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  1. It was working too well. Jet OC has to show his versatility in play calling instead.
  2. That’s where a rookie QB hurts you. ATL had that play stacked but there were open receivers downfield. Zach just stuck with the play call instead of freelancing.
  3. Some things never change. Jet D still can’t get off the field on 3rd and longs. Fix that and you fix a lot, Robert Saleh.
  4. Big difference is Ryan’s experience. He can make on field adjustments to the Jet D and has been successful doing so. Zach lacks experience to do that.
  5. Understatement warning. Zach is not accurate today… which was supposed to be his MO along with arm strength and roll out accuracy. None of them showing up today.
  6. Baker Mayfield has a second career making car chase and crash movies in Hollywood after his NFL retirement.
  7. Asking this young flawed team to win on the road is a stretch. Asking them to win in a foreign country is an impossibility.
  8. But it’s committed on a Jet, so the tricky tacky call doesn’t get made.
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