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  1. He can still play but I'd like to do better in FA at addressing the position. At this point in the season I don't think there is any real point in signing him. Maybe in the off season depending on what the market looks like for corners.
  2. I completely agree. I think sometimes players like Sam take the brunt of the fans anger over the fact that the team has been bad for so long. Fans are just frustrated and become irrational because of that. It's not Sam's fault the teams bad, it's not even Joe Douglas' fault. But the fans have to witness it year after year and many are going to blame the people they have to see everyday. Sam can clearly play. He's growing as a QB. There's some things in his game he needs to improve on, but he went up against a really good defense in a primetime game and did not play bad. I was worried Sam and the Jets offense were going to get destroyed last night by the Ravens on defense similar to what the Pats did and it didn't happen. The team around Sam needs to get better, that's JD's job.
  3. I don't care. The game was over. This is what players do now.
  4. Bad pick at the end of the half. Build him an O-Line and a better roster across the board and we'll see for sure what we have. Sam can play, there's still some things he needs to get better at, he should run more on 3rd and shorts, he misses some throws, but he makes a lot of really good throws as well. He's a young QB on a bad team.
  5. Interesting. I'll be honest, I haven't watched much Oklahoma football this year. I remember seeing CeeDee Lamb last year play in the College Football playoffs but that's it.
  6. I agree. Both could potentially be top 5 picks. But players stocks tend to fall and rise after the season is over and they participate in pro days and the combine.
  7. So many things change with prospects after we get past the combine and pro days. But as of right now I like either Andrew Thomas or Jerry Jeudy for this team. Either a franchise tackle or a game changing receiver.
  8. They would do it because the HC doesn't want Bell and prefers using multiple RB's. The HC might be a moron but there's no indication that he's going anywhere anytime soon.
  9. I'm not sure what the rules in the NFL regarding trades but I would think the Jets can pay some of his contract in order to entice a team to take him at a lower price. Jets would obviously have to bite the bullet financially though.
  10. He makes no sense for the Jets at this point unless you want to saddle Douglas with a Head Coach he didn't pick. It least in this scenario, he was brought in by Gase, which isn't the greatest thing either, but it least they wanted to work together.
  11. The Patriots are cheaters. I don't see how they can get the benefit of the doubt here. The NFL knows that the Patriots have a history of cheating.

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