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  1. People can say whatever they want, **** them. The Jets are still 7-5 and in position to make the playoffs People were saying the same thing about the Mets earlier this year because they beat up on sh*tty teams and struggled against team that had winning records. It worked out just fine come playoffs time didn't it? I'm not saying the Jets are going to make the Superbowl, or even make the playoffs for that matter. However, if they do make it to the playoffs, anything can happen. I say just enjoy the ride. If people want to put them down because of who they beat, let them. It will be so much sweeter if the Jets do succeed
  2. I highly doubt that. If he really does, he doesn't look like it in pads. College 40s and weight room numbers are often exaggerated. Let see if he really runs a 4.4 at the combine
  3. For the most part, Mike knows his stuff about football and baseball. I can't say I always agree with what he is said, but he's not a complete idiot The thing that makes it hard for me to listen to his show is the way he interact with callers and guests; especially the guests. It's so annoying when he will have someone on, he will ask them a question and he won't let the person answer the questions because he has to say something. He just comes off as an insecure person who always has to try to show that he is knowledgeable about things when hr doesn't even need to do all that I still listen mostly because the ESPN radio shows are crap. Some days I just can't bare to listen to him though
  4. McCaffrey = Danny Woodhead Henry should win the heisman. The man is about to run for over 2000 yards in the SEC and that's with him not even playing the whole game in some games. Now idk what he will be in the NFL, but he is a beastly college football player
  5. I was wondering what was up with him. On that last play of the 1st half he ran all the way across the field just so he could get a hit on Jenkins lol
  6. Janet Jackson and JT made it so that the NFL will always have a safe/boring artist(s) for the Superbowl halftime show Never really cared for it though, so don't bother me that much
  7. I wwould not trust Skrine on OBJ. He has been missing too many tackles for my liking lately and we all know what OBJ can do after catch. He missed 2 or 3 tackles on Landry last week. He was pretty good tackling early in the year. I think it might be because of the hand injury because he has been playing with a big black cast on his hand.
  8. That OPI against Gronk on Sunday was bullsh*t though. The defender tried to jam him so they were battling he was just stronger than him and won. I didn't think it was deserving of a penalty. Was he supposed to just let the defender just push him around? There was also a similar play against the Giants where pretty much the same thing happened and he got called for it. I can see why he feels he is being targeted
  9. I say resign him but nothing more than a 2 year deal. The 2nd year has to be easy to get out of. If another team want to offer him more, I say let him walk
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