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  1. I mean, Joe Douglas has been trying to build the offensive and defensive lines since he's been here. He just hasn't been very good at it lol. Defensive line obviously is in much better shape right now. While an elite edge rusher has yet to step forward, they have some promising young players in Clemons, Huff, and JJ. They also have an elite interior lineman in Quinnen Williams. The offensive line still needs a lot of worker. The Becton pick looms large.
  2. It's definitely. more preferable landing spot for Rodgers I would think. But who knows? Maybe he won't want to play for McDaniels, or maybe the Raiders won't want to pay him.
  3. I would love to see him hire a VP of Football Operations but even if he did, I just can't imagine owning a football team and not having anything to do with it. That's all. I just feel like it's not a realistic expectation to have for any owner. I agree the Jets are best served with Woody and Chris not involved, but in reality I just can't see someone owning a team and not involving themselves at all in things. I'd probably be a terrible owner.
  4. I don't understand the whole "he's meddling" argument. It's his team. Do people expect him to just buy the team, pay the bills, keep quiet, and only speak when spoken to?
  5. It doesn't have to be a great defense. If the offense could play decent football we wouldn't be nitpicking the defense nearly as much. We nitpick the defense and talk about all the things it's not largely because we know the offense is hopeless given the QB situation and O-Line. But in that particular game, yes, the defense did need to finish that one and they didn't. That was a bad one. It happens. They aren't great. But the defense is good enough.
  6. Couldn't agree more with this. I see this a lot from certain New York media personalities and it's ridiculous. If the standard for a great defense is the 85 Bears or the 2000 Ravens you are going to be disappointed pretty much every time. The Jets defense is good enough to win big with if you had an offense that could compliment it. Sorry, but the idea that a defense can just completely shut down a good modern NFL offense every week is unrealistic. Jets defense averaged 18.6 PPG given up. If that's not good enough for you, then you have unrealistic expectations. I've seen people like Michael Kay and Joe Benigno think they are making prophetic statements by saying "listen people, I got news for you, it's not a great defense." I'm not really sure what they are expecting a defense to do outside of basically giving up zero points a week. The defense can only do so much to cover up poor offense which is always the Jets problem. The offense is still a joke because they don't have a QB. If Joe D and Saleh can go out and get a legit QB they may have gone a long way in solving the issues that have plagued the Jets for decades.
  7. Agreed. But he's 39 and has talked about retirement. What if he doesn't come to a decision until later in the off season when teams are already making moves, signing players, making trades, etc? Different player, but Brett Favre didn't "un-retire" until July 11th 2008.
  8. It's all entirely based on a hypothetical trade lol. I doubt Aaron Rodgers retires but i'm pretty sure he said he is going to take some time this off season to decide what he wants to do. Any potential trade seems very far down the road, unless he makes a quick decision and decides he wants to play and move on from the Packers.
  9. Don't love it. Don't totally hate it either. He's a veteran play caller. I'm interested to see how his offensive staff fills out. Maybe this will help the Jets chances of getting Aaron Rodgers. I doubt it, but if it leads to Rodgers it's a home run. His season by season offensive rankings aren't great but most of those years he had garbage QB play. If the Jets add a veteran QB who can play, that's important. Last year is really concerning though.
  10. I look at it the other way because I think the Jets best route to go is the veteran QB road. If they trade for a QB part of the negotiations could be that they can have a say in picking the OC.
  11. Hackett Veteran play caller. Ties to Saleh. Makes all too much sense. I think it just comes down to whether or not he is interested in coaching next year.
  12. "We have to look at the film" is basically a Head Coach just saying "No comment" in my opinion. He knew by then that Zach Wilson isn't good but he's not going to say it publicly. His biggest mistake was not going to Mike White in the 2nd half. We would have won that game if he did.
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