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  1. He's always been a Jets hater for whatever reason. But that was well done.
  2. We're going to keep drafting guys at important positions like CB until we get it right. You need quality corners in this league. If a CB who is a first round talent is there at 23, I'd have no problem drafting him.
  3. I'd rather Alex Smith if he is interested in still playing.
  4. I can't stand Greenberg. Every once in a while somebody posts a clip of him and I see it, other than that, I haven't watched any of his garbage in years.
  5. Good trade by the Jets. Although they don't get much this year, they get a 2nd rounder and a 4th rounder next year to help build around Zach Wilson, who is going to be our pick. I wish Sam Darnold well. I hope he has a long career in the NFL.
  6. I'm starting to warmup to the idea of keeping Sam Darnold even after drafting Zach Wilson at 2. There's no way the Jets should pass on Wilson, but keeping Darnold around for 1 more year isn't a terrible idea. I thought it would be bad to draft Wilson and keep the guy you drafted 3rd overall only a few years ago on the roster with him, but that's probably an outdated way of looking at things. If the Jets can get a 3rd round pick for Darnold, I would trade him. If not, draft Wilson and keep Darnold. Let them battle it out and see if another team eventually is willing to budge and give up a
  7. If we didn't need a QB I would have no problem with this. I think Waddle is going to be awesome. I really hope Miami doesn't take him at 6.
  8. Darnold missed time in 2019 because of Mono, which had nothing to do with the O-Line. He would have played a full season that year had he not caught that.
  9. I would think the last step for the Jets in the Zach Wilson decision would be to make sure his medicals all check out. I don't know when the Jets get to look at them, or if they have already, but assuming they are all good, it's probably time to start getting serious about trading Darnold.
  10. Come draft day the Jets need to just take the best offer they can get for Darnold and move on.
  11. The Jets are staying at 2 and drafting Zach Wilson. They'd be crazy not to do that.
  12. Drafting Barkley 2nd overall was a terrible decision by Gettleman.
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