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  1. Why did a team with almost no veteran presence agree to play a game overseas this year in the first place? Jets didn’t have enough to overcome?
  2. You can’t beat both the officials and the Falcons so this game was in the W column for Atlanta before it started. These are tricky tacky calls at best and offensive line holding, like last week, is being ignored completely.
  3. Starting to look like the NFL has decided that Atlanta must win this game.
  4. Great technical work by NFL Net there though not hearing Gumbel talk is a plus.
  5. Unfortunately, slow starts are endemic with young QBs. The D will have to assert itself now.
  6. The NFL Net shill announcers as much as admitted it by saying “the benefit of the doubt goes to the QB”. But that’s bs too. Depends on the official, the team and the QB. Totally arbitrary.
  7. No ******* way that’s roughing the QB. If it is, then Zach’s been roughed about half a dozen times with no call already this year.
  8. One thing about the D that’s been great. Gave up too many 3rd and longs today.
  9. He’s a green rookie whose made great strides today. It’ll come.
  10. Got to let the kid freelance here. If we lose, we lose going with our best effort.
  11. I couldn’t hear these announcers until after the Bills game was over but geez are these guys natives of Nashville? Can’t believe what homers they sound like for Tennessee.
  12. Well, just have to drive down the field and score a TD. Easy peasy.
  13. Well… if these refs knew what holding is this game would have been over. The PI call was legit but rarely does something that close get called in the closing minutes. It’s hard not to think the NFL doesn’t have something against the Jets the way these games are called.
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