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  1. Johnny Manziel is straight up trash. Just threw a horrible pick when his defense had just recovered a fumble . Smh
  2. Jets-Pats predictions

    I got Jets 30 Pats 20
  3. Best chance

    couldn't agree more
  4. I agree completely. Also props to that profile pic, Lee Van Cleef is awesome
  5. Devin Smith torn ACL

    I know he has a minor injury, but now hopefully the coaching staff will turn to Kerley! He has talent and is a proven player. Just cause he isn't Marshall or decker doesn't mean he can't produce. I've been calling for Kerley all year
  6. Who do we want to win today?

    I'm rooting for the raiders right now . Maybe with a loss the Broncos will be fired up to win next week in order to get a step in top seed race . I know we lost to the raiders , but they have a super tough schedule after this so that doesnt matter
  7. Jets vs Titans Predictions

    I agree completely. This score is my prediction also
  8. I agree for the most part . However, I believe corners are a very tricky position to draft , especially in the first couple rounds. Too many busts lately, wouldnt mind going for one in the fourth round for example
  9. ....Jets still pretenders.

    So lets say the jets win the next two games, and lose one of the two to remaining games between the Patriots and bills . The steelers lose one game of their final four to also finish 10-6. Who gets in?