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  1. tough question but..... Iron Man..... Sabbath 10 Years gone Zeppelin (IMO better that stairway) comfortably numb Pink Floyd
  2. Just went to clinic was curious had some weird symptoms been working etc came up positive for antibodies
  3. What’s fascinating in this country and on this board.....every single person is gonna reach a point and make a decision.... sans vaccine....when do I go out? When do I live my life? I’ve been out working everyday as a pharmacist so everyday right now is another day.
  4. The new and improved NYJ are looking at 0-3 right in the face
  5. As a young knicks fan at the time of the bulls run I just remember hating when Michael touched the ball at important moments of playoff games. Guy never made mistakes, hit the shot, got fouled and I don’t think he ever missed a huge free throw. never got that feeling w lebron and he’s great just not michael great
  6. Exactly.... lot on this board talk bout josh Allen as a rb, kid hasn’t missed games.... running it right up in there.... sam let’s be honest has.... get a backup
  7. Because david fales is a train wreck and let’s be honest has sam Darnold been the picture of health? id sign a real vet if shakes loose forget fales non factor. Darnold has missed games...... period
  8. We do have 21 offensive lineman now so that will satisfy 50% of this board
  9. Cuts him? I think Sam is better but I guarantee this kid will beat this jets team a bunch of times next 10 yrs
  10. Btw who was the grey head top left? At first I thought Is that G Williams going grey not dying that hair in quarantine?
  11. My thoughts....JD seems genuine...Gase seems forced like I gotta do this for the camera and mr Johnson is out of touch
  12. Excellent thanks for the quick link listening to Becton and Douglas “I got your back you got mine?” Would think has something to do w recent news, kid gonna work his a** off
  13. I don’t understand the josh Allen hatred on this forum.... seems like a good kid and not to mention has had some good moments
  14. Stephen Hill was a stiff watch some tape on Mims a hand catcher (key thing to watch) good speed and body control
  15. Why is everyone talking bout Avery Williamson? Would you make a deal for a LB who just tore his acl? why would an nfl gm do that?

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