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  1. Reports are Aaron Rodgers could get a new deal soon which will set the market. May be NFL's first $200 mil contract. Any QB outside of Brady even in same stratosphere of Rodgers money is a disgrace anyway.
  2. Guy goes undrafted, works hard, has some talent and produces some decent plays and overall numbers. But can't help himself. Bottom line is once a punk always a punk.
  3. No interest in eifert.... he's done
  4. Like the OL ideas but Lev Bell has been beaten into the ground by Pitt too many carries to spend $ on Watkins disappears too often and injury issues Eifert never stays on the field.... I mean never And Lamar Jackson is a phenomenal talent but huge project
  5. If there’s a God

    What are chances Ed Hochuli and crew are assigned this NE Jax game? No sign of Ed this weekend..... holding/illegal contact penalties galore in the secondary
  6. If there’s a God

    A great 40th gift will be a Pats loss followed by a NE meltdown including BB resigning However what will happen: Pats win easy.... you are now “old”...maybe you throw your back out, you feel early onset of the flu, SB party is celebrated w a big Pats win happy 40th
  7. Few Ketel One and sodas in but Jax May have the secret sauce to beat NE 1. Bortles must play well no turnovers, however can’t play scared. Will have to complete a few 3rd and longs 2. Fournette and Jax OL must dominate 3. C Campbell and M Jackson play game of their lives ala Sean Ellis in NE 4. Myles Jack, Telvin Smith and others can contain Gronk w J Ramsey taking away b Cooks 5. Couple of mistakes or Special teams issues.... there you have it: The Sauce
  8. Oops forget.... a fast, quick LBer w football instincts
  9. Why can’t the Jets find a LB like Telvin Smith in the 5th rd?
  10. ASJ: Marqise Lee Should Be In Seattle

    Burton (PHI) does look like a player. Jimmy Graham is finished. Lot of wear an tear
  11. ASJ is ok, made some plays.... lumbering and replaceable
  12. Let it Ride !!!

    Jersey guy a fan of probably the best poster on this board (entertainment wise) doesnt pay attention to Rutgers athletics Joaquin Phoenix is severely overrated minus the throwing up in my mouth dialogue in Signs and The Gladiator performance
  13. Hate Watkins as well... doesn’t beat good corners ever....it’s a slant or nothing and made of glass. Robinson? He was a stud big injury... not sure
  14. Long Term ?????????????????

    I’d want Darnold (prob won’t be able to) Dont like Rosen much (hurt often and a California A hole honestly) Go in on Cousins Backup Plan take a shot at Bridgewater
  15. Long Term ?????????????????

    We will see moving forward.... want no part of the guy at 6.