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  1. Good run for Ridley ? ? I would love to see him get going
  2. At least Jets are moving the ball More TDs to come ?
  3. Devin Smith and Fitzpatrick have absolutely no chemistry.
  4. Just a feeling it's going to be one of those games. I don't watch the Titans enough to get a real feel for what they're team is like. U can just look at the record and say they suck. But it doesn't always tell the whole story Also I don't look at what another team did against a Jets opponent and say the Jets can replicate it or do better because there are too many variables. The Jets don't have the same players, might not run the same schemes, might have a different strategy going into the game etc..
  5. I don't have Photoshop anymore. If I did I'd give it a try
  6. Winning the divisions is cool and all and I'm sure they had plenty of things to be happy about during that run. I have no problem with those things, but they still fail to win the big one FOUR times in a row. That is embarrassing dude. I wouldn't take it as this badge of honor as some Bills fan like to do and tell people that it will never be accomplished again blah blah blah.... You are pretty much celebrating being the biggest loser on the biggest stage It's like this year for me, as a Mets fan, I was happy that they made it to the world series because it was so unexpected. It was a pretty cool moment, but I'm pretty much already over it because they didn't win sh*t. If they go to 3 straight WS after this, it's not going to make it any better. Sure I would enjoy the road to those WS, but at the end of the day the Mets would still be losers I wouldn't be bragging about it. If anything, it would make me feel worse because they got so close so many times and couldn't finish the job. I guess that just me though
  7. Ill probably check it out when it gets on Netflix One thing that always annoy me is how some people try make it this great accomplishment that they made it to 4 straight Superbowl. Saying nobody will ever accomplish that feat. Well no sh*t. I sure hope not. THEY LOST ALL OF THEM. Talk about chokers. If that was my team I wouldn't be celebrating that And I'm not saying that because I hate the Bills because I have honestly never cared about them
  8. In the beginning of the year, he was definitely one of the better players on D. Other than Revis, Mo and Pryor, nobody else was playing better. He would be making plays all over the field. I still remember how he was making plays all over the field against the Colts. Even Gruden was raving about him during that game He was also terrorizing the Dolphins as a blitzer in the London game. I remember thinking how the Dolphins weren't blocking him when it seemed the Jets kept calling the same blitz package on every passing down. There was a series where I think he got a sack or pressure, followed by a drawing a penalty on the Dolphins, followed by another pressure that caused an incomplete pass. I could be wrong about the exact events, but there was definitely a series where he completely dominated He has not been the same since the Redskins game when he got hurt. I'm not sure if it's all the injuries or maybe a step up in competition. I will say though that I believe the hand injury has affected his tackling. He was a sure tackle early in the year, but I remember him missing a bunch of tackles on Landry in the second Dolphins game Overall I feel he has had a fine year. Sure you can argue that he is overpaid, but he is supposed to be the 3rd corner. I wasn't expecting him to be "shutdown". He is going to going to give up plays. Otherwise the Jets would have never had a shot at him because he would be getting #1 "shutdown" CB money
  9. Why would you care if other fans hated your team? I'd say **** em. Plus, it's kind of fun being the bad guy sometimes
  10. Too many times fans underestimate a team and when the Jets win in a struggle, they're not satisfied with the win because they think the Jets should have won by more I just want them to win. I don't care if it's a blowout or by one point
  11. Nothing against the players, even though most of them were before my time(except for Curtis), It's just the way it looks. It just looks lazily done. It looks like whoever did it just cut out or downloaded the render of the players and just pasted them on a green background on Photoshop. Maybe I just see it differently because I use to be really into GFX At least the JetNation logo looks nice lol
  12. No disrespect to whoever made it, but the banner sucks lol. I say go for it
  13. That dude got so many PEDs in him he probably doesn't even feel it
  14. But we're talking about this year. It has nothing to do with next year. This current team I feel can compete if they make it to the playoffs. I don't think they can win a Superbowl, but it would not shock me if they won a playoffs game or two
  15. Wilkerson didn't call in for his spot either cause he knew he was probably going to get asked about his suspension
  16. They Jets have been in need of a good rushing OLB since they switched up to a 3-4 under Mangini. What's new? Those guys seem to be as rare as a good QB in the NFL draft
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