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  1. I wasn't very impressed with Fields at all. He's got potential just like all the other young QBs, but he didn't blow me away with anything he did yesterday.
  2. I'll always love and appreciate Darrelle. Can't wait till he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. We've had nothing but crappy players/teams for the last 10 years. It's made me appreciate the good times, even if we didn't win the ultimate prize, even more. The guy is an all-time great New York Jet.
  3. Zach gets very locked in to Corey Davis early in games. He doesn't start throwing Cole's way until the 4th quarter. He's got to start spreading the ball around more.
  4. Right. I don't disagree. There's plenty of issues with the Jets on offense. I'm just talking about Wilson and his throws.
  5. He did. That's why this issue should be a correctable one. I know it's cliche but the game probably still needs to slow down for him. He's missing routine throws/check downs that he shouldn't miss. He's short hopping throws on those short passes.
  6. Both Carter's look like good players.
  7. The Jets have to come out of the bye with an offensive game plan that gets Mims and Moore on the field at the same time. They keep telling us Moore is awesome, fine, i'll still believe it for now, but there is no reason Mims shouldn't be seeing time out wide on a more consistent basis. Wilson likes to take shots down the field and Mims is our best linear player. He showed good ball skills at Baylor and last year, take some shots with him down field.
  8. This has been the biggest issue with Zach Wilson. He misses way too many easy throws. I don't see how it's not a correctable problem. He's just playing too fast IMO. Settle down, make that throw, and it could be a TD.
  9. Yeah. The Crowder one was glaring, and was a big miss, but he misses a lot of check down plays as well. That's my issue. I just want to see him start to correct that issue. If he hit those check down passes his completion percentage would be over 60% instead of under.
  10. He missed on more than one throw. We might have bigger issues on offense, but the most important player on this team is Wilson, along with his development. He missed easy throws this week, and last week. It's something that needs to get better.
  11. Zach is missing on so many easy throws. It's a problem. A correctable one. He didn't display accuracy issues in college so I don't think it's something he can't correct but he's got to tighten up those throws. It's the biggest thing I want to see him improve on right now. Check down passes into the flat that may only get you 2-5 yards still move your offense forward and turn 3rd and longs into 3rd and shorts.
  12. I do enjoy the fact that the Dolphins are terrible.
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