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  1. Actually, Feeney did a good job the last few games when McGovern got injured. I know PFF rankings are suspect, but he graded at 75.9 overall in 2021.
  2. Becton is young and immature, but he will grow, get wiser, and ultimately learn how to be a professional athlete. When that happens, we will all be glad the franchise had patience with him. Guys like Becton don't come around very often, huge and athletic. I trust our coaches and GM will push Becton towards being the player he should be this coming year. No, I don't trade his level of talent this early in his career.
  3. So much whining on this board, holy sh*t! Take a break folks, it's June 4th.
  4. Can I say FO without being banned? Asking for a friend.
  5. Love it, build the oline. We had 10 picks, now we have 9. Good with that.
  6. I love Darnold, wish he had progressed enough in his 3 years to make him viable. But reality is his mechanics and decision making have not been good. We can blame Adam Gase and bad oline play for some of his issues, but he has been coached by Jordan Palmer throughout his Jets career with no noticeable improvement. Time to move on.
  7. Silly stuff! The Jets will either draft a QB in this year's draft or role with Darnold. If they draft a QB, they will use the 1.2 pick on Wilson or Fields - period! No GM in their right mind would go into the draft with the number 2 pick, knowing they want to draft a QB, then trade out of the position that best affords them the opportunity to draft the best talent available outside of Lawrence. That's just not happening. It's not like The Jets don't already have a plethora of draft picks in 2021/2022.
  8. From everything I've read, he is a much better guard than center, which he played last year. Maybe there's a chance he's an upgrade over Lewis or GVR. I still believe Cameron Clark has a shot to be a starting guard. With a full training camp and a bit more experience playing at guard, there is no reason he can't compete for one of the guard positions. Who knows if he's in the plan - time will tell.
  9. Patience, patience! I expect Joe to be a lot more active in the coming days / weeks.
  10. Nope, their oline was down to 2 starters for the SB. Not the same group that played well together most of the year.
  11. Offensive line's matter. Mahomes looked pedestrian with that oline last night. Whatever happens at QB wont matter without building a quality oline
  12. Quinn Meinerz OC/OG Wisconsin-Whitewater.....has Joe D. written all over him.
  13. Nice video! But the very premise Green Bean is suggesting is why Houston won't trade Watson. Their return on the Watson investment will be very low. Great way to start a new era with a new HC and the fan base will revolt. Texans are very conscious of their fan base, regardless of what you may think. Texans fan are as zealous as Jets fans and have been supportive of the team thru thick and thin. But, trading Watson for anything less than 4 first round picks will cause a revolt. I do not see that happening. By the way, I am all in on Green Bean's premise for a trade........but it takes two to tango. No way the Texans make a move on Watson for 2 firsts and a third.
  14. Jets fans are setting themselves up to be let down!
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