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  1. Just lock the thread and be done with it! RIP Coach Knapp!
  2. F***************ckkkkk!!!! I was so amped about Knapp and the way steve young talked about him, I figured we made a helluva hire! Man life is so fragile, had a terrible day at the job today and just saw this.... RIP GK and sending love and prayers to the Knapp family. Thanks for believing in our culture and promise as a team Mr. Knapp. I hope the Jets go on and shock the football world this season in your memory! Just absolutely gut wrenching news....
  3. My guess if he hits double digit sacks, that will quell a ton of the chatter
  4. How horrific! Super pulling for coach Knapp and his family through this trying ordeal. I know this is bigger than football, but I can't shake the feeling that the Jets are just a snake bitten franchise.... My heart dropped when I heard the news and it just really bummed me out. Take life one day at a time everyone.... until TC starts, the only teams I'm rooting for at the moment are Team Knapp and Team Maxman!
  5. Myles Garret would eat for free in NY/NJ if he accomplished what he has already has but with the jets. The Jets have had great WR play in the last 10 years, we haven't had a pass rusher people fear and game plan against maybe since Kris Jenkins.....
  6. From your lips to God's ears! I for one hate the fact that with a new coaching staff, he's been relegated to the second string smh
  7. "Becton has a foot iss......
  8. Chuma Edoga comes to mind as well! He may surely get cut if he doesn't blow the staff away tackle depth be damned
  9. The awesome part about this is Ryan Leaf is just as good predicting a QB will bust as he is a QB looking well. Dude sucks either way. The Jets aren't returning the card, we aren't running the draft again, so Jets fans let me ask you this: What does Zach Wilson sucking so for you as a fan? For me, it doesn't nothing but cause anguish. Here's my advice: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Leaf still sucks at things football related FYI!
  10. I know I'm late, but I just want to thank all the JetNation members who showed up to make this 2021 Draft Day Zoom meet up even better than last year! It felt good not yelling at the TV by my lonesome as my fiancé watches in horror lol. The amount of collective knowledge contained on this site is staggering especially when I got a chance to hear some of the members thoughts in person. This place is special and I am grateful to be a part of the community. Cheers to a new season with hopefully better results. Let's go Jets!
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