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  1. Could be the worst talent on offense in the league.....
  2. It’s really forum/internet gold reading the pro and anti Jamal banter..... quite amusing..... btw he’s not getting traded
  3. Detecting a trend here.....jets play well for 10 min..... other team makes a few adjustments.... jets coaches forget there are 50 more min to play
  4. As well, it will return if this disgrace of a franchise ever starts winning just a little again.....
  5. This game is literally a comedy bowl, all of NY sports in this sewer of a city/area is an absolute mess, minus the yankees and islanders......and an embarrassment to all the fine fans and taxpayers Living in this area
  6. Giants aren’t starting jerry rice and John Taylor at WR it’s literally a pillow fight on the outside today
  7. The chum is in the water the NY media will be relentless and rightfully so. It is over not a matter of if but when on Gase
  8. This will never ever ever happen just like the Wilpons....who would sell something that appreciates 10+ percent yearly that’s worth billions?
  9. Seems to be some smart folks on this site...... who knew?????
  10. Revisionist history this team doesn’t draft offense.... mute point.
  11. Bell, Darnold, griffin, Anderson, crowder and that’s the offense
  12. Hey.... we had ton of cap space franchise qb and great pick ......I just won the lottery I’m gonna buy a Kia stinger ..... great reviews..... don’t want a Benz and buy a new house in the Bronx... the hamptons are overrated.
  13. Gase ? shannahan Tomshane ? Joe Willy rings true sorry to one of the greats

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