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  1. 2 minutes ago, JTJet said:

    Because that flag on the opening drive set the tone for what the refs were going to call on us all day. So our D Line was snake bitten. 

    The call was a factor but it was much more than that.  We have a weak secondary that can’t cover anybody so plays off a lot.  A vet like Ryan salivates over that.  3rd and longs killed us again.   And the offense can’t stay on the field long enough to give the D line enough of a breather.

  2. 1 minute ago, SoFlaJets said:

    Just another lost year of Jets football. It's so frigging obvious that there is a fix in against the Jets that the refs even have a back-up penalty planned if the 1st one goes wrong. And it's not like the NFL isn't KNOWN by mobsters and gambling concerns to BE a crooked operation. The Jets are the easiest team to pull it on since everybody just EXPECTS them to suck anyway, and their owner is a milk toast rich baby who runs the team like he's collecting baseball cards. I'm done, I can't do this sh*t anymore, it's too heartbreaking to watch year after year after year

    This is what happens when you change everything every two or three years.  Franchise has had no consistent approach since the Parcels days.

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