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  1. Josh Rosen on WFAN today

    Kid is definitely smooth and it would be a joy to see him “deal” w guys like manish and others on regular basis
  2. Josh Rosen on WFAN today

    Didn’t know I was posting on an NFL think tank board all of a sudden. is a pretentious know-it-all better?
  3. Wasn’t reslly into this guy much kinda seemed like a west coast punk but have started to really come around.... guy I’d like team to draft 12 min interview but 3:30 - 4:40 some good stuff. https://omny.fm/shows/the-afternoon-drive-with-carlin-bart-and-maggie/carlin-maggie-and-bart-with-josh-rosen
  4. They all come with a bit of risk.....Baker has a few too..... cmon
  5. All have risks as basically any qb ever drafted has: have gone back and forth between all 4 but have come to conclusion Rosen is the guy they should take
  6. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Exactly.... Like Mayfield but not the overall athlete R Wilson is....not in same ballpark speed wise Baker will have to play from the pocket more than many on this site think in the NFL
  7. 2018 Road Trips

    Chicago is the trip to go on... great city, great food. Nothing like the area around Wrigley field... late Oct if Cubs are alive even better
  8. Again there’s an awful lot of pro baker people on this forum and he’s a good prospect.... but we will know a lot in a year or two on this board and it will not be pretty ....
  9. Many of the posters have made their bed on this site...... I cannot wait I’m a Darnold,Allen, Rosen, Mayfield Guy
  10. Let’s hope it’s fake I want Darnold or Allen
  11. True but saying J Allen is a lost cause and a mess of a pick isn’t the best idea
  12. If there’s a God we get Darnold and this Allen becomes the next Ellway or better and baker/rosen flame out so 60% of this board are nowhere....... please
  13. I think Rosen’s “views” etc are a problem... and it’s a real thing. Think this teams rankings are Darnold, Baker, Allen and it’s very close between baker and Allen