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  1. The last pick was the worst one. He was playing hero ball with no hero even around to make the play. The first pick was a bad decision. The second pick was on Davis. The third pick was a poor throw and not really a great decision either, although I knew what he was trying to do on the play. He needed to put that ball over the defenders head so that Moore either catches it, or it goes too far out of play and is incomplete. He under threw the ball for an easy pick. Terrible throw and he probably shouldn't have even been trying to make that throw given the down and distance and where t
  2. It really doesn't make any sense. Why can't Mims just play on the outside and do what he does well? If Moore is so talented at both the slot and outside, then put him in the slot in order to get both him and Mims on the field at the same time. I fear this is going to lead to the Jets wanting to prove that they are right about Mims and won't play him till/if he learns the whole playbook. So stupid.
  3. This^^^^ Win or look good losing and I won't complain given that it's a rookie QB and a rookie HC. The Jets did not look good today at all on offense.
  4. Now our running back is celebrating a catch and run as we are down 22-3 lol.
  5. His Jets career was in trouble the moment he was drafted. We will never find and develop a franchise QB.
  6. Now comes the endless amount of penalties committed by the Jets. Nothing ever changes.
  7. The Jets are destined to always suck. It is what it is. We just aren't allowed to be successful.
  8. It's nice to see the Jets hitting Mac Jones! 3 sacks already. We got great field position now.
  9. Good drive by the offense. They have so much potential. They should have thrown the ball on 2nd or 3rd down though. We are in this game.
  10. The black hole the Jets are in just seems to get deeper and deeper. No matter what changes, nothing changes lol.
  11. I just can't believe we can't find a role for Denzel Mims lol. It's ridiculous. Even if he doesn't know the full playbook.
  12. I would just love nothing more than for the Jets to beat the Patriots, Zach Wilson to have a big day, and Mac Jones to struggle. Unfortunately, we all know that Zach Wilson will be running for his life, the Jets will struggle, Mac Jones will have all day to throw the football, and the Patriots will win this one fairly easily. Hopefully I am wrong and the Jets win with Zach Wilson leading the way. Could be a nice signature win for Saleh early in his head coaching career. But I doubt it.
  13. I don't disagree about Jones as a player. But i'm not looking at him as an overall QB. His career trajectory is irrelevant. I'm just looking at that one pass he made in that game last night. That was a catchable ball. Yeah, it could have been put in a much better spot, but I just think the receiver has to make that catch. I get receivers aren't supposed to catch every ball that hits their hands. That is a ridiculous notion that does get fans all riled up, but that pass just should have been caught IMO.
  14. I disagree. The pass wasn't great, but it wasn't awful. The receiver has to catch that ball in my opinion. I'm not arguing that the pass couldn't have been better, but receivers have jobs to do also.
  15. Daniel Jones made a fine pass to Slayton who blew it. Receivers get paid to play too. Yeah, the throw could have been better but if every throw by a QB has to be perfect, what is the point of paying receivers? Catch the ball. The Giants let Daniel Jones down last night. As much as I love seeing the Giants struggle, simply because misery loves company, I did feel a little bad for Jones last night.
  16. I think it's just a combination of the food poisoning and maybe just being really behind because of it like they said. I don't see why they wouldn't play Mims. JD drafted him in 2nd round last year. I refuse to believe the coach JD picked, is trying to bury him on the depth chart because he doesn't like him. I think they really just feel he missed a lot of time and possibly isn't fully where they want him to be right now.
  17. We've already lost our punter, free safety, and MLB lol. How come the Panthers aren't losing any players to injuries? It's like exclusively a Jets thing.
  18. Great play by Carter II Lets see if we can get something going on this drive.
  19. He doesn't need to play 4 quality quarters to win a football game. He just needs to be good enough in any given game to win. Sam's development, or lack of it, is irrelevant to me now because he is no longer a Jet. But he is definitely capable of playing good enough against our team tomorrow to win. Hopefully he doesn't play well, like he's done for most of his career, and we beat him and the Panthers.
  20. Not against good teams. They'll struggle a lot this year.
  21. Agreed. But he doesn't have to light the Jets up to play well against them. The Jets secondary is going to drive people on this board (including myself) crazy all year with their inability to stop the pass IMO. I could just see Sam playing very well in this game by having a clean pocket to throw from and receivers running free all game long.
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