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  1. Can this kid run a 2 minute offense? Guess not because they’re not running one. Would seem the perfect chance to get some practice in with it.
  2. If you want to try and feel good about something, feel good about the defense. Yielding just 22 points when your QB repeatedly puts you in the jackpot is pretty respectable.
  3. If you say you expected him to be this bad against a middling Patriot team, you’d be lying.
  4. Maybe he’ll get better, but he is awful now and was throughout the pre-season. The signs were glaring and it makes you wonder why they opted yo go without a seasoned veteran as a backup.
  5. Here come the boo birds. Frankly, it’s deserved. Missed wide open receiver 15 yards in the flat.
  6. CBS is doing an awful job replacing the penalties this year. Is that intentional — a contract requirement of the NFL so as not to embarrass officials? Would have liked to have seen what prompted that offensive pass interference call.
  7. Will be lucky to be down only 10 at the half. Tremendous space for improvement.
  8. Here come the refs to the Pats’ rescue again. If that’s holding then call it on every play.
  9. I thought just touching the fair catcher was a penalty. Not if you’re a Patriot I guess.
  10. I favor of what? There’s is no safety net. Saleh’s choice.
  11. Regardless of how you feel about him, Wilson is killing us today. Running game is great. O line blocking is great. D is great. Special teams is great. QB? Well, he sucks chunks right now.
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