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  1. Disappointed in Sam, not sure were this goes. But I will say, Perriman should be resigned while we add another Wr in draft or thru FA.
  2. Well hell, Fields is still balling and so is his TE. Screw it......draft both of them.
  3. This will not go over well in this forum, but here we go. Allen and Mayfield are playing lights out. Are they just better than Sam? I'm not convinced that to be the case. What they do have is a coaching staff that has helped them grow over the past 2 years, especially Allen. And offensive firepower. Very good skill position players across the board with good offensive lines. Sam has not been the benefactor of any of those things. The left side of the line has been playing very well lately with Becton and Elflien. Even McGovern has improved since the beginning of the year. Improve RG and RT (Sewell), sign a #1 receiver, draft RB with Seattle pick or our 2nd rounder, and fire Gase and his staff. There will be a handful of open HC jobs on the NFL next year and plenty of good candidates to fill them. Jets should not have a problem hiring the right staff. And they should absolutely hire a QB coach. Let's see if Darnold becomes the guy with those changes. If not, we'll be drafting early in 2022 but this time with better personnel to support a "new" QB. Just my two cents. I will continue to root for this team regardless, been doing it for a very long time.
  4. Gase will be fired when the season ends, its coming. No need to stress over this.
  5. Williams deserved to be fired after the loss. Simple as that. And Gase will not be HC next year. Another simple fact. Too many conspiracy theorists around here.
  6. Bell held out of practice for a mystery hamstring injury. If he is back at practice tomorrow, this is just a depth move, add another body to the group. Cut him before final rosters are set, lose absolutely nothing. If Bell does not practice in the next couple of days, something is brewing.
  7. LOL, when did you lose your mind Bit?
  8. He's not that bright. Simply acting like an emotionaly out of control adolescent. Jets need to keep him, on his rookie contract, for two more years. Let him go in free agency after that. Get a comp pick and move on. Do not give into his demands, period. He has zero leverage, can't even hold out long term since new CBA keeps him from accruing service if he holds out. End of story.
  9. Darnold sucks, woe is me, team can't draft, GM is a moron, coach is a douche. Miss anything?
  10. I guess we should just call it a year. A poster has decided we can't compete due to having the least talented roster in the division. Got it, time for golf. Love Jets fans.
  11. I think all the isolation has affected a lot of brains. Maye is going nowhere. Davis is just another complimentary piece with some unique athleticism that our DC will find creative ways to use. Maye is under appreciated by quite a few Jets fans it seems.
  12. Lol, trade QW......sorry, stopped reading there. Not being snarky, it's just a proposition that will not happen. Better than hearing any more negative news on COVID 19 though.
  13. Except you don't know what salaries would be allocated to those extra 3 rounds. My guess, it would be no better than a UDFA contract.
  14. So many great GM's on this site.
  15. So you really haven't watched him play every game as a Texan, which I did. Jenkins is not half the player that Clowney is, though I do like him as a steady, set the edge OLB. Would love to have him back. Texans are run by BOB, enough said. Did you notice the trade of Hopkins for a once was RB? Clowney wanted a boat load of money from Houston. BOB had other thoughts. I did take a walk, was rather pleasant actually.
  16. So cute. Again, clearly you have not watched him play. But hey, I'm sure you have greater insight into a former Texans player than I do. Have a nice day.
  17. You must be another poster that has really not watched Clowney play. He would add a dimension to our team that's missing, a disruptive force.
  18. After watching Clowney play as a Texan, I would sign him in a NY minute. Living in the Houston area, watching every game he's played, while in Houston, I can tell you he is amazingly disruptive. Most people forget that Watt and Mercilus were injured for extended periods the last 2 years Clowney was in Houston. He became their primary pass rusher while playing the run extremely well. Those underselling him are either misinformed or just basing their opinions based on stats rather than watching him play.
  19. This mini-series was well done. It's a broader story than the killing of Odin Loyd. Pretty compelling documentary worth the watch.
  20. Best thing that can happen to this team. Trade the pick for a haul and draft an offensive line (center, LT, RG at a minimum).Trade Adams for a first and get the edge rusher we're lacking. Instant improvement. And yes, I would start 3 - 4 rookie offensive lineman rather than the crap we have today.
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