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  1. Claiborne has been a beast for us. He might be Macc's best FA acquisition. It was a great decision to take a chance on him. Pryor is very talented. I'm glad he's starting to take on a bigger role in the offense.
  2. ScarletKnight89

    The difference between winning and losing

    "Between living and dying!"
  3. You can't put the Giants over the Jets based on the current makeup of the teams. The Jets are younger and if you believe Darnold will be the answer for the Jets, it actually puts them much closer to winning a Super Bowl than the Giants. Not saying they will, likely they probably won't cause that's just how things seem to always go for us, but they are closer to a championship at this point. The Giants stink. They are a bad football team that's in denial about their QB situation. That's why they hired an old school GM who told them what they wanted to hear.
  4. ScarletKnight89

    Colts to be without Ty Hilton and Jack Doyle

    This is going to be a good test for this team. This is a classic game that the Jets, especially under Bowles, always seem to lose. They need to beat the Colts up. They're a better team. The defense needs to show up like it did last week and on opening week and play well. They are going up against a bad team but that team has a really good QB who can beat them if they aren't prepared to play. The D needs to set the tone and make things as easy as possible for Darnold.
  5. ScarletKnight89

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    He's been the least productive player on what has been a pretty good D-Line so far. He hasn't been awful or anything, but he's just kind of there right now. Hopefully he develops as the season goes on and starts to be more productive. He was a 3rd round pick from a small school and he's already 25 years old. This is the type of pick you make when you feel you have a real steal on your hands. It would be disappointing if this pick didn't work out and would be another negative for Macc in the draft. But it's only been 5 games. We have to give it some time.
  6. ScarletKnight89

    Lets play a game.

    It would have to be Khalil Mack. You'd have to hope that McCown could manage the game well and that you could ride the defense to victories.
  7. ScarletKnight89

    colts ruined luck

    It all comes down to building an O-Line. This is something that Macc has continued to push off since he took over. He's tried to patch the line together. This off season needs to be about rebuilding this line and acquiring a pass rusher. Just my opinion.
  8. I think Schiano is hoping to eventually get a job with a bigger program. Rutgers should be a big program where big time football is played but unfortunately it's not. Schiano was an excellent recruiter. I've always felt that's the most important thing for a college football coach. I'd love for Rutgers to throw big money at him and get him back but i'm not sure he's interested.
  9. He should get fired but something tells me he's not.
  10. Buster might end up on IR. If he does then the problem solves itself.
  11. Sanchez had a very good team around. I would say Geno actually had the least talent of the 3. Sam doesn't have a great O-Line but he does have weapons on offense. Hopefully Sam just continues to get better and better. I'm fine with his development so far.
  12. ScarletKnight89


    This has to be some type of record. The Jets have 500 plus yards of offense and the QB has only completed 10 passes.
  13. ScarletKnight89


    Great catch by Pryor!
  14. ScarletKnight89


    Big FG right there. It's a 3 score game. Would have liked the TD but i'll take the 3. Long has been having an awful game snapping the ball.
  15. ScarletKnight89



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