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  1. ScarletKnight89

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    Ehh, I'm not a fan of Gio. I'm not a big fan of that morning show in general. I didn't listen a lot when Carton was on and I don't listen much at all now with Gio. But Carton was successful in New Jersey before he joined the fan. The guy gets ratings. He's good at his job. I don't have to like him to recognize that.
  2. ScarletKnight89

    Rumor: Pats trying to make a deal for Rosen

    I thought going into last years draft that Mayfield, Darnold, and Rosen could all be good QB's in this league. Mayfield and Darnold are further along right now but I think Rosen can be right there with them. It would be a good move for the Pats IMO. I don't know if the Cardinals are going to be able to get a 1st rounder if the reports are true and everyone believes they are taking Murray 1st overall. They may have to bite the bullet and except a 2nd rounder if they want to move him.
  3. ScarletKnight89

    Craig carton arrested by FBI

    He had it all and threw it away. Sad story. Whether you liked him or hated him, he was a very popular radio host.
  4. ScarletKnight89

    Lee trade for Emanuel Ogbah?? (Rumor)

    No thanks
  5. ScarletKnight89

    Sterling Sheppard

    No lol Sheppard is a nice receiver but he's not a game changing player. There's tons of guys in the league and probably still available in FA that can do what Sheppard does.
  6. ScarletKnight89

    Available Free Agents as of 3/19/19 per sportrac

    It's really not a great off season to find tackles via FA. Macc needs to build up the interior of his line the best he can and solidify that at the very least. Osemele was a good start. I just hope they add a center.
  7. I totally agree. Lee still has a lot of value as a coverage LB. He's on his rookie deal. If they can't get something of value for him they should just use him as a rotational player who they use primarily in coverage for this upcoming season. LB's that can cover are valuable to a team.
  8. ScarletKnight89

    Blake Bortles to be Rams backup QB

    I didn't want him at all. The guy I still think is the best fit is Osweiller.
  9. ScarletKnight89

    Backfield Routes Darnold/Bell

    Le'veon Bell and Sam Darnold have a chance to be a real deadly combination that keeps other teams coaches up at night. I'm not a big fan of paying big money for RB's but Bell is a special talent and the elite backs in this league still clearly get paid. Bell can do so much for the offense even on plays where he doesn't even get the ball.
  10. ScarletKnight89

    Justin Houston

    I agree. I'm not against trading down if both Bosa and Allen are off the board. And if one or both is available and Macc doesn't believe either player is legit, he should probably look to trade the pick in that scenario as well.
  11. ScarletKnight89

    Justin Houston

    That's fair. But i'll agree to disagree on that simply because I don't think the talent at tackle is worth taking where the Jets are picking and I believe in Bosa and Allen. Just my opinion. Macc has consistently neglected the O-Line. It's clearly a problem.
  12. ScarletKnight89

    Justin Houston

    There are no O-Lineman worthy of being drafted #3 overall. I totally agree the O-Line needs to be upgraded as well but I was just talking about the defense in this thread. They've lacked a legitimate pass rusher for too long.
  13. ScarletKnight89

    Justin Houston

    I get it. But they still chose to go after Barr instead of them. And Barr has no record of being a good pass rusher at the NFL level. He was used differently for Minnesota. But really the point i'm making is that it would be so typical of the Jets to come away from this off season without a legit pass rusher either via FA/Trade and or by drafting one.
  14. If they can't get much for him I would hold onto him. He's been good in coverage and that has value.
  15. ScarletKnight89

    Justin Houston

    Probably nobody based off of last season but I don't think the Jets are even interested in Justin Houston. It doesn't sound like they are.

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