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  1. It's possible that a team with that type of success/luck drafting QB's does start to not appreciate the player at the position they have and thinks they can find another very quickly. They've gone from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer at the position. That's rare. If Rodgers is in fact done, reality will smack GB in the face very quickly if Love is just a first round bust of a QB and finding the next franchise QB becomes harder.
  2. If he is retiring, I gotta think this is more of a Carson Palmer retirement, where he wanted out of Cincy so bad he was willing to "retire" to get his way. We'll see
  3. 24 for Douglas makes sense. I think he's a good GM and will make a big jump in time, but it's hard to put him higher until the Jets start to see results on the field.
  4. Douglas is not in any rush to overpay a safety. Good for him. We finally have a GM who seems to get it.
  5. On paper? Absolutely. You got what looks to be like a legitimate starting caliber offensive line with quality receivers with some depth. That alone does it for me.
  6. We'll see. I think Moses is a better player and I can't see him coming here to be a backup but who knows. The front office is clearly high on Fant.
  7. Fant has no experience at Guard. It's possible he could slide in and play there but I guess we'll see.
  8. This is a really nice Offensive Line now. Becton-AVT-McGovern-Lewis-Moses With Fant, Clarke, GVR still on the team as well. Very nice.
  9. It really depends on who the mentor is. Would Nick Mullens really have qualified as a "mentor" to Zach Wilson? I mean he's played in the league, but what has he accomplished? A mentor only makes sense if it's someone who has accomplished something or been around a long time. I don't think there is really anyone out there at this point. Jets are probably hoping Nick Foles is cut and is willing to come in and be the backup.
  10. I don't think he would. The guy was a project draft pick that Seattle gave up on him. The Jets took a chance on him because he's a freak athlete but has never had real success at the NFL level. He was average last year at best. Not really the type of player that would request a trade IMO. Where is he going right now where he can automatically start? His best chance is probably staying with the Jets. Becton seems to have a lot of minor injuries that pop up from time to time and maybe he can try to get in some work at guard to improve his versatility along the line.
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