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  1. SiriusXM - which is the only way an Albany fan can access PxP of the game - is about 3 minutes behind what’s being posted here. Kinda cool knowing what’s going to happen. TD Davis!
  2. D getting gassed obviously. It’s a long game and what happens earlier (like a lot of 3 and outs) comes back to haunt late.
  3. Offense was supposedly built on the rush and short passing game. Yet Jets are ahead with no rushing game and a couple of long passes. Go figure.
  4. By the fourth game of the year, everyone ought to be able to admit by now that problem was never really Darnold, it was — and is — REE absolute incompetence of everyone associated with this franchise starting right at the top. Biggest market in the NFL and can’t put even a decent let alone winning product on the field year after year. Pathetic.
  5. Heh, heh. The Jets playing in Europe next week might just put an end to the NFL’s dream of expanding its product into the UK.
  6. This Jets franchise is so bad that my local CBS afil in Albany looks for any excuse not to carry them on Sunday and the local ESPN radio afil has stopped carrying their games altogether. Sirius/XM is my only connection now unless I want to exchange spittle in a local bar. Jets right now are not worth even that small but real risk.
  7. Can this kid run a 2 minute offense? Guess not because they’re not running one. Would seem the perfect chance to get some practice in with it.
  8. If you want to try and feel good about something, feel good about the defense. Yielding just 22 points when your QB repeatedly puts you in the jackpot is pretty respectable.
  9. If you say you expected him to be this bad against a middling Patriot team, you’d be lying.
  10. Maybe he’ll get better, but he is awful now and was throughout the pre-season. The signs were glaring and it makes you wonder why they opted yo go without a seasoned veteran as a backup.
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