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  1. Except that calling consecutive TOs is a 5 yard delay penalty.
  2. As for the D costing the game, it was actually one bad play (well, actually two). Just like the decision by the QB to sneak. Goes to show how just a couple of breakdowns can blow things up and how hard it is to win consistently in the NFL. That last pass from Brady was on 3 rd down from his own side of the 50 with 20 seconds left. Up til that blown coverage, this patched together D has performed admirably. The other play that cost them was the 3rd and 20 in the 4th they allowed Brady to convert. Overall, I enjoyed the game and the advances the team and the QB made to make it so. If they
  3. Yeah… having some time to think about this, I think the postgame crew showed why it can be a little dangerous to have only ex-player vets on the show. I think Ralph Vechiano has this right. Zach made a rookie mistake. He did perform the play as written up. He saw an A gap and went with the option the playbook calls for — the QB sneak. A more seasoned QB would have realized that the Buc D leaving the gap was a trap and would have been more likely to choose the hand off option. Coach Saleh was right. The OC and he should have helped Zach by explicitly taking the choice away from him. A f
  4. Not really. You could give Wilson a pass for being a rookie. But Berrios was on fire all game and even I on my couch could tell the Bucs D was keying on a QB sneak. The #2 pick called his own number anyway. Whether ego or ignorance, it was an obvious wrong call from the start. I compare it to a baseball manager neglecting to order his hitter to take the 3-0 pitch.
  5. To clarify, it is on the coaching staff. They used a play that’s usually used in 4th and 1 situations only. There’s a QB option on that play — a sneak and a hand off. The coaches meant to take the option off — in essence, to modify the playbook there — and use the handoff only. Saleh is saying they “failed to communicate” that the sneak was not an option there. That’s obviously true. Wilson let his ego get in the way, IMO. Even if he never understood what the coaches intended, he made a selfish and brain dead decision. A spindly QB can’t get 2 yds period let alone against a top D like
  6. Watch the replay. Berrios could’ve walked into the end zone, game over, if Wilson executes the play that was actually called. Saleh tried to cover for his QB. But the foul up is obviously on Wilson.
  7. So… Wilson f—-ed up the call. Bottom line. This kid’s ego is too big. It needs to be deflated.
  8. He hears the calls. So he effectively approves them. Should’ve calked TO and said we are not doing THAT!
  9. In a 4-11 season going for it on 4th down is the right decision. Saleh was aggressive the entire drive but wimped out on 4th and 2. That is a hard lesson learned and shouldn’t ever be repeated.
  10. Players aren’t the only folks that have to learn how to close out games. First year coaches too. Still great effort. Outcome is a learning experience but big steps taken. Tank fans should be real happy though.
  11. He’d have to find a well used prostitute willing to debase herself however. Not likely.
  12. Being able to play all four quarters and close teams out is the final step that this team is just not (yet?) capable of taking. Three good quarters against the defending champs is undeniable progress though.
  13. A lot of coulda, woulda, shoulda there. So a QB has to have passing, not rushing TDs to not be a bust? I thought the idea is to just win games? You take what the D gives you unless and until they take it away. They never did.
  14. I don’t understand your point. You take what their D gives you. They let you run, you run until they take that away. They never did. Look at it this way. Zack forced nothing, avoided mistakes and took what was given. That’s called game management and it’s job 1 for any QB.
  15. Nah. Spiking the ball on 3rd and 1 with 12 seconds left was not a smart decision. EVERYONE has looked lights out against this Jet D and he still lost. I give the edge to Wilson on this one.
  16. Hey Jet OC! This has been a pretty pathetic effort inside the 5 today. Get to work.
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