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  1. The awesome part about this is Ryan Leaf is just as good predicting a QB will bust as he is a QB looking well. Dude sucks either way. The Jets aren't returning the card, we aren't running the draft again, so Jets fans let me ask you this: What does Zach Wilson sucking so for you as a fan? For me, it doesn't nothing but cause anguish. Here's my advice: Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Leaf still sucks at things football related FYI!
  2. I know I'm late, but I just want to thank all the JetNation members who showed up to make this 2021 Draft Day Zoom meet up even better than last year! It felt good not yelling at the TV by my lonesome as my fiancé watches in horror lol. The amount of collective knowledge contained on this site is staggering especially when I got a chance to hear some of the members thoughts in person. This place is special and I am grateful to be a part of the community. Cheers to a new season with hopefully better results. Let's go Jets!
  3. We take Pitts and scream in agony throughout the season about how he is a bust because he avg about 3 catches a game with Darnold behind center. Half the board says" This is why you never draft a tight end that high, look at kittle, Gronk, etc." We talk about a wasted year and how we would be lucky to trade sam for a used jockstrap at this point. Am I doing it right?
  4. A lottery ticket at best and a sunk cost at worst. Looking forward to seeing in the field in any capacity, just so the Jets get more than 4 snaps out of him!
  5. Simple, they go as Tua goes. If he stinks, the team won't go as far as they should. Lucky for them, they have enough firepower next year to either acquire a QB who will via trade or the draft. The Dolphins have done well at least covering themselves if Tua is a bust. Great time to be a fins fan regardless...
  6. What is with people wanting to keep the league rank worst QB for another year! It's so weird to me tbh You want to keep him so he can throw picks and take horrendous sacks so at the end of the year you can say every offensive player you drafted "sucks" as a result of said horrendous QB play? I'll pass on that
  7. Would you rather him or Alex Lewis if you had a choice?
  8. Elijah "Tyreke" Moore better light the world on fire! Jets lost out on alot of guys that would've been immediate starters
  9. Didn't Pauline say RB with 23 as well? Lol This is at best smoke from the Jets and at worst he's clueless. Loving the tight ship Douglas runs and I can't wait for later on tonight!
  10. Listen, when you draft a QB top 5, you need to immediately throw all resources to support him. This is still a passing league and I gave this an A+ strictly because the Jets are finally finally doing it right. I've seen people lambast Wilson about having "forever" to throw at BYU. Well guess what? You outside of revamping your scheme, you provide the environment in which he thrived in! That's what made him the pick anyways, give him all the time in the pocket and give him weapons. It's time ladies and gentlemen, this doesn't guarantee anything, but it won't be for a lack of effort this tim
  11. Congrats to Fields, hope he balls out!
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