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  1. Didn’t Ozzie Newsome draft kyle Boller? It happens
  2. 100% the QB was a mess probably seeing 15 DBs out there…..scared of the turnover etc. Surely the turnover thing has been beaten into his head. Playing scared, looking at the rush, not downfield, confused etc….
  3. Seemed pretty “light-hearted” to me…..non-story
  4. Weather will get colder play defense and punch people in the mouth.
  5. Tenn just punches you in the mouth…….big boy football
  6. my friend I feel like Chris russo tonight 45 years of age can we get one?
  7. Maybe so……maybe not
  8. Looking from afar the great warfish……you knew that roughing the passer would kill this team after that pick 6
  9. No that was the killer I felt it in stadium…….air went out of the building
  10. 17-3 this game is over crowd going nuts……simple
  11. No…… that play stands this game is over……
  12. Air came out of the stadium after this I was there
  13. That was play/penalty of the game jets win easy without it
  14. That was the killer…….did not affect the pass…..was a bad play. Saleh was livid. That play holds up the game is over. that play holds without penalty….Zach hands it off all day and team is 6-2.
  15. Watching this game tonight after…… thought I wouldn’t but I am. This is the matchup next week he will be challenged. Sauce vs Diggs hope he follows him
  16. Was thinking sane but damn he looks done
  17. Prob never happen…… dreaming here but I’d give Zach and a 1 for Rodgers
  18. Don’t need OL, don’t need DL unfortunately need a qb. This team is what it is for this year……E Moore may be on the move though seems can’t be fixed.
  19. Not sure bout the end but the bills are well coached and talented. If Zach plays like today will get ugly…… can’t wait and wait with all this talent on the team. Especially next year……waiting gets people fired
  20. Little slip there saying the meadowlands…….metlife ughhhh. This team should be on the island which is Jets country but I digress…….
  21. No QB controversies, streveler can have a package…..maybe throw a pass off rpo? Makes NE think. Good move BTW if streveler hits a pass off rpo the meadowlands would go bonkers…….
  22. A great packer fan but you have become annoying….. way too positive
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