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  1. Every other team is dealing with same issues....the jets were by far the most inept team I saw yesterday including cleveland. Shades of that offense last year, after the first 3 and out you knew it was over and that’s sad
  2. Such a great tune....from what I’ve read madsen did lot of improv in this scene def couple screws loose......
  3. The Bills have more talent are well coached and will look more prepared. to win this game jets will need a couple of breaks (fumbles, special teams play), cannot turn it over, and sam needs to play very well...not reinventing the wheel here.
  4. 5-7 unfortunately, The OL will be better, Sam Will play well but doesn’t have enough skill players around him.....there will be injuries, the D will take a Small step back....and schedule will be tougher.
  5. I don’t buy jerseys anymore just hit my 40s.....why put someone else’s name on my back? Buy a nice t shirt you’re fine
  6. Exactly..... however I’ll never understand some of these billionaires why stay around here? Go to Aruba, get off the grid....
  7. If I’m a betting man..... and I am, I’m laying the 6 all day.
  8. He’s unathletic......you didn’t hear? But he does make plays. You know what would be good? How bout getting some good players in here for once? Instead of playing for tomm and loading up on draft picks.
  9. You didn’t hear? The jets are loaded at safety post Adams trade
  10. What does this mean for the jets who are rolling over 30 mil in cap space?

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