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  1. Barring a trade down, its between Karlaftis and Hamilton. Again, that Jax win was a killer. Imagine having the choice between Hamilton, Karlaftis, and whoever falls between Neal, Hutch, and Thibs. We went in and got our heads kicked in by the Bills and all we got was " at least we beat Trevor!" The draft has only 3 consensus elite talents at best, maybe 4 if you believe Hamilton is one of them. In that case, then well you're in luck because the Jets NEED elite talent and can't pass up on him if he's there. Number 4 is no mans land.
  2. Yo when Allen winds up the deep ball it looks like a ******* missile got launched! Holy sh*t!
  3. Josh Allen looking like a created player in Madden juking these dudes out their shoes!
  4. Damnit I'm willing to go back to back defense after watching this! Give me Karlaftis at 4 and Dean at 10!
  5. Congrats @Lith and the Georgia Bulldogs! They won't keep them off the streets in Athens tonight, what a great win!
  6. Jordan Davis is a mountain of a man, holy sh*t!
  7. Watching Georgia's defense, the Jets literally need more dawgs!
  8. RIP to Jets Legend Don Maynard! Most of the pride we have as Jets fans is in part due to this man and what he accomplished in Green and White.
  9. brutal call against the Pats.. smh can't believe I just said that
  10. Jets getting blitzed looking like the walking dead out there
  11. Nvm, I was calling out the hypocrisy. I'm not the gate keeper of "how to fan" in any sense of the way. In the end, just hoping JD can capitalize on the picks we will have no matter where we pick.
  12. But when you made the quote all those teams only 2 of those teams played....
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