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  1. Oh I wouldn't trade Bridgewater straight up for Fowler either. But there is a deal to be made there if the Jags realize that Bortles isn't the answer.
  2. They need a QB but i'm not sure they know that...
  3. ScarletKnight89

    That's Mr. Williams to you Leonard

    Leonard Williams is a good NFL player. Probably better than good to be fair. But he's not worth breaking the bank over. He's not that type of player at all. Hopefully when it's time for him to hit the market the Jets can bring him back at a fair price.
  4. At the very least Bridgewater should be rolling with the ones as the starter. Bowles needs to stop with this charade that Josh McCown is his starter based off of being decent last season. Darnold is the guy, you want to make him earn it. Teddy played well and the Jets need to be showcasing him for trade bait. So make it Bridgewater 1, Darnold 2, and McCown 3 going into the second preseason game. Assuming Darnold continues to look good you then make Darnold the starter going into the 3rd preseason game and hopefully give him the job after that. Then showcase Bridgewater in the final preseason game and either trade him or keep him as the backup. Either way, I like McCown, but the Jets need to move on from him as the starter. This is going to be Darnolds team and Bridgewater is clearly a better player than McCown as long as he's healthy.
  5. ScarletKnight89

    Brian Baldinger quick 2 minute Darnold breakdown.

    I agree. But he never had a great arm. That's what I meant by "lacked the overall ability". He was a very solid QB when healthy.
  6. ScarletKnight89

    Brian Baldinger quick 2 minute Darnold breakdown.

    Agreed. Sanchez lacked the football IQ and Pennington simply lacked the overall ability. I don't want to get ahead of myself but i'm feeling very positive about Darnold going forward. He has all the ability in the world, has the football IQ, and seems to have the desire to be great. Great debut.
  7. Worse than a question mark. He is not a punt returner at this point in his career. He proved that last night.
  8. ScarletKnight89

    Bowles' Plan for the OL

    I'm a little surprised that there isn't a 4th QB on the roster just for this. I know spots are limited but still. The Jets have a very weird situation at QB because the number 3 on their depth chart right now is the 3rd overall pick in the most recent NFL draft. He doesn't need to be playing large portions of this game behind guys who are not going to be on NFL rosters this season.
  9. I feel like we've been hearing about finally finding a long term answer at tight end for the longest time now... I'm hoping Herndon is the answer but we are terrible at drafting/finding tight ends.
  10. ScarletKnight89

    Schefter: Darnold Has Chance to Win QB Battle

    I hope Darnold is the opening day starter. But I hope it's because he wins the competition outright. You get 5 years out of a QB if he's any good before you have to cut him a massive check.
  11. I don't think Woody Johnson meddles in the game plan. But I guess I could be wrong. Maybe that last year with Favre...
  12. ScarletKnight89

    Khalil Mack

    Khalil Mack is such an awesome player. I'm not even going to get my hopes up and start dreaming about him in a Jets uniform. It would be to good to be true.
  13. ScarletKnight89

    Boomer having a Boner for the Giants

    I expect the Giants to be average at best this year. They don't have a QB anymore. The problem is, they are in denial about that. Unless the defense is going to play at a high level they are a 7-8 win team in my opinion.
  14. ScarletKnight89

    Why not look at Dez?

    If the team was better than I thought it currently was I would say they should give him a look. But this is a young team that is growing. They don't need a player with Dez's baggage who probably has lost a step anyway. Anderson is a good young receiver. Kearse and Enunwa are guys who can get open , catch the ball, and do the dirty work. Pryor is a nice high upside project. They don't need Dez on this team.
  15. Hopefully this is true and we can move on from this.