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  1. Mr Brady and that dummy Todd Bowles headed to the super bowl. Misery loves company.......
  2. Best thrower of a stupid football that has ever lived
  3. Well to be fair....90% of this anti Josh Allen 55% comp percent crowd is back giving opinions on the next great qb this team should trade for/ select via trade or draft. if you can get Watson get him....he’s a game change and 25.
  4. The eye test.....not in same stratosphere
  5. Well....the conversation pertaining to Watson which is not going to happen....let’s be real. Turns to hey let’s draft a kid....but which kid? Let’s just say the track record on this board is less than stellar.
  6. 80% of this board thought Josh Allen was an absolute bust. 55% completion in college....ignoring the fact he’s a physical freak w a cannon for arm and could improve. The college Qb gurus around here don’t have much credibility.
  7. Packers win, rooting for bills honestly. The anti Allen 55% completion % in college crew on this board is everywhere. And it’s fantastic watching him succeed.
  8. Rodgers is best pure thrower of a football ever best I’ve seen
  9. Josh Allen will be best qb in afc east next 10 years unfortunately no matter what Jets do this offseason
  10. Different vibe in this area when the knicks are actually good.....coaching matters
  11. I don’t know bout you guys.... but Sam seems to have way less zip on throws. Worries me
  12. Gase will be fired in one week who cares and why respond?
  13. Sewell might be a better prospect than becton....what is salary range elite RT vs LT? could be a problem

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