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  1. Not only can our receivers not catch the damn ball, they can’t hold onto it once they catch it! QB is making the right plays but is being sabotaged.
  2. 7 more than this offense has produced early in a game so far all year.
  3. Well, one thing is certain. At this point, Mike White is a better option than Zach. Zach might have the higher ceiling, but White seems to get this offense better than Zach and if his receivers didn’t have slab hands he’d have a perfect day so far.
  4. My advice? Find another team. This one couldn't beat a Division 2 high school team.
  5. Woody has no idea what's going on. About anything. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.
  6. Which is interesting because it was this franchise that helped resurrect his career after his HCing debacle in Cleveland.
  7. Like Saleh has the balls to do that. He couldn't even muster up a tiny criticism of the officiating that allowed the clearly illegal hits that erased his QB from the game. I thought this guy's MO was toughness and a no nonsense attitude. Where the hell did all that fire go? Into kissing BB at the 50 yard line? A man would have at least just walked off the field and stiffed him.
  8. If "penetration" means opening up a new a$$hole on the other guy's rear end.
  9. Well... who on our team exacted any retribution? The least someone on D could have done is rung the Pat's QB's bell or fallen on him with impunity. In baseball, your pitcher hits someone on the opposite team. What did the Jets do about it? Nothing.
  10. There's "sucked" and then there's the Jets. "Sucked" would be a huge upgrade.
  11. Didn’t need an experienced HC, OC or QB. How could anyone see this coming?
  12. He should ask to have the plane crash with him and his brother in it.
  13. People here getting excited about draft picks. I understand there’s little else but we’ll just suck picking players there too. #Hopeless.
  14. If that makes you feel better… Darnold or not, the Jets just ******* suck from the owner down.
  15. Obviously they did nothing about anything over the two week hiatus. #Hopeless.
  16. One alarming thing about Wilson’s postgame comments: not enough sense of personal responsibility.
  17. Bart is reliable like that week after week. He should be on the coaching staff. Has always told it like it is.
  18. Given how they’ve looked the first five games, it may be a godsend their BYE week comes this early in the season.
  19. The Yankees suck too given their payroll. One and done without a whimper.
  20. And Mims has to be out there much more. Maybe he learns better on the job? It’s not like anybody else is shining all that brightly.
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