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  1. I'd take a chance on him. We don't have to really give anything up besides a potential waiyer claim and he's a young player with talent. He's got some issues but nothing criminal or anything. I'd take a chance on him.
  2. Vernon Gholston is the name that gets me. Kills me every time. If he was the real deal our defense would have been damn near unstoppable from 2008-2011. Kyle Wilson annoys me as well especially when I remember that 49ers game in 2011 where he was beaten multiple times but the receiver was overthrown and I had to watch Wilson celebrate like he did a good job on the play. I couldn't stand him.
  3. Russell Wilson

    Rex was also allowed to draft Mark Sanchez's childhood friend Scotty McKnight. Our drafting is never consistently strong. We throw in the occasional strong draft here and there to stay somewhat afloat and never completely bottom out like some of the other teams in the league, but we are never consistently good at drafting. Hopefully Maac changes this. Early returns on our first rounders are at least fairly strong. We still can't figure out the second round though. Maye looks to be a good pick but Smith and Hack were disasters.
  4. Interesting Francessa points

    I think Mike and his sources are right about this. The secondary has the makings of being real good with the 2 safeties and Claiborne, they need another corner which he mentioned to pair up with Claiborne if they decide to resign him. And the Jets two ILB's are fast players for their position, especially Lee. They fly around the field. Lee is still progressing and has to stay consistent but he really does have the makings of being a big time impact player like a Bobby Wagner. He's not Wagner by any means at this point, but he has that potential if he can figure it all out and minimize his negative plays. I'm pretty convinced Maac does know what he's doing. He deserves time to build this. This season feels like Maac and Bowles have finally put their hand print on this organization. At the end of the day though it's about results.
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Point 2 is a fair point that I overlooked but the team is still 5-4 and in the playoff picture. Switching QBs at this point is a very big decision to make . In my opinion you have to be right when you make that move at this point.
  6. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Bad move by Buffalo. Taylor can play. That rookie better come in and play well right away. The teams 5-4 not 2-7. This is a young coach making a reactionary move to try and fire his team up who have gotten blown out 2 weeks in a row. But it's the wrong move unless Peterman gets them to the playoffs IMO.
  7. I can't believe Mike is returning. You'd think he would have a great advantage in negotiations if this is what they have to replace him. Can Bart Scott talk about other sports besides football? I know Carlin can, but he stinks in general. Never heard of Maggie Gray. I really hope I don't get forced to listen to Michael Kay in afternoon drives. There has to be some bad blood between WFAN and Mike for them to not work something out. Hopefully he is going the podcast route. As much as I hate Mike at times he's a great listen and I do think he's generally fair in his analysis unless he has an axe to grind like when the Jets hired Rex.
  8. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    I somewhat agree. I think the team should be drafting a QB in some round in every draft until they feel they have somebody they can trust. Petty and or Hack are going to get a chance at some point this season. But realistically the Jets probably know neither is their guy. I just believe if they thought they were then one of them would have been the starter from game 1. Just my opinion. I think there is still some hope in the organization that Hack can put it all together which is why he is still on the team and I bet they think Petty can play, but just isn't a long term answer at the position. A possible backup to hopefully a franchise QB in the next draft. Both players were projects coming out of college Petty will get a shot at some point this season, but not while the season is technically still alive. Me and you know the season is over for the Jets. But the Jets aren't eliminated from playoff contention yet, they could technically roll off 6 straight wins and make the playoffs, so until they lose that magical 8th game, I bet they go with the guy who they feel still gives them the best chance to win.
  9. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Did I say they told me that? Logic indicates they aren't the answer. Sorry if that is lost on you.
  10. Thoughts

    Why would McCown get an extension? What he might get is another 1 year deal if this team drafts a QB in the first round next year. 1 game doesn't change that.
  11. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    He's not playing anytime before the 8th loss unless there is an injury. The Jets don't believe in Petty or Hack regardless of what they say. They know their next QB isn't on the team right now.
  12. Bowles and Maac are not going anywhere.
  13. He should have been out there from the start of that drive. He's their only real home run threat and of course he makes a play when it doesnt matter. They should have been taking shots like that all game against this defense.
  14. Why is Robbie Anderson standing on the sideline with his helmet off?
  15. Terrible coaching and terrible play from the Offense today. Just ugly.
  16. I knew that kid was going to do something stupid...
  17. I wasn't expecting the team to make the playoffs whether they won this game or not. But it sucks watching a terrible team like the Bucs basically put your season on life support.
  18. Why is that pass even being thrown? No chance to get the first down, losing 9-3, they are better off throwing it away and stopping the clock in that spot.
  19. This team is toast today. Short of a broken play they can't move the ball. This is a bottom 5 defense we are playing against and we are struggling so badly.
  20. This game is over if Tampa gets points on this upcoming drive. We look like we are going up against the 2000 Baltimore Ravens D.
  21. We need to pick one of those batted passes. With the way our Offense looks we need to get the ball with great field position to be able to do anything.
  22. The Jets are following up their best offensive performance with their worst. There is no excuse for struggling this much against this defense. We are getting destroyed up front.
  23. This is just not our day. I don't understand the play calling at times. Where is Powell? Why pay him if you don't want to use him? The Jets as road favorites are always a ripe pick for an upset.
  24. Another 3rd and long. Right where the Bucs want us...