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  1. Quinnen Williams didn't play bad today. I actually thought Leonard Williams even showed up. The problem is, Quinnen needs to play at a very high level. He was the 3rd overall pick. He needs to be a game wrecker. Playing the run well and generating a little pressure from time to time isn't going to cut it when you're picked 3rd overall. The same way it doesn't cut it for Leonard Williams . These guys were drafted 3rd and 6th overall. With that said though Quinnen has only played 2.5 games. Hopefully he develops into a top player at his position.
  2. I've been tough on Gase, but I always did it understanding that Falk sucked. I just didn't like the way he called the game with him in there. You have to put the player in the best position to succeed and I felt he didn't do that with Falk. With that said, again, Falk stinks. He was a lot better today with Darnold. Darnold is so talented that he makes up for a poor O-Line by going through his progressions quickly, buying himself more time in the pocket by being aware of the rush and being able to slide step and move around. He also doesn't even have to step into all of his throws to throw the ball downfield. He can throw off his back foot at times.
  3. I think New England will win but I have not been overly impressed with them. I mean they haven't lost a game but I do think they're beatable. Getting Mosley back is key. Hewitt has been playing a lot better but Cashman in particular is starting to get exposed in coverage. He's been forced into action due to injuries and he probably isn't ready.
  4. Jamal Adams is flat out awesome. He doesn't play a premium position and I am not a big fan of drafting safeties that high but that doesn't mean he isn't a great player. He's a tremendous defender.
  5. Adams and Maye are both legit. Maye almost sealed the game by jumping Dak's pass at the goal line. He didn't get the pick, but broke the play up.
  6. Great win! It's amazing how different a team can look when they have a good QB. It's the most important position in all of sports.
  7. Darnold for the offense and Adams for the defense.
  8. Big sack by Jenkins. This is on the D now. Finish this game!
  9. The Jets never stop anyone in these situations. Now would be a nice time to change that.
  10. All of a sudden the offense has stalled. We need to wakeup and finish this game.
  11. I keep hearing that the Cowboys are 3-2 and "desperate" for a win. Do people not realize that the Jets are 0-4 and desperate for the same thing?

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