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  1. Lucked out. Met game is on so no post game until much later. Nothing like having to re-experience vomit right after it happens. Oh... and the Mets are losing too!
  2. I didn’t expect the Jets to win today, but I didn’t expect to watch an abortion either. This team never fails to disappoint since 1969.
  3. Didn’t know that. So two players with ability surveyed the Jet situation and said effectively... “I’m outta here.”
  4. Gase is another coach that might have some XandO ability but seems to have no feel for the flow of the game. His D is gassed after his O was so putrid in the first half and was on field entire time. So instead of running a hurry up O he went pass, run, pass to a 3 and out. D is still hitting but wilting.
  5. We’re saving our cap money for something really great we’re told. Maybe next year.
  6. Seems to me... it’s first game of season. Everyone especially on D has to be gassed. Why not run hurry up with 10 left and 14 down. Is that crazy?
  7. After this week, I think you’re going to see the longest IL list in aNFL history.
  8. Man these booth guys really pulling for the Bills. First the FG now this. Try to feign objectivity guys.
  9. I’m not happy either, but have to keep reminding myself there was no preseason. This is it... probably for first 3 or 4 games.

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