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  1. Bold move.....could be genius might hurt you....I’m leaning towards the latter but I hope you’re right
  2. All depends on rules of the league.....DWC not a fan of what you did. Never take QB that early but hey you never know.....curious where were you drafting?
  3. Remember special teams, fast, sure tacklers
  4. I will say I love this hybrid LB Owusu from ND he will be a stud in nfl is all over the field in today’s game...
  5. I see your point....draft day 2 is over now barring trades so it is a snooze fest rest of night
  6. Point taken, wasn’t Tyreek hill a slot coming out? I think that has worked out. I’m a proponent of drafting playmakers not interested if it’s slot or outside.
  7. Exactly.... wasn’t Tyreek Hill one of these small slot receivers who ran a 4.3 40? Biggest game breaker in nfl.....draft speed, quickness and talent
  8. You are one of best posters and a college guru this kid is not crowder 2.0 he is a full second faster in the 40 makes guys miss and is a game breaker. This team needs playmakers period.
  9. Can the pro OL crowd on this board just stop now.....or should we go OL w next 4 picks?
  10. Jamarr chase is best player in this draft
  11. Julio Jones is almost done...Ridley is the guy pitts is a rookie will take a while....
  12. I for one was pro Josh Allen.....actually enjoyed the 55% completion percentage crowd on this board. And that house was full....but really who cares
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