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  1. Hate having to talk about this which seems EVERY other year, but damn jets, so here we go.... - Regardless of how terrible this place becomes/is there are only 32 of these positions across football. Contrary to what the media says, there will be someone clamoring for this job come next year. - People underestimate how prideful and egotistical NFL coaches are. Most of them have been in some assistant coach role that they turned some unit from chicken s*** to chicken salad. Therefore, given the opportunity to run the entire ship, you would expect them to feel like they can make even make the jets contenders. One caveat is, they would have request more control usually the worst the team/owner. - Then we get to the idea of control. A coach with said ideals mentioned above, would demand more control. Listen as terrible as the jets have been, a coach will always jump at the opportunity if given certain levels of control in the org. For example, Gruden. Although he has Mayock his form of control was a 10 year deal, which guarantees he'll be there longer than you'd expect any GM. -Last but not least, possible #1 pick , top 3 in cap space, barely any bloated contracts, the ability to sign/bring your own coaching staff, NY allure( make it here, legend status, blah blah blah), capable GM, and a "start from scratch roster", a coach can really put is imprint on this team for the foreseeable future. I'm sure I'm missing more points, but this is my subjective take on the state of our future coaching search. The question is, who sees what I see and who's willing to turn the jets around.
  2. Besides his obvious talent, you MUST draft Trevor Lawrence if your there at #1 pick because you have to ask yourself with the current state of QB contracts, do you pay this version of Sam Darnold ~36 mill in 2 years. The answer should be no, so Trevor on the cheap for the next 4 years to me greatly out weighs the money Darnold will want in 2. Although, I will say that I would love to pay Sam Darnold that money because that means he is indeed a FQB, but not this David Carr'd version of Sam. The jets take much of the blame for this, but it is what it is at this point. Take a miraculous turn around for JD to not take Lawrence at #1.
  3. Come on Joe I know that's your buddy, so please take him out of his misery
  4. Now that we're down by 3 scores before the half, the tank is secured! Take care everyone, hang in there we're almost near the trade deadline! I'll see you guys for the aftermath.
  5. Glad they showed the flashback of the Rams earlier because Miles Gaskin looks like Marshall Faulk against the Jets🤮
  6. Someone tell McGovern its not Halloween yet so he can take off his Spencer Long costume
  7. dump gore and add another rb round 3-4 next year unless Etienne is available late 1st

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