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  1. Report: Jets Attend Manziel Workout

    I liked him coming out as a prospect as well. Not as much as Mayfield though. I expected Manziel to grow up and mature. I didn't realize his problems were that bad.

    Gaines would be a great signing for us. He was really good last year with the Bills.
  3. I understand your point. I personally love Mayfield and think he is the best prospect coming out. That's just my opinion. I just think Allen is the "what the hell were they thinking?" pick. When Tannenbaum took Mark Sanchez in 2009 and it didn't work it cost Tannenbaum his job eventually. But that wasn't a pick that people can look back on and act like the Jets were crazy for making. Allen is that guy. Because people are split on him. I know you can't make picks based on what the media and fans think but I just think picking Allen shows an inability for this GM to learn from past mistakes and change things up. And to be fair, people are split on Mayfield as well. But besides his height, I don't see the glaring holes in his game. Mayfield might not be Macc's prototypical QB. But can he look past that and see his talent? I hope he can. But of course he could be a bust as well. If he believes in Allen, he should take him, and obviously I hope he is right if he does that. But I just think he's got the highest risk.
  4. I wasn't just talking about QB in regards to that point. Vernon Gholston, Stephen Hill, Christian Hackenberg like you mentioned, Darron Lee as an undersized ILB. And to be fair, yes I know you can't hold this regime responsible for guys like Gholston and Hill. To me when a GM makes an awful pick at QB in Hack (and i'm a Macc supporter) I would not be looking to go down that same road again at the position. High potential, great physical tools, smart, but not accurate. Again, i'm not saying that Allen can't be good. But I just look at him as the guy with the highest probability of being a bust out of the group of 4.
  5. Johnny 8-ball throwing today...

    I don't think a team will ever take a chance on him. He needs to just stay out of trouble and go to the CFL. If he can go up there and play really well, take it seriously while he's up there, then maybe a team would give him a chance. But I don't think throwing to underclassmen at Pro days is going to get him a serious look. If I was a GM i'd want to see him go to a team (CFL) and actually put in the work and perform well in games.
  6. I'm so worried about them picking him. Why do we always have to be the team that takes the project guy? I'm tired of taking the guy with the biggest question marks but the best physical talent. The guy that if it all comes together for him could be great. It's so stupid, especially at QB. He's a project, he COULD be great with a lot of coaching and probably some time spent sitting and learning. It's a disaster waiting to happen. If Macc picks him, he better hope Teddy Bridgewater can save his job.
  7. I want Mayfield. But as long as they stay away from Josh Allen i'll be happy with one of the other 3.
  8. If they really want him the snow won't deter them. All they have to do is let his agent know how much they would be willing to pay him. If he can get a better deal in Dallas than he wasn't going to come here anyway. I'm sure his agent has done his homework and knows the Jets still have a ton of money to spend and have a possible need at the position. It would be short sighted to just sign with Dallas and not even talk to the Jets.
  9. NFL Scouts' Perception Of Baker Mayfield

    He's also had the best college career. He posted the highest grade in the nation throwing from both a clean pocket and pressured pocket. He had a 139.9 passer rating when blitzed. Also had the best adjusted completion percentage on deep passes in the country. He's a big name because of some of the off the field stuff and the school he played for but he's a legit talent. The play on the field is there with him. If he was a little taller I don't think people would automatically be ranking him 4th in this group.
  10. It's not surprising. Mayfield is the best QB in the draft class...
  11. Simms and Boomer both think Allen should go number 1. I'm not sure if Boomer thinks Allen is the best QB or if he's just the QB he thinks the Browns will take. It's somewhat interesting I guess. I'm still not a fan. Give me Mayfield and i'll be ecstatic, but I can also live with Darnold or Rosen.
  12. Allen Hurns Released

    I'd expect the Jets to have some interest. He's a good talent.
  13. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    Probably something similar to what the Browns did when he was actually effective. I thought I read something about him a while back that Washington wasn't using him right. But it could have also just been the fact that he hit a second year wall as a receiver. That does happen. He's new to the position. I'm not saying he's a great player or that the Jets should sign him. But he's an interesting option. That's all. They have the cap room available to them if they want to take a chance on a player.
  14. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    We have the cap room available to be able to take a chance on him. He was good with Cleveland. He was really bad last year though. He's definitely an intriguing option.
  15. WR T. Pryor Visiting Jets

    We have the money available to take a chance on a guy like him. Definitely would be an interesting signing. He's got great size and speed and was very effective for the Browns. In the right scheme he could be a legitimate threat.