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  1. Interesting... but in this case: - Josh Brown's wife called the cops TWENTY (20) TIMES on him. - He was suspended at Nebraska for domestic violence. - He was finally arrested for domestic violence with his wife - He was then arrested again for violated a court-ordered restraining order against the same lady
  2. Pretty interesting read from this weekend, as I didn't realize the NFL was getting a new Senior VP of Security. I'm curious how it will affect the NFL in 2016, and any outstanding cases like the one here in NY with the Giants' and Josh Brown's current domestic violence debacle. Any thoughts? http://wtop.com/dc/2016/09/dc-police-chief-ready-to-tackle-nfls-domestic-violence-problem/ The interesting notes/comments that stood out to me were: 2016 offers more lessons for the NFL on domestic violence: http://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/2016_offers_more_lessons_for_th
  3. I'm planning on attending this one also, and would like to get in some golf while I'm there. I was going to start checking my schedule, fights, etc this week. I'll keep you posted.
  4. I don't see how it's possible that so many teams can sweep this type of stuff under the rug. Especially, when domestic violence is such a hot topic in the NFL based on the recent "girl-punchers."
  5. HELL NO. That SOB should have to pay back any money that he has earned thus far, if he doesn't make the 49ers roster. He and Josh "I-Punch-My-Wife" Brown both need to have their numbers called. The NFL has to quit accepting this type of behavior from these over-paid prima-donnas that can't act properly in society. It's REAL SIMPLE -- and all of us are able to do it! 1) Do NOT beat women, stalk them, and/or threaten their kids. 2) Stand-up for the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.
  6. Best of luck to each of them in their future endeavors... many of them outside the NFL. Hopefully, they finished their degree and are ready to start a job and whatever challenges that life has in store for them.
  7. Saw this while reading some articles on last night's game: (No, not about the fake social media rumors of him punching one of our cheerleaders after the game... ) http://sports.yahoo.com/news/josh-brown-situation-gets-worse-for-giants-nfl-180201600.html Apparently, Brown was arrested TWICE in 2015. The other time for violating some sort of restraining order that his wife put on him.
  8. Josh Brown needs to spend some time behind bars for his actions. It appears that he always gets off with a slap on the wrist with every arrest and police report he adds to his growing list of offenses. Keeping him condones his actions and sends the wrong message to the other players and fans.
  9. She was probably scared for her life (and her son's) to talk too much to the police. The fact that she called the police that many times in 3 different cities tells a LOT. And, when you combine it with the fact that the guy had already assaulted another woman years previous... the signs are all there that he is a P.O.S.
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