1000000 I thought it must be the Jewish connection, but I'm not even sure MT is Jewish ?
  4. It feels like just another game to me. I know I should probably be nervous but I honestly don't feel it. Maybe as the game gets closer tomorrow
  5. Fournette is a sophomore. He wont be in this draft
  6. I'm still not totally convinced. As Jets fans, we have seen plenty of first year HC success that didn't end well in the long run I'll say I like what I have seen so far tho. I just hope it end differently than the previous regimes
  7. I hate the Dolphins with a passion. The one organization in all of sports that i truly can't stand. However this seems like just some reporter blowing sh*t out of proportion. It just seems like the guys are trying to have some fun, not being too down about the ending of another sh*tty season. I really don't see a big deal there. Plus that reporter has some kind of beef with Grimes since Grimes' wife put his ass on blast ?
  8. I have been thinking the same thing. I have this bad feeling he will have a really costly fumble that will lose a game
  9. His system worked just fine his first 2 years, winning 10 games and his division each year. His problem was getting rid of pretty much every good player that he had. His arrogance led him to believe that the system worked because of him and not his players. He is a pretty good coach, but terrible GM. If he lands somewhere with a strong GM, there's no doubt he will be successful
  10. So the strategy should be draft a QB in the first round every year? Right? No? Yes? Maybe?
  11. Sorry OP, I couldn't read ur post because the tatas in ur avatar were too distracting
  12. Most of you are arguing about this without actually even watching one Falcons game this year ? Stats don't tell the whole story
  13. Vikings Packers means Nada because both teams make the playoffs no matter
  14. Those ****ers always find a way to get a big play when they need one. So annoying
  15. I think the reason you hear so much about him is because there are those in the NFL who feel he can be their next big mega-star that sort of transcends football and they are pushing him The 2 guys you would probably consider mega stars currently in the NFL are Manning and Brady, both of those guys are close to being on their way out, so the NFL need new guys to be the face of the NFL going forward after those guys leave It was Luck for a while, but he has been injured this year, so no point in talking him up. Now the 2 guys they seem focused on imo are Cam and OBJ and I feeel they both deserve. Both very talented on the football field and charismatic off it and are both marketable. Yeah they will do some things that some would consider douchey, but I don't feel it's a big deal and I feel it's more of generational thing. Although OBJ might have hurt his chance with his actions last week. Everybody will forget about that by the end of the Superbowl anyway
  16. Was it the "blue waffle" thing? BTW if u don't know what that is, DON'T Google it ?
  17. Plus, he is doing it to Dolphins. I say keep up the good work ?
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