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  1. Wow....Jets fans, just wow! I'm speechless after reading some of the comments on Williams.
  2. Beautiful gesture and reaction!
  3. TexJet

    Can we talk receivers?

  4. Your point? Please tell me this was tongue in cheek and not just another silly post by a jaded Jets fan.
  5. TexJet

    Boy, am I glad we didn't sign Cousins.

    The absolute best case scenario for the Jets....just happened. How can any Jets fan not see that or prefer to spend $30m per year on a good, not great QB? There's a better chance of Darnold solving our QB problems both short and long term than getting a 3 year rental with Cousins
  6. Kinda seemed like you were whining. Must have misread your intentions!
  7. Sam Darnold. A prospect no Jets fan would have thought we would be in a position to draft. Cup half full....
  8. Dez is done as a number 1 receiver. He does not fit into the Jets rebuild, is a head case, and has lost his explosiveness. Let him steal someone else’s money. Jerry loves the guy and still released him....no offer at a reduced pay contract. That’s all you need to know.
  9. TexJet

    Bass Pigskin Journal 2018 Draft thoughts

    Interesting premise. That would be a huge win for the Browns and would certainly help the Giants in the short term. The question is are the Giants fixated on drafting Eli's replacement in this draft.
  10. You guys can't all be that dumb! 1) consider the source 2) agents will look to make the most money possible. Cousins to the Jets with McCown signed for less at a later date would still net McCartney a bigger payday.
  11. TexJet

    Bridgewater 1 yr deal

    Funny how many here are worried about paying $10M for a QB. Who gives a crap? Maccagnan signs two QB's and will draft another. The QB room will look much different (better) than the last few years. We will spend less money on 3 QB's (half) than it would have cost to sign Cousins, who is NOT a sure thing. We will have a vet that is well respected and played very well last year, a reclamation project that could return to form and be a very good QB, and a first round rookie to be the long term answer. If you can't sign up for that and are instead worried about spending $10M on Josh, you can't see the forest through the trees. $90M in cap space!! One year deal for a guy that can help us in 2018 - in what capacity is yet to be determined. $1M or $10M, it does not matter. It has no effect on what the Jets can do in free agency the rest of this year or in 2019. Jets fans!?
  12. TexJet

    Jets Sign C Spencer Long

    Good write up on Long. Highly regarded by Redskins fans for what it's worth. May be a better option for a zone blocking scheme than Jensen. https://www.hogshaven.com/2018/2/8/16990266/should-the-redskins-re-sign-spencer-long-at-center
  13. TexJet

    Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    Kerley would likely take the spot of Kalif Raymond, an unproven returner. Not one of the other young pups on the receiver squad. I'm good with that if Kerley accepts that as his role on the team.
  14. This coming from a long time optimist, Jets will have the number one pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Our young QB's are horrible and they will bring down this entire team. We will start McCown, let's hope he's respectable but still manages his career average for wins. It's the only way this team will compete but still lose most of their games. The hack experiment needs to end right after this preseason game. I guess I'll be watching the Texans allot this year.
  15. TexJet

    Todd Bowles Press Conference

    I am with you. Enjoy TC, don't expect Bowles to provide too much info, rightfully so, and everyone quit the whining. Whining accomplishes nothing in life.