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  1. That's not what the Browns are saying but who the hell cares lol. I'm just so happy they won. This is the first win that has really mattered for the Jets since they beat Dallas in 2019.
  2. Shouldn't even be a debate in my opinion. Has to be Flacco right now if he plays well again against the Bengals. Jets have spent the better part of the last decade making it all about a single draft pick who happens to be a QB.
  3. I for one am stunned that the Jets finally have playmakers on offense. Almost like taking skill positions early the last 2 years might have been something the Jets should have been doing all along...
  4. Only guys I can think of are Josh Allen, and Matt Stafford. Jared Goff and Alex Smith got much better after terrible rookie years as well but they are not the goal of what we want Zach to be.
  5. He's recovering from knee surgery. Makes sense for him to be in a box sitting down instead of on the field in bad weather standing.
  6. The ownership is bad but there just isn't anything that can be done about it. I don't want to rant about firing a coach again but the Jets are the type of organization that needs someone to come in who actually has some kind of history in the NFL of success. Stop being a dumping ground for people getting their first shot. We've seen them time and time again not be able to find the next great HC. Just find me someone who has a decent track record. Get a veteran HC and pair him with a quality veteran QB who isn't an old man if it doesn't work out with Zach this season. Try something different.
  7. Not a lot of QBs in recent times who were as bad as he was as a rookie who went on to have long, quality careers in the NFL. I hope Zach proves the doubters wrong but he's got a big hill to climb.
  8. The fact that he's been in the building the last 40 days is really good. Maybe he'll be in shape after all!
  9. My guess is he will show up out of shape. He might be able to participate I guess, but he's not going to be where the Jets want him to be weight wise. I hope i'm wrong.
  10. Agreed. Of course it is. If Becton showed up to camp at a weight the Jets were happy with, they would be praising him. Saleh praised Zach Wilson and even Denzel Mims for the shape they were in. Why would he not do the same with Becton? Especially when his weight has been a running storyline for the Jets?
  11. He's got to be a top 20 level QB in year 2. If he gets to that level then it likely means his play has dramatically improved and there is legitimate hope he can take another leap and become a top 10/franchise QB.
  12. I kinda believe it. The way Becton was talking in his initial press conference about how it is easy for him to lose weight by simply drinking a lot of water, combined with the Jets clearly not being thrilled with his weight, makes me think this is likely true.
  13. Interesting situation for Baker Mayfield. He probably stands to make more money by sucking it up and playing for the Browns. They have a loaded roster and give him the best opportunity to have a good year before hitting the market. But the Browns have told him he isn't their guy, it would be a nice FU to them for him to tell them he isn't playing regardless of whether or not Watson is suspended for the year. But it could come at the expense of costing him money.
  14. No. I don't think JD did that. I'm talking about the 2020 draft. Becton was always a risk because of his size. I hated the pick on draft night, loved the pick after year 1, and now am back to hating the pick because some of the concerns the critics have are coming true and it's just frustrating. Maybe Becton is in better shape than what it sounds like to me. But i'm legit concerned. I hope he's ready to go and plays at a high level. He showed he can play in 2020. But the weight issue is concerning. I just feel like where there is smoke there is fire but we shall see. I think if Becton showed up in great shape, Saleh would have been singing his praises like he has done with Mims and Zach Wilson.
  15. I hope it doesn't but being in playing shape is pretty important. It can lead to injuries, drop in performance, etc. I hope Becton does great, but it's reasonable for people to be concerned. The Jets have been concerned as well.
  16. Still way more valuable to have an All Pro caliber right tackle at this point than a guy who might be eating himself out of the league.
  17. Hate to say it but Becton looks like a bust at this point. Shame to because we saw the talent in year 1. But he simply won't get in shape. I hope i'm wrong but he's definitely overweight and it doesn't seem to bother him. Jets should have taken Wirfs. Big miss.
  18. Cleveland really came off looking scummy here. Clearly it's all about winning for them at any and all costs. Optics be damned. Isn't Watson only making like $1 million dollars in year 1 because they are planning for a possible year long suspension and they were basically trying to out maneuver the NFL?
  19. He's a little naive/homerish about the Jets in his takes but I listen from time to time. He's clearly a big fan.
  20. I doubt Sauce is shadowing receivers.
  21. This bodes well for Saleh and his staffs futures.
  22. He wanted to go to Philly which is closer to his home and probably gave him, in his mind, a better chance to start at the time.
  23. It was all downhill after that missed block on 4th and inches against the 49ers in 2020.
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