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  1. Yeah this Washington team belongs in the playoffs. Interception and 3 fumbles in the last 10 minutes.
  2. What the hell is Sudfeld doing out there anyway. They needed more solid evidence that he sucks? Got slabs for hands and happy feet to boot!
  3. The fact that any team from the NFC East is going to the playoffs is ridiculous. This is not quality football. It reminds me of watching the Jets.
  4. Sell the team to ownership with brains.
  5. I never said stick with Sam. But I would pick a QB late and let the two fight it out for starter. I’d use the high picks and free agency to build the lines and get some playmakers. The QB shouldn’t be the first brick in the wall unless you’re giving him something to work with.
  6. This team is a hot mess. It has a few (and I mean a few) useful pieces, but it is in need of a major overhaul. If Douglas can improve it to maybe 6-11 next year, he should get GM of the Year. Yes, they need a QB... but that’s far from all and if anyone thinks a new one will herald a huge turnaround, they’re in fir a rude awakening. sh*t from top to bottom doesn’t just go away.
  7. Not germane to this game, but no way any NFC East team should be in the playoffs. I’d favor a rule change that requires at least a .500 record for a division champ to qualify. Leaving 10-6 teams out and letting a 6-10 or 7-9 in is a joke.
  8. This is exactly what Lawrence would have to deal with were he a Jet. Not pretty. Neither is his performance... or any QB’s.
  9. Those are my bones creaking you hear. We’ll see. I think Douglas keeps Darnold, uses the high picks to fill some of the gaps where players are available and ticketed to do so. Probably pick a QB late. I think using the two first round picks to take a QB would be a mistake. If Sam fails next year after getting some help for the O line and using FA and the cap space to bring in some playmakers on offense, then pick a QB early in 2022. Anyway, enjoyed the conversation and appreciate the respectful tone.
  10. I think if you talk to a Bills fan they’d say “finally”. Took a long time to “finally” put it together the right way.
  11. How do you do that when (a) you have no running game, (b) your receivers can’t get separation or end up mispositioned on plays, (c) your O line gives you zero time to throw and you keep getting hit like a piñata, (d) your coaching tries to keep you in the pocket instead of playing to your strengths like passing on the move? I could go on, but this encapsulates with only a few exceptions Sam’s experience QBing the Jets. He has had some fleeting occasions of success (“shown flashes”). This year has been a s—t show but he’s playing with a shoulder injury that won’t really heal until the off se
  12. With respect, I think you’ve missed the last three years. You can’t just draft a QB and expect things to change. The Jets have and have had an awful culture for a very long time. Why do you think Adam’s finally gave up and did everything he could to get out of town? QBs at that level all have similar exceptional skills and desire. But it takes the organization to make them a success. None of them do it on their own. Allen didn’t either. I think you’re mistaking what is now a very confused and less than confident Darnold with a guy who lacks the psychological makeup to be a successful Q
  13. Now... read what you wrote. “Wreck himself to win?” That makes no sense. If you’re wrecked, then by definition you can’t win. You’re not there. You’re wrecked! :)) Look, I get there’s a whole cadre of Darnold haters here. But the game crew said it tonight. The Bills were committed to doing everything they could to help Allen succeed. And, as you pointed out, Allen is committed to his own success. I think Darnold has that same sense of commitment. What was obviously missing over 3 seasons was the Jets’ commitment. I’ll use your question. Do you think the Jets were committed to
  14. Could happen. Pats have no passing game apparently and Jet D is pretty stout against the run.
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