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  1. This one is a head scratcher to me, I know nothing of this kid. Anyone want to help me out on this one?🤔
  2. I screamed in my house, J F***** Douglas!!!!
  3. Did Max even check out @TomShane his SPARQ score or notice his 3 cone score was bottom 10 of all posters!?🤔 He's a slug and won't post a topic as fast @Villain The Foe, terrible signing!
  4. While I would've like to beat him in the AFC East, I'll take what I can get as a jets fan. My friends it's ok to celebrate!
  5. We all know that our overall roster is subpar. Do you think Joe Douglas uses the franchise tag on any of the upcoming Jets free agents?
  6. If I'm not mistaken, is this Greg Williams led defense tied for the league lead in int tds? Hats off to him and this unit if so!e

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