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  1. LOL, you make Jets fans sound sane! Please keep it up.
  2. Why do you all accept these unsubstantiated reports? How many leaks have actually come out of the Jets front office in the last couple of years, that were proven correct? Any? Yet 11 pages of Gase not wanting LB. Funny stuff!
  3. Jets fans are so annoying....holy sh*t!
  4. Great player, would love him on the Jets, but not happening. Texans are working on locking him up.
  5. Lots of useless threads going around. This is yet another. Gase is the HC, everything else is irrelevant.
  6. Just stating the obvious, sorry you can’t come to grips with that. Absurd nudge, lol. Enjoy your day.....this is just a silly forum. Don’t take it too seriously.
  7. I live outside of Houston. Watch all their games, clearly you don’t. But chill axing sounds good.👌
  8. Clueless comment.....all I can say.
  9. You guys must not watch the Texans much. Clowney has been a beast since last year. Since overcoming some injuries early in his career, he has met all expectations. Outstanding talent that shows up every week. Texans will sign him long term.
  10. Wow....Jets fans, just wow! I'm speechless after reading some of the comments on Williams.
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