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  1. Yes, I think we'd be worse. I always think about how prickish Yankee fans are/were during their run of dominance in the late 90's early 2000's. We'd be obnoxious if we had that with the Jets. It least I know I would be.
  2. There's a lot to like so far about Adam Gase. And it starts with this.
  3. I was hoping for 2 games. But it was a pretty bad DWI (not that they aren't all bad). I think he flipped his car or something. Hopefully he'll appeal and get it reduced to two games. We'll see.
  4. I'm excited about Quinnen Williams and maybe it's not a fair comparison but, we were told similar things about Leonard Williams. That he was arguably the best player in the draft and was going to be a game wrecker for us on the D-Line. He's a good player and I think he takes more criticism then he deserves, but he's not a star. Hopefully Quinnen Williams at DT lives up to the hype.
  5. Chargers are a win now team, coming off a good year, with a QB who is old but can still play. The window with Rivers is closing. Tough decision for the Chargers. I'd pay the guy.
  6. Against Atlanta, yes. But like you said, it's hard to kill them for losing to a loaded Denver team. We might have had a chance in 09 vs New Orleans. Sanchez, although he stunk overall, actually upped his game in the post season. New Orleans didn't kill us that year. We might have had a chance in that game. I don't think we beat GB in 2010. I know we played them close that year, and again Sanchez upped his game in the post season, but Rodgers and that team were so good that year that I don't think anyone was going to stop them.
  7. The continued development of Robby Anderson. During the end of last season he showed he can be more than just a deep threat. That's important for Darnold. If he can be a complete receiver for us it gives Darnold a big weapon to work with week in and week out.
  8. Didn't read the whole thing but if the Jets can stop Josh Allen from scrambling they can absolutely render him ineffective and beat Buffalo no problem. And the idea that they have no chance against Cleveland isn't really fair. What has Cleveland won so far?
  9. It all comes down to proving it on the field. This team hasn't had a respectable record since 2015. They have talent, they have a promising young QB. But they still have some big holes. Hopefully a new coach with an offensive mind will help. I like the new GM but the majority of the off season work was done before he arrived. This is going to be a very interesting season.
  10. We also lacked talent. We didn't just lose because of the coach, who was terrible. We weren't some really good team that was letdown by a bad coach. We were a bad team equally hurt by a bad coach. The development of our young players is going to be really important in deciding how good we will be this year. But we earned the number 3rd overall pick after last year. We were bad.
  11. This^^^^^^^^^^ I'm leaning towards short term success followed by an eventual implosion in either year 2 or 3.
  12. I agree that we shouldn't be ranked 31st. But we're coming off yet another 4 win season. We still have a suspect O-Line, I love Sam but he's still unproven, we added an ILB and RB (who didn't play last year) but those aren't premium positions. We have a lot to prove still. I think we have a chance to be good and surprise people but I can still see why people don't believe in us. We haven't given anyone a reason yet to believe we'll be a good team.
  13. The Jets have won a total of 14 games over the last 3 years. Is it really that much of a stretch to say they have a bad roster?
  14. Probably Powell to be honest. I love the guy but he's older than the other 2 and coming off a serious neck injury. I'd go with McGuire and cut Cannon and Powell. Ty Montgomery is going to be the backup but the truth of the matter is, Bell is the type of back who doesn't take very many plays off in general. Our backup running backs will only really see significant time in the event of an injury.
  15. Probably his moves in year 1. But also, in his drafts, he never swung big until he finally traded up and drafted a QB last year. His 1st rounders consisted of a DE, ILB, and a S before he took a QB last year. Adams is a great player so I'll give him a break on that pick. Williams is a good (not great) DE, and Lee is obviously a bust for us. But those aren't exactly premium positions. In this league the game is generally won with QB's, receivers, CB's, tackles, and edge rushers. He was a very conservative drafter. And obviously his drafts lacked depth.
  16. Woody- Mace Tyrell Christopher- Edmure Tully Gase: Ramsey Bolton Manish: Patchface (Books) McCagnan- Ned Stark
  17. No. He overpaid for two players (Bell and Mosley) who are good and will do a fine job, but he's grossly overpaid both of them at positions that aren't really a premium position. His FA signings have been terrible, his drafts have lacked depth, he didn't do a good job here.
  18. Besides the fact that it looks dysfunctional i'm not all that upset about this. Macc hasn't delivered. Let's see what Gase can do.
  19. I'm hoping for either Hakeem Butler or Riley Ridley at WR. If they go defense instead I wouldn't mind Julian Love at CB.
  20. I like the pick a lot. The guy was extremely productive on the field and only fell because he didn't test well. Could be a nice steal for us.
  21. Ehh, I'm not a fan of Gio. I'm not a big fan of that morning show in general. I didn't listen a lot when Carton was on and I don't listen much at all now with Gio. But Carton was successful in New Jersey before he joined the fan. The guy gets ratings. He's good at his job. I don't have to like him to recognize that.
  22. I thought going into last years draft that Mayfield, Darnold, and Rosen could all be good QB's in this league. Mayfield and Darnold are further along right now but I think Rosen can be right there with them. It would be a good move for the Pats IMO. I don't know if the Cardinals are going to be able to get a 1st rounder if the reports are true and everyone believes they are taking Murray 1st overall. They may have to bite the bullet and except a 2nd rounder if they want to move him.
  23. He had it all and threw it away. Sad story. Whether you liked him or hated him, he was a very popular radio host.

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