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  1. 7th overall After the brutal start we get off to and Gase's seat starts to get real hot, i'm expecting vets to start going on IR and a decent amount of dysfunction down the stretch of the season with a lot of losses piling up. I hope i'm wrong.
  2. I think his plan is to accumulate draft picks and build a core of players through the draft. While he's doing that he'll sign some lower level FA's to try and help Sam in the present and maybe they'll stick around if they perform. Once he builds that core, I think you'll see him then be more aggressive in spending on Free Agents. My issue is I now have serious concerns about the QB. Becton looks like a good pick and it would be nice to see Mims and Perrine get on the field ASAP. I think he knows what he's doing and how to build a team. But I think he's given his QB little to work with in the short term.
  3. If we do that though then what's next? Throw the ball down the field? Put people in motion? Get creative? What you're asking for is unreasonable.
  4. Because we're terrible and the defense is full of JAGS and most people know it. There's no real talent on that side of the football anyway. Most good teams will shred us. The important thing would be seeing growth from our number 3 overall draft pick at QB. If he plays well it will make me feel better. So the offense is the most important thing by far.
  5. I'm not a huge college football fan. I like Lawrence a lot. I just think Fields is where the league is going to be honest.
  6. Every year there's always a Lawrence Cager in Jets camp. The coaching staff and beat writers rave about him only for the season to start and the player never to be heard from again lol.
  7. My thoughts on Perriman and the Jets offense has nothing to do with what I think about Robby Anderson.
  8. Spoiler Alert: He won't 2 catches for 17 yards is my prediction.
  9. I get it. They added 3 lineman in FA and then drafted Becton in the 1st which was the right move. You gotta protect the QB. In the 2nd JD made another good move by getting Sam a receiver. But after that we should have added another receiver, and not just because injuries are piling up now. Because our receiver was a legit problem and the draft class was considered deep with receivers. We should have either drafted an additional receiver early or signed another one in FA. Just my opinion. We didn't Perrine when we were paying Bell big money. That pick or the Davis pick (who I actually like to be fair) could have gone into getting another receiver in here for Sam.
  10. The recent draft was a deep receiver class. They could have drafted an additional receiver in the 3rd or 4th round. If you believe in your QB, which the Jets tell us they do, then signing a FA receiver who can play and help the QB out isn't a bad contract in my opinion. The QB needs help in order to develop. If he's your guy, get him help. If we're rebuilding and they think they have the QB in place, why did we need Pierre Desir at $5.5 million for 1 year to play CB for example? Go get Sam another receiver with that money.
  11. You can address both areas of the football team. You don't have to just pick one...
  12. You don't have to add bad contracts to fix a position. You could add players on good contracts that produce to fix the position. Not giving the young QB weapons to throw to is inexcusable.

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