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  1. Yes Bowles will be fired but what’s the point with 4 wks left? Who takes over K Greene? Big difference here between Mcarthy and Bowles mcarthy fired cuz one of best QBs in nfl history with all the organizational clout had enough and pushed for the move bowles has q enunwa say a little something to the media and a bunch of whining fans
  2. Titan24

    FIRE TODD BOWLES - With Towels!

    Why are towels, billboards etc needed? Why 10 fire Bowles threads after the game? It will happen in 3 weeks for Christ’s sake
  3. Days of enjoying, waiting for MNF are over sad to say. Used to wait for matchup, watching teams I haven’t seen pre red zone channel listening to Al Frank and Dan. Was a simpler and better time. Now everyone is an expert including 75% of this board
  4. Watching witten is painful he looks at his comrade not to he camera when he speaks.... new..... but yes it’s bad
  5. This guy all the talent in the world yet a mess..... zero interest
  6. So all this talk bout not having a pass rush...... but really what’s the point when half of QB hits result in a flag?
  7. Titan24

    Mack traded to Bears

    Mack would have been a nice “win” but he’s not worth two 1’s not to mention the 150 mil. What I’ve seen guy can be blocked.... not a game changer like von Miller etc....glad went down like this
  8. Titan24

    Mack traded to Bears

    Absolutely not, that division belongs to GB when Rodgers is healthy, Minn better than Chicago as well
  9. TomShane is right didn’t read 15 pgs of back and forth.... guy needs to prove something before talking ala A Rodgers calling guys out. But you have to start somewhere.... that is all
  10. I will say it’s refreshing to here someone who speaks the truth. Is it authentic? I’d say yes.... Should he have said it as a rook? Probably not. However calling out bums collecting a paycheck in any walk of life is a good thing.
  11. Josh Allen will be a better qb than Rosen long term....
  12. Seems a bit light.... weeks, months? Most Fans are killing themselves on a weekly basis anyway on Sunday’s w booze etc.... mental stress that’s on another level.
  13. I actually had to look that stat up....to verify....unbelievable stat when you think about it. I will say M Lemieux was pretty special.....I thought he was the guy that might debunk that stat

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