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  1. There will be 65% Cowboy fans in Met Life this week..... won’t have to do anything
  2. Excellent post Something is wrong in that building, yes Falk is awful, yes the OL has been putrid but these are professionals and this offense has not been NFL caliber, non competitive, not sure I have the words to describe it.
  3. Well looks like the “look ourselves in the mirror” bye week went swimmingly. really this team is embarrassing
  4. Notre Dame putting a tackling clinic tonight
  5. This NOtre Dame TE fearless good hands too
  6. This Georgia LT needs to be a NY Jet next year
  7. If this team had 22 Jamal Adams.... hey might be .500 team who knows. But this team is a 23 pt NFL dog this week..... 23 pts.... I don’t care who’s coach, who’s hurt, who’s anything...... just an embarrassment
  8. There’s a reason he was flat out cut.... you could be right but I’d say 99.9997% chance he amounts to nothing
  9. Don’t hate it..... good for him
  10. Why? A team w talent cuts a bum... Team w less talent signs bum Sound familiar?
  11. They’ve had awful coaching plus turnover, no skill position players especially on the outside, zero depth, no draft picks on OL, wasted picks galore during each draft... it goes on and on
  12. Like the optimistic view but let’s be fair 1. Gase isn’t the 2nd coming.... he’s just not 2. The OL is bad 3. The skill positions outside of Bell, Herndon, maybe crowder no good 5-11
  13. This team is a 24 pt dog this week... it’s Kent st vs Oklahoma..... I don’t care who’s hurt/out.....embarrassing and ridiculous. Wrap your head around that.

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