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  1. Nope, their oline was down to 2 starters for the SB. Not the same group that played well together most of the year.
  2. Offensive line's matter. Mahomes looked pedestrian with that oline last night. Whatever happens at QB wont matter without building a quality oline
  3. Quinn Meinerz OC/OG Wisconsin-Whitewater.....has Joe D. written all over him.
  4. Nice video! But the very premise Green Bean is suggesting is why Houston won't trade Watson. Their return on the Watson investment will be very low. Great way to start a new era with a new HC and the fan base will revolt. Texans are very conscious of their fan base, regardless of what you may think. Texans fan are as zealous as Jets fans and have been supportive of the team thru thick and thin. But, trading Watson for anything less than 4 first round picks will cause a revolt. I do not see that happening. By the way, I am all in on Green Bean's premise for a trade........but it takes two to ta
  5. Jets fans are setting themselves up to be let down!
  6. You realize Tampa Bay has a very good team and skill positions. Brady has been great for them, but this is a very good team surrounding him.
  7. Been trying to get folks to see this for a while. Bieniemy will solve the Watson problem. I've been expecting the Texans to hire him - will be surprised if they don't.
  8. And other staff members announced: https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/jets-defensive-coaching-staff-hires
  9. Texans signed Watson to a new, 4 year, $156M contract about 4 months ago. Since then, he has been acting like he should be making decisions for the team. He has repeatadly claimed the Texans are not supporting social justice practices, has been critical of their decision making process, and has been very busy on social media airing his grievances (there are more issues beyond the above). McNair has made every effort to appease Watson, including asking for permission to interview Watson's preferred candidiate for HC (Bieniemy) who can not seem to get a HC job in spite of all the interviews he'
  10. I appreciate your support for Watson and believing he is a standup guy - he is that, without a doubt. But he has his warts. If our Jets were a QB away from being real contenders, I would be all over trading for him. We are not, the cost to acquire him will be prohibitive (Bill is no longer coach / GM), he is a bit of a diva and has acted like one since he signed his new contract. We (Houston market) have seen a progression of that attitude recently. I will not try to go back to quote everything that we hear locally. It's not worth my time. I enjoy this site, have been a member from the old sit
  11. Do you live in Houston? Follow the Texans? Listen to sports news on local stations? If you did, you would understand. He's a good guy - just a head case sometimes. His overt anger at the team and ownership is just an example. If he truly cares about making the Texans a better team / franchise, there are better, more covert ways of accomplishing what he wants. I will leave it at that. Jets making a play for Watson would be a mistake, one that I seriously doubt Douglas makes.
  12. Watson is an elite QB and a good person that cares about the community he lives in. But no thanks on the Jets trading for him. Texans will want way too much in a trade for one. In spite of his personal heroics, he has not transformed the Texans into perennial winners. And they have had some talented teams in his time here (not so much this year). And he can be a bit of a head case. He will not transform the Jets and may actually derail what we all hope is a well thought out rebuild by our GM and new HC. Its a hard pass for me. PS....I live just outside of Houston, I follow the Texans, think w
  13. Texans need to repair their relationship with Watson, the right coach will go a long way to make that happen. Texans fan base will revolt if Watson js traded, still pissed about Hopkins. I think there is zero chance of a trade happening
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