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  1. They’ve played well,but be prepared for a 17-16 loss. We’ve seen this set up before.
  2. Glad I can only watch the lowlights of this one. Otherwise the world would not be safe. 28 seconds left in the half and give up a long TD... never heard of a prevent D, I guess. That last 28 showcased our fabulous O line, pass rush and pass defense. Your season in less than 30 seconds.
  3. If Brady had to run for his life every week, he wouldn’t have had the success he’s had. The key for him is he’s always had good protection. We’re watching what happens — and always happened with him — on the rare occasions when he didn’t. He’s a great pocket passer when given time or when the game plan calls for three step drops and quick throws. Give the Pats brass credit for always making sure of that.
  4. As painful as watching the Jets was today, this is fun.
  5. Well let’s say he tried to hold him.
  6. Not a problem with the rule per se but with how it’s inconsistently applied.
  7. Now on that TD play, there was definitely a hold (almost a headlock) on a Patriot rusher that took him completely out of the play. No call. Just trying to keep it 100.
  8. Right. I believe they have yet to overturn one this year.
  9. NBC also trying to help the Pats. LOL. Showing replays of non-calls now.
  10. See, that’s what I mean. You see it as Roby “being all over the receiver”. Yet, I’ve seen lots of plays identical to that and worse where there’s no call. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, meaning the official watching the play. Too much of that in the NFL IMO.
  11. That ought to be a real hard hitting interview of Brady on E!. More celebrity worship.
  12. No consistency whatsoever game to game and even in the same game when it comes to PI calls.

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