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  1. This is the NFL turning itself into a joke. The transparency behind setting this as the opening game fails to impress. It would make far more sense for teams to open in-division and for this game to be scheduled further into the season when both QBs will likely be more established within their respective systems. Instead, we’ll have an NFL-engineered circus that will disservice both teams and their QBs, not to mention the fans. Is PT Barnum the commissioner of the NFL now?
  2. Yeah this Washington team belongs in the playoffs. Interception and 3 fumbles in the last 10 minutes.
  3. What the hell is Sudfeld doing out there anyway. They needed more solid evidence that he sucks? Got slabs for hands and happy feet to boot!
  4. The fact that any team from the NFC East is going to the playoffs is ridiculous. This is not quality football. It reminds me of watching the Jets.
  5. Sell the team to ownership with brains.
  6. I never said stick with Sam. But I would pick a QB late and let the two fight it out for starter. I’d use the high picks and free agency to build the lines and get some playmakers. The QB shouldn’t be the first brick in the wall unless you’re giving him something to work with.
  7. This team is a hot mess. It has a few (and I mean a few) useful pieces, but it is in need of a major overhaul. If Douglas can improve it to maybe 6-11 next year, he should get GM of the Year. Yes, they need a QB... but that’s far from all and if anyone thinks a new one will herald a huge turnaround, they’re in fir a rude awakening. sh*t from top to bottom doesn’t just go away.
  8. Not germane to this game, but no way any NFC East team should be in the playoffs. I’d favor a rule change that requires at least a .500 record for a division champ to qualify. Leaving 10-6 teams out and letting a 6-10 or 7-9 in is a joke.
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