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  1. TomShane is right didn’t read 15 pgs of back and forth.... guy needs to prove something before talking ala A Rodgers calling guys out. But you have to start somewhere.... that is all
  2. I will say it’s refreshing to here someone who speaks the truth. Is it authentic? I’d say yes.... Should he have said it as a rook? Probably not. However calling out bums collecting a paycheck in any walk of life is a good thing.
  3. Josh Allen will be a better qb than Rosen long term....
  4. Seems a bit light.... weeks, months? Most Fans are killing themselves on a weekly basis anyway on Sunday’s w booze etc.... mental stress that’s on another level.
  5. I actually had to look that stat up....to verify....unbelievable stat when you think about it. I will say M Lemieux was pretty special.....I thought he was the guy that might debunk that stat
  6. Best players I’ve seen as far as physical talent b Sanders, r white, a Rodgers
  7. It really is laughable how everyone forgets... and I’m not one to post politically etc but God forbid something ever happens (terrorist attack etc) what do people look to? Unity......one of great things I’ve seen was that first pitch by GW bush after 9/11 at Yankee stadium. Not a dry eye in that stadium....now we are talking about not standing, taking away the anthem? Nothing more unifying than 80k people standing and caring about something. its sad that it takes terrible things for us all to realize that. Ill get off my soapbox now
  8. Agreed I’m talking bout eye test. When R Anderson makes a catch over the middle getting hit in a 3rd and 8 and doesn’t lose the ball I’ll be impressed
  9. Q Enunwa when healthy better and more valuable WR than R Anderson
  10. If he’s 190 I’ve got a bridge. Again speed and some hand talent but won’t get a pay day from this front office
  11. I like the guy on sundays has talent made dumb mistakes off the field prob not the last time. however I cannot remember a time he made a big grab over the middle using his hands in a big spot. He’s 6’2 150 lbs.
  12. It’s the entire world of news/sports in the social media existence Let’s write a story based on opinions to fill space until something actually happens. Then report on it give opinions....rinse and repeat......it’s the way of the world......
  13. Titan24

    Nathan Shepherd signed

    Kid/older kid seems like hard working guy. You find those ultra motivated DL who don’t take things for granted you keep em.... unlike some others that have come this way Wilk(lazy) Sheldon (doesn’t seem to care) wants to get paid.... for? Who knows