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  1. ScarletKnight89

    Robert Kraft Arrested - Prostitution Sting

    Alright, well I think the only reasonable thing to do here is take the Patriots from him and disband the organization.
  2. ScarletKnight89

    Danny Amendola

    I understand he brings experience but do we really need a 33 year old, average at best receiver who gets hurt a lot?
  3. He's fine on a short term deal. He's a solid NFL CB. Not a great player, but not a bad player either. If the Jets feel they can upgrade they should, but I'd have no problem if they brought him back.
  4. It all depends on what the Giants (or any team) would be willing to give up to get that pick.
  5. He's not a bad player and would be a fine signing but this team needs a big threat on the outside for Darnold to throw the ball to. That player isn't really out there though this off season so the Jets may have to wait or get creative and try and swing a trade or hope they can pickup a steal in the draft.
  6. I'm not a big Josh Allen fan. If the Jets can't get Bosa at #3 I'd take Greedy Williams or an Offensive Tackle (if one is worthy of being picked that high). They can always trade down though. Teams looking for a QB who like either Murray or Haskins will be looking to trade up.
  7. I'm a big fan of Ferrell but it we stay at 3, it's going to be hard not to take Greedy assuming Bosa is off the board. I know fans will groan about taking another player for the secondary but Greedy might be the BPA at that point. And he would fill a position of need. I like the idea of trading down though if the right package gets offered.
  8. They needed a QB even if Smith was healthy. Smith is a solid player, but he's not a long term answer for them. They should be looking to trade up for Haskins if they believe he is a franchise QB. I wouldn't mind seeing us trade the #3 pick to a team who wants Haskins.
  9. ScarletKnight89

    Dream trade down scenario

    If we're moving to a 4-3 I'd be looking at Quinnen Williams. Or we should try and get our franchise LT and draft Jonah Williams.
  10. ScarletKnight89

    I’m tired of losing

    The only real bright spot/hope is Sam Darnold. It looks like we finally have a high potential player at the most important position, QB. As awesome as Adams is, he's a safety. That's not a premium position. We have a GM who should have lost his job and a HC who is unproven. The hope is Darnold. We need Macc to have a solid draft and do a decent job in FA.
  11. They need to get it done.
  12. ScarletKnight89

    Adam Gase Day 1 on the job

    Which one is Heimerdinger? Asking for Joe Benigno...
  13. ScarletKnight89

    Dolphins Free Agents

    The entire line is a pressing need in my opinion. If we can upgrade we should be looking to do so. But if James made those comments than obviously he is out. Osweiller still wouldn't be a bad option as a backup. Just my opinion.
  14. ScarletKnight89

    Dolphins Free Agents

    I'd take Ja'Wuan James to be our right tackle next year. Also, I wouldn't mind Osweiller as a backup. He seems to play ok under Gase. We are going to need a backup QB with some experience.

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