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  1. Got to play to win the lottery! The draft is a crapshoot in general, but it certainly pays to scout well don't get me wrong. So is it better to have less draft picks because JD drafts bad?
  2. Mac Jones sucks and is a glorified game manager and BB is a fraud without Tom Brady. So what he made Brady "work?" He didn't win and still hasn't changed the narrative that without TB12, he would have no better than mediocre.
  3. If you have to "free" every other Jets WR, then it just mean s they suck or the offense sucks. On average not every WR on every team is a dynamic playmaker, it's ok to just have depth guys
  4. Look at Jacksonville, even with the "generational" QB their on pace to break a record losing streak.... 20 in a row in crazy to wrap your mind around. Jets just have to be better, then end.
  5. Also they can just pick up watson at the drop of a hat
  6. Taking nominations for the worst dialed up play of this week by the jets. My nomination is the sideline screen to crowder that Moreau got injured on. Absolutely unnecessary play call that took too much time to develop.
  7. I agree, but if you believe the jets are the worst team in the league, then this is not a shocker. Disappointed certainly in how they wilted in the end, especially the Pitts post route and 3rd and long conversion after the false start. Falcons didn't come to play either, they give this game away to 30 other teams besides us.
  8. As bad as Zach was, and he was shot, jets double team pitts the jets win! Granted it would be a piss poor showing, but my god we walk out with a win!
  9. I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I just can't believe Kyle pitts isn't chipped, thrashed, borderline mugged everytime he steps on the field! Unfathomable that he had so many yards and a touchdown when he is the only player who's talent probably supersedes everyone on the field. Saleh should sail back to NJ on a Viking ship with no compass after allowing his defense to call those formations today...
  10. I propose we make a "coaching where football is going award" every week for the worst play dialed up by the jets(offense or defense)!
  11. Letting Kyle pitts get over 120+ today is insanity.....if there was a game to double team him this was it! Saleh is the reason we lost this game today
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