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  1. F*** Rodgers compared to THIS! This right here is the best news I got as a fellow Jets fan. God bless you and your family Max, I'm rooting for you. Let's hope the great news continues for the team as well!
  2. Curtis Martin is my favorite jet player and he absolutely loves this organization and the fans!
  3. As great of a run as they've had as late, being a Bills fan has also been pretty brutal. They are either really really close or just suck. Oh well🤷‍♂️
  4. Giants getting their butts kicked, but Daboll looks like the rare fruit from the Bellicheck tree that isn't rotten off the branch
  5. But but teh YouNg GuYs LeARn HoW TO WIn! As Joe D and Saleh proceed to turnover the roster by nearly 40% the subsequent off-season. Very jetsy
  6. Both of them are not good
  7. I wish we got to this point with a 6 game losing streak, but we are better talent wise 🤷‍♂️
  8. Goosebumps after that Bills kickoff, can't make it up!
  9. The jets have the opportunity to get as high as pick # 7 with a loss, that's not possible with a win. Jets SHOULD lose for their long term future, but knowing them they will win another meaningless game...
  10. One day we won't..... nvm you know the gist lol
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