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  1. Where. From what I saw he was 5+ yards up the field to the left and the ball was thrown into the ground behind the O line.
  2. That play was the definition of intentional grounding: QB about to be sacked, pass thrown into the ground not even making the line of scrimmage, no receiver anywhere near where the pass landed.
  3. The more damaging play IMO was the punter outkicking his coverage. Like the Jet punter said after the NE game, it should’ve been kicked out of bounds or near either sideline to pin in the returner. But games like this usually turn on key mistakes abd this one did too.
  4. I watched the whole game with no dog in this fight — betting or otherwise — and I agree with you.
  5. He might have but if you can tell from that replay and angle I can’t see how.
  6. That’s because there wasn’t any. I didn’t care who won, just wanted to see a good game. And I did. Only truly questionable call I saw was the PI on Cinci on that short out pattern. The D player did have his arm on his back though and appeared to turn the receiver while reaching for the ball. That call doesn’t always get made though and shouldn’t have in a tie game late IMO.
  7. I think Kelce ought to take a few ludes and chill a bit.
  8. I’m so sick of these dumbasses being so full of themselves thinking that God whoever she is gives a damn about them or who wins their stupid game.
  9. Two key Cincy mistakes late. Outkicking your coverage (we saw the Jets do that in that NE game) and a late hit out of bounds. Felt bad for the D player (Ossas?) who hit Mahomes late. Probably had no idea where he was and was just going all out.
  10. It’s good to know I’ll have time for a good long dump during the Super Bowl halftime show. Thanks, NFL!
  11. This is what happens when one team feels it’s taken it in the ear and the winning team wants to rub it in without any response from officiating.
  12. Too bad. This game shaped up to be a good one until the injuries.
  13. Which is why you pull for Cincy after this one.
  14. Got a lot of help in this one though. Between injuries and missed calls that went their way they didn’t exactly earn this game. It was handed to them.
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