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  1. One alarming thing about Wilson’s postgame comments: not enough sense of personal responsibility.
  2. Bart is reliable like that week after week. He should be on the coaching staff. Has always told it like it is.
  3. Given how they’ve looked the first five games, it may be a godsend their BYE week comes this early in the season.
  4. The Yankees suck too given their payroll. One and done without a whimper.
  5. And Mims has to be out there much more. Maybe he learns better on the job? It’s not like anybody else is shining all that brightly.
  6. These guys on the postgame have it right. OC has to give Zach a much simpler game plan that starts with establishing the run and using short quick pass plays that move the ball. And committing to that plan and not moving away from it too soon.
  7. It was like watching rookie first time out pitchers shutout the Mets all year. Teams are going to roll out their rooks to get reps against our D.
  8. Cherry picking stats. Look at the whole picture. I’m not saying Wilson is the second coming. I wanted them to stick with Darnold and build elsewhere. But five games isn’t enough of a rehearsal to judge anything.
  9. Have it your way, then. Josh Allen his first TWO years. 5 games into the season for a rookie with no Net is a bit early to start throwing dirt on him.
  10. The call was a factor but it was much more than that. We have a weak secondary that can’t cover anybody so plays off a lot. A vet like Ryan salivates over that. 3rd and longs killed us again. And the offense can’t stay on the field long enough to give the D line enough of a breather.
  11. I have never seen two holding calls on running plays in a game ever! Been watching the NFL for 55+ years. That is the most garbage of garbage calls. If anything there was offensive holding on that play and there is still a rule in the book that penalizes helping an offensive player to advance. Never called anymore. Why not just call it rugby and be done with it?
  12. Are these guys on tv in the tank for ATL or what? Geez guys, try and be impartial at least.
  13. It was stated in preseason that the weakest part of this D is its inexperienced secondary. So…
  14. Amazing. I still don’t think the Jets can win this thing. But this shows that ATL is no great machine either.
  15. If you’re watching, Quentin is usually occupying two linemen which opens things up or his brother. It’s called complementary football.
  16. You mean, offensive line holding is still a penalty in the NFL? Who knew?
  17. This is what happens when you change everything every two or three years. Franchise has had no consistent approach since the Parcels days.
  18. Well, CBS shows a ton of replays and are all over the refs. Must be an NFL Net order not to do same.
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