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  1. This works keep me posted, excited as all hell to catch a game with the JetNation family!
  2. He looks like he leaned out for sure... interesting. With Breece Hall in the fold a healthy becton and AVT will be nasty in the run game!
  3. Sucking and picking 3rd in next year's draft is nightmare scenario!
  4. The only solace I can get is that LB and C seem to be highly attainable in FA. Additionally, you don't have to break the bank relative to other positions like WR, QB, OLB, etc. I think the jets draft next year is focused on C, LB,S, and OT assuming 2022 draft class lives up to its billing. The wildcard is going to be OT because if Fant sucks and Becton sucks, we're in a world of trouble!
  5. Winfrey and Faalele, if we're lucky. More likely a trade down though. Faalele is better than GVR now
  6. Guys Ruckert is one of us, he's suffered like us. Kid bleeds gang green and I can't think of a cooler thing than a talented player with roots in a team he's playing for. Will be rooting for the kid for sure!
  7. Ravens are destroying the draft talent wise, geezzzzz!
  8. BREECE! I would've gone Dean, but this offense will be fun to watch as long as Zach can be average!
  9. Top 5 Jet first rounder, prove me wrong!
  10. Now I'm wondering why Joe Douglas couldn't beat that deal? He ended up choosing a WR anyway
  11. Wilson is solid, flip the sauce and thibs picks and it's a homerun for me. Btw Lions got so much better very quickly!
  12. **** man! Anywhere but the Giants, call me a SOJF but I have a bad feeling Thibs is gonna ball Tf out!
  13. Silly season is upon us. Idc who it is, this is a non issue. For example, almost every time Desean Jackson would score, he'd throw up a crip sign(gang sign), think if teams could re-draft he wouldn't go first round? The answer is a resounding yes. Produce and pretty much your bulletproof in the NFL the history proves it.
  14. Debo's not gonna be a Jet. I get the sense if they were gonna trade him it'd be done already
  15. I'd say 2: Dominate Pass Rusher and Dominant WR. The rest can be schemed to be good to great. We just need guys who can line against the best CB/lineman and put the game away
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