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  1. Yes it has nothing with those organizations having good people in place in upper management that have done a good job getting good players and coaching staffs that put them in position to be successful. It's all because it's a fix Geez, some of you people on here sound like such bitter losers
  2. If you truly believe games are fixed, why even bother watching them? Why invest any emotion into the games? It's like getting mad over the results of a wrestling match. Is it only fixed when things don't go your favorite team's way or do good things happen to your team only because the NFL wants it to happen? When the Jets beat the Pats in the playpffs was it only because the NFL allowed it? Was it because Woody had a better bribe than Kraft for those making the decisions about who wins?
  3. SNY has been having better ratings since the baseball season if u believe what those people have been reporting
  4. This is the great Broncos D we have been hearing about? #notimpressed
  5. I'm shocked. Didn't see that one coming ? If I was a Giants fan I would be so pissed at them this year
  6. Enunwa. Not his biggest fan, but he made 2 big catches today Fitzpatrick. Played a really tough today Defense played well overall. Gave up some plays, but for the most part held it down
  7. Ugly win, but I'm not going to complain. I will take it. Let's go Broncos!
  8. I think Chiefs will lose a game Jets will probably lose at least one of the next 3 games tho
  9. Rams jerseys looked nice IMO Bucs ones were doodoo
  10. I knew this was going to be about Woody's politics as soon as I read the tittle ? I have felt one of the reasons(not the only reason) Woody gets hated on so much by the fan base is because of his politics
  11. Merriweather hasn't played for the Pats for how many years now? Lol
  12. that first take show is just another proof that ESPN doesn't care about putting actual knowledge on the air. Both Skip and Smith are nothing but blowhards who know absolutely nothing about what they're talking about most of the time. Don't waste your time listening to anything they have to say
  13. Smith was the only potential deep threat on this team, but he had absolutely no chemistry with Fitzpatrick Enunwa is trash, you can't count on him. He can't catch a cold. They should just list him as a TE, since his main contribution is blocking I'm hoping Tompkins can step up. Kerley would be my ideal 3rd guy, but for some reason this coaching staff doesn't seem to like him much With Fitzpatrick not having the strongest arm, maybe a deep threat isn't necessary
  14. The NFC East is so pathetic I would feel sick to my stomach if somehow the Jets go 11-5 and miss the playoffs while Giants get in with a 7-9 record
  15. How did this guy get so many down votes? ?
  16. What does the tie breaker look like for the Jets vs Bengals?
  17. Whole D in the first half Dominating performance
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