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  1. Agreed And the Jets have been trying to win with defense compounded by constantly drafting defensive lineman, middle linebackers, and safeties for the last 10 plus years lol. Explains a lot. At least Joe Douglas has been going after the right positions in the draft so far.
  2. The rules are fine. The Bills took the lead with 13 seconds left in the game. They choked. The game never should have went to OT.
  3. I think calling Dee Milliner an "underachiever" is being very generous to him.
  4. If the Jags decide that their primary focus is protecting Lawrence then this scenario is entirely possible. I've heard some "draft experts" say that if Hutchinson and Thibs were in last years class they would not be top 10 picks. Last years class had more QBs that were considered 1st round picks though, which is probably the primary reason.
  5. Jerry Jones always falls in love with his offensive coordinators. Kellen Moore is being treated as the heir apparent. Weird situation for McCarthey to be in knowing that Jones is going to eventually give him your job lol. This loss might expedite the process. Didn't Jerry Jones do the same thing to Wade Phillips with Jason Garrett?
  6. The Jets can't afford to take a gamble on a player has hasn't put good play on film since 2019. He's a great athlete and could be a great player at the NFL level. But he's been hurt a lot already. Let someone else take that risk.
  7. Pretty much every QB could have a highlight reel of throws where receivers let them down. The frustrating ones for me were those deep balls early in the season that should have been caught. Moore had a brutal drop against the Panthers and Davis had a brutal one against the Broncos. Those were good throws that showed the special arm talent that Zach Wilson does have. Griffin dropping that TD against the Texans was frustrating as well. But Zach's adjusted completion percentage was 69.9%. That would still put him outside the top 25 QB's in that category as well. Jets receivers are not the o
  8. Yeah I get it. But everyone knew the concerns with Becton coming out regarding his size. The only guy I can think of who is around his size in Trent Brown for the Patriots. To be fair, I was more concerned about his ability to pass block, which wasn't really an issue for him. But there were concerns about his durability.
  9. Everyone seems to think Flores will walk in and fix the Giants. It's really based on nothing but this belief that Flores is this awesome coach. I don't see it. Flores feels like the move that will backfire on some team. Whenever it's too good to be true, it probably is.
  10. The Jets need to take a flier on a reclamation project like Trubisky or Mariota this off season. The worst situation that Joe Douglas could find himself in next season is halfway through the season, Zach Wilson is still struggling, and Joe D and the Jets have nobody to turn to. Joe Flacco ain't going to get it done. The only way a GM like Joe Douglas can survive if his top pick QB busts is if he has someone of the roster who can step up and be an answer for the Jets. Guys like Trubisky and Mariota, or even Minshew or someone like that, make way too much sense for Joe Douglas. If he puts a
  11. Just way too risky of a player for Joe Douglas to use his first ever draft pick on. I hated the pick on draft night, Becton won me over with his strong play as a rookie, but this has always been a big part of his issues. Can he keep his weight in order and given his size, is he going to be a player who can stay healthy? We're discussing using another premium draft pick on a tackle because Becton is a massive question mark. Not good.
  12. That's fair. But the Jets don't ever hit on those second tier guys. If they were, even every once in a while, that fact wouldn't stand out so much to me. You are leaving out some of the better first rounders though like Jamar Chase, Jaylen Waddle, DeVontae Smith, Justin Jefferson, Ceedee Lamb, DJ Moore, and Calvin Ridley who were all first rounders in the last few years but I get your point. You can find receivers after round 1. It's much harder to find the other positions you named after that round.
  13. He has yet to draft or at least develop a star. I like Elijah Moore, is he really going to develop into one of the best receivers in the NFL though? I doubt it. He'll likely slide in as a very good player for a long time, which is a plus for Douglas, especially getting him in the second round, but this team drafts in the top 10 almost every year and there is still no star talent on this team. Michael Carter the RB is likely going to slide in as a really good back in a committee. I don't think he is a bell cow running back. That's a great pick though in the 4th round. We have two top 10 p
  14. Best scenario for the Jets would be the Jaguars taking a left tackle to protect Lawrence, and the Texans taking a QB. That would let one of the top pass rushers drop to the Jets at 4. Doubtful it happens though.
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