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  1. Stack the box and make Wentz beat you through the air. It’s not optimal but Wentz is more prone to making mistakes.
  2. There’s only one conclusion to make. God hates the NY Jets and especially their fans.
  3. No. He had possession with both feet inbounds. Going to the ground, the ball jostled but never hit the ground. Should be a catch. It’s a catch in the field of play so why not there? As long as he has it before going out of bounds and it never hits the ground it should be ok. Controversy and another idiotic judgment call that breeds inconsistency averted. To me, that’s easier to understand.
  4. But it is ridiculous. You can just reach the ball over the goal line and have it slapped out of your hand a nanosecond after it crosses “the imaginary plane” of the goal line. That’s a TD. But if the ball moves after you’ve made a spectacular catch but never touches the ground, that’s not a TD. Just change it to make it a TD if you have it, get both feet in and it never hits the ground and that’ll solve the issue.
  5. Yeah. True. But this west coast offense isn’t built around downfield passing. White is obviously the better option at this stage and it’s almost a blessing that Wilson has to sit and learn from it for a few games. We’re also learning that White will/can be a viable back up.
  6. Yeah. The ball moved. But they overturn that one you might have some drunk fans (aren’t they all?) invading the field.
  7. That was a bs overturn IMHO. It’s supposed to be clear and convincing if called a TD. They took about 5 minutes as if looking for a reason to kill it. The NFL is a bush league.
  8. Not only can our receivers not catch the damn ball, they can’t hold onto it once they catch it! QB is making the right plays but is being sabotaged.
  9. 7 more than this offense has produced early in a game so far all year.
  10. Well, one thing is certain. At this point, Mike White is a better option than Zach. Zach might have the higher ceiling, but White seems to get this offense better than Zach and if his receivers didn’t have slab hands he’d have a perfect day so far.
  11. My advice? Find another team. This one couldn't beat a Division 2 high school team.
  12. Woody has no idea what's going on. About anything. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.
  13. Which is interesting because it was this franchise that helped resurrect his career after his HCing debacle in Cleveland.
  14. Like Saleh has the balls to do that. He couldn't even muster up a tiny criticism of the officiating that allowed the clearly illegal hits that erased his QB from the game. I thought this guy's MO was toughness and a no nonsense attitude. Where the hell did all that fire go? Into kissing BB at the 50 yard line? A man would have at least just walked off the field and stiffed him.
  15. If "penetration" means opening up a new a$$hole on the other guy's rear end.
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