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  1. Jets haven’t had a 1 since Toon.... sorry Keyshawn fans
  2. Jets haven’t had a 1 since Toon.... sorry Keyshawn fans
  3. The geniuses on this board..... I would link them w the Jamal haters
  4. This is great......btw don’t draft a rb anywhere near 1st rd that’s what analytics and jetnation geniuses say
  5. If there’s a God they lose and all these talking heads bending over for him for 3 months w backtrack....
  6. Yea really this titans team does bring back memories.... Rex’s jets heading to foxboro... can’t wait game
  7. This really is fantastic..... it is early.... but watching all those suckin off L Jackson and the ravens for 3 months....squirming
  8. This is true.... what may hurt FA this year because it’s final year of CBA teams are allowed both a franchise and transition tag usually its only one. teams can keep 2 players on expiring contracts using the tags. Not many good OL will shake free
  9. According to many on this board week 1 the jets are an 11-5 team minus the injuries and bad luck.
  10. Most likely none are there in March.... redskins have new old school coach Scherff going nowhere
  11. Very good OL rarely make it to FA, sorry......they’re not paying Mariota you think they are letting good OL go?
  12. Big $$$ for a position with little impact on the game according to many here.... A Guard?????? Blasphemy
  13. OL built through draft w Henry behind them yes..... The NY jets had a gm that believed in drafting 5th rd fringe prospects on Ol and developing them
  14. Discipline and coaching two things the jets haven’t had in 15 yrs.... fans included
  15. Damn this reminds me of those games with mangold.... Jets rbs right up middle of pats d 8 yds/clip
  16. They will be a tough team for years to come in afc east however
  17. The bills are more talented, better OL They are also more disciplined and well coached and frankly it’s not close.
  18. Lot of bills fans in Texas can def hear them....good job by them
  19. If I’m the KC Chiefs, NO saints yea may be the final piece. Just not grasping how signing Jamal Adams affects how this team fixes the OL and offense as a whole
  20. Valid points especially the final sentences: I’m being devils advocate here, maybe I’m in the mood to debate a little today. 1. He’s a 24yr old very good safety, who’s impact on the field we see....... but none on this board know his impact behind the scenes ie: “with the guys“ 2. signing him shouldn’t really hamper this team fixing the offense: The OL should be fixed through the draft, maybe get lucky and sign a decent FA (they usually don’t shake free) and develop a couple guys...ie: The OL under Rex w faneca, b moore etc Davante Parker nor Deandre Hopkins are shaking free so again WR must be fixed through the draft along with signing a guy like John Brown as buffalo did this year.
  21. You’re a poster whose content I enjoy reading but this got me fired up: And I’m no Adams homer Far too little an impact? Many on this board (not sure of your position) would go ahead and pay R Anderson $13 mil/yr for what impact? A middle of pack receiver, but not put down an extra 2 mil for maybe best safety in the league I would argue J Adams has a much bigger impact on an avg Sunday than Anderson and its not close. i don’t think 15 mil/yr is a cap killer knowing this team has nobody to pay besides Sam.... they have to pay someone.
  22. I look at it like this....guy is a very good player and would sure as hell pay him before paying Robbie Anderson.... let Robbie walk pay him....
  23. SAR is 100% right but don’t get any BMW unless the models last number is a 5 or begins w M Personally I prefer Audi S or Benz AMG but that’s personal preference Beemers are great too
  24. Do the simple math for a finance 36k\60 months bout $600 month plus bit of interest W no $ down leasing is cheaper lower payments, watch the mileage terms and how fast that model depreciates

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