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  1. I haven't even heard reports that Belichick might be on his way out. Why would the Patriots get rid of him?
  2. ScarletKnight89

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    I'd like to see them go after Tyrell Williams. It's a weak class for FA receivers but I think he has the most upside. Eli Rogers has potential as well.
  3. ScarletKnight89

    I wonder if Sam wants McCown back next year

    If Josh McCown can't play football anymore he shouldn't be brought back as a mentor unless it's in a coaching role. This is why Davis Webb should have been playing when Darnold got hurt. We need to determine if we need a reliable backup for Sam.
  4. ScarletKnight89

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    Bowles Macc Crowell Kearse Claiborne McCown (As a player) Those are the ones that jump out at me.
  5. ScarletKnight89

    Did Kearse blow off Darnold today?

    Why are players like Kearse and Matthews even playing over a kid like Deontay Burnett???? We are a team going nowhere this year. A young player like Burnett should be out there at this point getting valuable reps with Darnold.
  6. ScarletKnight89


    I think both will be great players. It's really not debatable who you'd rather have though. If Darnold ends up being a franchise QB and the Giants go on a long search for their next franchise QB, they made the wrong choice passing on Darnold.
  7. Agreed. Not at 4-9 I guess. The important thing is that Sam looks great. This could be his coming out party. Still way too many killer penalties and mistakes though.
  8. This is shaping up to be a game where the Jets play well but lose because they beat themselves. Those 2 missed extra points are killers.
  9. Copeland was right there also though and he stopped at the whistle. When Watson got loose, Copeland might have been able to finish him off. Would have been close.
  10. Joe Benigno was just railing about how the Jets should hire McCarthy on WFAN. I've disagreed with him on it but I went back and looked at McCarthy's career and I actually am warming to the idea of pursuing him. I wouldn't hate it if that's the way they decided to go. He made it to the playoffs 9 times in 13 seasons (they weren't going this year so it counts as a full season to me). I've been afraid of touching him because he's had a great QB in Rodgers. But to be fair, coaches need players to win. If Darnold is the real deal you hope he can develop him. He's got experience working with a great QB and probably knows what it takes to be one. My biggest concern though is still the fact that I don't see this stretch of dominance I feel he should have had with a player the caliber of Rodgers under center for him. There's a bunch of 10 and even an 8 win season in there where he ended up making the playoffs. And while the playoffs is really all that matters, you would think a Head Coach who was really good at his job would be a little more dominant in the regular season similar to the way the Pats have been and even how Peyton's teams in Indy were. But also to be fair, I haven't examined those seasons to see if there were any big injuries or not. Rodgers gets nicked up a lot more than Peyton or Brady ever did. It's a tough call but the Jets have had so many failures with defensive coordinators getting their first head coaching job. I probably wouldn't bash a McCarthy hiring. Just my opinion.
  11. ScarletKnight89

    Crowell to IR - Out for Season

    I never like to see players get hurt but I would rather see McGuire and Cannon play over Crowell down the stretch of this season anyway.
  12. ScarletKnight89

    Franchise is a joke

    Agreed. But I think we are at the point where the GM has to go as well. I don't want a new HC with a GM who might be on the hot seat. I don't think Macc has assembled enough talent on the roster to make me believe that he absolutely has to stay on. If he went as well, I wouldn't be disappointed.
  13. ScarletKnight89

    Franchise is a joke

    We are back to pre Parcells era bad again. You could make the argument right now that we are the worst franchise in the league. Cleveland looks like they are on the upswing. From 1997-2015 we at least made the playoffs a bunch of times and finished .500 or above many years, and won some playoff games. We would have crippling, devastating losses, but we had much more respectability than we do now.
  14. ScarletKnight89

    If Macagnan is smart...

    I would want nothing to do with Mike McCarthy. No thanks...
  15. ScarletKnight89

    Jets - Titans Game Thread

    Every time the Jets run a nice play and gain a good chunk of yards I just wait for the flag to be thrown. It comes almost every time lol

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