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  1. i really want hendrickson on this team, he appears to be the right combo of youth and emerging production, that the jets could capitalize on by signing him
  2. Waddle, Pitts, JuJu, and Mims has a chance to be dynamite! The only downside is inexperience and of course the injury bug. If we roll with that, I really want them to fortify the depth a WR by getting either someone better than Goodwin or better than Berrios to pair with Goodwin on the back end. Great post and thanks for all the insider info you've provided over time. I'm really excited to see what JD and Saleh have envisioned for this new Jets regime!!!
  3. Honestly, this is great news for me. Whether or not they trade Darnold will be after a thorough analysis and pretty much a consensus decision. You make the most informed decision and go from there. You wouldn't want them to draft a player based on here-say and highlight reels, the same goes for the evaluation of your current roster. I know we are starving for action/news, but I assume this is how good orgs function. You hire the coach and he gets his input in as well as the GM. They work together and decision are made knowing that they will be moving lock in step together( although I ass
  4. Nkagoue and hendrickson are my picks!
  5. I believe this is akin to our "Sanchez Moment" when we could have just let him play it out(bench him if he sucked) or go a new direction, instead we re-upped and the rest is history. The only way I keep Sam is if I STILL let him battle it out with a high round QB i drafted. Let the best man win. We've usually had terrible back up QBs anyway so whether it is Sam or the rookie, i'd be ok with that. Let me reiterate that this is THE ONLY scenario I keep Darnold and really worst case scenario for the Jets in my my mind. You lose out on future draft assets and risk having to let Darnol walk fo
  6. IF all of this is true, Jets are in the cat bird's seat and should have teams lining up to trade. On the flip side, such strong conviction from other teams should make you wonder why the Jets just don't draft Wilson in spite of the inquiries
  7. Honestly the "seeing Ghosts" game is what did it for me. He threw absolute putrid picks that game and I wondered out loud " How the tf did he scan the field and think to throw that!?" Honorable mention(can't remember the game) was a sack he took running out of bounds instead of throwing it away smh
  8. Not gonna lie, that's as loaded a FA pool I've seen in a while. The Jets have a chance to really shift this teams fortunes in the next 2 years!
  9. To be honest with you, I'm surprised. This might matter much more than we think to JD when it comes to eval time with Zach Wilson. I'm sure he'll ask his teammates through some channels and his head coach, as to why he wasn't a captain. Man I wish we could just have tanked for trevor or at least get a reasonable deal for Watson. Seems like pipe dreams, but i guess "no risk it, no biscuit" in the quest for a FQB.
  10. Bring in Watt like we did Kris Jenkins, could have the same impact! Also if we do, the hope is he lasts longer on the field than Kris
  11. Barrett was quoted saying that he would be back with the Bucs in an ESPN article today. Looks like that dream is dead and gone. I won't lose sleep if the Jets prioritize shoring up the offense at the expense of Shaq Barrett.
  12. Unfortunately, I think at this point we have to worry if he's too shell shocked. If so, it won't matter even if he has a clean pocket once he has " happy feet" and bails early a la David Carr.
  13. Never said stick with Sam just wanted to re emphasize that building the Oline is just as important than the quest for the FQB. In the end, that's just my opinion
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