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  1. Lot of late hits on the QB. Just sayin’. Roughing the QB means different for different QBs.
  2. The Colts ought to enjoy tonight because they’ll be sitting at home watching the playoffs just like the Jets are.
  3. Maybe if everyone had Johnson on the back of their Jet jerseys the Colts D would get confused.
  4. Not that it matter right now, but why is Josh Johnson playing and Flacco is in a track suit?
  5. Colts will crease 300 yards rushing tonight. Maybe 400. Should never, ever happen to an NFL team.
  6. Last week was a classic trap game for Cinci and they played like it. Give White credit… he was one guy who could take advantage. This week, on short rest, the Jets are playing an angry team looking for blood. Score might be 35-24 right now if the gods didn’t shyt on us and take White out of the game. But this was always going to be a loss.
  7. Hard to believe the Colts haven’t been called for holding the entire game, don’t you think?
  8. Then wtf was he so highly regarded coming out of college? I mean that’s pretty fundamental.
  9. That’s what you get for being greedy, Frank Reich. Who do you think you are, Bill Bellicheat?
  10. Offensive PI and a huge hold by the WR on that 3rd down play. Gosh, it was so obvious but no call. But the D is getting gashed so badly it really doesn’t matter in the big picture.
  11. Well, to be fair, lately you can make that observation about any commentator doing a Jets game.
  12. With 12 seconds left, why not catch the kickoff, run it out and roll the dice? Probably won’t work but to not even try down 18?
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