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  1. This pretty much nails it. Adams is the best player on this D like it or not forget the nonsense. T Johnson way better than he played last year coaching staff was a complete mess. List is missing Williamson though
  2. Is this a serious question? Howard Stern or Mike Francesa? Cmon now
  3. Really can we stop? Seriously? Mac’s negligence on OL is real but I can’t stop thinking this board is filled w a ton of millennials who want instant gratification.... but it’s really filled w jets fans who have become millennials and are 40 yrs old+ it’s an amazing thing to sit back and witness
  4. You’re a great poster I’ve read a lot, I stay on sidelines valid points..... hey maybe his speed will be good for something. I think he has a good year under G Williams call me crazy.
  5. Who? Some guy who was in the worst movie I saw this year? I mean awful
  6. #1 We just drafted an edge rusher who hasn’t played a down in the nfl #2 how do you know lee can’t get to the passer?
  7. Not getting traded, will come off the edge this year
  8. Lot of geniuses on this board it’s really amazing 1/2 this board aren’t nfl scouts
  9. So is R Anderson with 1/2 the talent and pedigree. K Hunts a player if he plays this year
  10. Ton of top picks in game tonight for 2019 draft plus could see 2020 (Tua) and 2021 (T Lawrence) number 1 selections overall
  11. This team needs guys who care... maybe what he meant. Obviously there are some issues in locker room. Kinda like this board there are smart posters, funny posters and guys who think they are smart and funny and those that just dont care and post nonsense
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