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  1. It really is. I love Jamal and want the Jets to keep him but having a diva safety is not ideal.
  2. I think the safety position is starting to evolve more in todays game and the position is becoming a little more valuable than some people (including myself) have given it credit for. A guy like Adams can play all over the field. He's a force on defense. If they trade him, they need to get a good haul for him. I'm on record as saying I'd pay him.
  3. We're going to be talking about this for years and years. The only way the Jets look good here is if Quinnen Williams turns into a star like Aaron Donald.
  4. Who knows Sanchez played well overall in both of those games though. It would have been nice if the offense was able to at least move the ball a little bit in the first half in Pittsburgh but he wasn't the issue in those games. Hard to say we win with Flacco.
  5. Josh Allen not at least being in the "verdict is still out" section is kind of stupid. I mean hell, they have Trubisky in the "good luck" section (where he belongs) and he won 11 games his second year too.
  6. We need a pass rusher in the worst way. But I don't know if I'd give up a 1st for Ngakoue. He's not handling his situation in Jacksonville all that well. A 2nd? Absolutely.
  7. There's nothing not to like about this in my opinion. I wonder if the Jets are thinking he can not only backup Sam, but also be a mentor to James Morgan.
  8. Honestly, good for him. At least he's still having fun playing the sport he loves.
  9. This guy at least understands that they were lucky in week 1.
  10. This is a non brainer in my opinion. Cut Winters and sign Warford.
  11. Joe has made his whole career on being miserable and complaining about the Jets. It's worked for him. He's an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to Jets history but that's about it. I find most of his takes to be wrong. He's also a classic Monday morning QB.
  12. Maye is a very talented player. I'd want something decent in return for him as well. Davis is more of a true center field safety which might fit better with Adams who freelances more.
  13. Makes sense. They need a backup who can come in and win games for them. They are a legit contending team.
  14. Vinny Curry makes a ton of sense for us. They should be looking to sign either Amukamara or Logan Ryan as well IMO.

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